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George Soros and America's Coming Election Crisis (Part 1) ^ | July 16, 2004 | Richard Poe

Posted on 07/16/2004 5:55:38 PM PDT by Richard Poe

Edited on 07/20/2004 7:45:11 PM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

George Soros
George Soros and America's
Coming Election Crisis

(A Three-Part Series)

 Part 1: Velvet
Revolution, USA

By Richard Poe

IF YOU ENJOYED the election crisis of 2000, you’re going to love what Democrat leaders are cooking up for November.

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"This is not a normal election," Democrat mega-donor George Soros told the Associated Press on June 10. "These are not normal times." Indeed they are not. And Mr. Soros himself bears much of the blame. (1)

"George Soros has purchased the Democratic Party," charges Republican National Committee spokeswoman Christine Iverson. (2) Some might dismiss Miss Iverson's comment as hyberbole. However, Soros' massive soft-money contributions have indisputably given him power over Democrat strategy.

The billionaire currency trader now busies himself instructing Democrats in a new and dangerous style of political brinkmanship -- new to Americans, at least. Soros' relish for Byzantine intrigue and reckless power grabs may strike some Americans as novel. However, it follows a long -- if not exactly honored -- tradition endemic to the blood-drenched soil of Central Europe whence Mr. Soros springs.

The clenched fist of
Otpor ("Resistance"),
a network of some
70,000 militant youth
whom Soros paid to
oust Serbian President
Slobodan Milosevic

Soros' leadership has manifested itself in ways both subtle and striking, both direct and indirect, as Democrat tactics devolve ever deeper into a fever swamp of slander, sedition, violence and crude propaganda.

Consider, for example, a recent proposal by Congressional Democrats to bring in UN monitors to police our upcoming election.

"We are deeply concerned that the right of U.S. citizens to vote in free and fair elections is again in jeopardy," wrote Democrat Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas in a July 1 letter to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Indiana Republican Steve Buyer barely managed to short-circuit Johnson's proposal last Thursday by cutting off her cash flow. Buyer added an amendment to a pending foreign aid bill, blocking any U.S. official from using the designated funds for UN election monitors.

Buyer's move infuriated Rep. Corinne Brown (D-Fla.). She charged that Republicans "stole the election" in 2000, telling Buyer, "I come from Florida, where you and others participated in what I call the United States coup d'etat. We need to make sure it doesn't happen again." (3)

When the Buyer Amendment came up for a vote, House Democrats voted overwhelmingly -- by a ratio of 5 to 1 -- to keep the door open for UN election monitors. An astonishing 161 representatives -- all Democrats -- voted against Buyer's proposal. The measure passed by a slim 243-161. Only 33 Democrats broke with their party to support Buyer's amendment. (4)

Never before have U.S. lawmakers sought so openly, and in such great numbers, to allow foreign intervention in a U.S. election.

Equally exotic, from an American standpoint, are the antics of a group called "National People's Action" (NPA) -- whom syndicated pundit Michelle Malkin describes as a taxpayer-funded "left-wing goon squad."

NPA provides muscle for Democrat dirty work. In exchange, it receives public funding from a host of government agencies, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Of this multiracial, Chicago-based "neighborhood advocacy" network, Malkin writes:

"The group engages in what it calls `direct action' -- publicizing the home addresses of business and government leaders it wants to shake down and then busing in protesters and schoolchildren (using public school buses) to invade the private property of their victims and intimidate their families." (5)

In March, about 800 NPA thugs surrounded the Washington home of Bush strategist Karl Rove, demanding rights for illegal aliens. They knocked on Rove's door, pounded on his windows and chanted angrily in Spanish and English, driving Rove's children to tears. The mob dispersed only after Rove agreed to parley with its leaders. (6)

In the age of Soros, mainstream Democrats have embraced NPA's thuggish tactics. The group's sudden emergence as a force in U.S. politics calls to mind the elevation of similar groups overseas, where Soros often bankrolls street radicals with a zest for physical confrontation. Readers should note that NPA receives funding from the Tides Foundation -- an institution to which Soros contributes generously (more than $13 million between 1997 and 2003). (7)


The Human Rights Racket

Born in Hungary in 1930, Soros came of age under Nazi and Soviet occupation. He built his fortune wheeling and dealing in lawless nations, where money buys pliant rulers and topples disobedient ones with equal facility. In his writings and interviews, Soros boasts openly of subverting governments in Croatia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia and the Republic of Georgia. (8) Now, like a big-game hunter facing retirement, the 73-year-old Soros seeks the ultimate trophy to crown his mantel – the head of George W. Bush on a pike.

"America under Bush is a danger to the world," Soros told the Washington Post in a November 11, 2003 interview. Ousting Bush, said Soros, "is the central focus of my life... a matter of life and death." (9)

Soros had earlier told the Post, "I believe deeply in the values of an open society. For the past 15 years I have focused my energies on fighting for these values abroad. Now I am doing it in the United States." (10)

Experienced Soros watchers have learned to greet such sermons with a cynical yawn. As British journalist Neil Clark notes in the leftwing journal New Statesman:

"[S]oros deems a society `open' not if it respects human rights and basic freedoms, but if it is `open' for him and his associates to make money. And, indeed, Soros has made money in every country he has helped to prise `open.' In Kosovo, for example, he has invested $50m in an attempt to gain control of the Trepca mine complex, where there are vast reserves of gold, silver, lead and other minerals estimated to be worth in the region of $5bn. He thus copied a pattern he has deployed to great effect over the whole of eastern Europe: of advocating `shock therapy' and `economic reform,' then swooping in with his associates to buy valuable state assets at knockdown prices." (11)

In my article, "George Soros' Coup" in the May 2004 issue of NewsMax Magazine, I noted that Soros has good reason, at this time, to believe that a Democrat regime might prove more "open" to his way of doing business than would George W. Bush. But that is another issue. Whatever Soros really means by the term "open society," Americans would be well-advised to familiarize themselves with the dangerous lengths to which he has often gone to establish it.


Velvet Revolution

Everyone knows that Soros has poured millions into Democrat coffers this election season. Yet there is more to Soros' strategy than mere largesse.

Soros helped bankroll the 1989 coup d'etat that catapulted dissident playwright Vaclav Havel to the presidency of the Czech Republic. The relatively bloodless uprising acquired the nickname "Velvet Revolution." To this day, people throughout the former Soviet bloc use the term "velvet revolution" to denote Soros-sponsored coups. (12)

Defenders of Soros paint his velvet putsches as benevolent, arguing that Soros has freed millions from tin-pot despots such as Slobodan Milosevic. Maybe so. But President Bush is no Milosevic, and the USA no Yugoslavia. Mr. Soros’ brand of help is neither welcome nor appropriate here.

How exactly does one perpetrate a velvet revolution anyway? The seven-step strategy Soros used against Milosevic provides an instructive blueprint.


Step 1: Form a Shadow Government

Since 1991, Soros contributed over $100 million to Yugoslavia’s anti-Milosevic movement, including to the militant youth group Otpor ("Resistance"). (13) Otpor grew quickly to 70,000 members, assuming leadership of the Serbian resistance. (14)

Step 2: Control the Air Waves

Soros bankrolled opposition media in Serbia, such as the ANEM radio network and its flagship station Radio B92. (15)

Step 3: Bleed the State Dry

Economic sanctions and civil war destroyed the Yugoslav state. Soros helped exacerbate both.

The Soros-funded Human Rights Watch demonized Milosevic through wildly exaggerated reports of Serb atrocities. These charges led to economic sanctions and NATO intervention on behalf of separatist rebels. (16)

A prominent hawk on Yugoslavia, Soros pressured Bill Clinton, as early as 1993, to escalate the war by lifting an arms embargo against Bosnian separatists. (17)

Emboldened by U.S. support, separatist rebels launched "ethnic cleansing" campaigns against Serb civilians living in the territories they claimed. The bloodiest such action was Operation Storm, an August 1995 offensive by Croatian forces, in which as many as 300,000 Serbs were driven from Krajina, and an unknown number of Serb civilians slaughtered. (18)

The blood was not dry in Krajina before Soros and his fellow hawks confronted Congress in December 1995 with a petition, signed by 40 prominent policy makers, urging massive U.S. intervention in the Balkans -- not to protect Serbs from further atrocities, but to escalate the war by intensifying support for separatist rebels.

During this period, Bill Clinton allowed Osama bin Laden to bring in mujahedeen volunteers from Islamic countries to terrorize the Serbs. These mujahedeen tortured and slaughtered Christian captives with appalling savagery. Many stayed in the Balkans, building a network of terror cells which remain active to this day. (19)

Step 4: Sow Unrest

By September 2000, Yugoslavia lay in ruins, its people disheartened by ten years of war, economic sanctions and NATO bombing. Soros-sponsored media blamed every new catastrophe on Milosevic.

Step 5: Provoke an Election Crisis

Yugoslavia’s velvet revolution began on election day, September 26, 2000. Candidate Vojislav Kostunovic won 48.9 percent of the vote to Milosevic’s 38.6 percent. However, Yugoslav law requires a 50-percent plurality to win. A run-off election was duly scheduled for October 8, but Kostunovic refused to participate, citing exit polls that contradicted the official results. (20)

In fact, both sides had engaged in ballot-stuffing, according to the respected British intelligence bulletin Jane’s Sentinel. (21) Nevertheless, Soros-sponsored media noticed only Milosevic’s vote-rigging and screamed for his resignation. Kostunovic demanded that Milosevic step down. (22)

Step 6: Take the Streets

Otpor activists give lip service to a Gandhi-esque code of non-violence. Yet, when they staged their coup on October 5, 2000, many relied not on Kumbaya sing-alongs, but on fists, boots, guns and Molotov cocktails. (23)

On October 5, velvet revolutionaries rioted in Belgrade, setting fire to the Federal Parliament Building and the headquarters of the state television network RTS. (24) Janes’ Sentinel reports that Otpor units armed with AK-47s, mortars and shoulder-launched anti-tank weapons set up road-blocks around Belgrade. (25)

Step 7: Outlast Your Opponent

Otpor’s aggressive tactics and unshakable persistence convinced Milosevic that a long and bloody struggle lay ahead. Rather than risk civil war or NATO intervention, Milosevic stepped down.


The deposed president was arrested and packed off to Holland for trial. Many readers will be surprised to learn that, after three years of deliberations, the International Criminal Court in The Hague has yet to produce conclusive evidence that Milosevic committed war crimes. (26)

Neil Clark notes that the case against Milosevic relies largely on dubious allegations ginned up by the Soros-funded Human Rights Watch. (27) Scandalously, the International Criminal Tribunal on Yugoslavia (ICTY) is itself awash in Soros money. Writing in the leftwing journal The New Statesman, Clark reports that the Tribunal – which complained in 1994 that it lacked sufficient funds to prosecute Balkan war crimes – now thrives on contributions from George Soros, Time-Warner and Disney, among others. (28)

That’s right. Time-Warner and Disney. Who’d have thought it?


October Surprise

In view of the catastrophes Mr. Soros has inflicted on so many foreign lands, his sudden rise to prominence in U.S. politics deserves closer inspection. Bellicose charges of vote-rigging and calls for UN intervention such as we have heard lately from high-ranking Democrats fall strangely on American ears. Yet, for George Soros, such overheated rhetoric constitutes business as usual.

The Democrat strategy taking shape in America this year strongly resembles a "velvet revolution" in the making. Every piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. Only the exact time and nature of the final provocation -- the signal for action -- remains unknown.

Curiously, Hillary Clinton told the New York Post’s Cindy Adams on March 30 that an October Surprise would likely decide the 2004 election. "It will be outside forces – something unforeseen that suddenly happens – that tilts the election one way or the other," she predicted, with an odd note of certainty. (29)

Was Hillary just guessing? Or does she know something we don’t?

In the remaining installments of this three-part series, we will examine further evidence that Velvet Revolution may be brewing among the Party of the Left.


The Democrats' Digital Brownshirts
PART 2 (July 17, 2004)
Will the real digital brownshirts
please stand up?

Freeper Comments Here (Part 2)

The Lies of George Soros
PART 3 (July 18, 2004)
How George Soros singlehandedly gutted
the First Amendment.

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Richard Poe is a New York Times-bestselling author and cyberjournalist. He is a contributing editor for NewsMax Magazine and, and runs his own blog at Poe's new book is Hillary's Secret War. His previous book, The Seven Myths of Gun Control, is now available in paperback.


TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Editorial; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: 1989; alqaeda; aq; binladen; brown; corinnebrown; croatia; directaction; disney; eddiebernicejohnson; eddiejohnson; fundingtheleft; georgesoros; georgia; gold; harassment; havel; hillaryclinton; hrw; hud; humanrightswatch; icc; johnson; karlrove; kerry; krajina; milosevic; mobrule; mobs; npa; ntlpeoplesaction; opensociety; operationstorm; opstorm; osamabinladen; otpor; richardpoe; rove; saveamerica; shadowgovernment; slovakia; soros; stevebuyer; stophillary; tidesfoundation; timewarner; trepca; trepcamine; unmonitors; vaclavhavel; velvetrevolution; yugoslavia
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1 posted on 07/16/2004 5:55:39 PM PDT by Richard Poe
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | View Replies]

To: Richard Poe

What will Soros do if Hillry wants to be president more than playing his tune to elect the John's?

2 posted on 07/16/2004 6:01:44 PM PDT by Just mythoughts
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Vision Thing; Liz

you might find this of interest

3 posted on 07/16/2004 6:07:03 PM PDT by Libertarianize the GOP (Make all taxes truly voluntary)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Richard Poe
Could my following theory scenarios be Soros ideas?

I've an idea:

Let's bash, slander and totally trash the President [George W. Bush] and his party. We'll call him awful names and lie about him. We'll also claim that his party is for white people only, call it the party of the KKK and are nazis and fascists and he is the Hitler of the bunch.

Next, we will invite him to speak at our convention, knowing the he will probably decline after that total trashing...

After the President declines our invitation, we can them moan, whine and complain with "I told you so's" and shout to the press that "see he never cared for our people or our cause and concerns anyway."

Think it will work?


I've got an idea:

Let us start a lying rumor that the President (George W. Bush) is going to dump his running mate in this Presidential campaign. We'll even claim that the information comes from inside his own party or his administration.

Next, we'll send it to the media who will report the lying rumor as news and the truth.

Then, we'll have our guy call in to Imus in the Morning, maybe Howard Stern and have him on a couple "morning shows" and ask him what he thinks about George W. Bush dropping his running mate after he said he wouldn't...

That way, our guy can claim that the President is a liar and he's the "flip-flopper" not our guy...

Think it will work?

4 posted on 07/16/2004 6:08:32 PM PDT by KriegerGeist ("Only one life to live and soon it is past, and only what was done for Jesus Christ shall last")
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Richard Poe
Soros......with all that money he couldn't buy the biggest prick on the planet.

So he became it instead.

5 posted on 07/16/2004 6:10:11 PM PDT by Psycho_Bunny
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Libertarianize the GOP

Wow! I was just about about to ping you. I finished reading the article at the same time you pinged me.

6 posted on 07/16/2004 6:10:39 PM PDT by Vision Thing (Hate is not a family value, it's a liberal democrat value.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 3 | View Replies]

To: Richard Poe
Good grief, this is scary. Why the Republicans aren't making more of Soros' trying to buy this election seems bizarre to me. He's definitely already bought the Democratic party, maybe with Terayza having a noncontrolling interest. And we just seem to stand by and let it happen.

I also have a feeling they'll try to jam the courts, producing civil suit after civil suit. Many will be seemingly ridiculous assertions or accusations where they can't win. But if you throw enough ca-ca, some of it will stick and it will surely drive everyone else out of the neighborhood. This suit against Fox seems to be of that nature-it's a ridiculous assertion on the face of it, but they can tie up Fox resources, take their energy, and manage to raise doubts about them.

7 posted on 07/16/2004 6:12:45 PM PDT by JustaCowgirl (The Democratic party has been hijacked by terrorists.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Richard Poe

It's too bad Milosevic's people are out of power. Milosevic may have good reason to take out Soros, and some of his backers can carry out the task. And We Americans can simply look the other way and breath a sigh of relief.

8 posted on 07/16/2004 6:14:09 PM PDT by Vision Thing (Hate is not a family value, it's a liberal democrat value.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Geist Krieger

How about order some democrat representative flunkies to demand the UN watch FL elections. Then if you loose declare fraud.

seems soros know Bush will win, he is just applying sore/looserman tactics on a grand scale.

(ironic with the democrat party advocating homosexuality the brownshirts reappear.)

9 posted on 07/16/2004 6:15:15 PM PDT by longtermmemmory (VOTE!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 4 | View Replies]

To: Richard Poe

I know these guys have been on about Soros. But when they lay it out, like this, it has the tinge of just another 'tin-foiler'. I thought they had more to go on. Maybe Soros is associated with this and that. Maybe he didn't play quite the role they say, either. I mean, if he's funding Off-air America, so what? It's not going anywhere. If he's funding Kerry ads, great. The more people see, the higher Bush's numbers go. If he's bankrolling the Dem convention, bring it on, and put Hillary in prime time. And so on.

10 posted on 07/16/2004 6:16:34 PM PDT by sevry
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Vision Thing
It's too bad Milosevic's people are out of power.

That's a good thing. And maybe Soros isn't the super-villain these guys make out. They don't present much of a case, above. Rather, perhaps Soros is full of it, a meglomaniac of the left, like Trump, only with the cat and the secret doorways, and a desire to portray himself a dangerous fiend in the press to make himself seem important.

11 posted on 07/16/2004 6:19:35 PM PDT by sevry
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 8 | View Replies]

To: JustaCowgirl
Tonight on Hugh Hewitts show he said something about another wealthy businessman sending a 5 million dollar check to the 527 groups yesterday. (liberal)

Democrats had better start asking themselves why the super rich are so willing to throw so much money behind the democrats. When i pay for food in a restaurant i expect to eat. Men like Soros want something for their money.
12 posted on 07/16/2004 6:22:38 PM PDT by cripplecreek (yes. As a matter of fact, my legs are broke.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 7 | View Replies]

To: sevry
Well, I agree with you on the first accusation in this article---the one about the dems running into the arms of the UN. It does not show how Soros is linked to it.

However, it does show a clear link between Soros and the goons at the NPA. This group clearly has no respect for private property and individual privacy. How dare the NPA publish the private contact info of their opponents. How dare they show up at their opponents' private residences and actually trespass on those properties.

If anything, Soros did not denouce NPA's tactics.

13 posted on 07/16/2004 6:26:38 PM PDT by Vision Thing (Hate is not a family value, it's a liberal democrat value.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 11 | View Replies]

To: Richard Poe
Never before have U.S. lawmakers sought so openly, and in such great numbers, to allow foreign intervention in a U.S. election.

Unless you count the "illegal alien" vote, which is hugh in CA, we're on the "honor" system, no ID to register or vote. Seriesly.

14 posted on 07/16/2004 6:33:35 PM PDT by Mister Baredog ((Part of the Reagan legacy is to re-elect G.W. Bush))
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: JustaCowgirl

The Patriot Act was created to track money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities.

This falls in that category.

15 posted on 07/16/2004 6:38:33 PM PDT by mabelkitty
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 7 | View Replies]

To: Richard Poe; Howlin; Timesink; Mr. Silverback; Utah Girl; Happy2BMe; 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub; ...


16 posted on 07/16/2004 6:39:50 PM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK (Most people talk a lot, few are up for the moment. Welcome to
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Richard Poe
This can't be rejected out of hand. Troubling, indeed.

$710.96... The price of freedom.

17 posted on 07/16/2004 6:46:26 PM PDT by rdb3 (When I reached the fork in the road, I drove straight.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Mister Baredog
--"we're on the "honor" system, no ID to register or vote. --"

It is against the law to ask for citizenship to register to vote.

18 posted on 07/16/2004 7:00:51 PM PDT by malia (HRC "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.")
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 14 | View Replies]

To: Richard Poe
First the Communist Chinese, now Soros and his ilk. The Rat party needs to be defeated this November, then stamped out like the corrupt criminal enterprise it's become.
19 posted on 07/16/2004 7:11:26 PM PDT by atomicpossum (I give up! Entropy, you win!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Richard Poe

Steps 4 through 7 above, are straight out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals "which has a chapter on stealing close elections. and was used as the playbook in Florida by the Dems.

Alinsky was hillary clinton's mentor in the 60's

20 posted on 07/16/2004 7:55:47 PM PDT by Wil H
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

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