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Election: US House: Texas: CD10: Dave Phillips: Questionnaire

Posted on 02/29/2004 7:35:15 PM PST by DrewsDad

Dave Phillips
Phone: (713) 498-4299 or (512) 554-6326 or (979) 836-1499 or (281) 304 5421


1) What is your position on abortion - under what circumstances should abortion be made illegal/legal? When does life begin and how should it be protected at the state and federal levels? Do you agree or disagree with the Roe v Wade decision? Do you support the Human Life Amendment?

I am pro-life. Abortion should be illegal except when the life of the mother is at stake. Life begins at conception. I do not agree with the Roe v. Wade decision. I believe that we have to work within our state legislatures to protect the unborn for now, but must continue to try to get a 2/3 majority in the US Senate so that we can work towards a Human Life Amendment. I am on record supporting this. I am passionate about this issue. My wife is adopted. We work with groups who support adoption as the alternative to abortion.

2) What is your interpretation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause? Do you support public religious expressions such as 10 commandment displays at courthouses and prayers at legislative sessions, football games, schools, etc.? Do you support school vouchers that can be for religious schools? 2b) What is your position on the McCain-Fiengold Campaign Finance Reform law? What is the best policy regarding campaign finance?

I believe separation of Church and State simply means that we will not establish a state denomination or church. When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution, historically, the Church of England was the only body in which citizens were allowed to worship. I am a Baptist, but I believe you have every right to be a Methodist, etc. I most certainly support public religious expressions at our courthouses. I support public prayer, and am on record calling for voluntary led prayer at public events. I support vouchers, but only if it does not mean government interference in Christian education. I do not support certain aspects of McCain Fiengold, specifically laws that prohibit special interest groups from participating in the process and using their constitutional right of free speech.

3) Do you support the right to keep and bear arms? What is the purpose(or intent) of the 2nd Amendment? what policies do you support to preserve RKBA?

Yes, I support this right. I am a gun owner and a member the NRA. I do not support regulating gun ownership.

4) Do you support the war on terror? What specific things should be done to win the war on terror? How do you define victory in this war? 4b) Are there any sections of the Patriot Act or the proposed Patriot Act II that you oppose?

I support our President and our troops in the War on Terror. I believe we must continue to ferret out these criminals who wage war on our country. That said I do not believe our civil liberties should be violated.

5) What is your view of Federalism and the rights of states under the 9th and 10th amendments? What areas should the Federal govt leave to the states?

I believe in states rights. I believe in limited federal government, but do support such amendments to the constitution as a Constitutional Marriage Amendment if there are issues that threaten the morality or fabric of our country.

6) What role should the Federal judiciary play and how would you ensure judges stay within that role? What would you do to rein in excessive judicial activism? Are there specific court decisions you oppose, and what do you propose to correct them?

We must stop liberal activist judges. I am sick and tired of having my religious freedom hindered by this group. I will work in Congress to ensure that we keep the “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and allow it to be said in school, and to allow voluntary led prayer at public events.

7) What role should the United Nations play in US foreign policy? in US domestic policy?

8) What specific changes or refoms should be made to:
U.S. Tax System
We need to keep President Bush’s tax cuts permanent. I support abolishing the IRS and instituting the Fair Tax/Consumption tax.

Education System
Our education system should be at the local level. We have no need for the Department of Education at the federal level.

Social Security
I want to make sure we preserve the social security system, but I want to find ways to allow privatization of parts of it.

Immigration Policies
I do not support the President’s new bill on Immigration. I certainly understand there are some industries that have need for a guest worker program, but we must work on our own economy and protect the safety of our citizens while we fight our war on terror.
See answer 9

Defense and Military
I am a veteran. I understand the needs of the military and I am strong on National Defense and Homeland Security.

Health Care System (including Medicare, Medicaid)
I do not support a national health care system, but I do believe that our seniors have paid in for Medicare and Medicaid and we must find solutions to provide them with this benefit.

Legal System (lawsuits)
We must stop frivolous lawsuits.

Crime and Criminal Justice
I was a police officer on the streets. I led the arrest of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. I believe we must be tough on crime. I support the death penalty.

Business Regulation
We must encourage a business friendly environment. I don’t support a lot regulation on business.

Energy Policy
I decided to run for this seat in part because of my frustration over the lack of a national energy policy. I believe that I have the expertise to help President Bush find solutions and get a sound policy passed. I am the only candidate in this race with an energy background. I was recruited into Equitable Resources as their upstream/midstream natural gas business unit General Counsel then became President/CEO & Chairman of all non-regulated gas businesses. In 1995, I was recruited by KeySpan Energy, parent to Houston Exploration, to merge Brooklyn Union Gas with Long Island Lighting Company. I served in New York City as a key Senior Executive in the Office of the Chairman, overseeing strategy development, all mergers & acquisitions, investor activity on Wall Street, regulatory & policy matters in Washington, and unregulated P&L responsibility. I believe the policy they are trying to pass now is too large and needs to broken into parts to get it all passed. I believe we should be allowed to drill in national parks and reserves and that we need to find alternative energy sources to oil and gas in order to maintain our autonomy.

Government Organization

See answer 9

9) What policies do you support to enhance Economic Growth and increase standard of living and create jobs? 9b) What is your position on trade (free trade versus trade barriers)? How should American policy respond to the outsourcing of jobs? 9c) Do you support or oppose the Bush guest worker program? Do you support or oppose amnesty for illegal aliens? Do you support increased immigration law enforcement (eg CLEAR Act)? Do you support or oppose immigration reforms to reduce immigration levels and the cost of immigration?

First let me simply state that I am in favor of Free Trade. I believe in the global economy and want to see trade barriers among countries eliminated. Ultimately, a true global economy benefits the American worker and the American consumer. The US must be willing, as the President did recently with steel tariffs, to use the mechanism of the agreement to protect American industry and jobs. While the President ultimately removed the tariffs, he put other countries on notice that the United States was going to take action when necessary and not simply allow foreign countries to dump products in the U. S. market.

Manufacturing jobs in the US have been declining for about 20 years, due primarily to increased worker productivity and to outsourcing. This has caused our economy to retool and become a more service-based economy. While increased productive is a good thing losing jobs certainly is not. However, protectionist tariffs should only be considered as a last resort. Instead, we must first work creatively, within the confines of our trade agreements, to incentives employers to keep jobs in America. Less regulations, lower taxes, and incentives for R & D is the solution to keeping job here at home.

While I support the President on the war, his faith-based programs and want to see his tax cuts made permanent. I respectfully disagree with the President’s recently announced Immigration Reform legislation. I believe that America is a nation of immigrants, legal immigrants. The new legislation rewards illegal behavior. Our state and local governments are over-burdened by the cost of illegal immigration. The Federal government must secure our boarders. This is clearly a Federal responsibility. We must increase manpower for the Border Patrol and accelerate the use of new technology, like unmanned vehicles to patrol our boarders. Stiff prison sentences must be enforced for people who repeatedly reenter the U.S. after being deported and companies that hire illegal immigrants must be made to paid stiff fines and penalties.

10) What policies do you support to protect the traditional family and the traditional definition of marriage? 10b) Do you oppose or support state laws recognizing homosexual/same-sex marriage and civil unions? How should the Federal govt handle this? What is your position concerning hate crimes? Do you support a Constitutional Amendment that declares marriage to be between a man and woman?

I support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. I believe gay marriage and sodomy should be outlawed in our state and in this country. I believe that all people deserve protection under the Constitution from violent acts and we are afforded those rights, consequently, we do not need additional legislation such as a Hate Crimes bill to do this. I do NOT support such measures.

11) Do you support Term Limits? If so, in what form?

I believe that once elected to serve we are being sent to Congress because of a certain level of expertise. I am aware that it takes some time to get things done there, but feel if we are hired by the people to represent a district we should go up there use our knowledge and come home. It is for this reason that I believe we should have 2 four year terms.

12) What is your position on affirmative action and racial preferences, and quotas? Should Texas Colleges and Universities use race as a factor in admissions?

I am opposed to these. I believe that we should be able to hire the most qualified person for a job or send the most qualified students to schools regardless of race. I believe Colleges and Universities should allow admission based on grades other predictors that indicate aptitude for students to do well in a University envirionment.

13) Do you oppose Socialism? Why is Socialism wrong? How would you work to expose it and defeat it in our country? 13b) What will you do as a candidate and in office to advance Conservative causes and make the case for limited Government?

I am opposed to socialism. I believe in a capitalistic system. Government can not be all things to all people. As a congressman I would fight legislation that tried to bring about these changes to our country and speak loudly against it.

14) What are your important qualifications and qualities that you bring as a candidate to this office?

I am a Christian, a business man, a veteran and former police officer. I am a rancher. I understand this district and fit this district better than anyone else in this race. I believe that the majority of candidates in this race are conservative and will fight for conservative causes, but none of them have the diverse background I possess that so matches this district.

15) What will your top priorities be in this position? To what extent does your faith and family affect your priorities and viewpoints?

As stated earlier, I believe we need a sound energy policy and I believe I have the expertise to get this passed. I also believe we need to work to protect the unborn. I am a Christian. I approach everything through that vantage point.

16) Why are you the best person for this office?

See 14.

17) What parts of the Texas Republican Principles and Platform do you agree with? Disagree with?

I agree with the platform.

Are there any ways in which the Heart of Texas(Central TX) and Houston Area Texans Chapters of can help you in your campaign in addition to making an endorsement?

We need volunteers for Election Day and block walking.

TOPICS: Politics/Elections; US: Texas
KEYWORDS: 2004; cd10; congress; davephillips; election; electionushouse; questionnaire; taxreform; texas
This is the second of the responses to the rather lengthy questionnaire that was sent to all CD10 candidates. The candidates were informed to respond to as many questions as time allowed so even partial responses were welcomed.

I would like to thank Dave Phillips and his campaign staff for responding to our questionnaire at a very busy time during this campaign. For each candidate who responds, I will start a similiar thread.

Thanks also to all those who helped put this together and hopefully it will contribute to electing the best candidate available.

John Devine

1 posted on 02/29/2004 7:35:15 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: Flyer; bobbyd; PetroniDE; basil; Gracey; The Bat Lady; tarawa; WOSG; TheSarce; TXBubba; ...
Second Candidate Questionnaire Response received.

If you have any influence with other campaigns, please urge them to respond.

2 posted on 02/29/2004 7:37:07 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: 13th warrior; 2bfree; af_vet_rr; ajf0; Arrowhead1952; atlassmirked; austingirl; austinTparty; ...
H.O.T. Ping for CD10 Candidate Response to Questionnaire.
3 posted on 02/29/2004 7:46:25 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: DrewsDad
I admire this guy for filling out this form with what appear to be well thought-out answers. Thanks for making up the form and getting it to him.
4 posted on 02/29/2004 8:13:12 PM PST by basil (Pro2A Mother's Day Rally 2004. Washington DC--BE THERE!
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To: ancient_geezer
5 posted on 02/29/2004 8:13:34 PM PST by Bigun (IRSsucks@getridof
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To: DrewsDad
Anything in the water there in texas that could be exported to, hmmm California or a few other places around the country?
6 posted on 02/29/2004 8:19:29 PM PST by ancient_geezer (Equality, the French disease: Everyone is equal beneath the guillotine.)
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To: Bigun; *Taxreform; Taxman; Principled; EternalVigilance; kevkrom; n-tres-ted; Poohbah; CliffC; ...

8) What specific changes or refoms should be made to:
U.S. Tax System
We need to keep President Bush’s tax cuts permanent. I support abolishing the IRS and instituting the Fair Tax/Consumption tax.

A Taxreform bump for you all.

If you would like to be added to this ping list let me know.

7 posted on 02/29/2004 8:23:02 PM PST by ancient_geezer (Equality, the French disease: Everyone is equal beneath the guillotine.)
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To: ancient_geezer
When I spoke with Phillips in early January about Tax Reform he would only commit to "make Bush cuts permanent" and "end the death tax". It appears that Streusand's FairTax commercials have educated him.
8 posted on 02/29/2004 9:06:00 PM PST by esarlls3
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To: DrewsDad
What's with your district??? That's four -- Phillips, Devine, McCaul, Streusand -- at least that support the consumption tax.
9 posted on 02/29/2004 10:21:25 PM PST by JohnnyZ (People don't just bump into each other and have sex. This isn't Cinemax! -- Jerry)
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To: JohnnyZ
AND Pat Elliott.
10 posted on 02/29/2004 10:24:38 PM PST by JohnnyZ (People don't just bump into each other and have sex. This isn't Cinemax! -- Jerry)
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To: JohnnyZ
I'd be happy as a clam if we could get all eight of these candidates elected to Congress. The problem is in choosing just one. Sure there are a few warts, and maybe it's just going through so many elections here where the choices were ALL pathetic, but these are not a bad batch of candidates. I just wish I could export some of them to other races.

As much as I'd like to see our tax code simplified and the IRS reigned in, I don't think it will happen in my lifetime so I just chuckle a little when folks bring up this issue. I think it's just a way to get on Tom DeLay's good side.
11 posted on 02/29/2004 10:43:27 PM PST by Tall_Texan ((Tagline withheld pending notification of next of kin))
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To: Tall_Texan
As much as I'd like to see our tax code simplified and the IRS reigned in, I don't think it will happen in my lifetime so I just chuckle a little when folks bring up this issue.

It's actually relatively popular, as these things go. There are something like 80 or 90 Reps on board, which is a lot for such a radical change.

It would probably need a president to spearhead it, though.

12 posted on 02/29/2004 10:49:03 PM PST by JohnnyZ (People don't just bump into each other and have sex. This isn't Cinemax! -- Jerry)
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To: DrewsDad; 1riot1ranger; Action-America; Aggie Mama; Alkhin; Allegra; American72; antivenom; ...
DrewsDad, thanks for all the work you put into this.

Petroni, is this your district? Do we have any other HAT folks in 10?


As always, a FReep mail will get you on or off this Houston topics ping list.

13 posted on 03/01/2004 12:12:52 AM PST by Flyer (Don't abandon our military - Re-elect President Bush!)
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To: DrewsDad; All
I just wanted to apologize for stepping on some toes at the meeting on Sunday, especially you, DrewsDad. I'm not going to make excuses for the things I said regarding right-wing extremists. While I truly feel exactly the way I said, I could have been more thoughtful and considerate in my delivery. After block walking for my campaign all afternoon and being really self-absorbed, I lost sight of the bigger picture. For that I am truly sorry, and I hope you will forgive me.

What I should have said [about my opponent] is that there is a lot of divisiveness within the TCRP, which I am totally opposed to. I am advised that certain individuals have taken it upon themselves to schedule clandestine meetings in an attempt to undermine Chairman Sager, and to politicize issues that shouldn't be politicized or put on any platform. My opponent is one of the larger divisive figures. The Republican Party has shifted TOO FAR to the right, despite Bush's recent Socialist acts, and we cannot afford to alienate and/or lose those moderate Republicans necessary to sustain the party's strength. Divide and conquer only works in war. If we are going to have a Civil War within our own party, we will surely see to our own demise. We need to be more inclusive, and to set aside our own personal agendas for the good of the party.

And that's what I should have said.

On a lighter note, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all you wonderful FReepers out there for bestowing upon me your formal endorsement for Precinct Chair. I will wear it as a badge of honor!

14 posted on 03/01/2004 2:28:39 AM PST by suebee88
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To: suebee88
For many, primary season is the only time people have legitimate things to squabble about. And, as anyone who's paid attention to the Dems knows, the primary season always pulls away from the center, not towards the center. The Dems play the "more liberal than thou" game while Republicans play "more conservative than thou". District 10's race is a good example.

After that, it's back to holding noses and voting for the lesser of two evils. :-). In the primaries, I vote my hopes. In the general election, I vote my fears.

As for Sager, I don't always see eye-to-eye with him but he's been present at some of the FReeps I've attended so I have to give him credit for being physically present and not afraid to be seen with us "right wing kooks". Far as I can tell, he's doing a good if thankless job.
15 posted on 03/01/2004 8:29:51 AM PST by Tall_Texan ((Tagline withheld pending notification of next of kin))
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To: DrewsDad
He's got my vote.
16 posted on 03/01/2004 1:12:14 PM PST by BJClinton (Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, I'm a registered Dem.)
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To: suebee88
This is probably not the place to discuss the Travis County Party fiasco with plenty of fault on both sides. I wear the right-wing extremist label proudly and I think that it hurts the cause of those that use it more than it does me. One could even label Dave Phillips as one.

As far as forgiveness goes, I believe that I should forgive in such a manner as I want to be forgiven(Matt. 6:14-15), and I've done far worse things than labeling someone.

I was happy that you could make it to the meeting and bring the Phillips folks(Victoria?) with you. It was good talking with them.

17 posted on 03/01/2004 2:47:41 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: yall
New Candidate Response:
Pat Elliott
18 posted on 03/01/2004 9:31:50 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: yall
New Candidate Response:
Michael McCaul
19 posted on 03/04/2004 7:39:21 PM PST by DrewsDad
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