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Rush Talks 24 (Chloe "was fabulous!", compares 24's wimpy president to John Kerry) ^ | 4-27-05 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 04/27/2005 4:08:30 PM PDT by silent_jonny


The following are transcripts from Rush's Tuesday and Wednesday shows in which he discusses 24 in detail.

TOPICS: News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: 24; chloe; dhpl; foxtv; rush; transcript; tv
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Transcript From Tuesday (4-26-05)

RUSH: Oh man, did you see this show last night? Folks, this was so great! Let me just tell you what happened up to date, and I know some of the future things that are going to happen because I was out there a week ago and watched them film some scenes. Link

But, Air Force One has been shot down by a bunch of Islamic terrorists. The president was aboard. The nuclear “football” was stolen by terrorists who knew—they stole a stealth fighter to shoot down Air Force One, so they knew where it was going to be shot down, so they had people on the ground. They stole the nuclear “football”. They decoded what’s in there and stole a nuclear warhead—actually three—and are threatening to launch one of the three unless the president renounces our entire Middle Eastern policy.

Well the president’s incapacitated. He’s alive because he was in the Air Force One crash. So the vice-president has been sworn in--the guy is the biggest wimp on the face of the earth! Last night, a guy with information on where the big-cheese of the Islamic terrorists is located was captured by our old buddies at CTU—the Counter-Terrorist Unit led by our buddy Jack Bauer. They call the president—the vice-president sitting in as president. He says, “You may NOT torture that man to get his information. I will NOT allow you to torture him.”

The folks at CTU say, “Okay, we’re gonna let him go then.”

“That’s good because I will NOT allow torture!”

So the people at CTU release the guy and then Jack Bauer corners him in the parking lot as he’s getting in the car after his ACLU lawyer has already left. They made a mockery of the ACLU lawyer. They made a mockery of the president/vice-president as an indecisive wimp who will not allow torture to save the country from nuclear detonation.

Jack Bauer sweats the news out of the guy. They go to the location where the head Islamic terrorist is running the operation. The vice-president hears his order has been violated and orders Jack Bauer arrested. The Secret Service shows up in the middle of the operation to apprehend the Islamic big guy and actually arrests the guy who’s about to ID and capture the head Islamic terrorist. It’s a great illustration of how Abu Ghraib is so overblown and so ridiculous. We asked the question on this program to Ted Kennedy and all these other guys: Would you torture somebody if it meant saving this country from nuclear attack? Well 24 did the show last night and they showed what will happen if we get a wimp president or a wimp bunch of people who will not allow torture to save the country from a nuclear attack. I mean I was riveted last night, watching this thing.

Jennifer in my adopted hometown of Sacramento, welcome to the program.

JENNIFER: Hi, Rush, it’s nice to talk to you. Fourteen-year dittos!

RUSH: Thanks very much, appreciate that.

JENNIFER: I just had a little comment about 24. I think the vice-president/president looks like a chinless Nixon.

RUSH: Well, maybe so. He might look like a chinless Nixon but that’s where the similarity ends. Actually, I misspoke a moment ago when I said the president ordered no torture. He said, “I can’t make a decision on this. I need more time.” They’re in the heat of battle, trying to stop a nuclear detonation from going off, and this guy can’t make up his mind about anything. Squishy moderate! And while he can’t make up his mind, CTU acts and corners the bad guy and when the president finds out about that he goes ballistic and orders the good guy arrested while the bad guy gets away. [This] president is more like John Kerry. [He] is more like John Kerry would be or any other moderate who simply can’t make up his mind until he finds out what the smart people are gonna do. It was a classic illustration of what we would get if we elected one of these guys to be president.


Transcript From Wednesday (4-27-05)

RUSH: Elmira, New York, this is Nan. High, Nan. Welcome.

NAN: Hi, Rush. Third-time dittos. We were happy to hear that you were on the set of 24. That’s one of our favorite shows. And little crowning Chloe [ ]is our favorite person, so we were wondering if you had a chance to meet her and what she was like in real life.

RUSH: She was not there the day I was—

NAN: Awwwwww!

RUSH: They’d pretty much wrapped up the season when I was there. They were working on closing scenes-- The final episode will be two hours … And they were working on the final episode. I met Kim Raver [Audrey], Keifer Sutherland, the woman who plays Michele [Reiko Aylesworth], met the guy that runs Division. I can’t remember them all. Some of the old actors and actresses that had been killed off were back. They had a big party that afternoon! I’m glad you asked me this, I told them how much I like that character, too, and she’s gonna be back next year.

NAN: We were happy that she got out of the office and into the field and got a gun in her hands—

RUSH: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh!!! There are people TIVOing the program that haven’t yet watched it.

NAN: (laughter)

RUSH: But I know what you’re talking about and it was fabulous! It was superb!

Image hosted by
Mary Lynn Rajskub as “Chloe”

1 posted on 04/27/2005 4:08:40 PM PDT by silent_jonny
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To: OXENinFLA; mystery-ak; nutmeg; rintense


2 posted on 04/27/2005 4:09:40 PM PDT by silent_jonny (Long live Pope Benedict XVI)
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To: OXENinFLA; mystery-ak

Rush talks about Monday's show "24".

3 posted on 04/27/2005 4:10:49 PM PDT by Peach (The Clintons have pardoned more terrorists than they ever killed or captured.)
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To: silent_jonny
If Rush talks about 24 tomorrow might have to watch, since he won't be on the air, guess I won't watch it,

Another great series missed like cheers. the Simpson's. Dallas, etc.

4 posted on 04/27/2005 4:12:18 PM PDT by dts32041 (Two words that shouldn't be used in the same sentence Grizzly bear and violate.)
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To: silent_jonny
Can't watch it during the season---I miss too many---but I love getting the DVDs at Christmas so I can watch them all in a row. Meanwhile, I AM managing to follow Vic Mackey and the Shield.

We need a "Jack Bauer meets Vic Mackey" spinoff.

5 posted on 04/27/2005 4:12:24 PM PDT by LS (CNN is the Amtrak of news)
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To: silent_jonny
Mary Lynn Rajskub as “Chloe”

That's the "money shot"!!!!

I wonder if she'll be kidnaped in the next couple of hours? LOL

6 posted on 04/27/2005 4:20:24 PM PDT by Mister Baredog ((Minuteman at heart, couch potato in reality))
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To: silent_jonny

He's been talking about this for two days now....looks like you got competition for Chloe...LOL

7 posted on 04/27/2005 4:21:29 PM PDT by mystery-ak
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To: b4its2late; Recovering_Democrat; Alissa; Pan_Yans Wife; LADY J; mathluv; browardchad; cardinal4; ...

8 posted on 04/27/2005 4:21:33 PM PDT by Born Conservative ("Mr. Chamberlain loves the working man, he loves to see him work" - Winston Churchill)
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To: dts32041

We have friends who are rabid "24" fans, and they tried to hook us by showing us the first episode of Season One on DVD. We didn't bite.

9 posted on 04/27/2005 4:23:05 PM PDT by Kenny Bunkport
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To: LS

IMO, The Shield is far more interesting than 24. Good viewing choice there. Yesterday's episode was something else, and it looks like something major's going to happen next week.

10 posted on 04/27/2005 4:23:33 PM PDT by Terpfen (New Democrat Party motto: les enfant terribles)
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To: mystery-ak

Yeah, me, Rush and billion other guys. Chloe won a lot of hearts Monday night :)

11 posted on 04/27/2005 4:24:32 PM PDT by silent_jonny (Long live Pope Benedict XVI)
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To: silent_jonny

That was the best part of the evening....Chloe jumping out of the car, readying the machine gun, and blasting away!....

I was on the edge of my chair, yelling, "You go, Girl!"

I didn't realize Chloe had it in her.


12 posted on 04/27/2005 4:26:00 PM PDT by TomGuy
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To: Peach

Hi, you know if the show is on again during the week (after Monday)????


13 posted on 04/27/2005 4:27:07 PM PDT by Right_in_Virginia
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To: silent_jonny

I actually applauded, sitting in front of the TV, when Chloe opened up on the terrorist dude. Chloe's da man!

14 posted on 04/27/2005 4:29:48 PM PDT by savedbygrace ("No Monday morning quarterback has ever led a team to victory" GW Bush)
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To: savedbygrace
That was GREAT moment, definitely :)
15 posted on 04/27/2005 4:34:20 PM PDT by silent_jonny (Long live Pope Benedict XVI)
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To: silent_jonny

I predict that chloe will be running CTU next season.

16 posted on 04/27/2005 4:43:38 PM PDT by eastforker (Under Cover FReeper going dark(too much 24))
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To: silent_jonny

I couldn't believe it when I saw her pumping that guy full of lead. You go, girl!

17 posted on 04/27/2005 4:44:26 PM PDT by BlessedBeGod (George W. Bush -- Terror of the Terrorists. John Paul II -- Terror of the Communists.)
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To: Terpfen
I have to say I was really disappointed in last night's episode, perhaps because the trailers they had made it seem like something BIG was going to happen, perhaps Shane getting "offed."

It will be interesting to see how they do this with Shane, because there really are only two options: Vic takes him out or come bad guy takes him out.

There is one thing I do not like about the Shield, though, and it is that they seem to just "forget" characters and lines. For ex., what the hell happened to Tevon?? and what about Shane's wife? She was the whole reason he screwed up with the strike team, now she doesn't even appear. Ditto Dutch's love interest from last year.

18 posted on 04/27/2005 4:45:24 PM PDT by LS (CNN is the Amtrak of news)
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To: silent_jonny

Is Elisha Cuthbert back this season? Grrrrroooooowwwwwwllll.

19 posted on 04/27/2005 4:46:33 PM PDT by LS (CNN is the Amtrak of news)
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To: TomGuy
It wasn't a machine gun it was an assault rifle
20 posted on 04/27/2005 4:49:53 PM PDT by squirt (POLITICIANS & DIAPERS NEED TO BE CHANGED, FOR THE SAME REASON)
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