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The breach of the Capitol was an obvious set-up
American Thinker ^ | 9 Jan, 2021 | Patricia McCarthy

Posted on 01/09/2021 5:22:48 AM PST by MtnClimber

Twitter video (cropped) of one group entering with no police restraint

What happened at the Capitol building on Wednesday obviously was a stratagem to destroy the President’s popularity and support and overshadow the challenges to the Electoral College vote, to my eyes. The building was breached at the beginning of that process and, of course, riveted the media news feeds. Members of Congress were evacuated with hoods over their heads as if they were in grave danger.

As a group of protesters approached the building, a policeman removed the barricade and appeared to invite them in.

That group entered the rotunda peacefully and stayed behind the rope line. Those who observed this noted that there were several instigators embedded among the crowd. They were using bullhorns to agitate and move people. A couple of them set off flash bangs.

We now know that several known Antifa activists were among the agitators. As they broke windows, Trump supporters tried to stop them. But the distraction worked, frightened the pathetically spineless Republicans who were set to challenge the stolen election. They quickly capitulated and Biden was certified. The Republicans, even the ones we thought had grit, got rolled.

There were tragic deaths, about which the leftists who planned this could not care less, any more than they cared about all those who died in the riots they so embraced over the summer.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Society
KEYWORDS: communism; insurrection; uscapitol

1 posted on 01/09/2021 5:22:48 AM PST by MtnClimber
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To: MtnClimber

You won’t see this on CNN or any other MSM. I would wager they know all of the details, but are all in on the end goal.

2 posted on 01/09/2021 5:23:05 AM PST by MtnClimber (For photos of Colorado scenery and wildlife, click on my screen name for my FR home page.)
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To: MtnClimber

Alex Jones has some good videos breaking it down.

First wave was antifa.

Second wave in orange beanies was a militia type, possibly bugaloo, followed by Q believers, apparently.

All theater directed by the left.

3 posted on 01/09/2021 5:39:39 AM PST by Eagles6
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To: MtnClimber
I wondered about it being a "set-up". The barriers could easily defeated by a 10 year old.

The Capitol police were completely overwhelmed, outnumbered thousands to one.

But... Conservatives had always played by the rules, unwilling to break the slightest infractions.

On Wednesday, 6 January, frustrations which had built up for years were in play.

4 posted on 01/09/2021 5:39:56 AM PST by marktwain (President Trump and his supporters are the Resistance. His opponents are the Reactionaries. )
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To: MtnClimber

American Thinker ‘gets it’

How much longer can we count on them being around

5 posted on 01/09/2021 5:41:03 AM PST by Guenevere (When the foundations are being destroyed what can the righteous do)
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To: MtnClimber

Just heard on Fox that the police officer who died, may “lay in state” at the Capitol. All while we have not heard much sympathy for the unarmed 14 year AF veteran who was shot by “someone”

6 posted on 01/09/2021 5:45:02 AM PST by Toespi
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To: Eagles6
Antifa yes.

But you said:

Second wave in orange beanies was a militia type, possibly bugaloo, followed by Q believers, apparently.

Where do you get either of those pieces of speculation?

ComDem's talk often about bugaloo's (I've never seen one), I've never spent any time looking at the riddles by whoever Q is, but what has that got to do with anything related?

7 posted on 01/09/2021 5:50:08 AM PST by Texas Fossil ((Texas is not where you were born, but a Free State of Heart, Mind & Attitude!))
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To: Toespi

AF veteran who was shot by “someone”

Capitol police supervisor is the latest reported ID, his name is known and the situation being investigated. From the lack of news on this murder, I would assume that the individual got a promotion, as is sometimes the case, and nothing more will be heard.

8 posted on 01/09/2021 5:53:14 AM PST by PIF (They came for me and mine ... now its your turn)
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To: Texas Fossil

Watch his videos.

9 posted on 01/09/2021 5:53:25 AM PST by Eagles6
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To: MtnClimber

What irritates the hell out of me is that the “white hats” keep referring to seeking “legal” remedies to the stolen election.

When someone comes at you and your family with a gun with the intent to kill you, law and order has failed you, and if you depend on law and order you will die.

And so we look at each other and persuade each other so delicately and sensitively that we must seek Constitutional ways to stop an unconstitutional coup, and if we can’t, we must submit to the yoke of tyranny for the rest of time.

No, this is not a time to consult the law books. This is a time to do whatever it takes to put our boots on the necks of the ones who would destroy us and our country forevermore.

10 posted on 01/09/2021 5:55:22 AM PST by odawg
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To: Eagles6


What does a bugaloo look like?

11 posted on 01/09/2021 6:08:48 AM PST by Texas Fossil ((Texas is not where you were born, but a Free State of Heart, Mind & Attitude!))
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To: Guenevere

the most compelling evidence are the videos showing police gesturing people to come forward, or opening a door to allow people in. quite bizarre and inexplicable.

another oddity. John Sullivan, who just happened to be next to Ashli Babbitt when she was shot, and who ended up on Anderson Cooper/CNN, along with his documentary-making sidekick, Jade Sacker. He also provided WaPo with his video, & appeared on Fox.

VIDEO: 1m36s: 6 Jan: KSL TV: Utah Activist Inside U.S. Capitol Says Woman Killed Was First To Attempt Entrance In House Chamber
Sullivan, who is the founder of Insurgence USA, a social justice group that calls itself anti-fascist and protests police brutality, was detained by Washington police for about an hour and a half Thursday night, a day after he talked to local and national media about what he witnessed Wednesday.
He was handcuffed the entire time, and said police questioned him about being inside the Capitol and witnessing the shooting death of one of the protesters. He was not arrested...

But some of the 40-minute video he posted to his social media sites contradicts his assertion that he and another woman (JADE SACKER) were “only filming” the actions and not participating as he can be heard in the video encouraging people to join them as they push their way through police barricades...

Just after people broke into the building, Sullivan — wearing a gas mask and wielding an iPhone on a stabilizing stick — and a woman who said Wednesday that she was making a documentary on Sullivan, are on the first porch area outside the entrance looking back over the throngs of people around the Capitol. They can be heard encouraging people to climb the wall, saying, “Come on. Let’s go!”...

He can be heard saying, “We’re all part of this (expletive) history” as they enter the rotunda around 15 minutes in, and he says to his companion, “2021! (expletive) This is insanity. I am shook. What is this? What is this painting, you know? King (expletive) bro (expletive)!”...

That was not an impromptu act, Sullivan said.
“As far as them storming the Capitol, I knew that was going to happen,” he said. “I’m on chats that are underground that are sending out flyers that are just like, ‘Storm all Capitols on the 6th.’ It wasn’t anything that was secret. It was something that was out there … and they did it.”...

Throughout the video Sullivan can be heard telling police that they shouldn’t try to stop them from going different places because he doesn’t want them to get hurt. He appears to take his gas mask off at one point, but he is not shown in his own video except for a few seconds of an 18-minute video that has now been removed from his social media accounts...

When he was asked if he was a member of antifa, as he has used the hashtag in his social media posts, Sullivan said he understands where there could be confusion.
“If people are saying I’m antifa, as far as a terrorist organization, I’m not,” he said. “Am I anti-fascist? We all are anti-fascist. And that’s what we should all strive for being. I have my own organization, Insurgence USA, and that’s what it is for. That’s really what it is.”...

Jayden X seems to be one of Sullivan’s Twitter handles:

Tweet: John Sullivan Retweeted Jayden X
Trump Supporters Breach the Wall of police and storm the front steps of the #usacapitol #DCProtests #DC
VIDEO 2m20s
8 Jan 2020

Tweet: Charlie Kirk
BLM inc. (JOHN SULLIVAN) threatening to “rip the president out of the White House”
They say they won’t wait until the next election.
They’re openly calling for a revolution.
This is domestic terrorism on full display, out in the open. They don’t even try to hide it.
VIDEO 1m18s
29 Aug 2020

23 Sept: PT News Network: From Olympic hopeful and successful freight broker to left-wing extremist: John Sullivan’s story
By Stephen Oatley
Unlike most social justice protest organizers, let alone radical anti-police extremists we typically see taking leadership roles in protests, Sullivan grew up part of a wealthy family in northern Virginia. Sullivan and his brothers were all nationally ranked inline speed skaters and competed in competitions throughout the United States and international competitions in Spain, France, and Italy...

In a recent online video at a Los Angeles protest, Sullivan tells a woman that he currently works in cybersecurity. PT News Network reached out to Proofpoint, a cybersecurity firm listed on Sullivan’s LinkedIn profile as his current employer. In an email, a Proofpoint spokesperson commented they would not comment on the status of employees...

About: Jade Sacker
I am a documentary photographer currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, having graduated from the International Center of Photography last Spring.
I come from a Native American family on my mom’s side, now culturally displaced from their land. My father’s family descends from Russia, where they fled from the pogroms at the outset of the 20th Century..
My projects are intended to advocate for a more just and tolerant world.
Client List:
Foreign Policy, NBC, HuffPo, Buzzfeed etc

28 Dec: Foreign Policy: The Year in Review: Our Top Visual Stories of 2020
by Kelly Kimball
1. As America Shuts Its Doors, Afghan Refugees Are Stuck in Turkey
by Umar Farooq, photos by Oscar Durand, Jan 24

4. In Cambodia, a Spiritual Army Battles an Earthly Pandemic
by ***JADE SACKER, June 12

12 posted on 01/09/2021 6:15:00 AM PST by MAGAthon (,)
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To: MtnClimber
Isn't it amazing that Pelosi disappeared from the speaker's chair several minutes before it was announced that intruders had entered the building?

Isn't it interesting that for the first time ever Trump rally people had helmets on, carried shields, and had climbing tools dangling drom their belt?

When are logical, law-abiding people going to realize that not only was the election stolen fraudulently but also the electoral vote counting process was fraudulent?

One thing that should be noted, however, is that this election steal was executed flawlessly. It was executed almost as flawlessly as a 'Mission Impossible' episode. Hmm, wasn't that TV show based on FBI/CIA/DNI activities? I wonder if anything self-destructed in Pelosi's office? Welcome to the Banana Republic of America....

13 posted on 01/09/2021 6:48:25 AM PST by eeriegeno
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To: MtnClimber

One of these is true.Either the Capitol Police allowed the Marches on to the Capitol grounds and escorted them into the people’s house or Antifa Imposters uniformed as Capitol Police did the job.

All around it proves there was a significant amount of negligence with Security of Class A Government Property. Some Heads need to roll and Not Just in the Capitol Police.

14 posted on 01/09/2021 7:53:08 AM PST by puppypusher (The world is going to the dogs.)
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To: MtnClimber

Yes it was.

You cannot get into a managers office at McDonalds but I guess the Speaker of the House office is wide open.

Not to mention laptops laying around.


15 posted on 01/09/2021 8:52:54 AM PST by eyedigress (Trump is my President!)
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SO no doors to Lock ?

No armed police blocking the doors with guns drawn ? (Thousands of DC Police outside)

I doubt those few dozen creepy antifa-looking/anarchist ones that got in (climbed the wall/portico/whatever) didn’t look like they would face down guns to push through.

The 250000 Protesters (outside, peaceful) ... was there ANY sign they were armed ?

There were plenty of heavily armed/armored police outside with the milling quarter million REAL Trump Supporters.

A MAJOR FusterCluck - if not a Dem planned thing to discredit that 250000 outside.

Media liars labeled it ‘Insurrection’ (but previously called all the blm/antifa arson/looting/assualts/rioting just ‘Protesting’)


SO : THE First “INSURRECTION” in history where the unarmed ‘mob’ of 250000 stayed for a few hours standing around and then went home.


TRUTH and these demlefy scoundrels DOES NOT INTERSECT.

“BETRAYERS do NOT Prosper” - old saying


16 posted on 01/09/2021 1:21:37 PM PST by elbook
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