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Beijing’s Secret War (And How Clinton Helped Them)
Investor's Business Daily ^ | 22 September 2006 | Staff

Posted on 09/22/2006 4:58:53 AM PDT by shrinkermd

Espionage: Beijing stole secrets to every U.S. nuclear warhead while funneling millions to Bill Clinton’s and other Democrats’ campaigns. Now comes news that on Clinton’s watch China recruited CIA officers as spies.

Anew book by Washington Times national-security reporter Bill Gertz exposes how Chinese intelligence last decade recruited at least three CIA officers as spies, bribing them with hundreds of thousands of dollars. One CIA officer alone pocketed $600,000 in Chinese cash.

Clues about the spies were first discovered in 1999 by counterespionage officials who were able to trace some of the money paid by Beijing, Gertz writes in “Enemies: How America’s Foes Steal Our Secrets, and How We Let It Happen.”

Then-CIA Director George Tenet never pressed the hunt for the moles in the agency, Gertz claims, and as a result they were never ferreted out or prosecuted....

Held over (inexplicably) by President Bush, Tenet still failed to pursue the espionage cases, and the traitors may still be operating inside Langley, divulging secrets to Chinese communists....

Beijing at the time activated its own spies here to steal U.S. military secrets. Gertz says two Chinese brothers in Los Angeles stole defense technology that’s let China track stealthy U.S. attack subs and possibly build its own version of one of the Navy’s supersecret developmental warships, the DD(X) destroyer.

The FBI last year arrested the brothers and their wives at LAX as they prepared to travel to China. But the case fell apart amid bureaucratic “squabbling,” the book says.

Beijing’s penetration of the CIA is part of a wider Chinese program to run intelligence operations against the U.S. It also includes turning FBI agents against the U.S. government, such as two counterspying veterans seduced by Chinese spy Katrina Leung into giving valuable electronic eavesdropping secrets to Beijing.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Editorial; Foreign Affairs; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: china; clintonlegacy; secrets; spying; thanksbill; traitors; treachery; us
...Under Clinton, national security was treated as a joke, and practically everything was put up for sale in a perpetual election cycle — the nuclear labs, the White House, missile technology, export policy, foreign policy, and on and on. And a parade of Chinese bagmen marched into Washington to buy influence and who knows what else. Even CIA spooks cashed in.

As shocking as such treason is, it should have been expected given the new environment in which the U.S. intelligence community was operating. The tone set from the top was that the Cold War was over and the communists no longer a threat. Clinton put out the welcome mat to the Chicoms and said it was OK to share secrets.

As soon as he took office, he implemented a policy of “denuclearization.” That included ending nuke testing, kicking open the nuclear labs to Chinese visitors and declassifying hundreds of thousands of documents related to our nuclear program.

Clinton also deregulated export of sensitive dual-use technology. And Beijing gleefully took advantage of the dovish shift, sharpening the reliability of the missiles it has aimed at the U.S. and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the Clinton administration throttled the prosecution of Chinese spy cases and allegedly covered up investigations into Chinese funny money that poured into his and other Democrats’ campaign coffers, including those of Al Gore and John Kerry.

As the lead agent in charge of the FBI’s Chinagate probe in Arkansas was preparing a “hard-hitting” investigation, then-Attorney General Janet Reno was doing everything she could to block him.

“Witnesses were disappearing overseas or being coached to ensure their stories were consistent, evidence was being destroyed and investigative initiative was being lost,” complained then-FBI Special Agent in Charge I.C. Smith in his memoir.

These chickens will come home to roost. If there is a crisis in the Taiwan Strait, we will see the full extent of the damage from the treasonous Chinagate scandal of the Clinton years.

1 posted on 09/22/2006 4:58:54 AM PDT by shrinkermd
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To: pinz-n-needlez; onyx; ohioWfan; Texasforever; BigSkyFreeper; Tamzee; mrs tiggywinkle; Dog; ...


2 posted on 09/22/2006 5:04:05 AM PDT by Mo1 (Hey McCain and Graham .... our soldiers signed up to dodge bullets not lawsuits)
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To: shrinkermd
751 Battle of Talas—Islam vs China—Islam wins against China’s Imperial Army
as that Army tries to take Kabul and Kashmir

2003 The US seizes “the BBC China, a freighter bearing centrifuge parts
made in Malaysia, along with other products of Dr. A.Q. Khan's nuclear network,
all bound for Libya.”

Berger was the "go-to" man regarding China policy
when Communist Chinese money was being funneled into Democrat Party coffers
in exchange for policy concessions, strategic nuclear technology,
and all pending patent applications at the US Patent Office.
The Hill, "Fundraiser resurfaces from 1996", Sam Dealey

Berger stonewalled the Energy Department about Chinese spying in Los Alamos for three years.

Berger admitted that the Clinton Administration failed to develop a war plan to fight al Qaeda
National Review, "Warning B.S.", Rich Lowry

Berger was not qualified as NSA.
He was a millionaire lawyer and lobbyist with a career centered on expanding trade with China.
Tom Laughlin,

Secretary of Defense Cohen, Impeached Bill Clinton, Albright, and long-accepted CODE-level thief
and document destroyer National Security Adviser Sandy Berger,
holding court in the Ronald Reagan Building on April 25, 1999
The Impeached Bill Clinton: "We were all making comments
we shouldn't have about how the meeting was getting very boring.
So finally we decided we had to make like the monkey. Cohen
started this 'hear no evil,' and then I was next so I spoke no evil,
then Madeleine saw no evil, so Sandy Berger [CODE-level Document Thief of the DNC] said, 'I'm evil.

3 posted on 09/22/2006 5:09:02 AM PDT by Diogenesis (Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum)
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To: shrinkermd
the traitors may still be operating inside Langley

Or outside Langley.

4 posted on 09/22/2006 5:11:08 AM PDT by martin_fierro (< |:)~)
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To: shrinkermd

We havent fully recovered from the last Clinton we had in the White House and Democrats are trying to put another one in.

Is there any doubt the next will be worse than the last?

People show up in droves to see the bent one, they shower the witch with money. what the hell is wrong with these fools?

5 posted on 09/22/2006 5:18:31 AM PDT by sgtbono2002 (The fourth estate is a fifth column.)
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To: Mo1

I will never, ever understand U.S. Citizens who betray this great country.

6 posted on 09/22/2006 5:18:35 AM PDT by proudofthesouth (Mao said that power comes at the point of a rifle; I say FREEDOM does.)
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To: shrinkermd
It wasn't just the Lincoln bedroom for sale during X42. It was our national security that was sold to any and all comers.

The media will focus on makaka for days on end with no mention of the terrible dangers brought to us by their hero, slick willie.

7 posted on 09/22/2006 5:19:16 AM PDT by OldFriend (I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag.....and My Heart to the Soldier Who Protects It.)
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To: Mo1; Alamo-Girl; Mia T


8 posted on 09/22/2006 5:19:57 AM PDT by Incorrigible (If I lead, follow me; If I pause, push me; If I retreat, kill me.)
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To: shrinkermd

Alright, please, someone, tell me why you are going to "punish" Republicans and sit out this election!

Speaker Pelosi or Murtha
Chairman Rangel
Chaiman Waxman

9 posted on 09/22/2006 5:42:24 AM PDT by Obadiah
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To: Mo1

A very sad 'thank you' for the ping, Mo1.

We can't wish away the damage the Clintons have done to our country. We don't even know the half of it yet.

I have a feeling the Chinese payback will be much worse than even bin Ladin could pull off. :-(

10 posted on 09/22/2006 6:12:58 AM PDT by pinz-n-needlez (Jack Bauer wears Tony Snow pajamas)
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To: shrinkermd

I always said this sniveling piece of trash we called president diverted attention, by sexually assaulting a young girl, from his real crimes of treason. Selling out his country is beneath contempt. I tired of the ignorant saying "it was just about sex."

11 posted on 09/22/2006 6:33:34 AM PDT by Neoliberalnot
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To: Incorrigible

12 posted on 09/22/2006 7:26:37 AM PDT by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Incorrigible

Volley bump!

13 posted on 09/23/2006 12:21:14 PM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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