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Saddam of Iraq vs Asad of Syria ^ | 06 January, 2004 | Nayyouf-Nayyuf

Posted on 10/28/2004 5:00:58 AM PDT by RaceBannon

A senior Syrian journalist reports Iraq WMD located in three Syrian sites

06 January, 2004


Nizar Nayuf (Nayyouf-Nayyuf), a Syrian journalist who recently defected from Syria to Western Europe and is known for bravely challenging the Syrian regime, said in a letter Monday, January 5, to Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf,” that he knows the three sites where Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) are kept. The storage places are:

click for images of Iraq's WMD location in Syria :

-1- Tunnels dug under the town of al-Baida near the city of Hama in northern Syria. These tunnels are an integral part of an underground factory, built by the North Koreans, for producing Syrian Scud missiles. Iraqi chemical weapons and long-range missiles are stored in these tunnels.

-2- The village of Tal Snan, north of the town of Salamija, where there is a big Syrian air force camp. Vital parts of Iraq's WMD are stored there.

-3-. The city of Sjinsjar on the Syrian border with the Lebanon, south of Homs city.

Nayouf writes that the transfer of Iraqi WMD to Syria was organized by the commanders of Saddam Hussein's Special Republican Guard, including General Shalish, with the help of Assif Shoakat , Bashar Assad's cousin. Shoakat is the CEO of Bhaha, an import/export company owned by the Assad family.

In February 2003, a month before America's invasion in Iraq, very few are aware about the efforts to bring the Weapons of Mass Destruction from Iraq to Syria, and the personal involvement of Bashar Assad and his family in the operation. Nayouf, who has won prizes for journalistic integrity, says he wrote his letter because he has terminal cancer.

Click here for Satellite Images of the Syrian-Iraq's WMD Locations

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First Message from the Syrian source to Nizar Nayouf

First messages from a Syrian Source, WMD Location "Dear Nizar.

We received confirmations that the Iraqi weapons, which were moved to Syria by the help of General Zoul-Himla Chalich are now hidden in three places inside Syria:

First place: a tunnel dug in the mountain close to the Al-Baïdah village, which is roughly two kilometers from Misyaf village. This place is under the 489 Safety cipher Documents' office control .

Second place: the factory of the Air Armed Forces in the village of Tal Sinan, between the town of Hama and Salamiyyah. This factory is under the Air Force control.

Third place: the location of Shinsar, 40 kilometers south of Homs, two kilometers east of the Homs - Damascus road. There are underground tunnels there, controlled by Brigade 661 of the armed air Forces. It is a Brigade of air Patrol. The tunnels are several tens of meters deep.

The weapons were transported in large wooden cases and barrels, under the supervision of the General Zoul-Himla Chalich and the son of his brother Assef, who works at Al-Bachaer company.

The company is owned by the Assad family and has offices in Beirut, Damascus and Baghdad.

This company also undertook the illegal Iraqi oil importation in Syria, and supplied weapons to Saddam. I will try to send you all the new information as i get .

Take care and be safe."

Second Message to Nizar Nayuf

Second messages from a Syrian Source, WMD Location "Dear Nizar.

I have sent you another chart of the positions which tells where the weapons which were sent from Iraq into Syria, are hidden. Because the preceding chart that I sent you earlier is not clear.

Until now, the authorities in Syria did not worry of what was being published by the Dutch television news about this subject.

New information: The weapons were evacuated by the means of ambulances. Mohammed Mansoura also took part in the operation.

There are other serious, detailed pieces of information concerning the money of Saddam being moved into Syria and into Lebanon and those who took part in moving it - Syrians and Lebanese.Also there are more details about the assassination of the General Moustapha Tajer which took place last summer.

Take care of yourself.

Damascus, January 7, 2004."

1 posted on 10/28/2004 5:00:58 AM PDT by RaceBannon
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To: RaceBannon

More evidence indicating John Kerry is not qualified to be President.

2 posted on 10/28/2004 5:02:48 AM PDT by conservativepoet
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To: RaceBannon

Has anyone anywhere heard anything from this journalist since January????

3 posted on 10/28/2004 5:04:17 AM PDT by JustTheTruth
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To: RaceBannon

The New York Times & CBS will twist themselves into pretzels trying to spin this.

4 posted on 10/28/2004 5:05:05 AM PDT by silent_jonny (I voted on October 26, 2004---GO BUSH, BURR, BALLANTINE!)
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To: JustTheTruth

I think his name is spelled with a "u", Nayouf.

5 posted on 10/28/2004 5:07:27 AM PDT by Rebelbase (Kerry hunting is like Bush going to a gay disco just to prove he's not homophobic (thanks QLA))
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To: silent_jonny
The New York Times & CBS will twist themselves into pretzels trying to spin this.

No, they will ignore it. Doncha know, if it isn't in the NY Slimes, it never happened.

6 posted on 10/28/2004 5:08:21 AM PDT by blanknoone (I wouldn't vote for Benedict Arnold. I wouldn't vote for Karl Marx. I won't vote for John Kerry.)
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To: shield


7 posted on 10/28/2004 5:09:03 AM PDT by Perdogg (Dubya - Right Man, Right Job, at the Right Time!)
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To: RaceBannon


Syria a State of Terror

Home | Terror on Lebanese | Terror on Syrians | Terror on Americans | Terror on Europeans | Lebanon 

Syria WMD Programs Locations
36°02'02"N 37°21'03"E

Open sources report that there are at least three Syrian facilities currently engaged in producing Chemical Weapons, located near Damascus, Hama, and Safira village (in the Aleppo area).

A senior Syrian journalist reports Iraq's WMD located in three Syrian sites.Read article

WMD MAP in syria
copy of the original letter sent out from syria.

The Following information were taken from

Click on the small image to view a larger version

Syria Map General View
Overview of the Middle East with Syria in the center
Syria WMD Locations
Al Safir SCUD Base and Weapons Depot, Syria
Syria SCUD Base Location
Tactical Pilotage Chart with NIMA CIB imagery overlay showing the general location of the Al Safir SCUD base
Syria Al Safir
Tactical Pilotage Chart with NIMA CIB imagery overlay showing Al Safir
Syria Chemical weapons plant
Russian 1:200,00 Map of the Al Safir chemical weapons plant and storage area as of 1980
Syira Chemical WMD
The CW plant and storage area in the western canyon are visible. The munitions storage area would not be detected until 1987. Work on the underground SCUD base would not be visible until 1995. Completion of the Tunnel complex and the SCUD support base was detected in the July 2002 Digital Globe image
Syria WMD 1987
Russian 1:50,000 Map of the Al Safir Scud base as of 1987
Syria WMD 1994
Syrian 1:50,000 Map as of 1994. The omission of the facility from the Syrian government's map is a sure indicator that the facility is of military nature
Scud Base
Digital Globe image taken on 30 July 2002 of the Al Safir CW plant and SCUD base. Al Safir is protected by an SA-2 SAM battery
SCUD BAse Syira
Overview of the probable SCUD support base and underground facility. A munitions storage area lies to the right
Syria WMD munition
Close-up of the munitions storage area. Additional storage bunkers have been added between 1987 and 1995
Syria missile site
An Russian-build SA-2 surface-to-air-missile site, defending the storage area and underground facility
SA-2 SAM Syria close up
Close-up of the SA-2 SAM site with Guideline missiles on launchers, Fan Song Radar, and Control Vans. Cable are visible running from the command van to the launchers
Chemical Weapons plant - Syria
Overview of the Al Safir chemical weapons plant. Expansion took place between 1987 and 1995
Nervew Agent Plant Syria
This high-voltage sub-station is an indicator of the presence of activity requiring a large volume of electricity. A normal warehouse complex would not require this much energy
Nerve Agent Plant- Syria
These forced-air cooling towers also indicate the presence of an industrial process requiring the disposal of waste heat. Chemical processes for nerve agents produce highly unstable intermediates that react explosively with water. Steam-heating and water cooling must be replaced with special heat-exchange fluids and heating oils that require the use of cooling towers rather than steam vents
Syria WMD
The co-location of munitions storage igloos within the security perimeter of the processing facility is an additional indicator of the Chemical weapons nature of this plant
Syria WMD Storage
The lower storage igloos were added sometime between 1995 and 2002

The munitions storage area on the right was built sometime between 1980 and 1987. The buildings on the left are probably associated with SCUD missiles deployed underground and were built after 1995.
Syria Storage of WMD
These storage igloos are located at a separate facility, which was built between 1980 and 1987
Underground WMD- Syria
Between 1995 and 2002 an Underground Facility (UGF) was built as well as above-ground support facilities, possibly to house SCUD-D missiles Syria reportedly acquired in 19XX.

These buildings were built after 1995 and are probably associated with SCUD missiles housed underground. The large building measures 30 x 130 meters
Iraq WMD in syria in Tunnel
A probable command and control facility, located near the tunnel entrances to an underground facility where the Weapons of Mass Destruction are hidden.
Syria WMD Underground tunnel- Iraq WMD
The Tunnel entrances are protected by the box canyon walls, from direct attack from precision-guided munitions. Each of the three tunnel portals is more than wide enough to accommodate the Soviet-build MAZ-543 transporter for the SCUD missile

The above information were taken from


Credit: DigitalGlobe . Copyright (c) DigitalGlobe. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Contact DigitalGlobe for media permission or purchase at 1 (800) 496-1225 or .
DigitalGlobe is not affiliated with


8 posted on 10/28/2004 5:12:07 AM PDT by RaceBannon (KERRY FLED . . . WHILE GOOD MEN BLED!!)
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To: RaceBannon; kdf1; AMERIKA; Lancey Howard; MudPuppy; SMEDLEYBUTLER; opbuzz; Snow Bunny; ...

a must read account

9 posted on 10/28/2004 5:13:05 AM PDT by RaceBannon (KERRY FLED . . . WHILE GOOD MEN BLED!!)
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To: JustTheTruth

I haven't heard anything about him since the WMD locales was published in Drudge in January/Feb. The media, of course, didn't touch it. As for Nayuf...this article I found on Google explains a lot about his "disappearance."
Even though it predates his WMD article, it does give evidence as to the risks he took to publish. Notice WHICH country brands him a liar and false newsman!

Syria: IFJ accuses Syria of 'vendetta' against exiled journalist's family
by: BBC news on 6/6/2003

Text of International Federation of Journalists press release on 3 June

The International Federation of Journalists has called on the authorities in Syria to end the harassment of the family of exiled journalist and human rights activist Nizar Nayuf. The journalist's father and brothers have lost their jobs, and have been told they must denounce their brother and his statements.

Nizar Nayuf, a Syrian national, lives in France after being freed from prison in 2001, after serving nine years on charges of disseminating 'false' information. He is threatened with arrest should he return. Nayuf is secretary-general of the Arab Organization for the Defence of Expression and Press Freedom, and has been outspoken in his criticism of the authorities over the conditions for press freedom in the country.

The persecution of his family in Syria has been stepped up he spoke on the Al-Jazeera TV network in July 2001 about a massacre he witnessed in the Tadmur prison. 'This is an appalling case of a vendetta being carried out by a spiteful and intolerant regime against innocent family members,' said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary. 'The Syrian authorities should provide protection and security for all of its citizens and not allow the systematic persecution of relatives because they resent Mr Nayuf being beyond their reach.'

Nizar Nayuf's father has been dismissed from his position as village chief and three of his brothers Amjad, Mamduh and Salah have lost their jobs, making their financial situation very difficult. Their requests to be reinstated in their positions have been met with demands that Nizar Nayuf must return to Syria and face arrest. A fourth brother, Hayyan, was attacked recently at the university where he studies English literature. The family has been told Hayyan will not be allowed to graduate later this year, and Mamduh will not receive his masters' degree in economy unless they renounce their brother.

'When a journalist's family is attacked like this it demonstrates a deep-seated intolerance and lack of respect for freedom of expression as well as profound unfairness and injustice,' says the IFJ.

The Federation, which represents around 500,000 journalists in 100 countries, says the persecution of the Nayuf family should stop immediately.

10 posted on 10/28/2004 5:13:19 AM PDT by Grendel9
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To: conservativepoet

From watching the CNN news this morning you would think that we were operating with a 24 hour time warp. There is no mention of the weapons leaving BEFORE we werre "allowed" to arrive in Bagdad.

The stupid electorate probably has no clue as to the truth if Kerry and the MSM continue to cover up this story. Time will tell.

If this is fully exposed, Kerry should go down in flames!

11 posted on 10/28/2004 5:13:32 AM PDT by gathersnomoss
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To: blanknoone

I seem to remember an Israeli report before the war that they saw the trucks leaving for Syria...anybody else remember this?

12 posted on 10/28/2004 5:14:04 AM PDT by nannaj34
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To: RaceBannon

Saddam agents on Syria border helped move banned materials

By Rowan Scarborough

Saddam Hussein periodically removed guards on the Syrian border and replaced them with his own intelligence agents who supervised the movement of banned materials between the two countries, U.S. investigators have discovered.

The recent discovery by the Bush administration's Iraq Survey Group (ISG) is fueling speculation, but is not proof, that the Iraqi dictator moved prohibited weapons of mass destruction (WMD) into Syria before the March 2003 invasion by a U.S.-led coalition.

Two defense sources told The Washington Times that the ISG has interviewed Iraqis who told of Saddam's system of dispatching his trusted Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) to the border, where they would send border inspectors away.

The shift was followed by the movement of trucks in and out of Syria suspected of carrying materials banned by U.N. sanctions. Once the shipments were made, the agents would leave and the regular border guards would resume their posts.

"If you leave it to border guards, then the border guards could stop the trucks and extract their 10 percent, just like the mob would do," said a Pentagon official who asked not to be named. "Saddam's family was controlling the black market, and it was a good opportunity for them to make money."

Sources said Saddam and his family grew rich from this black market and personally dispatched his dreaded intelligence service to the border to make sure the shipments got through. The ISG is a 1,400-member team organized by the Pentagon and CIA to hunt for Saddam's suspected stockpiles of WMD, such as chemical and biological agents. So far, the search has failed to find such stockpiles, which were the main reason for President Bush ordering the invasion of Iraq to remove Saddam.

But there is evidence of unusually heavy truck traffic into Syria in the days before the attack, and with it, speculation that some of the trucks contained the banned weapons. "Of course, it's always suspicious," the Pentagon official said.

The source said the ISG has confirmed the practice of IIS agents going to the border. Investigators also have heard from Iraqi sources that this maneuver was done days before the war at a time of brisk cross-border movements.

That particular part of the disclosures has not been positively confirmed, the officials said, although it dovetails with Saddam's system of switching guards at a time when contraband was shipped.

The United States spotted the heavy truck traffic via satellite imagery before the war. But spy cameras cannot look through truck canopies, and the ISG has not been able to determine whether any weapons were sent to Syria for hiding.

In an interview in October, retired Lt. Gen. James R. Clapper Jr., who heads the U.S. agency that processes and analyzes satellite imagery, said he thinks that Saddam's underlings hid banned weapons of mass destruction before the war.

"I think personally that those below the senior leadership saw what was coming, and I think they went to some extraordinary lengths to dispose of the evidence," said Gen. Clapper, who heads the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. "I'll call it an 'educated hunch.' "

He added, "I think probably in the few months running up prior to the onset of combat that I think there was probably an intensive effort to disperse into private homes, move documentation and materials out of the country. I think there are any number of things that they would have done."

Of activity on the Syrian border, Gen. Clapper said, "There is no question that there was a lot of traffic, increase in traffic up to the immediate onset of combat and certainly during Iraqi Freedom. ... The obvious conclusion one draws is the sudden upturn, uptick in traffic which may have been people leaving the scene, fleeing Iraq and unquestionably, I'm sure, material as well."

He also said, "Based on what we saw prior to the onset of hostilities, we certainly felt there were indications of WMD activity. ... Actually knowing what is going on inside a building is quite a different thing than, say, this facility may well be a place where there may be WMD." The Iraq Survey Group, which periodically briefs senior officials and Congress, is due to deliver its next report in September. In addition to interviewing hundreds of Iraqis, the ISG has collected and cataloged millions of pages of documents, not all of which have been fully examined.

Although Syria and Iraq competed for influence in the region, they shared the same Ba'athist socialist ideology and maintained close ties at certain government levels. The United States accused Syria during the war of harboring some of Saddam's inner circle.

13 posted on 10/28/2004 5:15:40 AM PDT by michigander (The Constitution only guarantees the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.)
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To: gathersnomoss

I suspect Drudge and Rush will begin to ignite it hopefully. Just read a post indicating that most Americans get their news from the Internet. That's a good sign for the good guys.

14 posted on 10/28/2004 5:16:05 AM PDT by conservativepoet
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To: blanknoone
Kinda reminds me of the thought , like , in a anamation movie as RODGER THE RABIT or THE MASK with JIM CARRY .
Just imagine ? this picture in your mind , NYTs, cBS,MSM, KERRY Campain ,THE DEMOCRAT PARTY,, spinning out of control , seams coming apart, then, POOF implodes
15 posted on 10/28/2004 5:16:56 AM PDT by Prophet in the wilderness (PSALM 53 : 1 The ( FOOL ) hath said in his heart , There is no GOD .)
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To: RaceBannon

Looks like you have the intended target and the location of said target. Now all we need is someone to deliver the strike.

16 posted on 10/28/2004 5:17:50 AM PDT by airborne (God answers all prayers. Sometimes the answer is ,"No".)
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To: RaceBannon
Now who would have thunk that WMD would be in Syria? Besides, Saddam DID NOT have WMD. Remember the Liberal MSM told us so.(/sarcasm off)
17 posted on 10/28/2004 5:19:33 AM PDT by beachn4fun (Please vote for Bush, so we can SHUT Kerry/Edwards/Liberals UP!)
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To: nannaj34

More on the prearious life style of Nayuf...the guy could write a personalized James Bond scenario:

Source robbed after claiming WMD in Syria
Journalist speculates French security agents behind daytime theft

Posted: February 13, 2004
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Editor's note: WorldNetDaily brings readers exclusive, up-to-the-minute global intelligence news and analysis from Geostrategy-Direct, a new online newsletter edited by veteran journalist Robert Morton and featuring the "Backgrounder" column compiled by Bill Gertz. Geostrategy-Direct is a subscription-based service produced by the publishers of, a free news service frequently linked by the editors of WorldNetDaily.

© 2004

A Syrian exile who has supplied detailed information on Syrian government activities has become the victim of a suspicious break-in and theft.

The apartment belonging to Nizar Nayuf, a dissident journalist who claimed Iraq's hidden weapons of mass destruction are stored in Syria, was broken into on Jan. 30. He lives in the northwestern Paris suburb of Malakoff.

Thieves stole three CDs that Nayuf said contained information on France's relations with Saddam Hussein's Iraq, specifically involving money transfers between the two countries.

The daytime break-in occurred while Nayuf was attending a meeting at the French Interior Ministry, fueling speculation that French security agents were behind the theft.

After returning to his flat, Nayuf found the doorknob broken off and several drawers emptied. Some things had been moved but only the CDs were missing, Nayuf told police.

Nayuf was freed from a Syrian prison in 2001 after nine years in detention.

18 posted on 10/28/2004 5:19:34 AM PDT by Grendel9
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To: nannaj34
I seem to remember an Israeli report before the war that they saw the trucks leaving for Syria...anybody else remember this?

I also seem to recall some Russians getting shot up near the Iraq/Syria border.

19 posted on 10/28/2004 5:19:40 AM PDT by airborne (God answers all prayers. Sometimes the answer is ,"No".)
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To: RaceBannon
Seems like alot of us were way ahead of the curve on this revelation, even though we were only guessing.
20 posted on 10/28/2004 5:20:57 AM PDT by b4its2late (John John Kerry Edwards change positions more often than a Nevada prostitute!!!)
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