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Pres/Gov Bush & Congress: (point of no return?) Terri Needs &Deserves Rescue & Intensive Care NOW! | Resurrection Sunday, March 27, 2005 | Golden Gate

Posted on 03/27/2005 6:31:49 PM PST by Golden Gate

Edited on 03/27/2005 6:49:29 PM PST by Admin Moderator. [history]


  Theresa Marie Schindler

        as a child, she wanted to be called "Terri"

O Lord,
you told us to ask,
so I am asking for help for our poor Terri,
you told us to seek and we find you,
to comfort, guide and heal us,
We are knocking,
and we know the door will be opened.
O Father, Abba,
we know you are the source, he who gives life,
and he who takes it back.
Soften the hearts of those who think that this is man's right only,
and may our sister and all in her position find rest and peace with you,
fill them with the living waters which only come from Heaven.
In the name of Jesus Christ,

    by Knitting A Conundrum (Act Justly, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly With God Micah 6:8)

If you're a FReeper who really didn't care about Terri and now say it's all over for Terri and time to quit, - please go start your own FR thread to that effect and post there. Please, and Thank You.

We're hearing about the use of morphine. One speculation that was posted, said that it is a matter of hours, and that Terri would be dead tonight. And the attorney saying 'point of no return'. I hear about a subpoena that is/was to be issued on Monday. What's wrong with serving a subpoena on the weekend? - Offices closed?

Before reading this headline, this thread was going to be a 'Roll Call' -'reserved'- for those FReepers who believe that Gov. Jeb Bush and/or Pres. Bush should violate the court order to rescue Terri and give her the intensive care that she needs and deserves.

I would like to share a prayer that was posted recently:

Heavenly Father - We humbly implore You to protect our little Sister, Theresa Marie Schiavo, from internal damage to her organs. We pray for a life-saving miracle on her behalf. Like the ones who cut a hole in the roof and dropped their crippled friend down to Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, we are bringing Terri before You and asking for Your Healing Touch. In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and King. Amen.

- by Saundra Duffy ("Where there's life, there's hope." Theresa Marie Schiavo)

So we have the prayer to protect Terri's organs from internal damage, and looking to God for a miracle. Many were thinking that she might die on Good Friday, but she didn't. And that quote from Terri, "Where there's life, there's hope." It was noted back in Oct. '03, when Terri was starved for six and half days, that Terri Schindler has an incredible will to live. And there is that organization, "Not Dead Yet!"

There was the FR tradition from Oct. '03 - "Pray first, and don't give up, - never give up!"

So, to the friends of Terri, I wonder what you think. Is it realistic to think that it is a matter of hours and that Terri will be finally be murdered sometime tonight?

If U.S. Pres. George W. Bush, and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and the leaders in the U.S. Congress have not heeded the pleas for mercy, justice, and help this far, - should we continue the effort any longer? Or, should we continue the calls and emails until Terri is finally dead and cremated?

Would intensive care be of any value for Terri at this point?
Or, is it not to bother and just ~~let her go~~?

Last night I was thinking:

Sunday - Resurrection Day - Jesus Lives! - (easter Sunday)

easter '05 - Terri Schindler - Dead or Alive?

Terri is one of us, a living human, a living American. There are people who are afraid to look at Terri in her situation. Terri's disablility, - or injury -, causes some people to be fearful and want to look away, and not get involved and not help. The people who believe that it is 'better dead than disabled', or, 'I'm glad I don't have to decide that one...' But we must remember, that asTerri lives, or as Terri may die, she is one of us, a human being.

As Terri's body is poisoned today and fills with morphine, it will be all the more reason for people to want to continue to look away and ignore the injustice and shame of her murder, of her death. However, in life or in death, she is one of us.

The Constitutional crisis has arrived. Terry is supposed to appear in DC tomorrow. Enforce the order.

43 posted on 03/27/2005 3:16:47 PM PST by jpsb

KEYWORDS: terri; terrischiavo; terrischindler
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People who say that the government has no business interfering in a private decision like removing Terri Schiavo's feeding tube somehow have no problem with a squad of policemen preventing her parents (or anyone else) from giving their daughter food or water.

Do those who want to keep the government out of private decisions think that the police are not the government? Do they think that the judges who authorized this are not the government?

Sadly, this is not the only Alice-in-Wonderland confusion of words and deeds in this tragic case.

We are being told that Terri Schiavo is being "allowed" to "die a natural death." Such an argument might make some sense if this were a terminally ill person. But Terri Schiavo is not dying from anything other than a lack of food and water, from which any of the rest of us would die...

(Excerpt) Read more at ... - Thomas Sowell - March 24, 2005
Killing Terri Schiavo - Good Read!

AND - I'm not sure if we ever made the photo album for Terri. I've seen a lot of pictures of Terri, but never in one place, and with captions that have dates and descriptions. I would have titled it:

The Terri We Know, Is the Terri We Loved. - A Photo Album

If someone is so inclined, they can post that one.

Someone will point out that most of us never met Terri, so how can we say "The Terri We Know". It's true, I have never met Terri. But her parents and brother and sister, and so many others do know Terri, and they love Terri. And actually knowing Terri is not of first importance. What is most important is, that Terri is one of us.

1 posted on 03/27/2005 6:31:53 PM PST by Golden Gate
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To: Golden Gate

I'm in!

Lord we pray that you continue to sustain Terri's life! Please fill her with your Living Water and The bread of your life. Keep her alive and her organs functioning GOD! We ask that you intervene and cause our leaders to stand up and get Terri out of this mess now! We beg you inthe name of Jesus, AMEN!

2 posted on 03/27/2005 6:36:12 PM PST by Halls
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To: Golden Gate

My prayers and those of my household are joined with yours.

3 posted on 03/27/2005 6:37:54 PM PST by Wneighbor
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To: Golden Gate
No-one should give up until Terri breathes her last - murdered by a scheming husband, an evil lawyer and a state that now accepts execution of the innocent as something desirable.
4 posted on 03/27/2005 6:39:57 PM PST by Aussie Dasher (Stop Hillary - PEGGY NOONAN '08)
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To: Golden Gate


5 posted on 03/27/2005 6:41:25 PM PST by the invisib1e hand ("remember, from ashes you came, to ashes you will return.")
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To: Golden Gate
I'm praying for a miracle. For her to survive and wake up. To come to the window and wave. Lord, protect her.
6 posted on 03/27/2005 6:42:00 PM PST by Richard Kimball (It was a joke. You know, humor. Like the funny kind. Only different.)
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To: All

I just said the Lord's prayer, which is the best prayer, the Hail Mary, and Glory Be.

Also I said this prayer:

St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle
Be our protection against the wickedness
and snares of the devil;
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and thou, O Prince of heavenly host,
by the power of God,
Thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits
who wander through the world for the ruin of souls.

7 posted on 03/27/2005 6:42:15 PM PST by Sun (Visit * Pray for Terri. Pray to end abortion.)
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Comment #8 Removed by Moderator

To: All; Golden Gate

Also, I am contacting President and Governor Bush, and asked them to do God's will on this Easter Sunday and save Terri's life.

President Bush

Fax 202-456-2461

Governnor Bush

Fax 850-921-9077

9 posted on 03/27/2005 6:45:16 PM PST by Sun (Visit * Pray for Terri. Pray to end abortion.)
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Comment #10 Removed by Moderator

To: Wneighbor

Evil like Judgenfuhrer Greer goes 'BUMP' in the night.
And it is FReepers who bump back.

11 posted on 03/27/2005 6:45:59 PM PST by Diogenesis (Si vis pacem, para bellum)
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To: Sun; All
I've been reading the Declaration of Independence. In light of current events, it is very interesting indeed.

While I'm not saying it's time to form a new goverment, the time is clearly upon us for the utter renewal of our founding principals. Yes, it's relevant. Intensely so.

12 posted on 03/27/2005 6:48:07 PM PST by the invisib1e hand ("remember, from ashes you came, to ashes you will return.")
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To: Golden Gate

Abba? The rock group from Sweden?

13 posted on 03/27/2005 6:50:41 PM PST by Rudder
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May this, my Lord, serve as a wailing wall.

First, I ask as always that Thy will be done.
If, however I can in any small way influence what is to come, I ask that this evil be stopped.

14 posted on 03/27/2005 6:51:29 PM PST by Michael Goldsberry (Which part of "Don't Mess With Texas" didn't you get?)
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To: the invisib1e hand

Even the popular (on this forum) Antonin Scalia says (apparently approvingly) that the Declaration is gross exaggeration and not part of American law in the slightest. I get the impression, however, that Scalia is not interested in issues related to disabled persons.

15 posted on 03/27/2005 6:52:28 PM PST by Theodore R. (Cowardice is forever!)
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To: Theodore R.
I'm no scholar (and some would say no gentleman, either), but the Declaration is just that, a declaration of independence. It is not law, but a cannon of founding principles which echo in law. It is a summoning of the will to secure justice; a throwing down of the gauntlet, a declaration of intolerance of abuse of just principles.

I, for one, see it as a timely topic.

16 posted on 03/27/2005 6:55:30 PM PST by the invisib1e hand ("remember, from ashes you came, to ashes you will return.")
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To: Golden Gate

just can't see the use of a government that can't protect an innocent defenseless woman from being starved to death. Can't see any purpose for the existence of such a government. The markets rely upon the "full faith and credit" of the US government. Faith? Uncle Sam has just shown himself to be a fraud.

17 posted on 03/27/2005 7:01:56 PM PST by the invisib1e hand ("remember, from ashes you came, to ashes you will return.")
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To: Golden Gate
What is most important is, that Terri is one of us.

That is so true. Each and every one of us; the President of the United States, Governor Bush, the members of Congress, the members of the Florida Legislature, and every member of Free Republic would DIE if we were deprived of the basic necessities of food and water. The one difference between most of us and Terri? She is merely handicapped, and cannot feed herself. For this; we sentence her to death. Due to the greed and cowardice of one Michael Schiavo, our entire country has abdicated its right to be considered a civilized society. G-d have mercy on each of us, for our fellow citizens will have none.

18 posted on 03/27/2005 7:04:28 PM PST by who knows what evil? (If arrogance was beauty, New England women would be supermodels!)
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To: Golden Gate; lainie; AnimalLover


..........TERRI is US.............

A Prayer of Healing for US:
A Preyer of Healing for TERRI:

"Almighty GOD,

...If it be Your will,

...please heal US all with Your LOVE.

...If it not be Your will then,

...please heal all our Fear"



19 posted on 03/27/2005 7:07:00 PM PST by ALOHA RONNIE ("ALOHA RONNIE" Guyer/Veteran-"WE WERE SOLDIERS" Battle of IA DRANG-1965
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To: Made in USA
It would be mocking Jesus if she were to die on the day He was resurrected.

Good grief.

What are you, nuts?

20 posted on 03/27/2005 7:08:52 PM PST by don-o (Stop Freeploading. Do the right thing and become a Monthly Donor.)
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