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Weekend Talk Show *Preview* for 3/2/06 - 3/3/06 (not the live thread)
Network and Cable News Networks | Network and Cable News

Posted on 03/04/2006 10:12:22 AM PST by Phsstpok

Journal Editorial Report (Paul Gigot) - FNC show page

Fox News Sunday (Chris Wallace)

NBC Meet The Press (Tim Russert)

CBS Face The Nation (Bob Schieffer)

ABC This Week (George Stephanopoulos)

CNN Late Edition (Wolf Blitzer)

This is NOT intended to be the live Sunday Morning Talk Show thread. I trust AB will do that as usual. This is strictly a preview of who will be on the main shows. The idea is to give folks a chance to muster their resources for that thread.

I would particularly ask that anyone with specific knowledge or resources about the topics / guests announced for these shows post them here so that the rest of us can go into the shows with a heads up on what to look for.

TOPICS: News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: abcthisweek; billsammon; cnnlateedition; duncanhunter; facethenation; foxnewssunday; guests; homelandsecurity; indiavisit; iraq; jackkemp; johnedwards; johnmurtha; katrina; katrinavideo; meetthepress; michaelbrown; michaelrubin; peterpace; ports; richardlugar; robertreich; stephencolbert; sundaytalkshows; susancollins; uae; wesleyclark
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These are links to recent articles by or about this weeks guests that I think might give a clue as to why they have been invited on this week's shows


1 posted on 03/04/2006 10:12:27 AM PST by Phsstpok
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To: A.Hun; Bahbah; Txsleuth; MNJohnnie; eeevil conservative; Morgan in Denver; Alas Babylon!; ...

The weekend talk show preview thread is posted If you would like on or off the ping list for this thread please freepmail me 

2 posted on 03/04/2006 10:14:21 AM PST by Phsstpok (There are lies, damned lies, statistics and presentation graphics, in descending order of truth)
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To: Phsstpok

I have discovered something wonderful because of my travels and recent flu bout: not getting to watch the lying lamestream democrap party/societal engineering media shills on Sunday makes for emotional healthy! Listening to liars and lickspittlists like Gorged Steponallofus and L'il Timmy Rustbucket makes for emotional dissonance during the following week. With the father in Legends Of The Fall, I say "Screw 'Um", they've lost their deception covers!

3 posted on 03/04/2006 10:24:27 AM PST by MHGinTN (If you can read this, you've had life support from someone. Promote life support for others.)
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To: Phsstpok
Senator Lugar (my only Republican senator...sigh) still thinks he should have been president. He thinks he is THE expert in foreign policy, and resents the fact that since is no longer the spokesperson for Republican views on foreign policy (since 2001 that has been the Bush administration) he doesn't get on TV as much. He knows the only way he can get on these shows is to carp about the President, and he is happy to oblige.

I also think he is getting senile.

The best he will do is damning with faint praise.

This is from someone who didn't have enough sense to re-schedule his announcement of his presidential candidacy in 1995 when the Oklahoma City bombing occurred. He went ahead with his celebratory announcement and press conference while they were still trying to find survivors in the Murrah Building!

Extremely self-centerd and increasingly clueless, I imagine that Lugar will trash the President. It doesn't matter to him that this outrages his constituents. He thinks he is senator for life.

4 posted on 03/04/2006 10:39:45 AM PST by Miss Marple (Lord, please look after Mozart Lover's and Jemian's sons and keep them strong.)
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To: Miss Marple

Defining questions. How did he vote on Bill Clinton's impeachment trial in the senate? How did he vote on Campaign Finance Reform and other important issues?

5 posted on 03/04/2006 10:43:49 AM PST by Morgan in Denver
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To: Morgan in Denver
For impeachment, and for CFR. He is not easily pigeonholed, because his motivation in the last few years has mainly been sour grapes, as far as I can tell.

He is more conservative than Snowe or Collins, but is unpredictable.

I honestly think he is getting as senile as Jimmy Carter.

6 posted on 03/04/2006 10:47:38 AM PST by Miss Marple (Lord, please look after Mozart Lover's and Jemian's sons and keep them strong.)
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To: Miss Marple
Thanks. I found the same thing looking it up. All I can say on Lugar is he seems to be about as clueless as Joe Biden over foreign affairs. I guess you're "unpredictable" descripiton is the most accurate one that can be applied.
7 posted on 03/04/2006 11:04:07 AM PST by Morgan in Denver
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To: Morgan in Denver; Miss Marple

I am on my way out for an hour or so...but, I had to remark on the planned appearances of Lugar and Murtha on the same show...

Forgive me MM...I know he is your Senator...but, I would rename the show the "Looney Tunes Show"...for the day.

8 posted on 03/04/2006 11:15:50 AM PST by Txsleuth
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To: Phsstpok; Miss Marple; Tony Snow; AJFavish
I notice that none of the programs have plans to discuss the AP court decision re: release of Gitmo terrorist names. A big victory for the MSM in their continuing attempts to tarnish the Bush administration.

After reading the AP article in our local newspaper, it causes me to wonder, has AP opened the proverbial can of worms?

Names offer glimpse into top-secret prison

From the article...The Pentagon released the documents after a federal judge rejected arguments by the administration of President Bush that releasing names, home countries and other information would violate the detainees' privacy and could endanger them and their families.

This judge, rules that releasing information would not violate privacy or endanger the terrorist's families.

The question I raise in regard to the can of worms, does this open the door for the release of names in, say for example, The Barrett Report? Or perhaps all the redacted or suppressed info regarding Waco, TWA800, Vince Foster, Able Danger ... the list goes on.

I for one, want all the information available pertaining to the corruption of the past administration.

9 posted on 03/04/2006 11:25:07 AM PST by Diver Dave
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To: Diver Dave
The Sunday shows don't always get new news. However, I would bet most of the round tables will comment on the AP story that gave the misinformation concerning the levee's in New Orleans.
10 posted on 03/04/2006 11:39:44 AM PST by Morgan in Denver
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To: Phsstpok

Wonderful collection. I am still reading through it. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the editorial comment: He's really, really short. LOL.

11 posted on 03/04/2006 11:49:47 AM PST by Bahbah (An admitted Snow Flake and a member of Sam's Club)
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To: Phsstpok


Thanks for the heads up and post. Although, this week I'm under whelmed. The usual drumbeat of Bush Lied and it's Bush's Fault are just mind numbing. We'll probably watch FNC to see who gets to b!tch slap Juan Williams, and what the current DNC talking points are, and to hear Brit Hume if he's back. Unless some bomb shell crops up, it does not appear to be a good weekend for the Sunday shows.

Wesley Clark should not be allowed on any program anywhere. The man is an idiot and almost got us into war with Russia in Bosnia/Kosovo. He was tied in with Janet Reno at Waco and he's consorted with the enemy in the past. It's people like Clark that made the military makeover harder than it had to be and he still does not get it as to what the military is supposed to be today.

Jack Kemp is a disappointment and his so-called economic expertise is really over rated. Kemp can read talking points but I've never heard him talk about something he has not been prepped for where he's been able to explain it in economic terms. He can parrot the words but he fails to understand the meaning or logic.

Susan Collins is on because she's competing with Olympia Snow as Snow basks in her current fifteen minutes of fame as a committee chairwoman.

John Edwards is the most unlikely presidential candidate that he's in a dream world if he thinks he has a prayer of getting his parties nomination.

Duncan Hunter is good, but who wants to watch George Will or Stephanopoulos on another Bush Bash rampage?

Murtha? Someone must have woke him up and turned the key.

Michael Brown? He's gone but provides input that exonerates President Bush in the AP fantasy story from this past week.

General Peter Pace is good but I doubt he'll say much that Freepers don't already know.

Senator Lugar? After everyone gags some idiot host will ask him if he's running for President. He isn't but he sure likes to hear people ask him. Makes him feel important.

Robert Reich? If there is a more worthless example of the Clinton cabinet who won't go away I don't know who it is. The man is a dedicated socialist, actually more of a communist, and someone's giving him a forum? After Jocelyn Elders wanting masturbation for kindergarteners, Reich is totally worthless.

12 posted on 03/04/2006 12:54:55 PM PST by Morgan in Denver
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To: Phsstpok
Bush made a very important foreign policy trip - did anyone notice?

not the MSM. Their lack of coverage both as it was happening and on tomorrow's talk shows is what enables someone like Dick Morris to say that Bush's low poll numbers are due to his "laziness."

13 posted on 03/04/2006 1:01:16 PM PST by Freee-dame
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To: Phsstpok

Since General Pace is on, this information may be of interest. I may also post it tomorrow for those who miss it today.

Before people start the never ending second guessing, perhaps it would be a good idea to read what we're doing now and why.

The importance of this is that it debunks the complaints from Democrats, the media, the left, and some Republicans, concerning More Boots On The Ground complaints. The people who are complaining about too few troops must not have gotten the memo as to what changes have been going on with the military, their structure and purpose and why this is being done. It also explains why retired Army brass is so adamantly opposed to the changes: they lose some of their power and have to change the way they wage war.

One of the few who "get's it" is retired General Tommy Franks. In his book, Tommy Franks not only explains what is going on but why and how it's better than what's been done in the past. No, General Franks does not address the issue directly. He provides the changes made explanation and talks about the effectiveness and benefits these changes produced. For example, Franks writes about how he equipped his artillery unit with two-way radios so they could communicate with each other in Germany. He goes on to tell how his unit out performed expectations because of it. By extension, that's the type of thing technology represents to our units in the field. Franks also goes in-depth on troop strength and results for the war in Iraq.

Quadrennial Defense Review (If nothing else, read the Forward.)

The Heritage Foundation has better overall information for us here.

CFR opinions

The Washington Post is no friend of the military but the analysis shows what is going on.

Criticisms, but the debate is over. Elections have meaning and either President Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld are correct, or people like the Project for Defense Alternatives are. I list this for understanding more of the issue, but it is not persuasive in changing my mind on the best concepts for defending our nation and interests. with the main site being

The blame Bush alternative crowd seems to be here.

14 posted on 03/04/2006 2:46:11 PM PST by Morgan in Denver
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To: Phsstpok

LOL, brilliant!

15 posted on 03/04/2006 2:48:28 PM PST by demkicker (democrats and terrorists are familiar bedfellows)
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To: Bahbah; Mo1; Howlin; Phsstpok; Peach; MNJohnnie

Hey, gang...TONY SNOW on Beltway Boys RIGHT NOW!

16 posted on 03/04/2006 3:00:26 PM PST by Txsleuth
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To: Txsleuth

LOL. I just rushed to the computer to ping a few people.

17 posted on 03/04/2006 3:03:31 PM PST by Bahbah (An admitted Snow Flake and a member of Sam's Club)
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To: Txsleuth; Tony Snow

I have it on.....come on Tony, mention how bogus these polls are.....

18 posted on 03/04/2006 3:04:29 PM PST by mystery-ak (Army Wife and Army Mother.....toughest job in the military)
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To: Phsstpok
My Email to the Junk Journalists, Talking Head Idiots and Gutless Congress Critters.

To Whom it may Concern:

Ok Time AGAIN, for the facts. You can get the information on Container Security at the link below Click on the link at the top of the thread to see the OFFICAL facts, not the make believe talking points and other nonsense of the Port Deal Critics.

We scan 100% of the containers coming into the US for radiation all ready. That information has been pointed out to the critics repeatedly. We ONLY NEED to physically inspect about 6% of Containers because of security concerns. It is fraudulent to claim we "only search 3-6% of containers. IF we needed to, we could search more.

The Terminal Operator controls NOTHING about the shipment but it's physical location at any given moment. That is true of any freight handler be it trucking, air freight or port terminal. The Bills of Ladeing are controlled BY THE SHIPPER as well as the RECEIVER and must go thru Customs. You do NOT let the shipper contol the Purchase Order/Shipment manifest because it is a legal document which once the reciving party signs legally obligates them to pay. Letting the Bill be handled by the Freight Handler would create the easiest possibility to steal. They simply would alter the shipment documents and pocket a portion of each shipment. Thus the Shipper could not PROVE they shipped it and would have no ability to compel payment because the Receiver never signed for it. Legally until the Receiver SIGNS for the freight it belongs TO THE SHIPPER, NOT the Port Terminal or other Freight Handlers. Because of the ability of Port Termanal, Truck Companies and others to misroute, steal or lose Freingt what they pick up and what they deliver is monitored by everyone involved. That is basic business. If you sign for 8000 cases and only got 6000, YOU are LEGALLY liably for those missing 2000 cases. The original Shipper gets paid based on what you sign for, NOT what they say they shipped. It is NOT easy to add or subtract things from shipments as the Port Terminal Hysterics keep screaming. That too, is another of their lies.

The level of RABID ignorance here is simply inexcusable. The United States is giving NOTHING away. Two weeks into this story it is utterly inexcusable for anyone to be this rabidly ignorant. Here are the facts. A PRIVATE company, P&O is selling it Port Terminal Operations. A company Called Dubai Port World is BUYING that private company. Part of what they are acquiring is 9 terminal leases, out of 300, in 6 US Ports. 9 out of 300 GET IT? The US Govt is giving NOTHING away. They have NOTHING to do with the deal. They CANNOT require the leases be granted to some other company. All they can do is REJECT this or that company from getting the leases. Then P&O would either have to find a different buyer OR Dubai Port World will simply sue. Either way, the same American Dock Workers, the same American Clerks, Truck Drivers, Gate Guards, Office Workers, Cleaning Crews etc etc etc etc who NOW work of P&O will switch to getting their checks from Dubai Port World. Some Stock Holders and upper level management will change. The name on the outside of the building will change, the Labor Unions will have to negotiate new contracts (which is why they do NOT want this deal to go thru) and that is about ALL that will change. No misstatements, distortions and lies about "Running our Port" "Compromising Port Security", "Access to Sensitive Military Cargo Shipments" or any of the other utterly stupid nonsense being spewed by the critics is going to change the FACTS.

Those are the FACTS. That is not White House Spin, RNC Talking Points and all the other stupid nonsense being screamed to drown out the FACTS. Time for people to grow up and LEARN the facts. How can people capable of using a computer be so utterly IGNORANT of the facts of this matter after 2 weeks? There must be a genetic element. Some Invincible Stupidity Shield gene that keeps people from being able to absorb even ONE fact about this topic. The display of panic, hysteric, bigotry and ignorance on the part of some of the Port Deal Hysterics is inexcusable.

19 posted on 03/04/2006 3:05:25 PM PST by MNJohnnie ("Good men don't wait for the polls. They stand on principle and fight."-Soul Seeker)
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To: mystery-ak

He didn't mention the polls as being bogus..and he certainly didn't seem very optomistic that President Bush can "overcome" those poll numbers...

Fred Barnes would have argued a little more with Mort, I think.

20 posted on 03/04/2006 3:17:43 PM PST by Txsleuth
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