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ARPA-E, Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Workshop October 21, 2021: CONCLUSIONS
ARPA-E ^ | October 2021 | Francesco Celani

Posted on 01/26/2022 11:12:18 PM PST by Kevmo

ARPA-E, Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Workshop October 21, 2021


• Eng. Carl Page, President of Antropocene Institute-USA and Chairman of ICCF24 (, announced that he will give a 2-3 M$(USA) PRIZE to simple/reproducible LENR experiment.

• The name of the prize is: SOLID STATE FUSION PRIZE • The ICCF24 will be held at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA (USA) on July 25-28, 2022. URL:

Selected slides among presentation by Larry Forsley (NASA) Presentation of selected slides by kind permission of Prof. Lawrence P.G. Forsley.


• The ARPA-E Workshop was, among others, a paradigm-shift about one of the most controversial and, possibly revolutionary, research made in the field of Energy in the last 50 years.

• It was accepted, once for ever, that, although there NOT yet exist a fully theoretical explanations (generally accepted) about the generation of the “Anomalous Heat” during the interaction of Hydrogen and their isotopes with specific lattices, the evidences were so large and detailed that it is NOT possible to continue to consider them just as experimental mistakes.

• Anyway, some of the theoretical models seems to have increased acceptance, like that based on HDD (High Density Deuterium, or similar, developed by Leif Holmlid-Sweden) and stimulated by proper high intensity voltage pulses (Giorgio Vassallo and co-authors, Italy).

• Among the several materials studied, several of the Researchers now consider the Ni-Cu alloys as the most promising for a practical application, also considering his low cost (in respect to “old” Palladium used at the beginning) and its ability to work also with natural Hydrogen instead of expensive Deuterium.

• The studies on Ni-Cu alloys at submicrometric dimensionality were introduced on 1995 by Brian Ahern (EPRI-USA) but because reported only in a patent (among others not easy to understand), didn’t received the due attention. Later (about 2011) such materials were, independently, re-discovered by Akito Takahashi (nanometric powders, at Technova, Japan) and Francesco Celani (long and thin wires with surfaces submicrometric, at INFN-LNF, Italy), starting from points of view completely different.

On 2016 Yasuhiro Iwamura (Tohoku University, Japan) “changed” his traditional Pd-CaO nanometric layers (since about 1998) with Ni-Cu, again at same dimensionality (2, 14 nm).

On 2020 started the Collaboration among Iwamura and the start-up Company CleanPlanet (CEO Ideki Hyoshino).

On 2021 CleanPlanet made an in-deep collaboration with the large MIURA Company (expert in industrial boilers) aiming to introduce in the market the “reactors”, power of several MW, in 2-3 years.

• It can be possible that one of the new technology able to reduce the so-called “green-house” effect will come from one of the most criticized research in the ’90 of previous century.

• We can expect that also USA will join the race, because its large experience in the energy field and its power of “giant” amounts of money: ARPA-E Workshop is an impressive event.

• Also, Italy could join the restricted Group (i.e. Japan and USA) of Ni-Cu for energy production if proper a proper rash-program, i.e. large amounts of resources, will start immediately. The specific experience acquired in over 10 years of experiments, performed at INFN-LNF using surface-modified bulk materials, is a unique opportunity for the Italian economy.

Also, the production of new submicrometric powders, based on “mixing” the Ni-Cu with Low Work Function material (like oxides of Ca, Sr, Ba), further added by anti-sintering agent of sib-micrometric powders, can help the energy production because its simplicity. The innovative procedures to develop the new compounds were developed by Cesare Lorenzetti (INFN-LNF group).

Funding This work has received partial funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 Framework Program, under Grant Agreement #951974.

######################################################################################### Disclaimer The work reported in this document is under the full responsibility of the Authors and didn’t represent necessary the opinion of whole CleanHME International project.

TOPICS: Science
KEYWORDS: cmns; coldfusion; lenr
ICCF24 will be held at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA (USA) on July 25-28, 2022. URL:



• Personal opinion: introduction on the motivation of the (extraordinary) Workshop held jointly by DoE (Department of Energy) and DoD (Department of Defence), by DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) specials section ARPA-E.

• Overview of the full program, with comments.

• Some selected presentations.

• Details on CleanPlanet recent results.

• The “innovative” Nichel Copper alloy.

• Conclusion (including personal opinions of Francesco Celani).

Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Workshop October 21-22, 2021, ARPA-E (USA) (original document modified by Francesco Celani about colour addition and test enhancing)

The objective of this workshop was to explore compelling R&D opportunities in Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) [1], in support of developing metrics for a potential ARPA-E R&D program in LENR. Despite a large body of empirical evidence for LENR that has been reported internationally over the past 30+ years in both published and unpublished materials, as well as multiple books, there still does not exist a widely accepted, on-demand, repeatable LENR experiment nor a sound theoretical basis.

This has led to a stalemate where adequate funding is not accessible to establish irrefutable evidence and understanding of LENR, and lack of the latter precludes the field from accessing adequate funding.

Building on and leveraging the most promising recent developments in LENR research, ARPA-E envisions a potential two-phase approach toward breaking this stalemate:

1. 1. Support targeted R&D toward establishing at least one on-demand, repeatable LENR experiment with diagnostic evidence that is convincing to the wider scientific community (focus of this workshop);

2. 2. If phase 1 above is successful (metrics to be determined), support a broader range of R&D activities (to be defined later) toward better understanding of LENR and its potential for scale-up toward disruptive energy applications, thus setting up LENR for broader and more systematic support by both the public and private sectors.

1 posted on 01/26/2022 11:12:18 PM PST by Kevmo
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To: dangerdoc; citizen; Liberty1970; Red Badger; PA Engineer; glock rocks; free_life; badgerlandjim; ...

The Cold Fusion/LENR Ping List

Keywords: ColdFusion; LENR; lanr; CMNS


LENR: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. [Also Lattice Enabled Nuclear Reactions, but seldom used]
CANR: Chemical Assisted Nuclear Reactions [fallen into disuse along with LANR/Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions]
CMNS: Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
LCF: Lattice Confined Fusion [NASA’s term for it]
AHE: Anomolous Heating Effect. Also PFAHE, for the Pons-Fleischmann AHE.

Best book to get started on this subject:
Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed by Charles Beaudette

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Something is going on in this segment of science. There are a considerable number of research groups studying the matter.

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2 posted on 01/26/2022 11:12:47 PM PST by Kevmo (I’m immune from Covid since I don’t watch TV.🤗)
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