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Aid and comfort to the enemy: The Kerry record...
Townhall ^ | 6/25/04 | Mark Alexander

Posted on 06/26/2004 1:54:46 AM PDT by Elkiejg

"Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism." --George Washington

It's no surprise that John Kerry has devoted so much time and energy questioning George W. Bush's record as commander-in-chief. Nor is it any surprise that he recently launched a campaign calling on Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld to resign after a handful of military personnel humiliated al-Qa'ida terrorists in Abu Ghraib prison while attempting to obtain actionable intelligence about their plans to kill more of our troops.

These political attacks are just the latest round on Kerry's long list of black-bag antics designed to undermine America's military strength and resolve.

Kerry, who fancies himself a war hero, has spent much of his political career denigrating American military personnel and the nation they defend. But his anti-American actions preceded his first campaign for Congress -- indeed, they were the platform from which he launched his political career.

Like his comrade "Hanoi Jane" Fonda and so many other Leftist protagonists from the Age of Aquarius, Kerry was a child of wealth and privilege. Today, he is the wealthiest member of Congress (the "F" stands for "Forbes," after all) but don't expect that to be a central theme of his "man of the people" campaign. (In fact, the top five wealthiest Senators are all Democrats.)

Kerry grew up hobnobbing with the Massachusetts Cape glitterati, a life of leisure including all the accoutrements -- the best schools, the best vacation homes, the best yachts, etc. He socialized with the rich and famous, especially the Kennedy clan elites, where he was taken under the wing of his future patron saint, Teddy. He attempted to emulate John Kennedy's PT-109 heroics by joining the Navy and using his connections to obtain an assignment for a short tour on a swiftboat in Vietnam. Kerry then went on to collect three Purple Hearts in just two months -- all of dubious merit, but requisite for a ticket home to pursue his political aspirations.

Unlike John F. Kennedy, however, when John F. Kerry got home, there was no hero's welcome. The nation was in turmoil over our continued role in Vietnam, the result of limited but well-publicized Leftist protests against the war. So Kerry, ever the opportunist, endeavored to become the Left's most "useful idiot" (as Lenin called Western apologists for Soviet propaganda), collaborating with Fonda, et al., and leading protests accusing his "brethren" in Vietnam of all manner of atrocities.

Kerry was (and remains) an effective spokesperson for his Leftist cadre. His anti-war protest period culminated with his 1971 congressional testimony, after which he told the press,

"There are all kinds of atrocities and I would have to say that, yes, yes, I committed the same kind of atrocities as thousands of other soldiers have committed in that I took part in shootings in free-fire zones. I conducted harassment and interdiction fire. I used 50-caliber machine guns, which we were granted and ordered to use, which were our only weapon against people. I took part in search-and-destroy missions, in the burning of villages. All of this is contrary to the laws of warfare. All of this is contrary to the Geneva Conventions...."

Regarding the substance -- and source -- of Kerry's claims, Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking intelligence officer ever to defect from the Soviet bloc, says:

"KGB priority number one at that time was to damage American power, judgment, and credibility. ... As a spy chief and a general in the former Soviet satellite of Romania, I produced the very same vitriol Kerry repeated to the U.S. Congress almost word for word and planted it in leftist movements. KGB chairman Yuri Andropov managed our anti-Vietnam War operation. He often bragged about having damaged the U.S. foreign-policy consensus, poisoned domestic debate in the U.S., and built a credibility gap between America and European public opinion through our disinformation operations. Vietnam was, he once told me, 'our most significant success'."

As for the success of Kerry's anti-democracy protests and his leadership of the VVAW and association with Fonda's Winter Soldier Investigation, General Vo Nguyen Giap, Vietnam's most decorated military leader, wrote in retrospect that if not for the disunity created by such stateside protesters, Hanoi would have ultimately surrendered.

But the consequences of Kerry's actions should not stop with the fall of Saigon.

Kerry, by his own account, violated the UCMJ, the Geneva Conventions and the U.S. Code while serving as a Navy officer, and he further stands in violation of Article three, Section three of the U.S. Constitution.

Upon entering the Navy in 1966, John Kerry signed a six-year contract (plus a six-month extension during wartime) and an Officer Candidate contract for five years of active duty and active Naval Reserve. This indicates that Kerry was clearly a commissioned officer at the time of his 1970 meeting with NVA Communists in Paris -- in direct violation of the UCMJ's Article 104 part 904, and U.S. Code 18 U.S.C. 953. That meeting, and Kerry's subsequent coddling of Communists while leading mass protests against our military in the year that followed, also place him in direct violation of our Constitution's Article three, Section three, which defines treason as "giving aid and comfort" to the enemy in time of warfare. (As General Vo Nguyen Giap is his witness....)

Thus, we refer our readers to the Constitution's Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3, which states,

"No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President ... having previously taken an oath ... to support the Constitution of the United States, [who has] engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

It is for this reason -- for his record of giving aid and comfort to the enemy while a member of the U.S. Armed Forces in violation of his oath -- that we insist John Kerry resign his seat in the U.S. Senate. He has dishonored his family, dishonored his state and dishonored our nation. He is not fit for public office at any level of government, much less, the highest office in the land. John Kerry should resign.

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BRAVO!! And yes Poodle Kerry - THOUSANDS of Americans DO IN FACT question your patriotism. No, we don't question.......we KNOW you are a traitor!!
1 posted on 06/26/2004 1:54:47 AM PDT by Elkiejg
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To: Elkiejg; 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub; jmstein7; Ragtime Cowgirl; JohnHuang2; kattracks; Alamo-Girl; ...




2 posted on 06/26/2004 2:04:15 AM PDT by Defender2 (Defending Our Bill of Rights, Our Constitution, Our Country and Our Freedom!!!!)
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To: Elkiejg


3 posted on 06/26/2004 2:09:08 AM PDT by Jim Robinson
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To: Elkiejg


4 posted on 06/26/2004 2:12:19 AM PDT by kcvl
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To: section9


5 posted on 06/26/2004 3:29:14 AM PDT by Defender2 (Defending Our Bill of Rights, Our Constitution, Our Country and Our Freedom!!!!)
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To: Elkiejg

Hanoi John’s ads no longer directly say he is a “war hero”, but they continue to use that picture of him wearing his medals alongside two of his band-aid brothers.
I still get a feeling of nausea when I see it.
I received an Email similar to the posted article a few days ago - and forwarded it to several ardent Hanoi John supporters. One immediately blocked me from sending him any Email, some were shocked and outraged and will now vote for Bush. Others wanted more information that I happily sent - his testimony before congress, links to Vietnam Vets against Kerry, Winter Soldier, etc. They to are now firmly in the “Anyone But Kerry” voting block.
Now, if enough people could be educated, aroused and angered maybe Hanoi John could be brought up on charges of treason and sedition by November …

6 posted on 06/26/2004 3:48:12 AM PDT by R. Scott (Humanity i love you because when you're hard up you pawn your Intelligence to buy a drink.)
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To: Elkiejg
From my email today:

More on Kerry's Purple Hearts Not nearly as much a surprise as the fact that this was in the "The Forum" section in USA Today, one of the more liberal left wing rags.

"Criticism of Kerry's Purple Heart is just". 6-25-4

"Retired U.S. Army colonel David Hackworth defends presidential candidate John Kerry's Purple Hearts. He correctly notes that they are awarded for a wound that necessitates treatment by a medical officer and that is received in action with an enemy ("The meaning of a Purple Heart," The Forum, June 16).

I was commanding officer to whom Kerry reported his injury on Dec. 3 1968. I had confirmed that there was no hostile fire that night and that Kerry had simply wounded himself with an M-79 grenade round he had fired too close. He wanted a purple heart and I refused. Louis Letson, the base physician, saw Kerry and used tweezers to remove the tiny piece of shrapnel - about 1 centimeter in length and 2 millimeters in diameter. Letson also confirmed that the scratch was inflicted with our M-79.

We admire Col. Hackworth, but he, above all people, knows why it is unacceptable to nominate yourself for an award. It compromises the basic military principle that we survive together. To promote yourself is to denigrate your team. I hope Col. Hackworth will rethink his characterization of Kerry's swift-boat comrades as "grousers" passing pn "second-hand bilge." In our case, this is firsthand knowledge, and our integrity is unquestioned.

Kerry orchestrated his way out of Viet-Nam and then testified, under oath, before Congress that we, his comrades, had committed horrible war crimes. This testimony was a lie and slandered honorable men. We, who were actually there, believe he is unfit to command our sons and daughters."

Grant Hibbard, retired commander

U.S. Navy, Gulf Breeze, Fla.
Louis Letson M.D.
Retired lietenant commander
Medical Corps, U.S. Navy Reserve
Scottsboro , Ala.

7 posted on 06/26/2004 4:35:57 AM PDT by GailA (hanoi john kerry, I'm for the death penalty, before I impose a moratorium on it.)
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To: Elkiejg; nutmeg

A must read!

Thanks, Elkiejg.

8 posted on 06/26/2004 5:38:29 AM PDT by RottiBiz (Help end Freepathons -- become a Monthly Donor.)
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To: Elkiejg

Youve got that RIGHT!

9 posted on 06/26/2004 6:15:31 AM PDT by JOE43270 (JOE43270 My vote goes for President Bush because he is a great leader and a good man.)
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To: Defender2

Count me in on that MEGA-PING.

10 posted on 06/26/2004 6:16:15 AM PDT by JOE43270 (JOE43270 My vote goes for President Bush because he is a great leader and a good man.)
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To: Elkiejg
What always amazes me is the quality of 'politician' that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts manages to foist on the rest of the country. Dukakis, Kennedy and Bolger are three others that immediately come to mind.

In addition, many of the current revelations like his lifestyle, mistress, un-Americanism, family origins, etc., etc., etc. -being left to the 'national' Press to ferret out- should have been been used to pound the table loudly over the last 18 years of his political life by the 'local' Press up there.

11 posted on 06/26/2004 6:30:15 AM PDT by DoctorMichael (The Fourth Estate is a Fifth Column!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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To: Elkiejg

Excellent article, and my relative new tagline agrees!

12 posted on 06/26/2004 7:05:23 AM PDT by Grampa Dave (John Fonda al Kerry: 4 months of service in Vietnam--40 years of betrayal since then!)
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To: Defender2

Thanks for the ping!

13 posted on 06/26/2004 7:07:15 AM PDT by Grampa Dave (John Fonda al Kerry: 4 months of service in Vietnam--40 years of betrayal since then!)
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To: risk; Squantos; FBD; Ernest_at_the_Beach; Southack; SierraWasp; TigerLikesRooster; backhoe; ...


An excellent article that sums up the dangers of Hanoi John.

14 posted on 06/26/2004 7:08:51 AM PDT by Grampa Dave (John Fonda al Kerry: 4 months of service in Vietnam--40 years of betrayal since then!)
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To: Grampa Dave
Yep! And to think enough public schooled, media driven Americans give this jerk a 50% standing in ANY polls is exasperating and an insult!!! (to say the least)

The "Blue Zones" are a blight on America!!! (and a burden on the rural "Red Zones")

15 posted on 06/26/2004 8:09:58 AM PDT by SierraWasp (Ronald Reagan taught us to be Classy, Considerate Conservatives, not conservatives without class!!!)
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To: Elkiejg; All
Since the TV and Cable newsrooms refuse to expose this traitor I will.
Odd how the internet and talk radio know he's a traitor
BUT the TV and Cable newsrooms won't "question his patriotism".

Only idiots would vote for a traitor.

My favorite post for DUmmies and trolls.

Photograph of Hanoi Kerry meeting with Comrade Do Muoi,
General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam.
Photo is displayed in the War Remnants Museum
(formerly the "War Crimes Museum") in Saigon.
CLICK ON PHOTO for proof that Hanoi Kerry is a traitor!

Kerry’s Soviet Rhetoric
(The Vietnam-era antiwar movement got its spin from the Kremlin)

"I’m an internationalist. I’d like to see our troops dispersed through [sic] the world
only at the directive of the United Nations."
Hanoi John Kerry, The Harvard Crimson, 1970

has a Campaign Platform
Just like the old days!

"It is a fact that in the entire Vietnam War we did not lose one major battle.
We lost the war at home and at home John Kerry was the field general"

- Bob Elder, Swift Boat Veteran For Truth

"I do not believe John Kerry is fit to be commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces,"
said retired Rear Adm. Roy Hoffmann, chairman of the organization.
"This is not a political issue. It is a matter of honesty."

I was there the same time Hanoi Kerry was.
I served on the destroyer USS Corry DD-817 which supplied PCF's and PBR's
and gave gunfire support in North AND South Viet Nam.
My ship may have even supplied Hanoi Kerry's boat.
I VOW I will do everything I LEGALLY can
to keep this traitor from being elected.

The book that Kerry
wishes would just go away. is a blog with a primary purpose. That purpose is to counter the preposterous claims of Sen. John Forbes Kerry (D-MA) that he has any legitimate claim to any sort of "brotherhood" among combat veterans of the War in Vietnam.

While it is generally supposed that his service as a Naval officer on a "Swift Boat" in that theater was adequate and honorable, there is much to question regarding his readiness to allow the accolade "war hero" to be applied to him.

Likewise, it is not at all uncommon for more senior Naval officers to raise an eyebrow at the swiftness and relative comfort by which Lt. JG Kerry attained those medals, and who is available to vouch for the efficacy of his being awarded them (since, as boat commander, it would be his own task to make recommendation for awards for all personnel, including himself, on the Swift Boat).

But most egregious was his conduct, words and associations upon his early-out (from SEA) return to the USA and discharge from the US Navy. His leadership role with the radical pro-Communist (inaccurate to deem this group "anti-war") group called "Vietnam Veterans Against the [Vietnam] War" (hereafter VVAW).

It was while climbing the social and political ladder of the pro-Soviet Left as a principle of VVAW that John Kerry found his political soul-mate in Hanoi Jane Fonda. Granted, these politically formative years for Kerry were prior to the more outlandish acts of Fonda that earned her that name, but it is easily documentable that Fonda did not under go any radical transformation in belief or character from the time she and Kerry were working the same side of the street to the time she traveled to Hanoi, NVN and entered US history as the most overt traitor to ever NOT be charged, tried and executed.

John Kerry went to his own overt extremes to demonstrate that, politically, socially and in lowness of character, there wasn't a nickel's worth of difference between he and Fonda. Thus, in the spirit of fairness and accuracy, we are reasonably certain that he will be agreeably flattered by calling him Hanoi John Kerry.

Here, testifying before the Fulbright Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is where John Kerry, spokesman for Vietnam Veterans Against the War, cemented his position and moniker as "Hanoi John" Kerry. This was the occasion where US troops still in the field in Vietnam learned from one of their FORMER brothers-in-arms that they were heinous murderers and war criminals. HJK would now like to call on them for support in his bid to be the new Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Perhaps the most preposterous hypocrisy of all.

Giving Aid & Comfort

Why do the TV and Cable Newsrooms
hide Hanoi Kerry's past?

16 posted on 06/26/2004 8:19:59 AM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Hanoi Kerry is a traitor)
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To: DoctorMichael

'his lifestyle, mistress, un-Americanism, family origins, etc'

what's this about his mistress?

17 posted on 06/26/2004 8:53:24 AM PDT by bitt
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To: Defender2

Bump and Hug!

18 posted on 06/26/2004 10:54:37 AM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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To: Alamo-Girl

Hugs and a BUMP!!!!

19 posted on 06/26/2004 12:03:43 PM PDT by Defender2 (Defending Our Bill of Rights, Our Constitution, Our Country and Our Freedom!!!!)
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To: JOE43270

Consider yourself counted, :-) And Here's a BUMP!!!!

20 posted on 06/26/2004 12:06:00 PM PDT by Defender2 (Defending Our Bill of Rights, Our Constitution, Our Country and Our Freedom!!!!)
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