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UNCOVERED: Conman With Long History of Deceit, Dennis Montgomery, Inserted False Information Into Election Fraud Investigation, Who’s Paying Him?
Gateway Pundit ^ | 02/12/2021 | Joe Hoft

Posted on 02/12/2021 5:51:24 PM PST by SeekAndFind

To our disgust, we confirmed earlier this week that information was inserted into the 2020 election fraud narrative to sidetrack and defraud the effort to uncover the fraud. The man behind this false information is a huckster with a long track record of deceit, Dennis Montgomery.

Earlier this week, Larry Johnson at the Gateway Pundit, reported that Dennis Montgomery was behind an operation to insert false narratives into the 2020 election fraud investigation.

Larry Johnson: A Closer Look at the Hammer and Scorecard – UPDATED

Some readers were upset hearing Larry’s news. One comment was that there was more support for the ‘Hammer and Scorecard’ than Russia collusion. This is a good point since the Russia collusion hoax was a big lie that the Democrats and the Big Media are still pushing to this day.

Because the FBI, DOJ, and other federal and state agencies refused to look into the massive fraud in the 2020 election or were part of it, individuals outside of the government have had to dig into the data and events to uncover the mountains of fraud surrounding the election stolen from President Trump.

Together a relatively small group of patriots has uncovered mountains of real fraud and crimes that occurred in the 2020 election (e.g. cars dropping off late-night ballots after the election is over, ballots counted without poll watchers present, machines flipping votes to Biden, lack of documentation on millions of absentee ballots, etc.). All of this leads to an election that was stolen through fraud on a massive scale.

We have enough already to overturn this election. However, we don’t have the courts or legislatures with the courage to address this massive fraud to date. (Everyone knows the election was stolen.)

Unfortunately, hucksters like Dennis Montgomery have inserted garbage data into the narrative in an attempt to discredit the fraud investigations and related crimes. We don’t know who’s paying him.

Montgomery was behind data that made it into the hands of some of the top individuals who are fighting for President Trump. Montgomery claimed to prove that President Trump won the election based on his data. (We believe the election was stolen but Montgomery’s data doesn’t prove it.)

Yaacov Apelbaum looked at Montgomery’s data and shared these observations:

  1. Many of the source and destination IP addresses don’t match the locations specified in the location description
  2. Some of the company/entity names don’t match the assigned geo locations
  3. The “SOURCE OWNER” column uses DBA names for companies instead of the actual legal name, which is what you would get if you did an actual low-level IP to organization resolution
  4. All of the destinations are protected with firewalls, so, the “INTRUSION METHOD” referencing the word “FIREWALL” is meaningless. From the limited attack vocabulary its obvious that whoever wrote this isn’t familiar with actual cyber offensive operations
  5. The DATE column is missing a time zone data. The odd distribution pattern of date-time stamps also strongly suggests that they are nonorganic and were produced using some sort of a cyclic function with a random number generator
  6. Some of the records are incomplete, for example, one row states that “TRUMP: DOWN 44,905”, but it failed to add the a “Y” under the corresponding “SUCCESS” column
  7. The tabs on the spreadsheet show that the titles were created manually (“Sheet 1” vs. “Sheet1”), which is unlikely if this data came from an automated process
  8. The values in the fields titled “SOURCE ID” and “TARGET ID”, which have a MAC address format were most likely created with a random number generator. A sampling of these MAC addresses yielded no results of known network card manufacturers

Montgomery’s efforts have paid off in the past as he lives in a multi-million dollar home.

Yaacov shares:

It’s not entirely clear who paid Montgomery to forge the data and promote this fabrication. Motivation wise, It could be just another con and money-making venture, but, it’s also possible that it’s a political gambit that is designed to kill any real discussion about potential election fraud.

The far-left Daily Beast knew a lot about Montgomery already on November 9th and reported on Montgomery to debunk the entire election fraud narrative:

The election fraud claims center on Dennis Montgomery, a former intelligence contractor and self-proclaimed whistleblower who claims to have created the “Hammer” supercomputer and the “Scorecard” software some Trump fans believe was used to change the votes…

…What Trump allies tend to leave out, however, is that Montgomery has a long history of making outlandish claims that fail to come true. As an intelligence contractor at the height of the War on Terror, Montgomery was behind what’s been called “one of the most elaborate and dangerous hoaxes in American history,” churning out allegedly fictitious data that once prompted the Bush administration to consider shooting down airplanes…

…As of 2011, Montgomery was fighting Nevada charges for writing bad checks worth $1.8 million at casinos. The Daily Beast was unable to determine the ultimate disposition of those charges…

…Montgomery resurfaced in 2013, as a “confidential informant” for controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Montgomery reportedly swindled good Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of more than $100,000.

Anything connected to Dennis Montgomery is suspect based on what is known about this guy. The real question is who is backing this huckster or is he on his own?

KEYWORDS: bloggers; conman; dennismontgomery; electionfraud; electiontheft; voterfraud
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To: greeneyes; ptsal

RE: I don’t know. I have heard of him, but have never listened to any of his stuff. Is he even still alive?

Art Bell had a midnight radio show in the New York Tri-state area that highlighted a lot of conspiracy theories. It was very entertaining but not all were credible.

Bell passed away in 2018.

21 posted on 02/12/2021 7:39:38 PM PST by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind

I’m still trying to understand how it was possible for Matt Braynard and other data collectors who were capturing the electronic vote streams to see votes subtracted for Trump and transferred to Biden.

I am awaiting some reasonable explanation of this. If no humans were involved in the adjustments coming from the Scytl system how did the numbers get adjusted?

Mary Fanning and Alan Jones are investigative reporters who are not fools. If they have a true whistleblower that stands behind this data then it needs to be vetted in court whether Dennis Montgomery is involved or not. This should be part of the Sidney Powell lawsuits as well.

22 posted on 02/12/2021 7:41:53 PM PST by Dave Wright
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To: SeekAndFind

Montgomery is a Masshole. End of story.
Dirtier than the Charles River After a Massive Melt.

23 posted on 02/12/2021 7:48:53 PM PST by acapesket (all happy now?)
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To: SeekAndFind

Too bad. I might have liked to listen to him. I like a good mystery, and weird campfire stories-very entertaining.

24 posted on 02/12/2021 7:53:48 PM PST by greeneyes ( Moderation In Pursuit of Justice is NO Virtue--LET FREEDOM RING)
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To: Dave Wright

RE: Mary Fanning and Alan Jones are investigative reporters who are not fools. If they have a true whistleblower that stands behind this data then it needs to be vetted in court whether Dennis Montgomery is involved or not.

Let me say this - Mary’s evidence is the kind of thing that would make a good case for foreign election interference in our election - but she MUST ( repeat MUST) validate it for it to be acceptable in a court or to the public.

And here’s the problem I have with Lindell’s film: Fanning had a spread sheet listing the state computers/tabulators, a remote computer accessing the state computer/tabulator, which ones tried to access the state computer, which ones succeeded and how many votes were flipped. Lindell is correct, this is absolute proof- but, but but — ONLY IF Fanning’s data came from the machines she said it does.

Lindell missed an opportunity to explain where she got her into, and because he didn’t, his video isn’t changing any minds, it will only be preaching to the choir. Heck, She didn’t even FaceTime him like his other “guests.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mike Lindell. I bought his products and encouraged friends and family to do likewise when I heard that he was going to be canceled by the cowardly retailers like Kohls.

I don’t think he’s crazy or dishonest. But what about Mary Fanning? I don’t know the first thing about her. I think that the conclusions Fanning presented aren’t believable unless we know where she got the info. If she got it from Montgomery. alas, that’s a very bad sign.... :(

25 posted on 02/12/2021 7:59:30 PM PST by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind

I’ve heard the rumor of Mary Fanning and Montgomery.

But prove it.

Lindell is very clued in.

That data more than likely came from Ramsland’s ASOG. They know Montgomery is persona non grata.

We should find out when Powell gets before SCOTUS.

26 posted on 02/12/2021 8:00:51 PM PST by Hostage (Article V)
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To: SeekAndFind

Read later.

27 posted on 02/12/2021 8:08:22 PM PST by NetAddicted (Just looking)
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To: Fido969

An overview of common sense looking at what happened in 8-9 minority run and populated urban electorates at 3AM which brought in numbers that defy the pattens anywhere else

Plus other incredible anomalies and downright illegalities can only demonstrate to reasonable people something was quite amiss

With a collaborative media and a GOPe that wanted Trump gone too
And courts afraid of doxing and ANTIFA

It was a fair accompli

Even now every step is being taken to stop evidence gathering ....right now in Maricopa county the election commission is openly defying the legislature

We won big

The stole it

How to prove it precisely is a grind

Start with Perkins law and the article last week in NYT and washpo where they gloat

The computer voting machines are harder to figure baring real forensics

The ballot adjudication rates 80 times normal and not validating sigs and accepting ballots for two months later and the crazy number of ballots with potus or potus and senate only are all indicative as well and easy to spot

The courts ignored that from fear or politics hiding behind standing

28 posted on 02/12/2021 8:12:06 PM PST by wardaddy (P IN 1999 JIM THOMPSON WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE BUSHES ...WE WERE WRONG)
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To: wardaddy

There is no explanation for this, but it happened. Nobody tried to refute it.

Election Fraud Graph pic:

29 posted on 02/12/2021 8:23:52 PM PST by Texas Fossil ((Texas is not where you were born, but a Free State of Heart, Mind & Attitude!))
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Any media outlet that accepted his crap without due diligence is guilty of journalistic malpractice. Hammer and Scorecard, Dominion, Scytle, Italy fixing the election via satellite, CIA vs Mil gun battles, etc, etc.

Many of us here on FR were sounding the alarm that there was a huge possibility that many of these shiny red objects had the extreme potential to be Dem-Rat misinformation campaigns designed to get people chasing after them and in the process, taking their eyes off of the real fraud. Well guess what, it worked.

Here’s the character that I’m wondering about.... is Bradley Johnson a con? Or did he get sucked in by the con??

30 posted on 02/12/2021 8:27:29 PM PST by hecticskeptic
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To: ptsal

Resting ...

31 posted on 02/12/2021 8:40:05 PM PST by MHGinTN (A dispensation perspective is a powerful tool for discernment)
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To: Hostage

“For those following the stonewalling by Maricopa County is all that one needs to know that the election was stolen.”

It’s incredible. This is a story that should be on every major news and media outlet and they are ignoring it.

It has the potential to completely blow the cork.

32 posted on 02/12/2021 10:22:26 PM PST by katie didit
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To: HollyB

I think the real question here does this guy make a living? Looking at his property....he has to have a fairly decent intake of income what’s his real job?

If this can’t be explained, then he’s a fraud....just there to pursue fake election gimmicks.

I will add this...there are probably 500 Dennis Montgomerys out there and working hard every four years to inject something into each election cycle.

33 posted on 02/12/2021 10:27:42 PM PST by pepsionice
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To: Hostage


34 posted on 02/12/2021 11:50:19 PM PST by Irish Eyes
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To: SeekAndFind

RE: Is he motivated by $ or to hurt Trump?

Hence, the question in the title of this article — Who’s Paying Him?

Yes I read the title and article. However, I’m curious as what his true motive was - if anyone knows. Perhaps $ was just a plus. I don’t know. But, again - if someone has heard more - I’d like to hear.

35 posted on 02/12/2021 11:50:28 PM PST by HollyB
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To: CodeToad


36 posted on 02/13/2021 4:16:24 AM PST by Travis McGee (
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To: SeekAndFind

RE: Mary Fanning and Alan Jones are investigative reporters who are not fools.
There are fools being coned ever minute. I put my money on Mike Zullo who knew Montgomery before Montgomery was cool and he says the guy is a super con artist. Mike is more than an investigative reporter, he is a LEO who has worked snake informants in the past.

37 posted on 02/13/2021 4:30:28 AM PST by iontheball
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To: SeekAndFind
Art Bell had a midnight nationwide radio show in the New York Tri-state area broadcast from his home studio in Pahrump, Nevada
38 posted on 02/13/2021 5:20:15 AM PST by PIF (They came for me and mine ... now its your turn)
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To: pepsionice; HollyB; All

> “I will add this...there are probably 500 Dennis Montgomerys out there and working hard every four years to inject something into each election cycle.”

You do realize “The Hill” is a shill for the propaganda networks, don’t you?

You do realize these shills are attempting to tie Fanning and Montgomery together, don’t you?

It’s a baseless rumor put out by deep state shills. They have no facts. But that didn’t stop them from influencing those who are unwise to their ways. And get this, the two progressive foot soldiers who wrote this twisted association, they were highly likely given instructions by someone in league with a trained Marxist.

Their goal is to create doubt and uncertainty about Lindell. In so doing, they soften up those with vulnerable minds. They’re good at doing this. But two can play that game.

It appears many here are allowing the propaganda to control their minds and thoughts. Do not let them.

39 posted on 02/13/2021 6:08:44 AM PST by Hostage (Article V)
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To: hecticskeptic

RE: Bradley Johnson a con? Or did he get sucked in by the con??

I heard Rudy Giuliani in his radio show at WABC and and a caller asked him if he investigated the Italian angle... he said he did. Unfortunately , when he asked for more specific, reliable information that he could use, the sources that he spoke to were uncooperative and could not provide the material that he needed.

Because of this, Giuliani could not give them any more credibility.

40 posted on 02/13/2021 6:40:09 AM PST by SeekAndFind
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