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GOP Primary - U.S. House District TX-10 – Discussion Thread
11 February 2004 | PetroniDE

Posted on 02/11/2004 5:56:47 PM PST by PetroniDE

Edited on 02/18/2004 6:00:32 AM PST by Admin Moderator. [history]

The Texas primaries are set for Tuesday, 9 March 2004. The U.S. Congressional districts in Texas have been significantly altered due to the re-districting battle last year. One heavily altered district is TX-10 which stretches from the western suburbs of Houston to Austin. Since the current office holder (Lloyd Doggett-D) is running in district TX-25, this is one district that many expect to switch from Democrat to Republican.

There are eight (at-least) GOP candidates for this office. Most of these candidates have little name recognition, and many people voting in this race were in other districts for the 2002 election, this thread is started to help gather and share information with fellow voters. Web-sites for the candidates are linked in alphabetical order.

Candidate web-sites are linked in alphabetical order. Chances of a run-off (to be held Saturday 3 April) are high, since it is unlikely anyone will get 50%+1 of the votes; we will deal with any potential run-offs later.

John Devine

Pat Elliott

John Kelley

Mike McCaul

Dave Phillips

Ben Streusand

Brad Tashenberg

Teresa Doggett Taylor

TOPICS: Government; Politics/Elections; US: Texas
KEYWORDS: 2004elections; cd10; congress; electionushouse; gopprimary; texas; tx10; ushouse
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If you know anything about any of these candidates (good, bad, whatever), please feel free to elaborate.
1 posted on 02/11/2004 5:56:49 PM PST by PetroniDE
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To: Lead Moderator; Flyer; Gracey; DrewsDad; Ms. AntiFeminazi; Bigun; basil
Lead Moderator: Thanks for fixing the links.

Others: You have the latest TX ping lists. Please ping accordingly, especially to members who live in CD-10.
2 posted on 02/11/2004 6:03:29 PM PST by PetroniDE (Kitty Is My Master - I Do What She Says)
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To: PetroniDE
Theresa Doggett Taylor is beautiful, black conservative republican. She would do wonders for the party.
3 posted on 02/11/2004 6:29:02 PM PST by Ron in Acreage
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To: Ron in Acreage
I have received numerous mailings from McCaul, Streusand, Devine, and Phillips. Some mailings for other races (JP districts, committeeman, etc.). No mailings from Taylor or Elliott.

Overall, I know very little about any of these candidates. Instead of "eine, meine, minee, moe" (that was done in the democrat NH primary) trying to gather good information for the election next month.
4 posted on 02/11/2004 6:46:25 PM PST by PetroniDE (Kitty Is My Master - I Do What She Says)
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To: PetroniDE
Thanks for posting this.

It seems that all of the candidates are running as conservatives, so it is a bit hard to distinguish them, but I support John Devine and hope he wins. (However, I live in CD 21 now, so cant vote in that race). John Devine is both a social and economic conservative, and is hitting one hot-button issue that I think needs attention: Fighting Judicial activism.

Also, for what its worth, my home page has links to the Texas statewide and local candidates that are appearing on the ballot in Travis county in my precinct:

I have the following endorsements / recommendations:
Supreme Court- Steven Wayne Smith (reasons: Clear Conservative, incumbent; ousted a moderate Justice and now the moderates want to bump him off; dont let them!)
3rd Court of Appeals, place 3 - Ernest Garcia

On some of these, I too would like guidance myself - Railroad commissioner, travis county sherrif.
5 posted on 02/11/2004 6:48:30 PM PST by WOSG (Support Tancredo on immigration. Support BUSH for President!)
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To: PetroniDE
I'm sure any one of the 8 will be better than Lloyd Doggett. Let's just hope he loses in his new 25th district. Lloyd Doggett is DeLays number 1 target. He is a real Clymer.
6 posted on 02/11/2004 6:50:19 PM PST by Ron in Acreage
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To: PetroniDE
In 1994 Theresa Doggett ran for Comptroller in Texas and VERY nearly won. I was on that same ballot, appeared with her on many occasions, and came to know her to be a very articulate and sincere conservative. Given that, if I could vote in this race, it would be VERY hard for me to vote for anyone else but I would HAVE to because Ben Streusand is in it as well!

Great to have such fine choices but I'm GLAD I don't have to make the choice!

7 posted on 02/11/2004 6:53:37 PM PST by Bigun (IRSsucks@getridof
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To: PetroniDE
I'm working for Bill Lester in District 11.

It's shocking really that we didn't end up with a huge slate of candidates here too. But we only have one opponent; Mike Conaway from Midland. He was considered the favorite by the political establishment, but that is not turning out to be the case.

He's running as a conservative, or at least makes that claim, but he makes a 'health of the mother' exception on abortion...a loophole the Democrats can drive any abortion done in America today through.

He says he thought Sandra Day O'Conner was right...we should pay homage to 'international law' in preference to America law. phhhhtttt.....

He thinks bilingual education is a great idea, and opposes Enlish Only legislation.

Bill is right on all of the issues, and is I think pulling ahead. He was endorsed by the Texas Farm Bureau yesterday...which is huge in this very rural district.
8 posted on 02/11/2004 7:08:22 PM PST by EternalVigilance (An income tax is like a cowpie...Flatten it, and it's still a cowpie...)
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To: Ron in Acreage; DrewsDad
One of my problems with Theresa Doggett Taylor is that to me she comes across as very nice, friendly and glib but also lacking in depth. That is, I've never heard her say anything of real substance in her stump speehes. It's all feel-goodism to me. I felt that going back to 1994 when she ran against David Hartman in the primary for comptroller and latest campaign is the same. A case in point is her flyer, which says she stands for " 1. Education accountability. 2. Support the commander-in-chief and the troops. 3. Love and respect for family, community, and our country". Great non-specific stuff. And what does the pro-family stuff mean, when she divorced John Doggett? With her personality and resume, she's been good to run against "the other Doggett" but I wouldnt want to squander a sure-to-be-GOP district on anyone who wasnt a surefire articulate ADVOCATE FOR CONSERVATISM. And yet her card doesnt mention the word "Conservative".

At first I wasnt too impressed with McCaul either, but he's got a few good endorsements (Joe Pojman of Texas Alliance for Life) and got smart enough to call himself a conservative. Still, the claims of leading the fight against terrorism are a bit of resume-inflation. He was in the DoJ.

John Devine is saying pretty much what I would say if I were running: Lower taxes and less spending, no to illegal immigration and enforce immigration law, education choice, etc. He says he is a "conservative leader". at least he is announcing and articulating that he is a conservative. It seems he won the debate that was in Brenham on Feb 3rd (see his website).
9 posted on 02/11/2004 7:17:11 PM PST by WOSG (Support Tancredo on immigration. Support BUSH for President!)
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To: PetroniDE; Bigun; Flyer
Before we send this out, do we have agreement to include the HAT chapter mentioned in the last question? Who are the HAT officers who can approve this? It would be great if we can get answers for these.

1) What is your position on abortion - under what circumstances should abortion be made illegal/legal? When does life begin and how should it be protected at the state and federal levels? Do you agree or disagree with the Roe v Wade decision? Do you support the Human Life Amendment?

2) What is your interpretation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause? Do you support public religious expressions such as 10 commandment displays at courthouses and prayers at legislative sessions, football games, schools, etc.? Do you support school vouchers that can be for religious schools? 2b) What is your position on the McCain-Fiengold Campaign Finance Reform law? What is the best policy regarding campaign finance?

3) Do you support the right to keep and bear arms? What is the purpose(or intent) of the 2nd Amendment? what policies do you support to preserve RKBA?

4) Do you support the war on terror? What specific things should be done to win the war on terror? How do you define victory in this war?

4b) Are there any sections of the Patriot Act or the proposed Patriot Act II that you oppose?

5) What is your view of Federalism and the rights of states under the 9th and 10th amendments? What areas should the Federal govt leave to the states?

6) What role should the Federal judiciary play and how would you ensure judges stay within that role? What would you do to rein in excessive judicial activism? Are there specific court decisions you oppose, and what do you propose to correct them?

7) What role should the United Nations play in US foreign policy? in US domestic policy?

8) What specific changes or refoms should be made to:
U.S. Tax System
Education System
Social Security
Immigration Policies
Defense and Military
Health Care System (including Medicare, Medicaid)
Legal System (lawsuits)
Crime and Criminal Justice
Business Regulation
Energy Policy
Government Organization

9) What policies do you support to enhance Economic Growth and increase standard of living and create jobs? 9b) What is your position on trade (free trade versus trade barriers)? How should American policy respond to the outsourcing of jobs? 9c) Do you support or oppose the Bush guest worker program? Do you support or oppose amnesty for illegal aliens? Do you support increased immigration law enforcement (eg CLEAR Act)? Do you support or oppose immigration reforms to reduce immigration levels and the cost of immigration?

10) What policies do you support to protect the traditional family and the traditional definition of marriage? 10b) Do you oppose or support state laws recognizing homosexual/same-sex marriage and civil unions? How should the Federal govt handle this? What is your position concerning hate crimes? Do you support a Constitutional Amendment that declares marriage to be between a man and woman?

11) Do you support Term Limits? If so, in what form?

12) What is your position on affirmative action and racial preferences, and quotas? Should Texas Colleges and Universities use race as a factor in admissions?

13) Do you oppose Socialism? Why is Socialism wrong? How would you work to expose it and defeat it in our country? 13b) What will you do as a candidate and in office to advance Conservative causes and make the case for limited Government?

14) What are your important qualifications and qualities that you bring as a candidate to this office?

15) What will your top priorities be in this position? To what extent does your faith and family affect your priorities and viewpoints?

16) Why are you the best person for this office?

17) What parts of the Texas Republican Principles and Platform do you agree with? Disagree with?

Are there any ways in which the Heart of Texas(Central TX) and Houston Area Texans Chapters of can help you in your campaign in addition to making an endorsement?

10 posted on 02/11/2004 7:25:55 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: PetroniDE
This is my new district (3rd district in as many elections). Thanks for starting this thread. I will follow it closely.
11 posted on 02/11/2004 7:30:22 PM PST by NTegraT
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To: PetroniDE; Flyer; dix; humblegunner; Eaker; bobbyd; Xenalyte; Allegra; pax_et_bonum
Well, ya know if Pat Elliot is for Fire Ant Eradication...If I was in that district he'd get my vote...

Buuuutt, he's a bit wishy-washy on the Abortion issue...

I don't know of another candidate or office holder who's lukewarm on abortion...

Either your for it, as a bastardized form of birth control...

Or your against it...

I thought I would just pick on one of them today...

As long as we pick up the seat in Congress...Thats what comes from a majority of conservatives in this State...And we need to make sure we have accurate representation of conservative leanings...

12 posted on 02/11/2004 7:38:22 PM PST by stevie_d_64 (Houston Area Texans)
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To: Ron in Acreage
Her name would help with recognition (Doggett). I remember about 30 years ago the wrong Yarborough got elected just on the name.
13 posted on 02/11/2004 7:38:24 PM PST by mathluv (Protect my grandchildren's future. Vote for Bush/Cheney '04.)
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To: DrewsDad
That is one great questionaire.

Most candidates would have a stroke.

14 posted on 02/11/2004 7:38:40 PM PST by EternalVigilance (An income tax is like a cowpie...Flatten it, and it's still a cowpie...)
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When Teresa ran against Lloyd, I had some concerns over her convictions on certain issues, but she was a lot better than the alternative. Now we have a chance to get a strong conservative to represent us.

I have heard that McCaul has better connections(Cornyn) and his style would fit in better with Congress if that is what you are looking for. I would like to hear more explanation about his role in the DOJ.

I have a good friend who did a pro-life commercial for Streusand but there are still some conflicting information from others that I've heard.

Devine appears to have the most conviction and has a past record to prove it. Some see this as an indication that he won't play the horse-trading game.

Tashenberg's and Phillips mailouts show a willingness to take a stand on certain social issues. I haven't heard much about the others.

15 posted on 02/11/2004 7:41:26 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: EternalVigilance
WOSG and several others helped refine it. We have high expectations and hopefully we can get responses and set a standard for the election process.
16 posted on 02/11/2004 7:46:49 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: PetroniDE
Thanks for getting this going. I hear you have something in common with Kerry now.
17 posted on 02/11/2004 7:59:43 PM PST by DrewsDad
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To: DrewsDad
As Bill's chief-of-staff, I have a large part in getting those filled out. I've done dozens of them, and frankly, there are still some in my inbox that I have yet to get done. Very time-consuming, and at this stage of the campaign, compressed as everything as become because of the delays of redistricting, time is at a premium

I would have a love/hate relationship with that survey. On the one hand, I think it is great because it would force those with the guts to fill it out to truly show where they stand. On the other, it is extensive, and would take a long time to complete properly.

My guess is that that factor alone is going to cause you to have an extraordinarily high rate of candidates who don't complete it.

Just my perspective from where I'm sitting...
18 posted on 02/11/2004 8:03:37 PM PST by EternalVigilance (An income tax is like a cowpie...Flatten it, and it's still a cowpie...)
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To: DrewsDad
I would send the questionaire to Marc Cowart who is Ben's campaign manager if I were you but better still, I would try to find out where the candidate forums are occuring and GO to them. I can tell more about a person in five minutes in person than I can with a month's worth of correspondence.
19 posted on 02/12/2004 5:20:02 AM PST by Bigun (IRSsucks@getridof
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To: PetroniDE
bump for later study
20 posted on 02/12/2004 11:08:28 AM PST by Tall_Texan (Some day I'll have a rock-hard body - once rigor mortis sets in.)
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