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Sermons Denounce US, Support Al-Sadr, Call for Sunni-Shia Unity
FBIS | 13 Aug 04 | various

Posted on 08/15/2004 10:55:13 PM PDT by yonif

[FBIS Media Analysis]

Iraq, Iran: Sermons Denounce US, Express Support for Al-Sadr, Call for Sunni-Shia Unity

On 13 August, sermons in Iraq by both Sunni and Shia clerics condemned US military activity in Al-Najaf and expressed support for Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr. Imams also denounced the Iraqi Interim Government and urged all Iraqis, including members of the Iraqi Army and National Guard, to join Al-Sadr's cause. A prominent Iranian imam also urged Iraqis to take action against the US.

Iraqi Sunni Sermons

In his sermon at Baghdad's Umm al-Qura mosque, Abd-al-Ghafur al-Samarra'i, a member of the Association of Muslim Scholars, charged that the "occupation forces are pursuing the same scorched earth and genocide policies of (Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon" and warned: "They must stop the bloodbath, respect us and leave our land now." After prayers, worshipers reportedly shouted: "Sunnis and Shia are united to kick out the occupation." Samarra'i urged people to donate food and other essentials to aid convoys that will be sent to Al-Najaf (Al-Jazirah TV and AFP).

According to the Qatari Government-financed Al-Jazirah satellite channel, Friday preachers in Al-Fallujah condemned US military operations in Al-Najaf, and "hundreds of residents of Al-Fallujah staged a demonstration following Friday prayers in solidarity with Muqtada Al-Sadr" and "his resistance to the US occupation." The channel also reported that demonstrators raised placards with the slogan, "He who defends Al-Fallujah and does not defend Al-Najaf is not an Iraqi."

Iraqi Shia Sermons

During a sermon in Baghdad at an entrance to the Green Zone, as reported by AFP, Shaykh Hazim al-Araji charged: "The cowards are shelling the sanctuary of Imam Ali." He also said: "We say 'no' to a government that serves as an instrument for the occupation. We demand that criminals like the interior and defense ministers and the Al-Najaf governor resign and face trial." Araji also called on the faithful to march to Al-Najaf to protest the US-led military operations in the city. AFP reported that during the sermon, some policemen on the roof of a nearby police station waved posters of Muqtada Al-Sadr while others came down and joined the prayers, leaving their weapons inside, which caused loud cheers from Al-Sadr's partisans.

In Al-Kufah's grand mosque outside Al-Najaf, Shaykh Jabir al-Khafaji officiated on Al-Sadr's behalf. He compared Prime Minister Allawi's government to that of Saddam and said: "Do not kneel before the occupiers. . . we will not allow a Saddam-like US-installed government to exist in Iraq" (AFP).

In Samawa, Al-Sadr supporter Shaykh Ghazi al-Zargani condemned "the agent government of Prime Minister Iyad Allawi" and threatened that Al-Sadr's followers will storm the local prison to free militiamen held there (AFP).

In his sermon in Al-Basrah, Shaykh Ahmad al-Maliki, a member of the Martyr Al-Sadr Office, urged Iraqi Police, National Guardsmen, and Army soldiers from the former regime to join the Mahdi Army in Al-Najaf, warning "Either you are with us, or against us" (AFP).

Iranian Sermons

Secretary of the Guardian Council Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati devoted his sermon to the "catastrophe" in Al-Najaf. Addressing both Sunni and Shia Muslims, he recommended: "If you cannot do anything else, you must yell. You can stage demonstrations, rallies, and sit-ins." He added: "I do not understand why there is no action being taken by the Iraqi tribes. Why did the Iraqi Government give the occupiers a green light? The governor general of Al-Najaf is a traitor to Muslims, the Shia people, and Iraq for letting in the Americans" (Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran Radio).

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Why are these Imans allowed to preach their militant Islamic ideology freely in Iraq? Is it that there is a refusal to take action against them due to political correctness?
1 posted on 08/15/2004 10:55:13 PM PDT by yonif
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To: yonif

PING - IRAQ - bad clerics alert!!

2 posted on 08/15/2004 11:05:51 PM PDT by WOSG (George W Bush - Right for our Times!)
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To: yonif; Alouette; Salem; SJackson
Sermons Denounce US, Support Al-Sadr, Call for Sunni-Shia Unity

When I first saw that headline, I misread it as "Sermons Denounce US, Support Al-Sadr, Call for Shinui-Shia Unity." Sad thing is, that's only slightly weirder than normal Israeli politics.

3 posted on 08/15/2004 11:07:34 PM PDT by Slings and Arrows (Am Yisrael Chai!)
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To: yonif
The Mosques sermons are being monitored by the US

oh and I have no doubt some Iraqi's will refuse to fight their own

4 posted on 08/15/2004 11:08:26 PM PDT by GeronL (Viking Kitties have won the GOLD MEDAL in the 2,000 meter ZOTTING)
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To: GeronL

If they are being monitored, I don't understand why they are allowed to spew their hate so that more terrorists are produced.

5 posted on 08/15/2004 11:12:56 PM PDT by yonif ("So perish all Thine enemies, O the Lord" - Judges 5:31)
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To: yonif

monitored and control are two different things, I have no idea what they do with the tapes and reports.

6 posted on 08/15/2004 11:14:26 PM PDT by GeronL (Viking Kitties have won the GOLD MEDAL in the 2,000 meter ZOTTING)
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To: GeronL

This isn't the first time hate propaganda is spewed from these mosques in Iraq. Their sermons are broadcasted to many people and even those outside Iraq. It incites terrorism and those who do it should be arrested and not allowed to spew a militant ideology which in turn leads to the birth of more terrorists.

7 posted on 08/15/2004 11:19:09 PM PDT by yonif ("So perish all Thine enemies, O the Lord" - Judges 5:31)
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To: yonif
My first impulse is to advocate removal of US and coalition troops just to prove that with their absence the violence will be unabated, if not intensified, and culminate in another dictatorship that muslims and the middle east have such a proclivity for. But that would really mean our troops will have largely died in vain in liberating Iraq, except for taking out a few thousand terrorists who won't be attacking us elsewhere. I think this is why the president does not want to cut and run. It isn't that the prognosis for Iraq's future is at all rosy.
8 posted on 08/16/2004 12:08:23 AM PDT by luvbach1 (Leftists don't acknowledge that Reagan won the cold war because they rooted for the other side.)
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To: yonif

Abd-al-Ghafur al-Samarra'i, a member of the Association of Muslim Scholars

A mouth piece for the terrorists

9 posted on 08/16/2004 7:55:55 AM PDT by Valin (Mind like a steel trap - rusty and illegal in 37 states.)
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To: yonif

And more
Association of Muslim scholars
by Omar
04 Aug 2004

American military sources reported that the confessions of some members from three different terrorist groups have led to the arrest of (Muthana Harith Al-Dari) the information manager in the (Association of Muslim scholars).
An Iraqi spokesman stated that three terrorist groups that were active in the cities of Kirkuk, Diyala and Fallujah were recognized and the arrest of some members of these groups revealed links between these groups and Al-Dari.
Spokesman of the association, Mohammed Bashar Al-Faidi said that the American unit that arrested Al-Dari used a device to track any traces of TNT that could exist on Al-Dari’s hands and he added that the American unit told Al-Dari’s escorts (who were left to go) that the results were positive.
Al-Faidi said “this is a lie, they are trying to fool us with this ridiculous procedure”.
He also described the arrest as “an attempt from the Americans to punish the association”.
*From today’s Al-Sabah.

At last! We’ve waited long for some action like this as we’re certain that there are some links among this association, the Ba’athists and the terrorists. Whenever the thugs take a hostage, this association mediates the negotiations between the kidnappers and the concerned foreign embassy or firm which clearly means that there’s some direct communication between the kidnappers and the association.

This association had always sympathized with the “courageous patriotic resistance men” and prized “their determination in their struggle to liberate Iraq from the occupiers”.
The members of this association were the strongest supporters of the terrorists in Fallujah and they launched a “humanitarian” campaign to deliver food supplies, medical supplies and......guns and ammunition to the besieged thugs.
For your knowledge, this associations consists mainly of clerics who were trained (paid) by Saddam’s ministry of religious affairs to preach in the important mosques and at that time every single cleric had to sign a document that proves his willingness to cooperate with the security systems and report of any “suspicious” activity or group to the authorities.
These clerics are hired preachers ready to defend and glorify anyone if he pays well.
Something that is very uncomfortable about this association is that it’s the only known Iraqi group that never, ever condemned Saddam’s regime and never mentioned a word about how we suffered all those years.
They worked for Saddam and they’re still working with his allies.
Probably I can use this as an evidence too!

10 posted on 08/16/2004 8:01:59 AM PDT by Valin (Mind like a steel trap - rusty and illegal in 37 states.)
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