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Of Intellectual Bondage (Extreme Danger of Marxist University Professors in a Democratic Nation)
The Jerusalem Post ^ | Dec. 26, 2003 | Caroline Glick

Posted on 12/26/2003 11:47:09 AM PST by stradivarius

"How could you report the war in Iraq if you sided with the Americans?"

"How can you say that George Bush is better than Saddam Hussein?"

These are some of the milder questions I received from an audience of some 150 undergraduate students from Tel Aviv University's Political Science Department. The occasion was a guest lecture I gave last month on my experiences as an embedded reporter with the US Army's 3rd Infantry Division during the Iraq war.

Many of the students were visibly jolted by my assertion that the patriotism of American soldiers was inspirational. The vocal ones among them were appalled when I argued that journalists must be able to make moral distinctions between good and evil, when such distinctions exist, if they wish to provide their readership with an accurate picture of the events they describe in their reports.

"Who are you to make moral judgments? What you say is good may well be bad for someone else."

"I am a sane human being capable of distinguishing good from evil, just like every other sane human being," I answered. "As criminal law states, you are criminally insane if you can't distinguish between good and evil. Unless you are crazy, you should be able to tell the difference."

When the show was over, and the students began shuffling out of the lecture hall, a young woman approached me.

"Excuse me," she said with a heavy Russian accent. "How can you say that democracy is better than dictatorial rule?"

"Because it is better to be free than to be a slave," I answered.

Undeterred, she pressed on, "How can you support America when the US is a totalitarian state?" "Did you learn that in Russia?" I asked. "No, here," she said.

"Here at Tel Aviv University?" "Yes, that is what my professors say," she said. In the weeks that have passed since I gave that lecture, I have not been able to get those students out of my mind.

While campuses throughout the Western world are known as hotbeds for radicalism, it is still hard to believe that Israeli students, who themselves served in the IDF, and who as civilians have experienced more than three years of unrelenting terrorist attacks on their cafes, night clubs, campuses, highways and public buses, could subscribe to such views.

How can they believe it is impossible to make moral distinctions between those fighting terrorism and totalitarian regimes and those perpetrating terrorism and leading such dictatorships?

It is an open secret that many of the most prominent Israeli academics and professors are also identified with the radical leftist fringes of the Israeli political spectrum.

The Hebrew University's Political Science Department was dominated for years by the leaders of Peace Now. Tel Aviv University's Social Science and Humanities Faculties are the professional home to some of the leaders of the even more radical Ta'ayush and Yesh Gvul organizations.

Israeli professors have signed petitions calling for boycotts of Israeli goods. Some have even supported the boycott of Israeli academics by foreign universities and academic publications.

Israel Radio reported this week that the letter written by 13 reservists from the elite Sayeret Matkal commando unit in which they announced their refusal to serve in the territories was written for them by a Tel Aviv University professor.

Prof. Rafi Yisraeli from the Hebrew University notes, "It is ironic that the university presidents and Minister Natan Sharansky are now organizing a campaign to stop the boycott of Israeli academics in foreign universities.

A year ago, I discussed the issue, as well as the rampant anti-Semitism on European campuses ,with the president of the University of Paris. He told me, 'What do you want from us? All we are doing is repeating what we hear from Israeli professors.'"

Case in point is Tel Aviv University law professor Andrei Marmor.

Marmor is currently a visiting faculty member at the University of Southern California Law School. Recently he published a policy paper at USC where he argues that Israel's territorial claims to land it secured during the 1948-49 War of Independence are no different from its claims to land secured in the 1967 Six Day War. In his view, both are illegitimate.

Marmor goes on to argue that Zionism cannot claim to be a liberal movement unless it accepts the "right of return" of Palestinians to Israel.

In the mid-1990s, a Tel Aviv University graduate student conducted a survey of the political views of university professors.

The student discovered that not only were the professors overwhelmingly self-identified with far left and Arab political parties, most also expressed absolute intolerance for the notion that professors with right-wing or even centrist views should be allowed to teach in their departments. "Over my dead body," said one.

All of this is well known. Yet knowing of the professors' radicalism, and seeing the effects of such dogmatic views on university students, are different things.

Since my exchange with those students, I have spoken to professors and students at the five major liberal arts universities in Israel to try to understand how the intellectual tyranny of the radical Left on campuses impacts their educational and professional experiences.

Students speak of a regime of fear and intimidation in the classroom. Ofra Gracier, a doctoral student in Tel-Aviv University's humanities faculty explains the process as follows:

"It starts with the course syllabus. In a class on introduction to political theory for instance, you will never see the likes of Leo Strauss or Friedrich Hayek or Milton Friedman. You will only get Marx and Rousseau and people like that. So, if you want to argue with Marx, you are on your own. You don't know anything else.

"But say you want to dispute your professor. I was taught this class by Yoav Peled, an avowed communist. He was explaining why capitalism is evil. I mentioned the Asian economic miracle – South Korea, Japan, Singapore.

He went nuts and spent the rest of the class screaming at me.

"Then there is the grading system. In a history course I took, I took a Zionist line in a research paper. My professor gave me a low grade and explained that my grade was the result of my argument.

"Most people toe the leftist line even when they disagree because of the grade discrimination. If you get low grades, you can't get accepted to a master's program and if, in the master's program you get low grades you won't be accepted into a doctoral program."

Avi Bell, a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University's Law School, relates a separate but related problem. "Last year I taught a course on the legal aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Most of my students were clearly Zionists and also knowledgeable about Israeli history.

And yet, when I received their seminar papers at the end of the term, I saw that most of them wrote anti-Zionist arguments.

"The reason this happened is because there is a dire lack of scholarship in certain areas. For instance, if you want to research the issue of Palestinian policies of land discrimination against Jews, you have to go to primary sources.

No one has written a book about it even though it is a huge issue. But if you want to research the question of alleged Jewish land discrimination against Arabs, you have a bookshelf full of books at your disposal."

Indeed, Dr. Martin Sherman of Tel-Aviv University's Political Science Department was unable to get the university's Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies to publish his original work on the hydro-strategic impact of a Palestinian state on Israel. Sherman, with degrees in physics and geology and practical experience as a water adviser in the Ministry of Agriculture, is a recognized expert in the field.

"My paper showed conclusively that the establishment of such a state would involve the transfer of control over 60 percent–70 percent of Israel's water sources to the Palestinians. They wouldn't have it. I was strung along by Shai Feldman [the head of the Jaffee Center] for months and months, until it was finally made clear that it wouldn't be published."

Citing alternate publications in research papers is also not allowed. Another graduate student explained that her professor gave her a low grade on a paper because she cited research published in Netiv magazine. "That is a right-wing propaganda sheet, published in the Occupied Territories," she was told. Her argument that most of Netiv's articles are written by academics and are based on original research didn't matter.

She ran into a similar problem when she cited an article published in the Shalem Center's journal Azure.

Most of the academics and students that I spoke with were happy to discuss their situations and yet averse to the notion of being quoted by name. "I am up for tenure," and "I still need my dissertation proposal approved," were some of the most frequent explanations.

A survey carried out by the left-wing Israel Democracy Institute on Israeli attitudes toward the state was published on Thursday in Haaretz. According to the findings, a mere 58% of Israelis are proud of being Israeli, while 97% of Americans and Poles are proud of their national identity.

Mexicans, Chileans, Norwegians, and Indians all have higher degrees of pride in their national identities than Israelis. Is it possible that our academic tyrants have something to do with the inability of 42% of Israelis to take pride in who they are?

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; Foreign Affairs; Israel; Philosophy; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: academia; academictyranny; fifthcolumn; leftists; marxism; professors; students; university
This evil garbage is going on in American universities too (no real need to mention the near-100% brainwashing already accomplished in European universities). After reading this article, I have new respect for David Horowitz's unrelenting battle against Marxist academic tyrants. Universities are supposed to teach critical thinking abilities, not indoctrinate Marxist ideology. This is an extremely serious problem in all Western societies.
1 posted on 12/26/2003 11:47:10 AM PST by stradivarius
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To: stradivarius
Tis truly sad.
"We've met the enemy and they is..........."
2 posted on 12/26/2003 11:52:06 AM PST by rockrr ("Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me")
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To: stradivarius
And a new Judenrat arises. This time, however, it is not the Germans but the Leftists that have appointed them.
3 posted on 12/26/2003 12:03:33 PM PST by ikka
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To: stradivarius
"As criminal law states, you are criminally insane if you can't distinguish between good and evil. Unless you are crazy, you should be able to tell the difference."

I'm sure the law students are being taught to argue either side of a case to the best of their abilities. It is not their function to reach a judgement. Just to advocate.

Of course, that is contradictory to basic human nature. No wonder so many lawyers are kind of nutty.

4 posted on 12/26/2003 12:30:13 PM PST by siunevada
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To: rockrr
I have a big kettle of tar heating up in the back yard. Anyone have a big bag of feathers?
5 posted on 12/26/2003 12:33:35 PM PST by FreedomCalls (It's the "Statue of Liberty," not the "Statue of Security.")
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To: stradivarius

Marxism2000 'the party's not over'

If you want to see where the commies are, look at the nearest state university. Look first in the economics dept, then sociology. The state university system in America is a cesspool of Marxist indoctrination. Name the state university and then do a google search on the university name + Marx. I can almost guarantee that if you're good at google, you'll find two or three avowed Marxists with impeccable commie credentials in less than 20 mins. I know, I've done it.

This link will take you to a website showing a roster of speakers at a commie convention at UMass Amherst. Even in the People's Democratic Republic of Taxxachusetts Amherst is known to be "out there" so it's no surprise they would be hosting something like this and that their economics dept is full of avowed Marxists. What most people wouldn't guess is that so is Notre Dame. That's where this site is hosted.

Scroll down the page at that link and look at the list of speakers, the list of propaganda they spoke on, and what university they infest.

The entire state university system should be shut down immediately for a complete de-infestation treatment. If your kids are in a state university, I would suggest keeping a very close eye on what you're paying for.

6 posted on 12/26/2003 12:40:38 PM PST by agitator (Ok, mic check...line one...)
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To: agitator

In fact, let's just out them right here:

Marxism2000 'the party's not over'

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E18 [165] Post Soviet Queer & Class Identity in the USA

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F4 [911-15] For Althusser-Against Althusser

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G20 [170] Crashing The Party! Video highlights of IndyMedia Center Coverage from the Philadelphia and Los Angeles Conventions

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H4 [168] Identity, Citizenship and Resistance in the Age of Global Capitalism: Session I

H5 [163] Marxism and the Environmental Crisis

H6 [176] Methodology and Karl Marx: Critical Realist Interpretations

H7 [803] Neutral Sites: The Global Fabrications of Neo-Liberal Discourse

H8 [170-72] Research and Organizing for a Living Wage

H9 [808] Rethinking the Bolshevik Legacy for the Post-Modern World

H10 [165] Teaching Radical Political Economy through Film

H11 [175] Is Marxist Art Practice Viable Today?

H12 [162] Philosophy in the Age of Finance Capital: History

H13 [903] (Re)reading Marx

H14 [174] Rosa and Ruth/Terror and Truth -- Dialogue

H15 [904] Postmarxism and History's End: Ontology, and Practice

H16 [908] Marx and Labor

H17 [169] Political Thinking about/in Cuba

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I4 [904] Identity, Citizenship and Resistance in the Age of Global Capitalism: Session II

I5 [163] The Ideology of Criticism: Valuation vs. Aesthetics?

I6 [171] New York and the Mystery of Naples: A Journey through Gramsci's World told by Dario Fo -- Screening of Film by Giorgio Baratta

I7 [903] Who Is the Subject of Class Analysis?

I8 [174] Filmic Representations of the Global

I9 [911-15] Marxism in the African American Literary Canon

I10 [905-09] Proletarian Literature

I11 [168] Domestic and International Responses of Labor to Globalization--Sponsored by Nature, Society and Thought

I12 [164] Irish Struggles

I13 [804] Political Struggles: Party, State and Global

I14 [173] Identity and Ideological Constructions

I15 [176] The Politics of Cultural Studies and Cultural Production

I16 [169] Issues in Marxist Philosophy

I17 [162] Global Perspectives on Globalization

I18 [170-72] Marx and Freud

I19 [808] Political Economy: Value, Price and Exploitation

I20 [165] Advertising and the End of the World -- Screening and Discussion with Producer

I21 [175] Race, Class, and Global Capitalism - Sponsored by The Beyond Capital Education Project

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7 posted on 12/26/2003 12:49:44 PM PST by agitator (Ok, mic check...line one...)
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To: stradivarius
Most students have no idea what they are in for when applying to a university. Most parents don't know either. What we need is a modified Peterson's Guide to colleges where the politics of liberal arts departments is scrutinized. You want to here the Marxists holler. Keep shining the light on them until there is no hole for which they can crawl to hide. We need to know who these b@st@rds are before they complete a takeover.
8 posted on 12/26/2003 12:49:51 PM PST by LoneRangerMassachusetts
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To: agitator
The problem isn't so much the obvious classes on Marxism, where the professors are preaching to the choir - it's when Marxism is *indocrinated* by Leftist professors through classes like ENGLISH 101, PSYCHOLOGY 101, ECONOMICS 101, STATISTICS 110, PHILOSOPHY 101, etc. etc., etc.

There's a major problem with Marxist indoctrination in law schools, too, and guess what -- most of our future legislators are graduates of law schools.

I'm afraid we're in for a bumpy ride, folks.
9 posted on 12/26/2003 1:15:47 PM PST by stradivarius
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To: stradivarius
The stuff in this list weren't formal classes, I just posted it to out who they were and where they practiced. You're correct in that they generally don't label their indoctrination for convenient identification. As you suggested, if you track these parasites down to the university they work at, you'll find they're teaching things like ECON 101...
10 posted on 12/26/2003 2:05:25 PM PST by agitator (Ok, mic check...line one...)
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To: stradivarius
11 posted on 12/26/2003 4:01:42 PM PST by LiteKeeper
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To: Allan
12 posted on 12/26/2003 4:02:21 PM PST by Allan
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To: stradivarius
Chilling article....
13 posted on 12/26/2003 5:00:28 PM PST by txzman (Jer 23:29)
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To: stradivarius
14 posted on 12/26/2003 5:43:57 PM PST by jokar (Beware of the White European Male Christian theological complex !!)
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To: stradivarius
If it's this bad in Israel one can only imagine how bad it is in Europe or North America. Students are being turned into dumbass sheep with no ability whatsoever to make moral distinctions.

Prefessor Andrei Marmor claims that Israeli land gains in 1948 are illegitimate. I suppose the same can be said for North America (taken by force from natives) or Australia, and practically every piece of land on earth that has changed hands at some point - which would be virtually everything. I guess all Americans and Canadians owe the natives "right of return" as well.

This presents a dillema: If guilt-ridden Marxists are so upset then where are they supposed to go? They can't stay in Israel or the US without being hypocrites. Not that any of their brainwashed students will notice...
15 posted on 01/09/2004 1:10:07 PM PST by JCB
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To: stradivarius
This is an extremely serious problem in all Western societies.

And the kind of 'old boys' network that keeps them together. Try being a white male of Euro or conservative background in the US (I am not male or a professor myself). At my alma mater, St. Bonnie's, several years ago, they had a giant change of personnel that led to the 'early retirement' of many tenured, white male profs (please, no racist flames, I am all for equality). Talented, dedicated, and tenured professors I had studied with a decade earlier were cut loose. And the University was very open for the reason - they needed more 'diversity' in their hiring, which mind you they had. And diversity included leftist politics as evidenced by their lectures and guests. Alumni protested with their pocket books but after a while it was business as usual. The thing is they had diversity. I had profs from both genders and a variety of races. It was a NY state-type Euro-male=bad witch hunt popular a decade ago. And not surprisingly, they 'speakers' changed as well. More leftists and a big to-do when a well known pro-abort speaker spoke at this Catholic univ. It has only gotten worse. It's now CINO, but that's for another forum.

16 posted on 01/09/2004 1:34:42 PM PST by fortunecookie
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To: agitator
This is your tax dollars at work folks....

Well at least those dollars are taken from us unwillingly.

Got to wonder what kind of moron saves a whole lifetime to send their kids into this mess.

17 posted on 01/11/2004 9:21:51 AM PST by jokar (Beware of the White European Male Christian theological complex !!)
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