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Americans Worshipping New God Called 'Tolerance'
Daley Times-Post ^ | Oct. 8, 2005 | Linda Kimball

Posted on 10/08/2005 12:41:45 PM PDT by Lindykim

"I'm a member of a lost generation.  We have lost our values…our faith…And ourselves.  Traditional authority figures—parents, community leaders, even God—have been discarded.  Sex-ed instructors, university professors, advertisers, Hollywood actors, MTV artists, assorted celebrities—act as the new elders of a church of corrupt, shallow and materialistic humanism.  The porn generation…inhabits a world where 'empowerment' means sex with no strings attached.  Our new god is Tolerance of all behavior, our new credo "live and let live."  Ben Shapiro  

The 'porn elders' worship upon the altars of various foully perverse academic and social Darwinian 'scientism gods' whose gospel of "fornication" they then preach to their 'flock.'  Chief among their scientism gods is Alfred Kinsey, surely one of the most perverted beings of all time.  

Kinsey was a sadomasochistic homosexual pedophile who used his attic to film porn of his wife and male co-workers having sex.  "…he masturbated…with a foreign object inserted up his penis.  By late adolescence, his masochism was well advanced.  He had progressed beyond straws and was inserting a brush back up his penis."  Kinsey's demons eventually drove him to "…tie a strong, tight knot around his scrotum with one end of the rope dangling from the pipe overhead.  The other he wrapped around his hand.  Then he climbed up on a chair and jumped off, suspending himself."  James Jones (Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public Private Life)  

Biographer Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy wrote that Kinsey's impulses from hell drove him to engage in, "auto-asphyxiation while masturbating."  He pierced his genitals to such an extent that by the end, there was, "nothing left to pierce."  

Kinsey's 'research" was fixated upon unnatural and obscenely perverse sex acts.  Both of his "Sexual Behavior" volumes were heavily weighted with data gleaned from homosexuals (many of whom he had sex with) and imprisoned sex offenders—the more perverse, the better.  

Paul Gebhard, co-author of the "Female" volume and later the director of the Kinsey Institute very frankly revealed that, "At Indiana State Farm we had no plan of sampling—we simply sought out sex offenders."  

Wardell Pomeroy, co-author of the "Male" volume concurred.  "We went to the (prison) records and got lists of inmates who were in for various kinds of sex offenses."  

During the course of his 'research' Kinsey and his team of sex criminals attacked 317 children and babies, some as young as five months old.  Despite that these poor children and babies exhibited 'symptoms' such as "'sobbing,' 'violent cries,' 'loss of color,'  'abundance of tears,' and fighting "away from their partners (rapists)' Kinsey claimed that these 'symptoms' were signs of pleasure.  He also claimed that any harm caused to the child through sex with an adult was not to be blamed upon the 'partner' but upon the hysteria created by parents, police, and others.  Sometimes the child is to blame, said Kinsey.  Why?  Because supposedly the child "initiated the manipulation of male genitalia."  

Rex King, a child rapist who rutted on his grandmother, most members of his family, and on about 800 children was praised by Kinsey for his 'research efforts.'  "I congratulate you," enthused Kinsey, "on the research spirit which has led you to collect data over these many years.  Everything you've accumulated must find its way into scientific channels"  

It's absolutely vital that American's know the truth about this disgusting degenerate for his 'research' has been propagated throughout our society.  Kinsey's perversions serve as the 'gospel of sexual standards' for historians, sex-educators (ie.,GLSEN, SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, and GSA) from kindergarten up through university level, lawmakers,  judiciary, sociologists, child protective services, academia, entertainment industry, and all other cultural opinion shapers.  In short--Kinsey's filthy perversions are being taught to America's children.  

It should come as no surprise that his 'research' findings are extremely popular among various academic queer theorists who eagerly look forward to the day when they can freely slake their lusts upon children.  In an essay in "Lavender Culture," used as a text in many college courses, students are advised to work towards dismantling two "archaic concepts."  These are "the innocence of children" and the "potential harmfulness of sex."  Students are encouraged to preach the gospel of "gay is good…it's all right to be having sex."

The Kinsey Reports are simply the written manifestation of Kinsey's sexual depravity.  As with all morally bankrupt narcissists, Kinsey believed that it was not he who was sick but society, and it needed to be cured through the preaching of Baal-Peor's "gospel of the obscene and perverted."     

Following are facts and figures detailing the physical, psychological, and societal tsunami of devastation being wreaked upon America and her youth as a consequence of worshipping America's god of Tolerance.  Read it and weep for America's youth who are senselessly dying in America's own 'killing fields."  

From (Facts on File) Health Reference Center            

CDC data (2002) show that 16,000 Americans are dying every year from Aids and 40,000 more are becoming infected with HIV annually.  

As many as 15 million new cases of STDs reported every year in the US  

A breakdown of STDs:               Chlamydia—4,000,000             Gonorrhea—800,000             Syphilis—110,000+             Trichomonas vaginitis and urethritis—several million             Human papillomavirus—1-2 million (HPV is incurable)             Hepatitis B—200,000-1 million             Genital herpes—200,000-500,000             HIV—40,000-80,000  

Total estimates:             1 million infected with HIV             31-50 million with herpes simplex             24 million with HPV             1 million chronic hepatitis B  

Note: almost all cervical cancer is caused by HPV, which is spread by skin-to-skin contact, therefore condoms are useless.  

Note: The University of California, Berkeley found that almost half of its female students were infected with HPV.  The Medical Institute of Sexual Health estimates that 33% of all American women are infected with HPV.  

Note: Of the 15 million new cases of STDs every year, 25% are in the 15-19 year age group.  

The financial price-tag for dealing with this plague:   $10 billion per year is spent on treating selected major STDs other than HIV.  Including HIV, the cost rises to $17 billion a year.  All Americans are bearing this onerous financial burden through higher taxes and health care costs.  

Despite the human wreckage and the senseless suffering and dying, shameless perverts are now preaching their 'gospel of death by sex' to children in kindergarten.  They don't care if children are psychologically damaged and diseased as a result; or even if they die.  In the minds of these degenerates, giving your life for sex is a higher cause than giving your life for your country, and therefore, turning boys into effeminate "boi toys" and girls into "prostitutes" is a cause worth fighting for.  

In "Silent Slaughter" (FrontPage Magazine, June 10, 2003) David Horowitz wrote, "Since 1981 more Americans have died from AIDs than died in the Second World War—468,000 to be exact.  About 40,000 new AIDs cases are reported in the United States every year.  About half the victims are under 25 years of age."  

The sadistic phallic demon Baal-Peor (Lord of the Flies) required his worshippers to masochistically debase themselves by engaging in extremely obscene sex acts.  One scholar said that the easiest way to worship him was on the toilet—an apt description of our culture.  Baal likewise lusted for human blood, so it was necessary for large numbers of his worshippers to be sacrificed to appease him.  By contrast, our Creator calls His children to chastity and abstinence—another sort of sacrifice to be sure, but one which lends itself to life with dignity.  

Copyright Linda Kimball 2005  

About the writer:  Linda Kimball is a writer and author of numerous published articles  and essays on culture, politics, and worldview.  

Additional Sources:

"Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Epidemic: Condoms Don't Work," Yvette Canto and Heather Farish (Family Research Council)  

"Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism is Corrupting Our Future," by Ben Shapiro  

"Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall For Stupid Ideas," by Daniel J. Flynn 

TOPICS: Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: culturewar; gay; homosexualagenda; kinsey; promiscuity; queertheory; sex; stds; tolerance; transgender
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1 posted on 10/08/2005 12:41:47 PM PDT by Lindykim
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To: little jeremiah; EdReform; DirtyHarryY2K; ItsOurTimeNow


2 posted on 10/08/2005 12:43:08 PM PDT by Lindykim (Courage is the first of all the virtues...if you haven*t courage, you may not have the opportunity)
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To: Lindykim; brytlea; rjp2005; Dubh_Ghlase; Rose of Sharn; jordan8


We're fighting a losing battle to keep our children innocent. But I'll keep up the fight til the day I die.

3 posted on 10/08/2005 12:57:05 PM PDT by tuffydoodle (Shut up voices, or I'll poke you with a Q-Tip again.)
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To: tuffydoodle


4 posted on 10/08/2005 12:58:12 PM PDT by lilylangtree
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To: tuffydoodle

There are things we can do right now as parents. Get rid of the television. No video games. Limited internet with supervision. Get rid of the IM's and the chats. Very few movies. The heck with ratings, find out what is in the movie before you go to see it. Steer your children's friendships from an early age so they make good choices later. Talk to them about what you expect and why. Don't just tell them not to have sex, tell them why not. Listen to their opinions, too, so you know what they think. Be involved. Don't shelter them from everything as they get older; give them to tools to deal with tough situations. Don't try to make them cool or popular.

The world may be ugly, but they are still our kids.

Okay, rant over.

5 posted on 10/08/2005 1:03:56 PM PDT by pa mom
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To: pa mom

Our tv has filters, we do have video games but the ones rated "E" for everyone. Internet has filters, no IM's or chats allowed. We check out all movies with before the kids can see them. We are very picky about friends and we don't care if they get mad. In the meantime, my daughter's required reading books, (she's 16), consist of sodomy, rape, pedophilia, all kinds of deviant sex. In the Christian school she was in, she got to learn about Mapplethorpe's photos of a man urinating into the mouth of another man. And Annie Sprinkles performance art consisting of masturbating on stage then inviting the patrons to come up and view her genitalia with a flashlight.

It's a constant battle, my friend.

6 posted on 10/08/2005 1:10:11 PM PDT by tuffydoodle (Shut up voices, or I'll poke you with a Q-Tip again.)
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To: pa mom; All

Did you know that the word Tolerance is a medical term?

“Tolerance is the ability to experience exposure to potentially harmful amounts of a substance without showing an adverse effect.”

How much more multiculturalism can you tolerate?

7 posted on 10/08/2005 1:11:08 PM PDT by itsLUCKY2B (“Borders, Language, and Culture.”)
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To: Lindykim
Americans Worshipping New God Called 'Tolerance'

psst That ain't God thats the other guy.

8 posted on 10/08/2005 1:12:02 PM PDT by badpacifist (quis custodiet ipsos custodes)
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To: tuffydoodle

My 14 yos are reading To Kill a Mockingbird and Red Badge of Courage. I love our school. No pc garbage. Even my son's liberal history teacher is great. She is really left (was at the Cindy S. march in Washington) but loves to have kids in class that actually know what is going on. She encourages debate and my son is thriving on that.

9 posted on 10/08/2005 1:12:30 PM PDT by pa mom
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To: pa mom

My daughter also read those books at age 14 (or younger). Keep a close eye on what they trot out next. It never ceases to amaze me.

10 posted on 10/08/2005 1:14:24 PM PDT by tuffydoodle (Shut up voices, or I'll poke you with a Q-Tip again.)
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To: itsLUCKY2B

It's not multiculturalism with a small "m" that is the trouble. I have no problem with my children having black kids, jewish kids, all kinds of kids in their classes. I like that they hear liberal AND conservative ideas. I like that they are exposed to different religions and nationalities.

It's Multiculturalism that is the problem. When it becomes a holy grail to be achieved, rather than a natural result of different humans interacting, it's pc nonsense.

11 posted on 10/08/2005 1:15:44 PM PDT by pa mom
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To: tuffydoodle

Thankfully, I know what is coming in our school and it's pretty much the classics. No weird stuff.

It's a private boys' school, though, so that helps.

12 posted on 10/08/2005 1:16:58 PM PDT by pa mom
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To: Lindykim

Just as i have always said,"tolerance is for the weak and the weakminded"!No one has answered the question,"why should i tolerate something that i neither like nor agree with"?

13 posted on 10/08/2005 1:18:30 PM PDT by INSENSITIVE GUY
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To: Lindykim

Thanks, lindyk. Will do the pingthing later today or tomorrow at the latest. Other responsibilities have piled up!!

14 posted on 10/08/2005 1:19:25 PM PDT by little jeremiah (A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, are incompatible with freedom. P. Henry)
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To: pa mom

The private Christian school is where I had the most problems.

Trust no one. They sneak it in at every opportunity with the hope that no one is looking.

15 posted on 10/08/2005 1:19:36 PM PDT by tuffydoodle (Shut up voices, or I'll poke you with a Q-Tip again.)
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To: pa mom
There are things we can do right now as parents. Get rid of the television. No video games. Limited internet with supervision. Get rid of the IM's and the chats.

Most all the moms and dads are working around the clock just to pay the bills and taxes. No one is home cept the kids.

16 posted on 10/08/2005 1:19:46 PM PDT by Black Tooth (The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.)
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To: Black Tooth

That is a big problem. And so is parental laziness. It's just easier to let them do what they want. And folks wonder why we stopped at three!

We got a puppy instead. I don't have to worry what he watches on TV. Of course, he likes to eat deer poo, so maybe I have a troublemaker on my hands . . .

17 posted on 10/08/2005 1:22:14 PM PDT by pa mom
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To: pa mom

Thanks for stopping at three. Gotten to the point where traffic is gridlocked 5 hours a day. Can't imagine what it'll be like in ten years.

18 posted on 10/08/2005 1:33:29 PM PDT by Black Tooth (The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.)
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To: Black Tooth

Ate dinner at a great Italian restaurant the other night. Family that ran it had TEN sons, then a daughter. Can you even imagine? Great fun, and I have to take my hat off to mom. But I know I would have lost one.

And don't worry about traffic. We will never let our boys drive. *grin*

19 posted on 10/08/2005 1:36:12 PM PDT by pa mom
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To: pa mom
Actually, traffic is more like gridlocked about 8 hours a day.

Listen, it's so bad, that in some of our major cities, where the traffic light controlled intersections are working perfectly, they've been forced to put a cop in the middle of the intersection to stop people from blocking the intersections when the light turns red. So bad that when your light turns green, the intersection is full of cars, dead stopped.

Meanwhile, the federal government winks and nods as millions continue to pour across our borders. LOL!

20 posted on 10/08/2005 1:42:43 PM PDT by Black Tooth (The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.)
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