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Friday News Roundup: What Earth Day is Really All About
dbdailyupdate ^ | David Blackmon

Posted on 04/23/2021 5:04:14 AM PDT by EyesOfTX

Yes, friends, yesterday was one of our many Soviet-style communal events around the Global Church of Climate Change religion, a day that was in fact invented by a communist. Earth Day was the brain child, supposedly, of Wisconsin Democrat/communist Sen. Gaylord Nelson, a compatriot of fellow communist George McGovern, the Democrat nominee for president in 1972. McGovern lost in a near-record landslide to Richard Nixon that year, as most Americans realized that hey, this guy’s a commie and we ain’t voting for him. McGovern’s ignominious defeat was surpassed in its utter futility just 16 years later by Walter Mondale, who was only a semi-commie, but that was close enough for most Americans in 1980s.

But back to Earth Day. This made-up celebration of Mother Gaia, one of the man false idols of the Globalist left, actually did help create momentum behind then-noble efforts by governments at all levels to clean up real pollution from the environment. The laws and public/private partnerships entered into during the Nixon presidency have had the effect of cleaning up our nation’s air and water, which had become absolutely filthy during that era.

One problem for the communist/globalist “green” movement, though, was that these efforts were in fact too successful to enable these collectivist cretins to maintain momentum behind their movement. By the turn of this century, they had virtually run out of real pollutants to police, thus immeasurably harming the ability of collectivist groups like the Sierra Club, the NRDC and other communist front groups on the left to raise money for their fading cause. Even worse, polls invariably showed that vast majorities of voters had little to no concern about what they then called “global warming,” mainly because the globe was in fact not warming to any measurable degree.

They needed a new boogeyman, and they needed one fast.

As it turned out, the solution they landed upon at that time was elegantly simple: They dropped the term “global warming” and instead started calling it all “climate change,” a far more-inclusive moniker that would enable them to claim that any weather event of any shape or form was because of this undefined and unmeasurable man-caused problem. And they quit harping on real, actual pollution for the most part, turning their focus – and the focus of the entirety of the corrupt, Nazi-style propaganda media – to carbon dioxide as their new boogeyman.

Never mind that CO2 is literally the fundamental building block for all life on Planet Earth, and never mind that atmospheric concentrations of this inert gas were hovering at near historic lows when considered in geologic time, the green communist/globalist left embarked on the boldest scam in human history, with the goal of creating a one-world government entity using the dogma of the Church of Climate Change as its justification for being.

Al Gore, who had just failed in his attempt to steal the presidency in Florida in 2000, became this religion’s de facto Pope, and Earth Day became this cult’s replacement for Easter. Even better, the entirety of this country’s national propaganda/entertainment media became the willing and complicit megaphones for the cult’s’ dogma.

Who can forget the “we’re going green” campaign that pervaded our nation’s airwaves during the first half-decade of this century?

NBC Peacock | dragon's mous tache


ABC New Logo Green - Nintendofan12 Photo (34610116) - Fanpop

But the public opinion impact of this friendly “going green” campaign faded after a few years, and it was soon replaced by a series of steadily more-aggressive campaigns designed to instill higher levels of fear and panic in the American populace. Currently, as recently trumpeted by the formerly respectable Scientific American magazine, the entirety of the media and entertainment industry has now embarked on a campaign to brainwash us into believing and accepting that we are now in a “climate emergency.”

We aren’t.

Is the globe warming, as Al Gore claimed in his infamous 2006 film, “An Inconvenient Truth”? Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn’t, but if it is, it is due to natural fluctuations in the cycles of the sun, in global ocean currents and other natural factors that have changed the temperatures of our planet across billions of years.

Are wildfires becoming more numerous and bigger in the U.S.? No. In fact, wildfires have become less numerous and less severe over the last half-century as mankind has become increasingly successful in dealing with them and managing the forests in which they take place. What has changed is the media’s ability to produce images of them and engage in sensationalistic, alarmist reporting about them.

Are hurricanes and other cyclonic events becoming more numerous and more severe? No. In fact, hurricanes and tornadic events have become less numerous and less severe over the past half-century. It is no accident that the most deadly storm in American history remains the 1900 Galveston storm that took more than 8,000 lives. But what has changed is that we now give names not just to hurricanes, but to tropical storms and even tropical depressions now in a rankly-alarmist effort to make such storms appear to be more numerous.

Are sea levels rising? Yes, they are in fact rising, but at the same rate they have risen since the end of the last ice age.

Has all the arctic ice gone away from the North Pole, as Pope Gore predicted it would? No. In fact, the level of Arctic sea ice has remained relatively static since satellites began measuring its daily extent in 1980.

Ok, well, has it stopped snowing in the U.S., as Pope Gore predicted it would by the year 2020? Uh, no, and Texans had four days in the dark during February this year in which our entire state was covered in the stuff.

This could go on and on, but you get the point. The fact is that not a single prediction Gore made in his propaganda film – very similar to the fright films Joseph Goebbels used to indoctrinate the German public during the 1930s – has been borne out in the 15 years since its initial airing.

But the movement he helped to create in 1988 lives on nonetheless. It is able to do that because the media, the entertainment industry and, perhaps most importantly, our schools are fully complicit in it.

The Biden/Harris Harris/Biden administration is also fully complicit and bought-in to the globalist goals of this religious cult. Thus it was that Biden’s Climate Czar, or poohbah or whatever his Soviet-style job title happens to be, John Kerry, hosted a digital/video confab of globalist leaders to celebrate Easter, er, Earth Day on Thursday.

The event included leaders from China and India, the two countries which, taken together, have in fact produced fully 80% of the new man-caused global carbon dioxide emissions since 2010. The event celebrated the Paris Climate Agreement and the decision by the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden administration to recommit our country to it, because hey, our country is going to pay for everyone else’s emissions for the next 30 years.

See, neither China nor India – deemed to be “developing nations” under this insane deal concocted and agreed-to by Barack Obama – have any obligations to meet within the Paris framework through the year 2050. So, those two countries are free to build all the coal-fired power plants they want to build for the next 30 years, and they are building buttloads of them.

Meanwhile, the United States – the only country on earth that has already met its Paris goals through 2025 thanks to the retirement of half of our own coal plants and replacing them with natural gas plants – remains obligated to spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year in a completely vain attempt to at least partially offset all the damage being done in China and India.

President Donald Trump had the good sense to take our country out of this lunatic globalist deal, and also had the good sense to order his EPA and other federal agencies to refocus their mitigation efforts on real, actual pollutants instead of carbon dioxide. But Trump was rejected by the voters – supposedly – last November, mainly because he was mean on Twitter, so we are now right back where we were five years ago, willingly participating in the institutionalization of a global government using “climate change” alarmism as its basis for being.

If you celebrated Earth Day yesterday, this is what you were celebrating. Don’t you feel so good about yourself now?

That is all.

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Humor; Politics; Society
KEYWORDS: climatechangehoax; earthday; fakenews; mediabias; trump; trumpwinsagain

1 posted on 04/23/2021 5:04:14 AM PDT by EyesOfTX
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To: EyesOfTX

The very first Earth Day - April 22, 1970 was literally the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vlad Lenin.

As someone else put it, “They had 365 days to pick from; they chose Lenin’s birthday”.

I’m certain the masses of smelly hippies gathered to celebrate it were displayed prominently on Soviet TV, with the narration “Here are the children of the capitalist running-dog imperialist lackeys, throwing off their chains and celebrating the birth of Comrade Lenin”.

2 posted on 04/23/2021 5:12:54 AM PDT by DuncanWaring (The Lord uses the good ones; the bad ones use the Lord.)
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To: EyesOfTX

Earth Day - a day founded by a murderer, Ira Einhorn, to celebrate people for being as dumb as dirt.

3 posted on 04/23/2021 5:14:57 AM PDT by T.B. Yoits
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To: EyesOfTX

I remember about 30 years ago, Rush warned us the environmental movement would become the new vehicle for Marxism to advance their agenda worldwide. I scoffed at the idea at first, but Rush was right.

4 posted on 04/23/2021 5:22:37 AM PDT by Dan in Wichita
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To: EyesOfTX

I thought it done as a salute to Oliver Douglas’ birthday.

5 posted on 04/23/2021 5:43:57 AM PDT by OttawaFreeper ("The Gardens was founded by men-sportsmen-who fought for their country" Conn Smythe, 1966 )
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To: Dan in Wichita
(from the article):"..Earth Day. This made-up celebration of Mother Gaia, one of the man false idols of the Globalist left,.."

Dan in Wichita :" ..Rush warned us the environmental movement would become the new vehicle for Marxism to advance their agenda worldwide.. "

Environmentalism is a cult-like religion, that has replaced fundamental belief in God as the basis of creation of the United States.
Once you fail to acknowledge that God, or a 'higher power' was instrumental with the Founding Fathers, some of whom were atheists and agnostics,
forming this country and the Constitution, you deny the spiritual basis of this country, and you can change it altogether .
Environmentalism is the new Gaia religion of "woke" folks.
you deny the spiritual basis of this country

6 posted on 04/23/2021 5:51:32 AM PDT by Tilted Irish Kilt
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To: EyesOfTX

***They needed a new boogeyman, and they needed one fast. ***

Here is one! A return to THE COMING ICE AGE!

7 posted on 04/23/2021 7:18:15 AM PDT by Ruy Dias de Bivar ((Democrats have declared us to be THE OBSOLETE MAN in the Twilight Zone.))
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To: Ruy Dias de Bivar
The exact date and severity of the event is still in question, but the clues all point to things bottoming out around the year 2050. It could start as soon as 2030, however. Just for reference, the Maunder Minimum lasted from 1645 until about 1715.

Will it save us from global warming? The very same scientists don’t think so.

“The cooling effect of a grand minimum is only a fraction of the warming effect caused by the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere," according to the study.

Three hundredths of one percent today could double and no one would notice except plants which would be fed better.

8 posted on 04/23/2021 8:59:22 AM PDT by JimRed (TERM LIMITS, NOW! Militia to the border! TRUTH is the new HATE SPEECH.)
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