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The size of this thread is causing FR to slow down whenever it is accessed. It is going to be locked and moved to the chat/general interest forum. If anyone wants to post a ‘Part 2’ thread, go ahead, but post it to chat. Thank You

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Al Qaeda again threatens New York, Washington and Los Angeles - Daily Terror Threat
Debka ^ | 11-3-2003 | Staff

Posted on 11/03/2003 9:17:27 AM PST by tubavil

Edited on 01/26/2004 3:58:09 PM PST by Sidebar Moderator. [history]

Monday, November 3, 2003

A new message was posted in the last few hours by the Jeddah-based al-Qaeda-linked Al-Islah (Reform) society calling on Muslims to flee New York, Washington and Los Angeles in advance of major al Qaeda attacks in those cities. This is revealed by DEBKAfile.

The message accuses the United States of predetermining its end (doom) by its policies. ?The Jews rule the Pentagon by remote control and (are the cause) of Muslims being killed in every corner of the world. The United States should therefore expect more blows.?

The message is signed on behalf of the al Bayan (The Threat) movement by ?your warrior brother, Abul Hassan al Khadrami?.

Our Muslim expert identifies the name of the signatory as belonging to a Yemeni from Hadhrameuth, the Bin Ladens? place of origin where Osama enjoys substantial tribal support.

DEBKAfile?s counter-terror sources stress that warnings appearing on these forums are taken both very seriously and with caution by the intelligence services keeping track of the terrorist network?s electronic traffic.

Last November, Jeddah-based fundamentalist forums addressed a message to an Al Qaeda member, saying whoever understands ? understands; whoever knows, knows, but we are marching towards an operation that will take us to Paradise. Three days later, the Mombasa Paradise hotel was blown up killing 12 Kenyans and 3 Israelis and a failed shoulder-launched Strela anti-air missile missed an Israeli airliner at Mombasa airport.

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To: Oorang
There are far too many folks who just can't sleep at night knowing somewhere there are people talking about or thinking something they don't approve of or believe in.

It is not the sole province of the Hildebeast worshippers.
15,441 posted on 01/26/2004 10:38:05 AM PST by the (No, I don't put anything past them.)
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To: brucecw
In the past 6 months I've read on FR in more than one article that church attendence in Great Britain is increasing.

Daleel sounds frustrated.
15,442 posted on 01/26/2004 10:50:55 AM PST by Domestic Church (AMDG...)
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To: All "YEMEN'S AL-QAIDA PROMISES ATTACKS" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: ""The military wing of al-Qaida in Yemen - the Abu Ali al-Harthi Brigades - has for a year been preparing to carry out a devastating strike," the group warned, according to al-Sahwa. The group also warned of an "impending major strike in America," adding that the attacks on the Cole and the Limburg had been in revenge for the killing of Islamist leaders in Yemen. Yemen has been engaged in a crackdown on suspected members of al-Qaida since the 11 September 2001 attacks in the United States for which bin Ladin's organization was blamed, but its government denies that there is such a thing as a Yemeni branch of Al-Qaida.") (January 25, 2004)

"" - "ISLAMIC AWAKENING" (Discussion Forums) "SLAVES OF THE MOST MERCIFUL vs. THE PARTY OF SATAN - Message No.7: "PREPARING FOR DEATH: A CHAT BETWEEN HAROON & BALOOL" -Posted on January 19, 2004 by "soojood" "SlavesOfTheMostMerciful - vs. ThEpArTyOfSaTaN" (POSTED ON THE FRONT PAGE: "May the Peace of Allah and His Mercy and Blessings be upon the muslims. The struggle of good and evil will continue between the Party of Allah and the Party of Satan until the Day of Reckoning. The call to the Truth has never gone unhindered or unopposed. Messengers were killed & tortured, the Mo'min were persecuted, & the Religion made a mockery of, to such an extent that even the Messengers themselves beckoned for the victory to come. But we can look back now & know that Allah's victory did come, after the Mo'min had proven their faith in deeds, actions & intentions. And when they sacrificed all they had. Nothing makes the enemies of Allah more happy than a dormant Muslim, who has given up hope from forbidding the evil & enjoining good. This allows evil to spread unhindered. Our enemies go about demolishing Islam without fear. But Islam came to put a halt to the progression of evil, whatever the circumstances, and it is incumbent upon a Muslim to help another Muslim who is in need and oppressed. And the checking of Fitnah comes about through the Jihad & the Da'wah. Fighting is prescribed for you and you may hate it. And it may be that you hate a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know. 2:216 Among the believers there are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah: of them some have completed their vow through sacrificing their lives, and some others are waiting for it, and have not changed their determination in the least. 33:23 Therefore, do not be fainthearted crying for peace, for you will surely gain the upper hand. Allah is on your side and will never let your deeds be wasted. 47:35")

15,443 posted on 01/26/2004 11:12:31 AM PST by Cindy
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To: Domestic Church
In the past 6 months I've read on FR in more than one article that church attendence in Great Britain is increasing.

I don't think that's wrong - the big news in the article was just that C of E attendance was decreasing (at least relative to mosque attendance). Overall church attendance percentages have decreased over the last 100 years in the UK but I think the numbers have increased lately, just not in the C of E.

Daleel is confused - but we already knew that. He may well not understand about the different Christian denominations, which are admittedly confusing even for those who grew up in a Christian culture.

15,444 posted on 01/26/2004 11:15:53 AM PST by brucecw
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To: LayoutGuru2
"The captain informs a delegate ( the homeland ) of their toll from the magic mysteries just after the end of the diving operation . And from it a wrapped mystery by human hairs inside a bottle"


This is weird! I wonder what it really means.

15,445 posted on 01/26/2004 11:19:02 AM PST by FairOpinion
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To: LayoutGuru2; JohnathanRGalt; Per-Ling; Revel; StillProud2BeFree; Old Sarge; piasa; All
On The Net
15,446 posted on 01/26/2004 11:27:00 AM PST by Cindy
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To: Oorang
If you go to the "Latest Posts" page, you can set it to be by Threads or Messages. Some people use the Messages view, which lets them see which threads are getting replied to recently. Every time someone replies to this thread, it goes right back to the top of that listing, and new people can see it there. (This is why some people reply to a thread with BTTT, meaning "Bump to the top").
15,447 posted on 01/26/2004 11:37:10 AM PST by Lead Moderator
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To: tubavil
Why go to such lengths to try and shelter us from the obvious?
15,448 posted on 01/26/2004 11:56:36 AM PST by jerseygirl
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To: FairOpinion
Wow, alot of stuff since I left last night. Been catching up, but have alot left to go. If it's not 'safe,' how will our fearless crew get the latest sayings of those terrorist to us? I want to know what they are saying, even though the sites won't open for me.
15,449 posted on 01/26/2004 11:56:59 AM PST by Letitring
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To: JustPiper
Just catching up today- is there any way thata we could find out what was on the rest of that tape?
15,450 posted on 01/26/2004 11:59:34 AM PST by jerseygirl
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To: Lead Moderator
Well my goodness, I had wondered about this, myself. Thank you so much, for the explanation. :)
15,451 posted on 01/26/2004 12:02:09 PM PST by Letitring
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To: Cindy
OMG. Now I wonder what Karrom is saying. All Arabic. Sounds too much like Kaboom to suit me. :)
15,452 posted on 01/26/2004 12:03:33 PM PST by Letitring
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To: FairOpinion
We need to be checking our troops food and water supplies.
15,453 posted on 01/26/2004 12:06:24 PM PST by jerseygirl
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To: Pro-Bush
"will transmit a tape in the coming days to one of the field military commanders "....and the attack will supposedly be completed by 2/2/4. Incidentally, last night I was poking around on a UK Jihad site, that Cindy has posted links to, and the poster there said that they would not be responding either until or after 2/2/04.
15,454 posted on 01/26/2004 12:11:12 PM PST by jerseygirl
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To: WestCoastGal
From Jill St. Claire's website at

Due to a very malicious attack, I have been unable to update this site for a few days. Obviously something here has upset someone, and they felt compelled to try to hack into my home computer. Too bad guys, it didn't work!!!! I will post a complete update as soon as possible after I do damage control. Thank you for your patience!!!

Very strange. Coincidence?

15,455 posted on 01/26/2004 12:11:32 PM PST by Labyrinthos
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To: All
15,456 posted on 01/26/2004 12:11:39 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All
15,457 posted on 01/26/2004 12:11:57 PM PST by Cindy
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To: happy_happy_joy_joy
Also, it has to be something that our people in the bunkers could witness, via satellite. To me, that implies heat-massive fires-nuclear firestorms, chemical explosions- and leaves out bio- at least for the first hit.
15,458 posted on 01/26/2004 12:13:42 PM PST by jerseygirl
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To: the
Adding on to post no. 15437...

"Pakistan: Nuke Scientists Leaked Secrets"
Guardian ^ | 1/26/04 | Matthew Pennington

Posted on 01/26/2004 10:04:52 AM PST by Tumbleweed_Connection

ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Pakistan (AP) - Pakistan's government on Monday made its clearest public statement yet that scientists of its secretive nuclear weapons program leaked technology and would face legal action.

The government said its two-month probe into allegations of nuclear technology proliferation to Iran and Libya was near completion.

``One or two people acted in an irresponsible manner for personal profit. Money is involved in the matter. I am not naming any scientist,'' Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told a news conference in the capital, Islamabad.

Ahmed, the top government spokesman, made the comments amid fevered speculation that leading scientists will face prosecution.

Pakistan began its probe into its nuclear program and possible proliferation to Iran in late November after admissions made by Tehran to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations' nuclear watchdog. Allegations also have surfaced that Pakistani technology spread to Libya and North Korea as well.

Pakistan's government denies it authorized any transfers of weapons technology to other countries, but says individuals may have done so for their own profit.

Ahmed said three scientists and four security officials of the Khan Research Laboratories were still detained and that questioning would wind up within days.

Media reports have identified the key suspects as the lab's former director-general Dr. Mohammed Farooq, held for nearly two months, and the lab's founder, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, long regarded as a national hero.

Khan has not been detained, but an acquaintance has said he is confined to Islamabad and has been questioned many times. Ahmed said Monday that Khan wasn't under any restrictions.

Investigators are tracking the bank accounts of some scientists, and a Pakistani newspaper report Sunday said they had found accounts of two scientists with millions of U.S. dollars in transactions tied to the sale of nuclear technology to Iran. The report did not name the scientists."
15,459 posted on 01/26/2004 12:15:38 PM PST by Cindy
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To: mercy
It is likely that you have not read this thread, nor (with the sole exception of your single rant) have you posted to the thread. Does it's existence bug you that much?
15,460 posted on 01/26/2004 12:15:42 PM PST by mhking
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