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Embryonic Stem Cell Hucksters Exploit Paralysis Victims
Human Events Online ^ | 31 March 2006 | Michael Fumento

Posted on 03/30/2006 5:20:21 PM PST by Aussie Dasher

There's bad news and there's more bad news for paralysis victims hoping that some variety of stem cell will soon help them walk again. Adult stem cell paralysis treatment has just suffered a major setback, on the one hand. On the other, these victims are being mercilessly exploited by those desperate to convince us that embryonic stem cells (ESCs) -- yet to be tested in a human -- are a miracle cure desperately needing massive infusions of taxpayer funds.

There have been many claims of improvements for quadriplegics using adult stem cells -- those found throughout the human body as well as in umbilical cord blood, placenta, and most recently menstrual blood. But only one has appeared in a peer-reviewed publication.

That was the case of South Korean Hwang Mi-soon, paralyzed from the hips down for 19 years. After an infusion of umbilical cord cells into her spine, she was able to get out of bed and walk with the aid of a walker. It was called a miracle; but tragedy soon struck. Since receiving a second infusion she's been wracked with pain and bedridden. Doctors aren't sure why.

Whatever the case, this is very sad news. Other paralysis victims have testified before Congress that they’ve tremendously improved since receiving stem cell transplants from their own olfactory (nasal) stem cells, but this has yet to be documented in a medical journal.

Still, that still leaves embryonic stem cells, right?

We've being flooded with news about paralyzed rats receiving ESCs suddenly doing back flips and dancing the Cha-Cha, most recently in a February CBS "60 Minutes" segment. While utterly ignoring ASCs, it touted the work of the University of California, Irvine's Hans Keirstead to the extent of showing the video he's been displaying since 2002 of his walking rats.

But most of what surrounds these rodents is mere hype. Thus Ed Bradley claimed on "60 Minutes":

To move the science forward, California allocated its own money to pay for stem cell research, luring some of the top scientists in the nation, who are doing cutting edge work that could change the way we treat disease. No image says more about the remarkable results that have been achieved so far than this one: laboratory rats whose hind legs were completely paralyzed -- until they were injected with human stem cells. Remarkably, afterwards, the rats were able to walk again.

First, all of Keirstead's rodent work was published before the California initiative to use state funds to pay for embryonic stem cell research, Proposition 71, was even voted on.

Second, Keirstead's rats were not "completely paralyzed." Rather, as reported in the May 11, 2005, Journal of Neuroscience, the rodents were given an "injury [that] is moderate in severity, sparing some hind limb motor function, but [that] severely impairs hind limb use during over ground locomotion."

Fancy that; the researcher most associated with curing paralyzed rodents has been fibbing for years, and Ed Bradley is a re-fibulator.

Finally, although "60 Minutes" fastidiously avoided all mention of adult stem cells, ASC use in successfully treating paralysis in rodents goes back a decade.

Like "60 Minutes," the media in general don't want to hear about ASC-paralysis work or ASCs at all; such that they frequently attribute ASC breakthroughs to ESCs. As I write this, German researchers have just announced that they've isolated adult stem cells from mice testes that appear to have tremendous potential to become all cells of the body. The Washington Post headline: "Embryonic Stem Cell Success."

Last year, a representative of the Delaware Biotechnology Institute showed a video on the floor of the Delaware Senate displaying a surgically crippled rat that, he said, could walk again because of ESC treatments. The rat certainly was walking. Only problem was, it had been treated with ASCs.

Not surprisingly, the media eagerly repeat Keirstead's claims that he’s just about to take his "treatment" to human. Indeed, he's been telling reporters since early 2002 could begin such "in about a year." Check your calendar.

But such "minutiae" doesn't bother ESC lobbyists. The South Korean incident provided false hope for paralysis suffers, and that's painful. But ESC acolytes are knowingly lying to them. And that's wicked.

Mr. Fumento is a senior fellow at Hudson Institute and an associate of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He is the author of "The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS,""Science Under Siege: Balancing Technology and the Environment" and "BioEvolution: How Biotechnology Is Changing Our World."

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Truth has no place in the Culture of Death!

"Scientists" or shysters?

1 posted on 03/30/2006 5:20:22 PM PST by Aussie Dasher
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To: Aussie Dasher

Just more laetrile.

2 posted on 03/30/2006 5:32:16 PM PST by muawiyah (-)
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To: muawiyah
Don't be so quick to discount stem cell treatments. Up to now, it may not be helpful for paralysis but just you wait a few years.

I know a woman who has undergone radiation for bone cancer - then her own stem cells were removed and treated and reinjected. The healthy cells began growing immediately.

For the time being at least, due to a low immunity, she has to be especially careful of bacterial contamination. We can't visit her, hug her, or shake her hand.

3 posted on 03/30/2006 6:47:48 PM PST by lakey
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To: Aussie Dasher

And, yes, I know - this dispute is over "embryonic" stem cells.

4 posted on 03/30/2006 6:49:37 PM PST by lakey
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To: lakey
Not discounting anything. What I wonder, though, is why we seem to have stem cells available for repairs but the body seems not to have any mechanism to move them on-site to do the repairs.

Could a viral infection have inhibited a normal process?

5 posted on 03/30/2006 7:03:55 PM PST by muawiyah (-)
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To: muawiyah
What I wonder, though, is why we seem to have stem cells available for repairs but the body seems not to have any mechanism to move them on-site to do the repairs.

Maybe our brains haven't evolved far enough to utilize our capacity to do many things, as in "Physician, heal thyself."

In the last couple of days, I've read and heard in media that prayer doesn't cure patients. Well, I'm sure a number of FReepers would argue that point.

6 posted on 03/31/2006 9:53:57 PM PST by lakey
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To: muawiyah;; Coleus; Peach; Mr. Silverback; airborne; MHGinTN; Asphalt; ...
What I wonder, though, is why we seem to have stem cells available for repairs but the body seems not to have any mechanism to move them on-site to do the repairs.

Wasn't there a recent article on stem cells that discussed their movement within the central nervous system.

7 posted on 03/31/2006 10:56:18 PM PST by neverdem (May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows that you're dead.)
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To: lakey
Had to do with recovery from bypass surgery.

A thought ~ the technology is now so good, and the skills of the physicians so finely honed, maybe any difference in recovery prayer might provide is simply too small to measure.

8 posted on 04/01/2006 5:39:47 AM PST by muawiyah (-)
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To: MHGinTN; Coleus; nickcarraway; narses; Mr. Silverback; Canticle_of_Deborah; ...
In a nutshell:

Stem-cell research has been ongoing around the world for more than 20 years. At the close of 2005 there had been at least 65 treatments developed using Adult Stem Cells with many more in the works and great promise for the future. Conversely, at the close of 2005 there had been ZERO treatments developed using Embryonic Stem Cells. Moreover, according to, “Embryonic stem cells pose an unusual risk for genetic changes and tumor formation, with the risk increasing the longer the cells are grown, thus making their therapeutic use even more speculative and problematic.”

Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning: Questions and Answers

Pro-Life PING

Please FreepMail me if you want on or off my Pro-Life Ping List.

9 posted on 04/01/2006 7:34:56 AM PST by (A Catholic Respect Life Curriculum is available at
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To: 2ndMostConservativeBrdMember; afraidfortherepublic; Alas; al_c; american colleen; annalex; ...
Canadian tries Russian stem cell treatment
Adult Stem Cell Research Treats Spinal Cord Injury Patient
REGENERATING HOPE FOR A PARALYSIS CURE (macrophages are injected into the spinal cord)
Doctors in Russia Prove that Non-Embryonic Stem Cells can be Used in Treating Spinal Cord Injuries
Growing Nerve Cells
Spinal Cord Patient Speaks out: Embryonic stem cell helps patents not patients

10 posted on 04/01/2006 10:53:42 AM PST by Coleus (What were Ted Kennedy & his nephew doing on Good Friday, 1991? Getting drunk and raping women)
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To: muawiyah
Had to do with recovery from bypass surgery.

Thanks for jogging my memory. All I could recall was that it had to do with the heart.

I do believe it helps if a patient is receptive to prayers. Years ago, I read of a priest hospitalized with severe heart problems. He asked for a photo of a healthy heart and began to pray. Some days later, another x-ray revealed that his heart had healed.

11 posted on 04/01/2006 6:38:21 PM PST by lakey
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To: neverdem

Hwang Mi-Soon

12 posted on 04/02/2006 8:30:25 AM PDT by Dr. Scarpetta (There's always a reason to choose life. My mother did!)
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