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A crime was committed in the Jussie Wallace incident
Flopping Aces ^ | 06-24-20 | DrJohn

Posted on 06/24/2020 8:32:17 AM PDT by Starman417

Bubba Wallace wanted to make a statement, draw attention to himself and cash in on the BLM movement.

And he did.

Wallace claimed that a "noose" was found in his garage stall. Right from minute one, this had a funny smell to it. All that equipment, all that security and some ninja was able to gain entry to Wallace's stall and leave a noose.


The FBI sent 15 agents to investigate this "crime." Fifteen.

They determined that this was, predictably, a hoax.

U.S. Attorney Jay Town and FBI Special Agent in Charge Johnnie Sharp Jr. said its investigation determined ‘although the noose is now known to have been in garage number 4 in 2019, nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned to garage number 4 last week.’ A crew member for Richard Petty Motorsports discovered the noose Sunday at the Alabama race track. NASCAR was alerted and contacted the FBI, which sent 15 agents to the track to investigate. They determined no federal crime was committed.

The statement said the garage stall was assigned to Wallace last week in advance of the race scheduled for Sunday but held on Monday because of rain. Through video confirmed by NASCAR it was discovered the noose ‘was in that garage as early as October 2019.’ The agencies said the evidence did not support federal charges.

Wallace got more than his 15 minutes.

We rally around @BubbaWallace. Fellow drivers push his No. 43 car to the front in Talladega.#IStandWithBubba
— FOX: NASCAR (@NASCARONFOX) June 22, 2020

You knew that everyone's favorite race monger Jamele Hill was certainly going to have something to say

“For him what he has done and how he has been able to speak to some issues that frankly you never see discussed in NASCAR and for the blowback and the reminder, the painful reminder of just how much people are invested in remaining and maintaining racist institutions, for him to get that message, I think it’s just beyond unfortunate. It’s sad. But NASCAR they’ve had to deal with maybe not directly nooses in stalls, but the shadow of the Confederate flag being a symbol that you often saw at NASCAR races. These very overt reminders about who this sport is exactly for and who should be a fan of this sport. This is something they have been dealing with a long time and, unfortunately, in this way, these issues bubbled to the surface.”
Yeah, well that noose had been there since 2019, just waiting for Wallace.

There was a crime committed, however.  It was the media's complete lack of skepticism, of questioning, of, well, curiosity.

Tom Elliott:

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell stated matter-of-factly the “noose” was a “horrifying, racist incident.”

Former ESPN journalist Jemele Hill condemned the “noose” as a “disgusting reminder of who this sport is for.”

“You have a black driver, you have an opportunity here to open this sport up in a new way, and so for this reminder is very stunning, shocking, appalling, disgusting reminder of who, again, this sport is for,” Hill said. “I’m very curious as to see how NASCAR handles this because based off what everything I’ve read is that this had to be an inside job because this garage was only open to essential personnel, so somebody associated with NASCAR likely may have been the culprit, which what does that say for a sport that’s trying to create a more positive racial future.”

Across CNN, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC, the coverage was identical: Why wait for facts when the story already confirms our favored narratives?

On Tuesday the FBI confirmed what Americans who don’t work in the major media already suspected: This was no hate crime at all. In fact, the “noose” was merely an ordinary garage pull that had been in the same garage since last year. There was zero reason for this to be perceived as any kind of slight against the sport’s most prominent black driver.

So despite stepping on this same rake practically every month, the major media has once again humiliated, and it happened because they found their actual job of rigorously reporting the news less exciting than hyping hate hate crimes, whether real or imagined.

It's Nicholas Sandmann all over again. Not one thought to the possibility of a different explanation. What there was was a willingness- a determination- to buy into the worst of people and score on the racism fad. It makes for better ratings.

(Excerpt)

TOPICS: Government; Politics
KEYWORDS: blacklivesmatter; bubba; bubbasmollett; fakenoose; fraud; hoax; nascar; noose; obamasfault
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1 posted on 06/24/2020 8:32:17 AM PDT by Starman417
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To: Starman417

This horrific attack on utilitarian loops/nooses must be answered!

2 posted on 06/24/2020 8:37:37 AM PDT by xp38
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To: Starman417
Ban rope. Life in prison to possess or touch a piece of rope or heavy string. There. Happy? /s

3 posted on 06/24/2020 8:37:54 AM PDT by Right Wing Assault (Die-ggl,TWT,FCBK,NYT,WPo,Hwd,CNN,NFL,BLM,CAIR,Antf,SPLC,ESPN,NPR,NBA,ARP,MSNBC)
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To: Starman417

Fake noose = fake news = fake noose = fake news ...etc.

4 posted on 06/24/2020 8:41:02 AM PDT by Sans-Culotte (With every passing day, I am a little bit gladder that Romney lost in 2012.)
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To: Starman417

Get Woke go Broke. I hope Nascar goes down in a flaming pileup that nobody watches.

5 posted on 06/24/2020 8:41:05 AM PDT by Oshkalaboomboom
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To: Right Wing Assault; MinuteGal

In three months, every garage in NASCAR will have an automatic opener.

We MUST rid ourselves of this disgusting rope!!!

6 posted on 06/24/2020 8:41:07 AM PDT by Peter W. Kessler ("NUTS!!!")
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To: Starman417

If Bubba REALLY wants a show of protest, then he should refuse to drive in the same direction as all the WHITE drivers.

7 posted on 06/24/2020 8:46:17 AM PDT by UCANSEE2 (Lost my tagline on Flight MH370. Sorry for the inconvenience.)
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To: Starman417

Ban the racist loop of rope!!!!!

8 posted on 06/24/2020 8:46:50 AM PDT by DouglasKC
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To: Starman417

I am convinced that the left and the media have been working on a racial narrative for some time. Jussie Smollet was the first attempt and he handled it really badly. The second was the Ahmaud Aubrey case in Georgia. The media was trying to get this narrative going, but country was deep into Covid and story did not materialize the way the wanted it (Look at Jake Tapper’s Twitter feed during this period). Then they struck gold with George Floyd and they were off to the races to start building more narratives. (Georgia shooting last week) and now Bubba Wallace. (This story got wide reporting before it was debunked).

9 posted on 06/24/2020 8:47:38 AM PDT by GWB00 (Barbara Streisand barely made it out of high school.)
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To: Oshkalaboomboom

NASCAR can just shrivel up and die.

We saw dozens of drivers stand with Smolett against the “noose.”

This guy needs to be arrested for a knowingly false claim.

Our country is so non-racist that blacks have to continually fake crimes of whites.

10 posted on 06/24/2020 8:48:23 AM PDT by ConservativeMind (Trump: Befuddling Democrats, Republicans, and the Media for the benefit of the US and all mankind.)
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To: Starman417

Rush calls them The Drive By Media for a reason. Even when proved wrong they just continue in their merry way looking for the next target.

They never look back or apologize for their misdeeds. All we have is “hope” that the regular folk who don’t pay attention to the details can see through the Propaganda.

11 posted on 06/24/2020 8:52:39 AM PDT by Kickass Conservative (THEY LIVE, and we're the only ones wearing the Sunglasses.)
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To: Kickass Conservative
12 posted on 06/24/2020 8:54:09 AM PDT by timestax
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To: Starman417
The FBI sent 15 agents to investigate this "crime." Fifteen.

All the riots, looting, burning done by Antifa domestic terrorists who obviously crossed state lines and the FBI has 15 agents sitting around waiting to investigate garage door pull ropes?

Is the FBI good for anything besides attempting to overthrow elected presidents and investigating bogus racial harassment claims?
13 posted on 06/24/2020 8:56:33 AM PDT by AnotherUnixGeek
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To: Starman417

There have been a number of fake hate crimes involving nooses in the last several years. Here are a few of them:

And none of those even involve Jussie Smollet!

Does anyone have a recent example of a noose in a real hate crime?

14 posted on 06/24/2020 8:57:44 AM PDT by FreedomPoster (Islam delenda est)
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To: Starman417

Gayle King proudly takes the CBS torch from Dan Rather this morning as she says although the story is fake, it is true and is disturbing. That’s what Leftists and race agitators do.

15 posted on 06/24/2020 8:58:24 AM PDT by 1Old Pro (#openupstateny)
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To: Starman417

There wasn’t ANYBODY in NASCAR/the garage area that knew what the ropes were for? Hmmm....

16 posted on 06/24/2020 9:00:12 AM PDT by BookmanTheJanitor
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To: Starman417


It’s 2020. Everything that happens gets videotaped and photographed, and posted a million times on social media...

and not one picture of this “noose”.

17 posted on 06/24/2020 9:01:12 AM PDT by Hugh the Scot
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To: BookmanTheJanitor

Lots of folks probably knew it was a fake immediately, but they were terrified into silence by fear of being doxed on social media.

18 posted on 06/24/2020 9:04:41 AM PDT by cgbg (Kneeling is a half measure--lefties need to dig a six foot hole and bury themselves in it.)
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To: Starman417

Bubba Wallace Goes Full Kaepernick – Despite Evidence Doubles Down on False “Noose” Claim…

Posted on  by 

Before NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace appeared on CNN with Don Lémon to discuss his now disproven racial “noose” targeting, he had a decision to make.  Wallace could accept the FBI/NASCAR finding and admit an honest mistake was made by an overly sensitive Richard Petty racing team; or he could make racism his new identity in NASCAR as Colin Kaepernick did with football in the NFL.  Bubba Wallace chose the latter.

As a result of Wallace’s new identity, and his announced career goals, NASCAR will now fragment in the same way as the National Football League. Social justice will now define Mr. Wallace professional effort; driving with NASCAR becomes a method to achieve his new career aspirations.  That inflection point, his identity choice, is clear in his interview.

However, before getting to the interview it is worth looking at how this entire fiasco was created, starting with the carefully obtuse explanation from Richard Petty Motorsports:

Obviously Richard Petty’s team are socially woke and enlightened to their obligations in a new era of racial sensitivity.  Notice the careful wording: “discovered a rope tied in the fashion of a noose”, key word “fashion.”  The careful wording allows the statement to skirt on the fringes of common sense truth because they don’t ‘technically’ say it’s a noose; quite simply, because it isn’t.   If it were a noose it would be useless as a garage door pull.

That brings up the second obtuse aspect of the sentence: “discovered a rope”, notice they don’t say it was attached to the garage door pull (which it was) because that would make their misinterpretation seem even more ridiculous.  Saying ‘we discovered a garage door pull-down rope that appeared to be fashioned as a noose’, would illicit eye-rolls.  So they carefully avoid noting their stupidity by ignoring common sense.


noosecar 2

“According to established protocols our team notified the crew chief”, so they have protocols for nooses at Richard Petty Motorsports?  Of course they don’t.  They have protocols for making stupid stuff into bigger stupid stuff by notifying ever increasing pearl-clutchers.  If you’ve ever worked in a corporate setting, you know the nonsense that can flow from a particular squeeky noisemaker who enjoys attention.  Same/Same.

From that moment forward NASCAR, the corporate side; the public relations, brand image and risk management side; took over.  Thus the culturally sensitive and politically correct NASCAR President, Steve Phelps, soon found himself in the motor-home of Bubba Wallace crying and explaining that “a hate crime has been committed against him.” Yes, that’s what happened (it’s in the interview).

Throughout this event, from the moment the garage door pull was defined as a “noose”, common sense was displaced by an overwhelming urge to be appropriately sensitive to the slightest possibility that something terribly untoward may be afoot.  The 800lb gorilla in the corner of the decision-making space is NASCAR’s intention to find a new culturally diverse audience.  A corporations cultural direction once again drowned common sense.

Within the interview Bubba Wallace waxes poetically about how much he appreciated Steve Phelps sensitivities; and how President Phelps is just the right kind of woke-minded leader to carry NASCAR into the social justice era against the hordes of deplorable redneck rubes they are now trying to outrun.  CNN host Don Lemon is giddy with praise for such an enlightened relationship and praises young Wallace for his millionaire fortitude to be able to withstand emotional pain; and yet overcome the adversity of being a victim.

Not to skim the point, the choice of CNN’s Don Lemon as a brother in the movement, facilitating Wallace’s inflection point, professional identity and first public comments since the FBI debunked the “hate crime” in question, should not be overlooked.  Again, when you have to pretend not to know things, it is wise to lean upon a fellow traveler.

Within the interview Bubba Wallace accepts the FBI finding that he was not a target. However, in keeping with his new identity, Wallace doubles down on the false narrative that a “noose” was indeed created by some racist entities in NASCAR.

Wallace’s overt inference -and it isn’t at all subtle- is that racist teams are running amok in the sport, tying random nooses on garage doors, and Bubba welcomes the challenge of overcoming their racial adversity.  In short, Bubba Wallace calls some of those who just joined him in a unity parade, racist NASCAR participants who tie nooses.

That victim outlook permits Wallace to further proclaim his mission to bring NASCAR to “an entirely new audience of followers” who have -in his words- demanded that he “place himself on a pedestal” to do battle with the racist NASCAR elements that surround him.

So there you have it… you can watch it in the interview. Bubba Wallace is to NASCAR as Colin Kaepernick was/is to the NFL.  If he loses a sponsor, it’s racism.  If he’s bumped in a race, it’s racism.  If he doesn’t win, and/or as a result of poor performance questions arise about losing his ride, yep, racism.

By doubling, tripling and quadrupling down; with anger and disdain toward any who would counter him with common sense; on the completely false assertion that a garage door with a “loop knot” or “scaffold knot” is a noose, Wallace attempts to shield himself by weaponizing his race.  Any challenge to his defined noose narrative is racism.

And you know what,… it will work.

How can I be so certain that his approach will work?  The answer is really quite simple.

Think about how weak an organization needs to be in order to permit a ridiculous garage door rope with a loop on the end; becoming such a ridiculously overblown issue that the corporation would organize an full-throated PR campaign around a hoax; while the leader of the organization sobs in the trailer of an falsely identified hate-crime victim.

In essence, weak organizations are a breeding ground for communal stupid; and every one of them ends the same way.  Both the NFL and NASCAR are following the same woke business plan.  Watch his interview, you’ll see it:

Bubba Wallace responds after FBI hate crime investigation


“Loop Knot” or “scaffold knot”

19 posted on 06/24/2020 9:10:12 AM PDT by Bratch (If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.)
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To: Starman417

He’s proud of his use of a piece of rope tied to a garage door. He thinks he has helped to advance the discussion of racism.

He is a classic idiot. It’s why the media stand by him.

Maybe some drivers will call him out., I can think of a couple who probably are itching to do so.

20 posted on 06/24/2020 9:12:13 AM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi - Monthly Donors Rock!!!)
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