Since Aug 11, 2000

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As of 2003, we became beach bums living in Cocoa Beach FL and loving every minute of it! I continue to bless the day I found FreeRepublic and Jim Robinson - thank you Jim - it has saved my sanity on many days. It's also turned this 60+ grandma into a raving political activist! I have turned out to be any DemocRAT - who's foolish enough to try and justify themselves to me - worst nightmare -- nothing they say or do is good for our country. I'm convinced they are all evil and want America to fail. I was raised in a Democratic household, but my father is turning in his grave over what the evil duo Clintons have done to the DNC. I support President Bush and conservative values - AND FreeRepublic with a monthly pledge. To all FR posters who have shared their thoughts and wisdom - thank you for the education.