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How the left debased the 9-11 tragedy and turned it into a Bush-bashing media carnival
Brookes News (Australia) ^ | Gerard Jackson

Posted on 04/14/2004 7:14:38 PM PDT by Lando Lincoln

Reuters' reporting of Condoleeza Rice's testimony to the 9-11 Commission was another example of the kind of political bigotry which is well established in the media (Rice clashes with 9/11 commission, Alan Elsner, April 10). With leftist reporters one must look for their omissions as well as what they focus on.

Now Elsner completely ignored Senator Ben-Veniste's loutish attitude toward Rice and his attempts to shut her up. On the other hand, he respectfully deferred to Beverly Eckert who disingenuously said: "It's most important that she [Rice] tell the unvarnished truth without any spin".

He also quoted the statement sge on the Good Morning America show in which she said "It would be very refreshing if someone in the administration finally admitted that some mistakes were made". It's a pity he didn't also quote her baseless charge that “Everybody’s basically been covering up, I think, for the administration". Never once did Breitweiser attack the Clinton administration.

Elsner obviously expected readers to take Eckert's statements as the heartfelt expressions of a woman whose husband was killed on September 11. Really? Eckbert is a hardcore Bush-hating activist Democrat who has ruthlessly used the tragic death of her husband to try and bring down President Bush and Condaleeza Rice.

Eckert is a member of the extreme leftwing Bush-bashing Peaceful Tomorrows, an organisation that has tried to pass itself off as representing all those families who lost loved ones in the 9-11 atrocity.

It's attempts, with the help of sleazy politicians and corrupt reporters, to politicise Ground Zero and censor Republican ads containing a clip of the 9-11 attack did not gone down well with some 9-11 families. Debra Burlingame, a lifelong Democrat who lost her brother in the attack on the Pentagon, stated:

"They do not represent me. Nor do they represent those Americans who feel that Sept. 11 was a defining moment in the history of our country and who want to know how the current or future occupant of the Oval Office views the lessons of that day".

Unfortunately, grubby journalists like Katy Couric and Alan Elsner don't consider 9-11 families who oppose the activities of Peaceful Tomorrows to be worthy of public attention.

Peaceful Tomorrows was founded by the Republican-hating David Potorti who used to write for a leftist rag in North Carolina. Potorti, who lost a brother in the attack, met up with other leftists while demonstrating with the pro-terrorist Voices in the Wilderness group. This allowed it to be funded by the Tides Center, an extreme leftwing group that also receives funding from Theresa Heinz.

Peaceful Tomorrows retains the service of Fenton Communications. David Fenton is a truly disgusting piece of work. He is an America-hating communist (yes, they still exist) who once acted as a mouthpiece for the Hanoi regime and called for destruction of South Vietnam, a wish that was granted. In 1980s he was on the payroll of the Communist government of Angola, the Marxist-Leninist Sandinistas and the Marxist-Leninist Maurice Bishop regime in Grenada.

These episodes from Fenton's recent past leave no doubt as what he thinks of Democracy. Still, it's interesting that Beverley Eckert doesn't find Fenton's anti-Americanism and communist beliefs at all repugnant. Perhaps that's why she didn't object when Saddam paid for some members, including Colleen Kelly, another extreme leftist, to visit Iraq. As expected, they came out on Saddam's side. Nice one, Mr Fenton.

Another lovely member of Peaceful Tomorrows is the legendary folksinger and unrepentant

Seeger with Eckert

Stalinist Pete Seeger. This Marxist-Leninist mindlessly supported Stalin through the '30s and then right up to the tyrant's death. I cannot think of a single communist regime that this hypocrite did not defend. Nevertheless, there he was at a Peaceful Tomorrows meeting with his armed draped over Beverley Eckert's shoulders.

We now come to Kristin. Breitweiser who lost a husband. To be honest, I don't know whether to feel pity or disgust: pity because of her apparent stupidity or disgust because she used the 9-11 atrocity to promote her own political cause.

Breitweiser, who, along with other widows, has been "has been directed by Ted Kennedy and Charles Schumer", parrots: "Three thousand people were murdered on Bush's watch". This is suppose to prove that Bush is responsible for the attack. Well, hundreds of American died from terrorist attacks under Clinton's watch, was he ever held responsible for these atrocities by Breitweiser and her fellow politicised widows? The question answers itself.

On Meet the Press Breitweiser lamented the absence of racial profiling. She apparently thinks that if that such a policy had been implemented there would have been no 9-11. She might very well be right. However, she appears completely ignorant of the fact that the Democrats fanatically oppose racial profiling.

No president, including Clinton, would have got away with trying to implement such a policy. Nevertheless, Breitweiser blames Bush. But what can one expect from a woman who is a member of the Bush-hating Four Eleven Moms Battle Bush group?

Breitweiser tried to make much of the PDB which she pathetically thinks is the smoking gun that will destroy the Bush administration. This baseless speculation is being fuelled by lying leftwing sites like the ironically named, not that the mainstream media is much better.

The site made the nasty insinuation that Rice is lying about 9-11 because when she and the President were attending the July 2001 G-8 summit in Genoa they "were warned that Islamic terrorists might attempt to crash an airliner" into the summit". How this proves that Rice was lying about not receiving American intel reports regarding an attack on New York beats me.

But the left is too stupid to realise that if their argument is valid then it's the Clinton administration that must be held responsible.

For instance, the Dayton Daily News reported that CIA Director George Tenet had warned that Islamic terrorists were "expanding their networks, improving their skills and sophistication, and [were] working to stage more spectacular attacks".

One intelligence report that was published two months after 9/11 revealed that the plan for the 9/11 atrocity had been uncovered when in 1995 when Abdul Hakim Murad, partner of convicted 1993 World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef, confessed under interrogation.

The preceding happened during the Clinton presidency and the intelligence was made available to him. Moreover, In January 1995 Philippine police officials uncovered a major terrorist plot against US airliners. This intelligence was also made available to Clinton.

Now comes the sleazy part. In 1996 Al Gore tried to implement airline security measures to counter a terrorist attack. (This effort may have been motivated by intelligence reports). The industry complained about the costs of the measures.

Tom Daschle was deputy manager of the FAA at the time and his wife, Linda Hall Daschle, was a lobbyist for the airlines. (By the way, the mainstream media couldn't detect the slightest conflict of interest in these arrangements).

The ink was no sooner dry on Gore's airline security report when TWA gave the DNC a $40,000 check. Within the next couple of weeks the money flowed like honey from the industry into the Dems' coffers.

By the purest of chance, Gore dropped all his recommended security proposals, to the chagrin of three commission members. To avoid public exposure of what had been done, Gore appeased the three commissioners by restoring the security recommendations but in a cunning way that made them useless.

Let's now go to Senator Bob Graham (D-Fla) who as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee publicly admitted that his committee had received the same intelligence reports before 11 September as the Bush administration did.

Graham further admitted that the hijacking threats in the 6 August memo to the President were based on old intelligence that the committee was already familiar with. As Graham said: "The particular report that was in the President's Daily Briefing that day was about three years old…It was not a contemporary piece of information".

Of course, none of this has any impact on the left. For them, it's always the Republicans' fault. Breitweiser, who sings from the same script as Eckert, told Katy Couric that electronic devices that prevent planes from crashing into mountains or buildings by automatically taking control should have been installed. The woman was absolutely convinced that such devices exist and have actually been installed in cars.

Also on the Couric show was Monica Gabrielle who said that "If he [Bush] wants to show a picture of 9/11 depicting what he was doing, it should be a picture of him sitting and reading in a classroom to school children. That's where he was on 9/11". Actually, that's where he was until he was told of the atrocity. Where he should have been, Monica Gabrielle didn't say.

And who is Monica Gabrielle anyway? Ask her about politics and she will indignantly reply: "Politics don’t have anything to do with it". Unfortunately they have everything to do with it. Roundabout the middle of 2003 the same woman bragged to the left-wing site "We've been fighting for nearly 21 months — fighting the administration, the White House." Now she denies she's politically motivated.

This lot demand an apology. They made such demand for the Oklahoma bombing, for the 1993 attack on the WTC, for the Khobar bombing, the Cole bombing, the Kenya embassy bombings, etc. But then, Clinton was president and not Bush.

Not content with politicizing the deaths of their own loved ones, these people had the gross indecency to try and politicise the deaths of others whose closest relatives are still grieving. Despite the fact that these relatives want nothing to do with this ghoulish carnival, Breitweiser, Kelly, Eckert, Gabrielle, Potorti, etc., carry on with their grisly game of turning the dead into political props.

Nothing in this article will satisfy the left. Nothing satisfies the left except the utter destruction of its enemies. However, we have once again seen that the left just can't help itself. It politicises and corrupts everything it comes in contact with, no matter how personal it may be.

Gerard Jackson is Brookes' economics editor

TOPICS: Australia/New Zealand; Culture/Society; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: 911commission; ccrm; clintonfailure; clintonfailures; gerardjackson; liberals
1 posted on 04/14/2004 7:14:44 PM PDT by Lando Lincoln
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To: Lando Lincoln
In his news conference last night, the Prez came close but he did not quite say it: "Have all of you lame brain journalist forgotten that Bin Laden is THE ONE to blame for 9/11"? But then to quote Jean Kirkpatrick: "They (the liberals) always blame America first."
2 posted on 04/14/2004 7:20:35 PM PDT by no dems
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To: Lando Lincoln
You may not believe this, but there was once a time when foreign newspapers were more liberal than American newspapers. Really.
3 posted on 04/14/2004 7:20:41 PM PDT by bayourod (To 9/11 Commission: Unless you know where those WMDs are, don't bet my life that they don't exist.)
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To: Lando Lincoln
This is a heck of a good column. It covers a lot of points clearly.
4 posted on 04/14/2004 7:23:10 PM PDT by syriacus (Cyberterror experts Clarke+Gorelick kept terrorists who were disguised as electrons out of the US)
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To: bayourod
"You may not believe this, but there was once a time when foreign newspapers were more liberal than American newspapers. Really."

Yup, but those days are long gone. It is pathetic how our country allows these hacks to continue.
5 posted on 04/14/2004 7:25:46 PM PDT by GottaLuvAkitas1 (Let's turn Iraqi sand into some useful glass!)
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To: All; Lando Lincoln

Two Words....


Freeper Alert: MONSOOR IJAZ gets PRIVATE 9/11 Testimony, demands IN PUBLIC

6 posted on 04/14/2004 7:28:22 PM PDT by ALOHA RONNIE (Vet-Battle of IA DRANG-1965
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To: Lando Lincoln
And Reno - solely responsible for the "walls" between agencies (even within them); solely responsible for the dithering about killing bin Laden when the CIA had him, repeatedly - got a free pass.

She artfully made it known that she'd forgotten what is and is not classified, which promptly ended any serious questioning.

Why she even pulled that "not sure what's still under investigation" line out of the hat.

7 posted on 04/14/2004 7:39:21 PM PDT by angkor
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8 posted on 04/14/2004 7:45:17 PM PDT by GeorgiaYankee
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To: Lando Lincoln; Timesink; *CCRM; governsleastgovernsbest; martin_fierro; reformed_democrat; ...
Media Shenanigans/Post-NewsMedia Conservative History ping - Some Nice Stuff On The Four Merry Widows of 9/11, And The Way They Shack Up WIth The Left-Wing Media

The article flow is a little uneven, but there's some goodies in here.

On, Off, or grab it for a Media Shenanigans/Schadenfreude/PNMCH ping:

9 posted on 04/14/2004 8:27:33 PM PDT by an amused spectator (FR: Leaving the burning dog poop bag of Truth on the front door step of the liberal media since 1996)
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To: Lando Lincoln
10 posted on 04/14/2004 9:56:58 PM PDT by lainde (Heads up...We're coming and we've got tongue blades!!)
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To: Lando Lincoln
11 posted on 04/14/2004 9:59:03 PM PDT by jonno (We are NOT a democracy - though we are democratic. We ARE a constitutional republic.)
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To: an amused spectator
Thanks for the ping.
12 posted on 04/15/2004 7:18:15 AM PDT by GOPJ (NFL Owners: Grown men don't watch hollywood peep shows with wives and children.)
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To: Lando Lincoln


13 posted on 04/22/2006 7:29:49 PM PDT by RedBloodedAmerican
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