Since Mar 18, 2001

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Used to be a feminist, pro choice, and anti-gun. Came to my senses and am now VERY anti-feminist and very pro life and am VERY VERY VERY PRO 2nd Amendment. But I've always been a PATRIOT! Also, used to be an Army Brat. Consider myself to be an ultra conservative.

Also, the last time I was in a movie theatre was 1986. I've been conducting my own personal boycott of the liberals in Hollywood and New York. I bought my first DVD player only recently and the discs that I purchase (not many cause there isn't much out there I want to see) are used ones.

UPDATE: I've been an atheist, agnostic, and Buddhist but after decades of not attending church (and fearing that lightning would strike it if I ever went. LOL) I recently started attending church once again and have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I've learned that prayer DOES work!