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John Nichols: Giuliani downplays support for gays
The Capital Times(Madison, WI) ^ | August 20, 2006 | John Nichols

Posted on 08/21/2006 6:38:56 AM PDT by Dane

John Nichols: Giuliani downplays support for gays By John Nichols, Aug. 20, 2006

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be campaigning in Wisconsin for Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Green this week. Most Wisconsinites will not see Giuliani, as his appearance in Milwaukee will focus on raising money rather than engaging in a dialogue with the state's voters. In fact, to get close to the mayor who became something of a national icon after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on his city, Wisconsinites will need to pay the Green campaign a $1,000 fee - er, campaign contribution.

But Giuliani's isolation from the voters should not prevent him from speaking up on one of the most pressing issues facing Wisconsin this fall: the question of whether to amend the constitution to explicitly permit discrimination against the state's gay and lesbian couples and families.

Giuliani knows more than most politicians about the struggle to end discrimination against gays and lesbians. In fact, he's been more of a champion for gay rights than most politicians, be they Democrats or Republicans.

When he mounted successful campaigns for mayor of New York in the 1990s, Giuliani sought and received support from that city's large gay and lesbian community. And the faith of the voters was rewarded by the mayor.

After he left office, Business Week described Giuliani as having served as "a liberal New York City mayor who has championed gay rights and marched in gay rights parades."

That was certainly accurate. During his mayoral tenure, Giuliani successfully pressured the City Council to approve legislation providing broad protection for same-sex partners. He established a domestic partnership program that extended benefits to gay and lesbian couples. He appointed gays and lesbians to top positions in his administration. And he maintained close and public friendships with gays and lesbians - in fact, when the mayor was getting divorced in 2000, he moved out of the official residence and into the apartment of gay friends.

Giuliani's clear and consistent record of support for gay rights as mayor identifies him as precisely the sort of Republican who could pull the party out of the swamp of anti-gay bigotry into which it has degenerated. Unfortunately, instead of pulling the party up, it is Giuliani who is getting pulled down into the embrace of cruel and needless discrimination.

In an attempt to improve his prospects as a 2008 presidential candidate, Giuliani has tried to downplay his support of gay rights. He hopes this will allow him to appeal to the religious-right conservatives who dominate the party's nominating process. It won't work. Giuliani will never win the trust of the anti-gay crowd, let alone the anti-abortion crowd, which is well aware of the former mayor's support for freedom of choice.

For Giuliani, the question is whether he wants to remain true to what he has long believed - that gays and lesbians should not suffer discrimination - or whether he is a hypocrite. In Wisconsin this week, the former mayor has a chance to do the right thing by joining responsible Republicans such as former Gov. Lee Sherman Dreyfus and state Rep. Gregg Underheim in urging a "no" vote on the discrimination amendment.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Politics/Elections; US: Wisconsin
KEYWORDS: election2008; electionpresident; giuliani; giuliani2008; guiliani; homosexualagenda; progay; stonewallvets
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To: Dane

Giussolini WON CITY HALL with the support of liberal Democrats. Remember that. All of the liberal Manhattan yuppie douchbags love him.

21 posted on 08/21/2006 9:33:39 AM PDT by Clemenza (Now its dark...)
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To: Always Right

Judging from what I see on this site, many will fall for it. Its amazing how many schmucks fall for the media-create 9/11 image of Rudy the RINO.

22 posted on 08/21/2006 9:34:23 AM PDT by Clemenza (Now its dark...)
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To: Calpernia; uncbob; Clemenza; Spiff
B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l take, Cal, a stunner. Nice work.

CALPERNIA'S EVIDENCE SHOWS THIS: Rudy is a member of and partnered with the same group that funded the anti-war movement. How does that square with the Rudy pushers whine: "Rudy offers conservatives a man who will really fight the WOT the way it needs to be fought."

Shows the depths to which this Rudy Fraudster and the Fakers pushing him will stoop, to foist this poseur on the rest of us.

Betcha Rudy and the Ding-a-lings think the NRA is the depression-era agency to revive the economy.



23 posted on 08/21/2006 10:47:21 AM PDT by Liz (The US Constitution is intended to protect the people from the government.)
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To: Calpernia; Clemenza; Spiff; uncbob

Nice going, Cal.

Full page ads of that flyer and letter, showcasing Rudolfo all puckered up to gays, will ditch this sucker's candidacy pronto.

Especially in Southern Black Churches----Black churchgoers are the ones who are behind the numerous failed gay marriage initiatives.

Black churchgoers are actually Democrats who feel so strongly on this issue, they vote for Republicans who oppose gay rights.

24 posted on 08/21/2006 10:50:02 AM PDT by Liz (The US Constitution is intended to protect the people from the government.)
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To: Clemenza
Never forget that on September 10th, Rudy was a lame-duck mayor, who couldn't have won a third term if he had been eligible, desperately looking around for a legacy.

I will always honor what he did that day. He turned and ran towards the WTC when so many would have run away.

But that doesn't change what he is. He's no conservative. And had 9/11 not happened, he would be a laughingstock now.
25 posted on 08/21/2006 11:27:44 AM PDT by highball (Proud to announce the birth of little Highball, Junior - Feb. 7, 2006!)
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To: Liz
Full page ads of that flyer and letter, showcasing Rudolfo all puckered up to gays, will ditch this sucker's candidacy pronto.

Or play THIS video from 2000 for them a couple of times. Ewww...

That wasn't the only time Rudolfo appeared in drag. Here's a photo from a different...ahem...opportunity in 1997 for old Judy Ruliani to put on a dress for the cameras.

And then there's this one from 2005 of Judy Ruliani vamping it up "Chicago" style:

Not real presidential material here unless he's running for President of the Log Cabin Republicans or something.

Spiff! You knock that OFF!

Not a chance, RINO...

But...but...if everyone doesn't vote for me then we'll get Hillary and then the terrorists will win.

That's not going to work. At least, not with me. I don't support RINOs or vote for them. Especially not pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-gay agenda, big government liberals like you.

Ahhh, who needs you or the rest of the conservatives in the GOP. I've got the sucker vote all lined up. There's a sucker born every minute, you know. And I'm counting on that to get elected.

We got it all figured out, don't we Hillary? A Giuliani vs. Clinton race will result in a pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-radical gay agenda, big government liberal in the White House no matter which one of us wins. Cheers!

...and besides, I've got enough stooges, shills, and moles on Free Republic and in every other Republican and silly conservative group to keep you guys chasing your tails for two years while I harvest the suckers for votes. I'm an insider political pro and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

We'll see about that, Rudy. We'll just see about that.

26 posted on 08/21/2006 1:19:50 PM PDT by Spiff (Death before Dhimmitude)
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To: Always Right

I hope not. I won't support him under any circumstances. His record on guns, gays, and abortion is that of a liberal. I will not vote for a liberal.

27 posted on 08/21/2006 1:33:01 PM PDT by SmoothTalker
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To: Calpernia

28 posted on 08/21/2006 1:40:33 PM PDT by Spiff (Death before Dhimmitude)
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To: Calpernia

Mayor Rudy Giuliani with some S.V.A. Officers at Gracie Mansion
[Photo by Raymond McCaffrey]

Thursday, June 24, 1999 -- Pictured are STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") Ambassadress Christina Hayworth (up from Puerto Rico) with a Cuban cigar gift for RWG (which he had to by law refuse) and bussing a very amused and fun-filled New York City Mayor Rudy W. Giuliani with S.V.A. President Williamson Henderson laughing big time and, in the rear, S.V.A. Vice-President Jeremiah Newton is beaming. Literally to the far left is former and brief S.V.A. Corresponding Secretary (she was still allegedly working on her first memo) Harriet "SchMo" Garblestein. The Mayor was with the S.V.A just three days later leading the annual New York City Gay Pride Parade for part of the parade route. When he used to be with the Log Cabin Republican boys, the Mayor unfairly got many boos and hisses from the spectators. In sharp contrast, while Rudy was with the Stonewall veterans and the unmistakable blue convertible "Stonewall Car", he received only cheers and kisses from the crowds!! And, so the Mayor gladly observed and verbally commented on the very welcomed change!

29 posted on 08/21/2006 1:42:10 PM PDT by Spiff (Death before Dhimmitude)
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To: areafiftyone


30 posted on 08/21/2006 1:43:13 PM PDT by Clemenza (Now its dark...)
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To: Liz; Coleus; Spiff

Just what is this Stonewall I'm now posting about?

Stonewall Inn was the site of the famous Stonewall riots, also known as, the Stonewall Rebellion, of 1969, which have come to symbolize the beginning of the gay liberation movement in the United States. It is located at 53 Christopher Street, between West 4th St. and Waverly Place, in Greenwich Village, New York City.

The Stonewall Inn has been made a National Historic Landmark and is now listed with U.S. National Park Service.

The Stonewall Rebellion occurred due to a raid in 1969. It operated without a liquor license, had ties with organized crime (Mafia Owned), and offered scantily clad go-go boys as entertainment.

The STONEWALL Veterans' Association ("S.V.A.") is comprised of the actual, surviving, active veterans of the famous 1969 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender ("GLBT") Stonewall Rebellion in Greenwich Village, New York, U.S.A.


Liz J. Abzug, Rebuild Our Town Downtown, Co-Chair
N.Y.C. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
N.Y.C. Councilmember James E. (Jed) Davis, In Memorium
Congressmember Geraldine A. Ferraro
Borough President C. Virginia Fields
America's Mayor Rudy W. Giuliani
B. Thomas Golisano, Paychex, President
N.Y.C. Public Advocate Betsy F. Gotbaum
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Councilmember Margarita L. Lopez
Martha Reeves, Motown Singer & Detroit Councilwoman
N.Y.S. Attorney General Eliot L. Spitzer
Steven L. Wesler, R.D.P. Group, President
N.Y.S. Assemblymember Keith L.Wright

31 posted on 08/21/2006 1:58:11 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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Stonewall's AntiWar movement funded by International A.N.S.W.E.R.

Stonewall Warriors logo

Stonewall Warriors A.N.S.W.E.R.
31 Germania St.
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Phone: 617-522-6626
Fax: 617-983-3836

Next Meeting

32 posted on 08/21/2006 2:19:36 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Spiff
Wish we had a front shot of that "evil Hillary look."

"We got it all figured out....there'll be a pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-radical gay
agenda, big government liberal in the White House, no matter who wins. Cheers!"

33 posted on 08/21/2006 2:28:21 PM PDT by Liz (The US Constitution is intended to protect the people from the government.)
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To: Spiff

Lol........funny stuff.

34 posted on 08/21/2006 2:33:15 PM PDT by Godebert
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To: Liz
From the Mayor Giuliani's archives

Archives of the Mayor's Press Office

Date: Monday, June 11, 2001
Release # 200-01

Contact: Sunny Mindel/Matthew Higgins (212)788-2958


Hosts Gracie Mansion Reception in Honor of
New York City's Lesbian and Gay Community

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani today hosted a reception at Gracie Mansion in honor of New York City's diverse lesbian and gay community and proclaimed June Lesbian and Gay Pride and History Month.

"It would be impossible to imagine modern New York without the enormous contributions gays and lesbians have made to every aspect of life in our City," the Mayor said. "New York would not be the Capital of the World -- the top city for business, technology, academia, fashion, theater, the culinary arts, the visual arts and a whole range of other human pursuits -- without the presence of our gay and lesbian community. The talent and energy of this community will be an essential element of our City's continued growth."

The Mayor also presented a Certificate of Recognition to the Gay Men's Chorus, which performed at the reception. The Gay Men's Chorus is celebrating their 21st Anniversary. The New York City Gay Men's Chorus was established in 1979 by former San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus member Edward Dryer Weaver. The group rehearsed at Washington Square United Methodist Church, and gave its formal debut in the Great Hall of Cooper Union on December 19, 1980.

The 32nd Lesbian and Gay Pride March will take place on Sunday, June 24, 2001 in Manhattan. The theme of this year's celebration is: "What part of equal don't you understand?" The parade steps off at Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street and follows six gigantic rainbow balloon arches down Fifth Avenue.

35 posted on 08/21/2006 2:55:52 PM PDT by Spiff (Death before Dhimmitude)
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To: Liz

That's a really limp-writed Rudy there, toasting with Hillary.
Please, no frontal shots of Hillary. I just ate dinner.

36 posted on 08/21/2006 3:23:22 PM PDT by TommyDale (It's time to dismiss the Duke fake rape case, Mr. Nifong!)
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To: Calpernia
More background on Stonewall...

Spirit of Stonewall

by Bob Chatelle

[From the PIC Newsletter June 1994, Volume II, issue iv]

an excerpt

I missed my opportunity to be arrested at the Stonewall riots in 1969 by less than a week. In less than a month, I may get a second chance to see the inside of a New York City jail.

On June 21, 1969, I was in Greenwich Village. I then worked for a small Boston computer consulting firm and I was in New York on business--we had a contract with New York University. I was accompanied on this trip by a fellow employee who was also a gay man. Indeed the president of that company was gay. But we all understood the absolute necessity of being firmly in the closet, both within the office and without.

That night, my friend and I were wandering about in our business uniforms when he suggested we go to a club he'd heard about called the Stonewall Inn. The doorman looked suspiciously at our attire, and we were told we could enter only if we were the guests of a "member." We went elsewhere. We weren't surprised at this treatment. It was an election year and soi disant "liberal" John Lindsay was running for reelection and was giving the gay bars a hard time. ("Liberals" were more open about their homophobia back then.)

Nine days later, back at our office in Boston, my friend slipped into my cubicle and surreptitiously showed me the New York Times account of the Stonewall riot. Neither of us new what to make of it. The event was little talked about afterwards in my circle of gay male friends. Most who had any opinion expressed disapproval about that sort of public acting up. We didn't want straight people to think that gays didn't know how to behave. Many of us, I suspect, harbored a secret admiration for those who had gotten fed up and let their anger loose. But had my friend and I been there on June 28, we would've fled when things got "out of hand." Our gay company president, after all, would've been mortified if we'd been arrested at a brawl at a gay bar.

I'd been looking forward to marching in the Stonewall 25 parade this June, and at one time I was even interested in trying to organize an NWU contingent. But, unfortunately, the organizing committee of Stonewall 25 is dominated by those intent on imposing political censorship. To march in the parade, groups must take the equivalent of a loyalty oath. They must pledge their support for age-of-consent laws. Any group that favors the abolition of these laws has been denied permission to march. The obvious intent of this ruling is to keep the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) out of the parade, presumably from a desire to avoid bad publicity. But it galls me that people are being excluded not for what they do but for what they think. The Stonewall 25 Committee is arrogant to banish people not for breaking the law but rather for advocating using the democratic process to change the law.

I don't have a firm personal position on age-of-consent laws, and this is certainly something on which the NWU should take no stand. I consider child (or for that matter, adult) abuse--sexual, physical or emotional--to be a moral evil. But I've seen no evidence that age-of-consent laws are an effective or appropriate means of preventing or punishing such abuse. In any case, this is certainly a matter about which reasonable people can differ.

Several of us who are appalled by the political censorship imposed by the Stonewall 25 Committee have formed a group called Spirit of Stonewall (SOS). We include Mattachine founder Harry Hay, Gayle Rubin, Allen Ginsburg, and NWU member Pat Califia. And playwright Jim D'Entremont, spokesperson for the Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression and my life partner, whom I met on July 18, 1970, less than a month after the first anniversary of Stonewall.

I am not a brave person and I know that when NAMBLA marches, spectators sometimes hurl more than invective in their direction. And if the organizers of Stonewall 25 are determined to exclude us, I might end up in jail. I was not willing to go to jail in defense of my beliefs in June of 1969. In June of 1994, I'm proud to say that I have changed. Hope to see you on the 26th.

37 posted on 08/23/2006 4:28:49 PM PDT by CatQuilt (GLSEN is evil)
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To: Spiff

I have to say, the Trump video was funny!

Doesn't mean I want Rudy for Pres though.

38 posted on 01/23/2007 8:16:32 AM PST by RockinRight (To compare Congress to drunken sailors is an insult to drunken sailors. - Ronald W. Reagan)
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To: Dane


39 posted on 02/10/2007 7:31:18 AM PST by beltfed308 (Democrats :Tough on Taxpayers, Soft on Terrorism)
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