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Drug Smugglers Turn to Northern Border (But it's morally-superior smuggling, eh?)
The Washington Times ^ | December 9, 2003 | Jerry Seper

Posted on 12/08/2003 10:04:21 PM PST by quidnunc

Havre, Mont. – The "Ghost of Sin Ojos" is an illusive figure known all too well to the Border Patrol agents who prowl the rolling plains here under the big Montana sky, a shadowy visitor dressed in black with no eyes who moves unseen over a strip of land along the Canadian border known as the "Hi-Line."

"I've never personally seen the ghost," said Border Patrol Senior Agent Larry D. Shields as he guided his four-wheel-drive vehicle along a dirt path near a barbed-wire fence that separates the United States and Canada. "But there's no doubt he's out here."

There's also no doubt that the ghost has company, an elusive and growing number of drug smugglers, crossing from Canada into the United States — in trucks and cars, on snowmobiles and horseback, in airplanes and on foot — carrying a mountain of illicit drugs, including a new and potent hydroponically grown Canadian marijuana known as "BC bud."

Using night-vision optics and global-positioning systems to navigate the desolate and often-rugged terrain, the smugglers seek to fulfill a growing demand in the United States for drugs — particularly the high-grade marijuana that sells for up to $6,000 a pound — 10 times the price of Mexican pot.

Illicit drugs such as BC bud have become a billion-dollar industry for Canadian smugglers, and their spread into the United States was inevitable, law-enforcement authorities say.

"Canada has increasingly become a source country for drugs to the United States; there's no question of that," said Carl A. Eklund, who heads the Border Patrol's Colville, Wash., station, describing the principal exports as BC bud, high-purity heroin and precursor chemicals — used to produce synthetic drugs, primarily methamphetamine.

"With regard to BC bud, a number of organized-crime groups in Canada have been identified as suppliers, including outlaw motorcycle clubs and Vietnamese gangs, but some of those involved are simply entrepreneurs, working out of their basements."

BC bud, whose moniker derives from its origin, British Columbia, has a tetrahydrocannabinol potency rating of 20 percent to 30 percent, compared with an average of 2 percent to 5 percent for marijuana produced elsewhere. That accounts for its high cost.

The U.S. demand for Canada's growing supply of illicit drugs and no apparent shortage of smugglers has prompted some members of Congress to ask the federal government to reimburse states and municipalities for the multimillion dollar costs of prosecuting those arrested by federal authorities at the northern border.

Separate bills offered by Sen. Maria Cantwell and Rep. Rick Larsen, both Washington Democrats, would authorize $28 million a year. The bills are pending in committee.

"We can't keep sticking economically stressed local communities with the cost of prosecuting federal crimes," Mrs. Cantwell said recently. "The federal government should pay its fair share to keep border communities safe."


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TOPICS: Canada; Crime/Corruption; Extended News; Foreign Affairs
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1 posted on 12/08/2003 10:04:22 PM PST by quidnunc
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To: *immigrant_list; A Navy Vet; Lion Den Dan; Free the USA; Libertarianize the GOP; madfly; B4Ranch; ..
2 posted on 12/08/2003 10:16:12 PM PST by gubamyster
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To: quidnunc
Just say no to drugs and then it will stop.
3 posted on 12/08/2003 10:20:26 PM PST by ThinkLikeWaterAndReeds
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To: quidnunc
This President has no interest in protecting our borders.
4 posted on 12/08/2003 10:23:11 PM PST by janetgreen (TANCREDO FOR PRESIDENT)
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To: All

NATIONAL ( A Part of "AL-QAEDA TAPE PRAISES CANADIAN AS HERO, MARTYR Video Depicts Terrorist Training and Attacks in 'Jihad Lands'" by Stewart Bell (December 6, 2003) (Read More...) "KHADR ADMITS GETTING AL-QAIDA ARMS TRAINING Canadian citizen held by the U.S. military calls on Ottawa to help win release of his brother, accused of killing an American soldier" by Mike Blanchfield, The Ottawa Citizen (December 2, 2003) (Read More...) "TERRORIST SUSPECT KHADR BACK IN CANADA: REPORT" (Updated December 1, 2003) (Read More...)

THE - THE TORONTO STAR: "KHADR WELCOME TO RETURN, SAYS CANADA" by Tim Harper (November 26, 2003) (Read More...) - EL PASO "NM COUPLE ACCUSED OF SMUGGLING PEOPLE" (December 2, 2003) (Read More...) "DRUG SMUGGLERS RESORT TO OLD WEST STYLE OF USING HORSES" (December 2, 2003) (Read More...) "TERRORIST BASE SOUTH OF BORDER" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "At this stage the growing danger is that of militant Islam penetrating Mexico, a country with an increasing Muslim community, including Muslim converts. Some of them have ties to the Mexican community and to illegal immigrants' smugglers operating in American states bordering Mexico, especially those with connections in the greater Los Angeles area and other major cities.") (December 1, 2003) (Read More...) - INDIANAPOLIS STAR: "PROBE OF BMV LICENSE FRAUD WIDENS 9 Counties May Be Involved; Mexican Citizen Also Charged" (December 2, 2003) (Read More...)

NY DAILY "UNSECURE BORDERS INVITING DISEASE, PESTS - AND TERROR" -Column by Lou Dobbs (November 30, 2003) (Read More...)

5 posted on 12/08/2003 10:29:24 PM PST by Cindy
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To: janetgreen
Good ole Maria and Rick, who vote yes on any bill that benefits illegals. How about using 28 million on hiring more border patrol agents, that would go a long way in helping to solve the problem. Get enough agents, and they will not make it into the USA, so we have to pay to keep them in jail. Maria was pretty good when she first got elected, but she sure votes straight PARTY now. Rick, is an illegal cheer leader. Seattle has the votes to out vote the rural counties time after time.
6 posted on 12/08/2003 10:33:46 PM PST by calawah98
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To: gubamyster
Any Freeper's in Montaana?
7 posted on 12/08/2003 10:39:45 PM PST by JustPiper (Teach the Children to fight Liberalism ! They will be voting in 2008 !!!)
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To: calawah98
In my district we have Sen. Babs Boxer, who never saw an illegal alien entitlement she didn't like, ditto Rep. Jane Harman. I'm sure neither of them have never seen a real illegal alien, they live behind guarded gates, just like the rest of the Washington elite who don't give a crap what is happening in the real world.
8 posted on 12/08/2003 10:41:42 PM PST by janetgreen (TANCREDO FOR PRESIDENT)
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To: quidnunc
So they are saying no to drugs but yes to illegal immigrants?
9 posted on 12/08/2003 10:43:42 PM PST by jwh_Denver (1+1+1+1= more than 4)
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To: quidnunc
Another reason to legalize it. Prohibition doesn't work folks.
10 posted on 12/08/2003 10:53:19 PM PST by vpintheak (Our Liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain!)
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To: calawah98
If we had a President who really was concerned or "compassionate" about the Amercian people, he would take the $28 million and add it to the $1 billion (im Medicare) and secure our borders. NAFTA, trade and votes mean more to him than Americans.
11 posted on 12/08/2003 11:02:22 PM PST by texastoo (What a Continent!!! (sarcasm))
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To: vpintheak; *Wod_list
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

12 posted on 12/08/2003 11:02:40 PM PST by cryptical
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To: JustPiper
Yep, a Montana freeper here, just reading about Havre, 130 miles from here. Went to see the elk bugle at a wildlife refuge about a month ago and the border patrol was there, about 80 miles South of the border.
13 posted on 12/08/2003 11:58:32 PM PST by tinamina
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To: quidnunc
Funny, I was at the Peace Arch Park in Blaine, WA last summer with my family. I thought at the time that it would be so easy to just keep walking, no one would probably notice. My brother said the cameras would get you. He lives in Bellingham. He said that the cameras look at your license plate before they get there and run your registration so when they stop your car at the border coming into the States they already have a pretty good idea who you are.
14 posted on 12/09/2003 12:02:46 AM PST by tinamina
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To: quidnunc; gubamyster
Slug spit..

This didn't "just happen", and it isn't a "suddenly growing phenomenon"..
Canadian border drug smuggling has been going on for years now, and the list of corrupt government officials from local to fed is mind-boggling.
As is the list of people whose lives have been ruined if not lost trying to fight the smugglers and their cronies.

The only amazing thing is that the perps and their comrades in crime have managed to keep it so quiet.

An occassional article like this one comes out acting like this is some newly birthed problem..
It is not.
People along the border either ignore it, protest weakly and quietly, get paid off, threatened, hurt or murdered.
It is very, very seldom the anti-drug side gets a "win", and when they do, it is treated as an "isolated incident".

This from a long time ND resident that still visits ND, MN, MT every year or two.
This is NOT just a Montana problem. It is pervasive, and includes ND and Minnesota.
Wanna see how a REAL Drugs and Prostitution ring is run? Try Minnesota.
"Circuits" from one small MN city to the next run throughout the state, with as many as 20-25 cities to a circuit and no prostitute stays in one place for more than a week.
Those prostitutes also act as "horses" or carriers for drugs along that same circuit.
There are at least 100 "runs" of this sort throughout MN and WI area serving the tourist market and the Great Lakes ports.

With the signing of the new Medicare Drugs Plan, re-importing of prescription drugs from Canada will be banned.
Although there was NO reported instances of "bad" drugs ever coming from Canada, you can guarantee that such drugs and reports of drug deaths from illegally smuggled prescription drugs will be making headlines in YOUR LOCALITY, wherever that may be.

That's because the smuggling of prescription drugs will now become a black-market business.
Simply smuggling prescription drugs from Canada will not produce a satisfactory profit margin, so those drugs will be "cut" with everything from flour to arsenic and chemical waste. (heavy metals, etc.)
Don't just take my word for it, print this out and post it on your refrigerator.
The death toll will begin within a year of the ban taking effect.

15 posted on 12/09/2003 12:20:35 AM PST by Drammach
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To: Drammach
Of course it isn't an emerging problem. I should know, I live in Montana about 4 miles from the Canadian border, next to a back road that leads into Canada. Before the BP put motion sensors along the borderline, illegal drug shipments were as common as farm tractors coming and going across the border. Sometimes those drugs were packed inside farm equipment. This was going on for more than a decade in the 1970's and 1980's. Farm equipment coming and going across the border is pretty common, as alot of farmers on this side of the border have sections of land in Canada which they farm.

I'm not advocating we shut down our borders because of this "emergine problem", I'm saying we as a country should be pooling our resources more wisely to start clamping down on what could eventually be another 9/11.

The War On Drugs has been a lost cause from the word "go", why Democrats feel that if they throw money on the problem, it will just go away, just boggles my mind, because thats the mentality of politicians, particularly Democrats these days.

Every so often there's an article I read in the Billings Gazette of someone stopped at the border because they were caught with marijuana or some other illegal drug in their possession, then they get commuted back to Canada to wait in line to face charges. Meanwhile that criminal just slips out of the system and goes back to what he/she was doing before.

The judicial system in this country and in Canada are both a farce, the War On Drugs is a scam and a failure, it's time to straighten out the judicial system in this country and legalize marijuana to the point it's out of the control of the dealers and smugglers and into the control of the government and manufacturers. This is the only way the border problem will be solved.

16 posted on 12/09/2003 12:39:27 AM PST by BigSkyFreeper
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To: BigSkyFreeper
You're confirming everything I have thought about the problem.

I too, have seen this go on for decades.
Too bad we're not running the country.. ;o)

17 posted on 12/09/2003 1:00:41 AM PST by Drammach
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To: vpintheak
I wonder if you grew up with a pot head as a parent. I did. Don't legalize it. Trust me I know. My father left when I was 2 and my brother was 6 months. My mother was forced to take 3 jobs in order to raise my brother and I. I grew up with baby sitters until I was 7 and old enough to take care of my younger brother. Daddy dearest preferred getting high and smoke pot to bother with his family. So don't believe that your only hurting yourself. Its so much more than that.
18 posted on 12/09/2003 2:35:50 AM PST by Anti-Christ is Hillary
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To: vpintheak
Legalize whatever someone decides to bring over our borders even during wartime? Close the borders.
19 posted on 12/09/2003 5:00:03 AM PST by FITZ
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To: ThinkLikeWaterAndReeds
"Just say no to drugs and then it will stop"

Yes, that worked during prohibition.
20 posted on 12/09/2003 5:27:36 AM PST by MontanaBeth (absolute power, corrupts absolutely)
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