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Al Qaeda again threatens America (Thread 3) Daily Terror Threat
World Tribune ^ | Thursday, February 5, 2004

Posted on 02/05/2004 8:31:17 PM PST by Mossad1967

Edited on 02/09/2004 3:20:18 PM PST by Admin Moderator. [history]

SANAA, Yemen, Jan. 24 (UPI) -- A purported statement by al-Qaida in Yemen warned Saturday of a "major strike" soon in the United States.

The statement, distributed by the Yemeni Tagamoo Party for Reforms, said: "A major strike, a big event will take place in America soon," reminiscent of the Sept. 11 attacks.

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To: JustPiper; Myrddin
It was rumored post 9/11 that OBL already had ebola and shortly after there was much chatter about black pox, the hybrid ebola smallpox virus. Marburg, the German location, happens to be the name and location of a related virus (originally from Africa though) that has its own notoriety in the history of germ warfare and soviet defection.

Think in terms of OBL's penchant for using locations and names for psych-ops as well as direct attacks, and think of 3 military bases around Marburg being closed for 3 weeks for viral decontamination with no media news released. Pink eye or other relatively innocuous viruses surely would be mentioned as the cause in the media right off the bat if true. The fact that the news on these closings has been squelched from the get go is alarming.
5,001 posted on 02/24/2004 7:02:49 AM PST by Domestic Church (AMDG...)
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To: JustPiper
Incubation is 9 nine days I think, but I don't know when the virus starts shedding. If it is a hybrid who knows the actual incubation or how soon there is the infectious potential.
5,002 posted on 02/24/2004 7:05:33 AM PST by Domestic Church (AMDG...)
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To: JustPiper
Good news. We're getting close.
5,003 posted on 02/24/2004 7:15:17 AM PST by Rutles4Ever
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To: JustPiper
"...abrupt climate change could bring the planet to the edge of anarchy as countries develop a nuclear threat to defend and secure dwindling food, water and energy supplies," The Observer reported."

Putting on the tin foil and putting tongue in cheek firmly but quivering nonetheless...

Gee, if they play billards with the poles and twanged some gravitational flux with the salt in the oceans that would do it.

The salinity change has already been documented as the salt is being drawn to the equator and the gravitational changes have been noted already as well. Whether this is God's flick of the finger to reset us or some high tech black op Tesla nightmare being set up (which also could be God's flick method) is conjecture. Interesting times.
5,004 posted on 02/24/2004 7:37:24 AM PST by Domestic Church (AMDG...)
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To: TexKat
"I'm not Sean, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. LOL."

Ha ha, that's one of the best lines used on this thread! LOL!

5,005 posted on 02/24/2004 8:20:11 AM PST by Donna Lee Nardo
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To: Revel
Thank you for your excellent work in keeping the thread going.
5,006 posted on 02/24/2004 9:56:47 AM PST by MamaDearest (Lets get them before they get us!)
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To: JustPiper
Sorry such a late reply- just got back on. The post about NORAD being on the highest level of alert and all vacations cancelled came from the Final Phase forum, and was posted 2/22 by someone called Wing17.
5,007 posted on 02/24/2004 10:16:13 AM PST by jerseygirl
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To: ZOTnot
Re- the Bio. On the site, Jill had posted rantings from the jihad websites. A major site bragged that the "dance of death" had begun, and that if would be 24-48 hours before we would even be aware that it had been initiated.

Other postings remarked that "Operation 8" was already underway.

They went on to talk about weighing the pros and cons of bio attack in terms of effects on future generations. They went to great lengths to justify their decision to do this "momentous" attack. Further, they made reference to Americans having "dog disease".
5,008 posted on 02/24/2004 10:22:33 AM PST by jerseygirl
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To: JustPiper
Re: Saudi exercise. Now, this is VERY interesting.
5,009 posted on 02/24/2004 10:30:35 AM PST by jerseygirl
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To: radu
I got confused about what tape was going to "precede" the major attacks culminating in the cave of darkness. I thought AlJazerra had already played the relevant tape. Another- screened by CNN- is worrisome. The AQ's repeatedly have stated that they will give our government brief advance notice of the attack, so that the officials can watch from their underground bunkers. They further say that the officials will "cry like women" when they see the destruction one of their own cities.
5,010 posted on 02/24/2004 10:35:10 AM PST by jerseygirl
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To: Domestic Church
Yes. A few other thoughts: didn't Atta and others spend some time in Germany prior to 9/11?

I've still been mulling over what they mean by dog disease. Searched through lots of posts and found the references to prairee dogs and smallpox.

I also remembered some of the jihad websites mentioning sending WMD via cadavers on selected flights. Now, what flights handle cadavers??? Could they put a smallpox infested body on a plane, and claim another cause of death?

Also, recall those two Ukrainean pilots who mysteriously died after delivering their cargo- the same cargo that "someone high up" paid the workers NOT to inspect.

In the recent NORAD simulation, not only a nuclear attack but a bio attack is "responded to".

Sorry to be jumping around so much- I know this sounds garbled- am just trying to put bits and pieces together.
5,011 posted on 02/24/2004 10:41:54 AM PST by jerseygirl
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To: Revel
I knew a person killed on that DC-10 crash in Chicago. She was the daughter of my dad's college room mate. She had graduated with a degree in architecture and was a professor at Arizona State University.
5,012 posted on 02/24/2004 11:07:32 AM PST by Myrddin
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