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David Treibs bio relevant to Republican Precinct Chairman, Gillespie County, Texas
David Treibs

Posted on 01/08/2022 6:40:44 PM PST by David Treibs

I am running for Republican Precinct Chairman for Precinct 13 in Gillespie County, Texas, so I thought I’d write a little bio that is relevant to that objective.

Summary of qualities for the position: --A lifetime history of activism defending life, liberty, and the Constitution; --Involvement in the Republican Party (excepting 1998?) since I was 18; --Proven record of opposing the Republican establishment when that is necessary.

I am 57 years old, a Christian, have 8 home-schooled children, have been an activist in conservative and Christian causes since middle school.

I’ve been active in the Republican party since I was first able to vote, when I assisted with Reagan/Bush 84. I’ve attended many Precinct and County conventions, and about 5 state conventions, and offered many resolutions. Was a Precinct Chairman several times before now; I was an election judge in the Nov 2, 2021, will be the election judge in the March 1, 2022 primary, and was assistant election judge in 1984.

I’ve worked as cashier, cart attendant, radio announcer (KDRY am1100 in San Antonio), chemistry lab, security guard, private investigator, pizza order taker

machine operator for 13 years, including 8 for Dave Campbell in his machine shop.

currently working as a land surveyor, since 2012


I graduated from UTSA with a BA in English.

While at UTSA, I established a student organization to bring the conservative, Christian viewpoint to campus. The group was called Student for Fundamental Change. We stirred things up the whole time I was there.

As a homeschooling father, I had ongoing concerns about government restricting home schooling, so in 1994 earned a teaching certificate in secondary English, and taught at Uvalde HS. I figured, if I have a teaching certificate, they can’t tell me I can’t teach, and maybe somehow I can help other home schoolers as well.

Highlights and achievements

Beginning in the mid 1980s I worked with pro-life Republicans in the San Antonio area to replace the establishment with those who would uphold pro-life principles. It was a huge battle.

1989 I participated with Operation Rescue in a number of actions against abortion clinics, and was arrested twice for criminal trespass.

I’ve also attended numerous pro-life rallies and protests. Through our efforts, we managed to save a number of babies, and we closed the A to Z abortion clinic.

There was one interesting incident that occurred at one of the abortion clinics when I was on probation for the two arrests. A Rescue was happening, and the rescuers had been pulled from the side door, and most of the attention was on the front door. I saw a couple ladies headed for the side door. I didn’t see any police nearby, so I went and stood in the door and said to the ladies, where are you going? They said, in there, I said, no you’re not. And they left.

When in college, I joined the Texas State Guard, and stayed in until it became too much of a burden on my family. When I left in the mid 1990s, I was a Sergent.

In 1992 I had a hand in the Republican Party of Texas adopting its first ever resolution on concealed carry of hand guns. I arranged for sympathetic members to be placed in the relevant sub-committee, then testified before the sub-committee on this matter, and brought an NTARC (North Texas Arms Rights Coalition) expert to also testify in favor of concealed carry, and we persuaded the committee to adopt the resolution. My impression was the that the resolution would not have passed if we hadn’t been there. A similar resolution on assault weapons failed.

1993 Bill Clinton became President, and pushed the assault weapons ban, and attacked the Branch Davidians. I was very concerned with efforts to violate the Second Amendment, and I came up with the idea of the Come And Take It flag with the AR-15/M-16, and copyrighted it.

I went to a number of libraries and researched the history of the event on Oct 2, 1835, when Mexican troops marched on the town of Gonzales to confiscate their cannon, and the Texans answered with gunfire. That event started the Texas revolution that ended up at the Alamo, and then San Jacinto. I have given away tens of thousands of copies of this history.

I have appeared in numerous parades and rallies with the modernized Come And Take It flag, including parades in Fredericksburg. I have also carried a large version of the flag with a .50 BMG rifle to rallies in Austin, and I attended the Lobby Day rally in Richmond, Virginia in Jan 2020 with the big flag, and conducted a radio interview with NPR which aired nationally.

In 1993 during the siege of the Branch Davidians, a number of us wanted to try to rescue them. Our plan was to have enough people that we could simply walk up to the church and walk them out. We met near the Davidian homes/church, but, unfortunately, only a couple hundred people showed up to help, and we figured we didn’t have enough people to do anything. My friends went there a couple more times before the feds burned alive most of the people there.

In about 1997 I started also about that time,

2005 earned a Texas Peace Officers license, and worked as a patrol officer for the Waelder PD for 2 years, and then for the Johnson City PD for 2 years.

Lost my job with the Johnson City PD because my supervisor decided he didn’t like me views. We had a meeting, and they asked me, if the President (Obama at the time) told us to confiscate everyone’s guns, would you do it? I said I would uphold the Constitution. They said you have to follow your orders. I insisted that I would uphold the Constitution. The Chief and the Sergent went around the room asking all the other officers if they would confiscate people’s guns if ordered to do so, and they said they would. Hopefully they lied.

They also knew about my arrests with Operation Rescue, saving babies. They asked, if you found someone doing the same thing you were doing (peacefully blocking doors), would you arrest them? I said, I will not help kill children. The sergeant privately said he wished he had looked more carefully into my background, and he was sorry he hired me, and he was going to look into removing me. I lost my job not long after that.

(On a side note, just because someone is a police officer in a small community doesn’t mean they will uphold the Constitution. They were probably educated in the government school system where some variety of Critical Race Theory is taught; where America is considered evil, and where they are taught anyone who supports the Constitution is a terrorist and a white supremacist. There are also rabidly leftist organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center that provide a lot of propaganda to police agencies, to turn officers against the Constitution and against those who support it. I have seen first-hand how effective their propaganda is.)

In 2006, a number of friends an I supported Nathan Macias for state rep, a candidate unpopular with the local Republican establishment. To punish us for not going along with the program, when the Republican County Convention was held, the chairman and others broke the Republican Party rules, and Texas election law, and shut us out of the process, and prevented us from attending the State Convention. They also did things that sound similar to what we see today, like refusing to turn over records.

A number of us prepared a challenge to what the Republican establishment had done, and we took it to the State Convention. The State convention agreed that wrongs had been committed, and several who headed up the activities were ousted from the State Convention.

I wrote an account of what the Republican establishment had done, but the newspaper refused to print it. I had been wanting to do it for awhile anyway, so I started an alternative newspaper, the Fredericksburg Conservative. We distributed thousands of copies of each edition. The old issues are still online at

I was able to publish 8 issues before having to stop for various reasons.

In 2016 there was another incident involving Republicans in Gillespie County. In this case, the Precinct Convention Chairman refused to give me a copy of the delegates to the county convention, which he was required to do by the Republican Party rules. The secretary of the Convention, Debbie Campbell, backed up the Chairman in offering various excuses why they were not required to give me a copy of the documents.

Later I spoke privately with the Chairman, who continued to refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing. I told him, if you aren’t willing to tell me it won’t happen again, you don’t belong in leadership. He hung up on me.

I again prepared a challenge and submitted it to the proper committee for the County Convention. The Committee acknowledged that the rule had been broken, and the Chairman was ousted from the County Convention.

The Secretary of that meeting, Debbie Campbell, never admitted to any wrongdoing, and never apologized to me for her role. Now she wants to be Precinct Chairman of this Precinct.

In 2020, in violation of the Texas and US Constitutions, Gov. Abbott locked down Texas. I wrote letters, and attended various rallies and protests against the unconstitutional measures, and did what I could to speak up for people like Shelly Luther, who was arrested for violating Abbott’s orders.

One notable rally I attended was in May 2020 when the Sheriff of Ector County arrested a bar owner for refusing to follow Abbott’s lockdown, and arrested a number of armed supporters for no good reason. Open Carry Texas held an armed rally with over 100 people near the bar to defend the bar owner who continued to defy the lockdown orders, and I was there with OCT. I am not afraid to stand against tyrants in whatever manner is necessary to stop them. The bar stayed open, the Sheriff did nothing, the rally ended peacefully, and everyone went home.

In May 2020 my employer decided to implement a requirement for us to quarantine at home while off the clock. I saw that these sorts of measures were going to turn into a full scale fight for freedom, I refused to comply, and was fired. I will defy these violations of unalienable rights, and I will fight against them however I can.

I have attended multiple rallies against the Covid tyranny.

2020 earned a General class (middle) ham license KI5MQP.

About August 2020 I was appointed at Republican Precinct Chairman of Precinct 13 to fill a vacancy.

2021 I reactivated my Texas Peace Officer’s license, since it was about to expire.

In Oct 2021 I went to the Knob Creek gun Range in Kentucky to sell Come And Take It flags at their last machine gun shoot, and I caught the Wuhan, and was sick for 3 days. I took Ivermectin, high concentrations of vitamins A, C, D, zinc, and a few other things.

Oct 2021 Our county Republican organization was given a choice between using only paper ballots, or newly purchased Hart electronic voting machines for the Republican primary. In light of the stolen election of Nov 3, 2020, I argued vociferously against the electronic machines, but only 2 of us voted to reject the electronic machines.

To summarize, I have a lifetime record of conservative political activism. I will uphold the Constitution. I will not compromise or back down from a fight. I have no problem going against the Republican establishment when they are on the wrong side, and I have demonstrated that I can carry on a fight in a intelligent and gracious manner, with the ultimate goal to preserve freedom and prosperity for us and our children.

TOPICS: Texas; Campaign News; Issues; State and Local
KEYWORDS: conservative; precinctchairman; republican

1 posted on 01/08/2022 6:40:45 PM PST by David Treibs
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To: David Treibs

Hope you get the Chairman position. 🙂

2 posted on 01/08/2022 6:48:39 PM PST by Robert DeLong
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To: David Treibs

Best of luck!

3 posted on 01/08/2022 6:53:14 PM PST by Jane Long (What we were told was a “conspiracy theory” in 2020 is now fact. 🙏🏻 Ps 33:12 )
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To: David Treibs

Is there much competition for Precinct Chairman where you are?

Around here the party is eager for anyone willing to do the work.

4 posted on 01/08/2022 6:57:14 PM PST by Renfrew
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To: David Treibs
It is a awakening the learn that the small town Johnson City PD would confiscate firearms.

Also note the Shelly Luther was arrested for violating Dallas County judge Clay Jenkins' orders. It was Gov Abbott that relieved her of that situation. But Gov Abbott started this mess in the first place with the lock downs, Jenkins just ran with it for a DNC power play.

5 posted on 01/08/2022 7:24:50 PM PST by Deaf Smith (When a Texan takes his chances, chances will be taken that's for sure.)
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To: David Treibs

Good luck!

6 posted on 01/08/2022 7:29:50 PM PST by sitetest (Professional patient. No longer mostly dead. Again. It's getting to be a habit.)
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To: David Treibs


7 posted on 01/08/2022 9:17:39 PM PST by WhattheDickens? (Funny, I didn’t think this was 1984…)
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To: Robert DeLong


8 posted on 01/08/2022 10:42:51 PM PST by David Treibs ( Battle Flags, Etc.)
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To: Jane Long

Thank you!

9 posted on 01/08/2022 10:43:35 PM PST by David Treibs ( Battle Flags, Etc.)
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To: Renfrew

No, only in my precinct. A liberal Republican with a long history of supporting RINOs has filed against me.

10 posted on 01/08/2022 10:44:51 PM PST by David Treibs ( Battle Flags, Etc.)
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To: Deaf Smith

Just because you have a small town does not guarantee a conservative police force, thanks to the SPLC and other communist organizations propagandizing the police.
Yes, Shelly Luther’s arrest was Abbott’s doing .

11 posted on 01/08/2022 10:47:04 PM PST by David Treibs ( Battle Flags, Etc.)
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To: sitetest


12 posted on 01/08/2022 10:47:30 PM PST by David Treibs ( Battle Flags, Etc.)
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To: David Treibs

My daughter met you at the Fbg Tea Party event Thursday. She said you spoke, and she really liked you. Said she has a lot of respect for you for your pro life stance, and willingness to go to jail to save babies.

She said if she lived in Gillespie County, she’d join FTP.
Did Terri Hall speak? She has been very vocal in Kerr County about the fine print in the ARPA funds, ceding control to the Fed’s.

Our stupid County Commissioners took the $$$, even though they rejected the Zuck bucks prior to the last General Election.

I know Fbg took the Zuck bucks, and the ARPA $$$. Dummies.

13 posted on 01/15/2022 3:05:28 AM PST by sockmonkey (Conservative. Not a Neocon.)
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To: sockmonkey

Thanks for the reply. It’s nice to meet someone who is local. I don’t know your real name. I’m sure I was glad to meet your daughter, but I don’t know who she was, either. ;)
I don’t remember if Terri Hall spoke at that meeting, or not. I think mostly people who ran for office spoke, but then again, she may have.
Fredericksburg city council is a bunch of communists, from what I hear. I’m outside the city limits, so I don’t have to bother with them so far, thank God. Pretty sure we just elected a new County Commissioner who is a full blown RINO. Ug.

14 posted on 04/03/2022 6:04:55 AM PDT by David Treibs ( Battle Flags, Etc.)
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