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The screen name Myrddin derives from the "Merlin the Magician" from Arthurian lore. Merlin maintained a castle in the Welsh city known today as Carmarthen to English speakers. The Welsh call it Caerfyrddin which nominally translates as Merlin's Castle. The name is often mispronounced by English speakers as well. The early Welsh scribes had a need to distinguish between the th sound in the words think vs the sound in the words this or that. The th sound used in the word think is represented by the dipthong th. The scribes substituted the diphthong dd for the th sound in this and that. The embedded letter Y has the schwa sound familiar to English speakers. The letter I in the last syllable has the short I sound in the English word pin. The Welsh always roll the letter R. The single f is pronounced like the English letter v.

I discovered FreeRepublic by following a few links from the DrudgeReport. FR is a world of kindred conservative spirits. The opportunity to engage in political activism, particularly in support of 2nd amendment rights, is a very important aspect of participation in the FR community. Our family relocated to Idaho in Dec 2000 from San Diego, CA. We left the state where all of us were born and raised. The crowding, high cost of living and rabid anti-gun campaign of the Sacramento socialists have finally offset the lure of perpetually pleasant weather.

My son completed his service as a Corporal in the Marine Corps. His service in Kuwait and Iraq was rewarded with veterans benefits that assisted earning a BS in Business Administration. He built a 60 person real estate business in San Diego by age 24. The economic downturn in housing killed the San Diego real estate market. As of February 2008, my son has relocated to Pocatello, Idaho. He is building a new real estate firm and and has completed a BA in Physics at Idaho State University. My youngest son now lives in Oklahoma and has a son as of Oct 2016.

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