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Executive Director In Obamas’ Lois Lerner Approved Terrorist Empire REVEALED As A U.S. Intelligence…
Shoebat ^ | 6/24/2014 | Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

Posted on 06/25/2014 3:13:49 AM PDT by markomalley

In a stunning discovery, the Executive Director listed on the 990-EZ for the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF), which was approved by the IRS’s Lois Lerner, is Ray Baysden, a former U.S. intelligence agent.

Baysden, who knows the Obama family, is a former State Department employee who was stationed in Karachi, Pakistan at a time when President Barack Obama is said to have visited Karachi, in the 1980's. He is also a registered Republican who has worked within the Intelligence Community (IC). BHOF was founded and is run by Malik Obama, the brother of the President. Malik is also steeped in terrorist connections, as has long chronicled.

The evidence is bolstered by a screen shot of BHOF’s 990-EZ, received by the IRS office in Ogden, UT on July 5, 2011, more than three years after BHOF was founded. It lists Baysden and Gwendolyn Anderson as Executive Director and Director respectively:

BHOF Executive Director Ray Baysden and Director Gwendolyn Anderson.

BHOF Executive Director Ray Baysden and Director Gwendolyn Anderson.

According to a bio of Baysden, he has spent many years in the State Department and Intelligence Community:

For the past 35 years, Ray Baysden has distinguished himself as a trusted professional in diplomatic security and international crisis management. He has worked with the United States Army, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and a number of other national and international organizations, including the United Nations (UN).

The bio also states that Baysden is a member of the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Special Agents Association. Potentially further complicating matters is the fact that Baysden is a registered Republican.

As has revealed [here and here], the Islamic Dawa Organization (IDO) Malik Obama helps lead as Executive Director, is a member organization of “The Union of Good” (UG), which the U.S. Treasury designated as “Terrorist”.

The official website for UG still shows the IDO of Malik and his boss Suar al-Dahab as being an official member organization in the coalition. UG is an umbrella organization that represents over 50 Islamic fundraising groups worldwide and was designated by the U.S. Department of Treasury as a terrorist entity under Executive Order 13224.

It’s difficult to say why members of Congress, as well as the attorney for one of the conservative groups that was targeted by the IRS – Cleta Mitchell (we went into great detail about this case with her assistant) – are choosing to ignore the biggest and most glaring aspect to the IRS scandal. Subpoenaing the testimony of Baysden and Anderson might be a good place to start getting answers, even if they don’t give any.

Simply introducing the scandal and asking both individuals questions about their involvement would generate far more public interest than IRS hearings to date.

Should Baysden and Anderson follow the course of Lois Lerner and invoke their fifth amendment rights, it would say quite a bit. If there was no knowledge on their part about what Malik was truly up to, wouldn’t they want to come forward to clear their names?

Alton Ray Baysden, Executive Director
It is at best curious why Baysden would choose to be the Executive Director of BHOF and to be part of an entity engaged in fraudulent behavior, to some extent by his own admission. Now that Malik Obama’s terrorism ties have been revealed, Baysden’s silence is even more curious.

Alton Ray Baysden

Alton Ray Baysden

The bio ends with the following sentence:

Ray Baysden holds membership in the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Special Agents Association, and has served as Counselor to a number of United States Embassies, including Haiti, Pakistan, and the Ivory Coast.

Based on the 1984 Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts Manual (copy below stamped as being property of Columbia University), Baysden was stationed in Karachi, Pakistan that year (page 55):

Columbia University copy of State Dept. Manual.

Columbia University copy of State Dept. Manual.

Baysden stationed in Karachi, Pakistan in 1984.

Baysden stationed in Karachi, Pakistan in 1984.

The potential significance of this point in time in Baysden’s career may involve Barack Obama’s visits to Karachi with his Pakistani roommate, Sohail Siddiqui and two other Pakistanis. Here are some relevant excerpts from a 2008 Associated Press article…

Obama spent the six years between 1979 and 1985 at Occidental College in Los Angeles and then in New York at Columbia University and in the workplace. His memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” talks about this time, but not in great detail…


Not everyone who knew Obama in those years is eager to talk.

Some explained that they feared inadvertently hurting Obama’s campaign. Among his friends were Siddiqi and two other Pakistanis, all of them from Karachi; several of those interviewed said the Pakistanis were reluctant to talk for fear of stoking rumors that Obama is a Muslim… As a freshman, he quickly became friends with Mohammed Hasan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid, two wealthy Pakistanis… In 1981, Obama transferred from Occidental to Columbia. In between, he traveled to Pakistan — a trip that enhanced his foreign policy qualifications, he maintained in a private speech at a San Francisco fundraiser last month. Obama spent “about three weeks” in Pakistan, traveling with Hamid and staying in Karachi with Chandoo’s family, said Bill Burton, Obama’s press secretary.

So why would a former State Department and Intelligence Community professional, who is a Republican become the Executive Director for an allegedly fraudulent foundation whose founder has ties to terrorism?

Barack Obama with his Pakistani roommate at Columbia (1981-1985).

Barack Obama with his Pakistani roommate at Columbia (1981-1985).

Did Barack Obama ever meet Baysden while the two were in Karachi, Pakistan? If so, what was the nature of their relationship?

Another figure worth introducing is a man named Neville Cramer, author of a 2007 book entitled, “Immigration Chaos”. Cramer, an apparent hawk on illegal immigration, has a storied career as posted on his website, which states that:

“At the time of his retirement in 2002, he was one of the most experienced INS Special Agents in the U.S. Department of Justice.”

At about the same time that Baysden was helping Malik found the BHOF (April of 2008), Baysden gave a five-star review of Cramer’s anti-illegal immigration book:

Baysden's review of Neville Cramer's 2007 book.

Baysden’s review of Neville Cramer’s 2007 book.

As to soliciting donations under the guise of them being tax deductible when they’re really not, such activity would constitute “common law fraud and potentially even federal mail fraud,” according to the Chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center. Former IRS official and charity expert Marcus Owens agrees, saying:

“If they haven’t applied for exemption, they can’t promise their donors that contributions are deductible.”

In a quote attributed to Baysden last year, an interesting fact emerged:

Alton Ray Baysden, a former State Department employee at whose Virginia home the charity was founded in 2008, admitted the organization has not even applied for tax-exempt status.

“We haven’t been able to find someone with the expertise to do this,” he told The Post. “We are informally scouting for an executive director, someone who knows how to register the charity.”

Unfortunately for Baysden and Anderson, the BHOF wasn’t just about expeditious and retroactive tax exempt status; it was also about financing terrorism, as has demonstrated time and again.

It is also a stretch to consider the possibility that the President or his brother did NOT know about Baysden’s history by 2011, when the tax exempt status for BHOF was processed so expeditiously that influence had to have come from the White House.

There are no fewer than three possibilities that could explain Baysden’s decision to serve as Executive Director for BHOF. They include but are not limited to: 1.) Ideological alliance with the founder of BHOF – Malik Obama – or President Obama; 2.) An intelligence operation; or 3.) Blackmail.

Based on what has been learned about Baysden above, option 1 is not likely.

Gwendolyn Anderson, Director
Information about BHOF’s Director is a bit more difficult to come by. However, there is sufficient evidence that Ms. Anderson has also gone by the names “Gwendolyn Andersen” (with an “e” instead of an “o”) and “Gwendolyn Bonebrake”.

On the Linkedin profile of Gwendolyn Andersen, which matches almost exactly the work history of Gwendolyn Anderson. It states in part:

More than twenty years of experience in renewable and conventional energy, energy efficiency, and climate change.

Currently, this individual works as a Senior Clean Energy Economist for Abt Associates. A quick look at the Abt website reveals a company that is rife with government clients, to include DHS, HHS, HUD, DOJ, VA, Treasury, and many more.

Anderson’s career includes work with several renewable energy companies like American Renewable Fuel Institute, International Resources Group, Center for Glabal Change at the University of Maryland.

One company Anderson worked for – the Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment – includes the following in its Mission statement:

Our mission is to provide nonpartisan, policy neutral forums on energy and environmental issues and to foster the professional development of our members.

To the extent that WCEE is nonpartisan is undetermined but as the name indicates, gender equality may be an issue.

Another company Anderson has a history with is Chemonics, a company that does business internationally, though the exact business it does is not easily gleaned from reading the website, which states:

From our founding in 1975, we have worked in more than 150 countries to help our clients, partners, and beneficiaries face difficult challenges, from political instability to limited healthcare to a lack of market infrastructure. We have helped them overcome those challenges by working together to find and implement innovative projects that achieve development impact.

Unlike Baysden, the ideological background of Anderson appears to more closely align with that of President Obama.

In any event, both Baysden and Anderson / Andersen / Bonebrake should be persons of interest for any and all Congressional committees – to include House Oversight and House Ways and Means Committees. Either both Baysden and Anderson should be interested in clearing their names relative to being part of a foundation that allegedly committed fraud and is tied to terrorism; OR they should both be compelled to testify about what they know and why they haven’t come forward already.

Congress Suppressing Biggest Scandal in U.S. History
When news first broke that Malik’s BHOF was a “questionable charity” that didn’t file its necessary paperwork at the time it was founded in 2008, no one truly knew how bad it was. As has clearly demonstrated, the brother of the President of the United States works for a State Sponsor of Terrorism in Sudan and for its President – Omar al-Bashir – who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity.

At least 11 Members of Congress know this and two have expressed agreement with the findings (see below).

Some time in early May of 2011, some very powerful wheels were put in motion to get BHOF it’s 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. On June 26th – a Sunday – that status was granted with a letter bearing Lois Lerner’s signature.

Malik Obama's Foundation granted 501(c)(3) status on a Sunday.

Malik Obama’s Foundation granted 501(c)(3) status on a Sunday.

In a 2013 interview with the Daily Mail, Malik admitted that his foundation was funded by nation states that are known hotbeds for terrorism:

…there have been questions about where the money has gone. A probe was launched over cash owed to the US taxman from his fund-raising activities. Much of the money raised had come from Malik’s Muslim connections in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan and Yemen.

‘These people were happy that my brother is the President of the United States,’ he says. ‘So they invited me to conferences. I saw it as a chance to use my name in a good cause.’

One such gathering appears to have been in Khartoum, Sudan at the 2010 Annual Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) conference, attended by Malik and presided over by al-Bashir and another known terrorist named Suar al-Dahab. It is worth noting that this would have been at a time when BHOF was allegedly committing fraud by declaring itself tax exempt when it was not:

President Omar Al-Bashir and Suar al-Dahab preside over 2010 IDO Conference attended by Malik Obama.

President Omar Al-Bashir and Suar al-Dahab preside over 2010 IDO Conference attended by Malik Obama.

Malik Obama speaks at 2010 IDO Conference (al-Dahab in background).

Malik Obama speaks at 2010 IDO Conference (al-Dahab in background).

Does brother Barack know about Malik’s unfortunate tax problems which Lerner expeditiously and illegally processed? According to one report published at the time BHOF’s legitimacy was formally questioned, there was no response from the White House:

When asked about why it wasn’t a registered charity, Malik, an accountant by trade, said that he was “in process” of changing that. The White House did not return a message seeking comment.

It can be concluded therefore that brother Barack either did know or chose not to know.

How about Malik’s acceptance of funds from places like Sudan, which was clearly a country more troubling than the others because of its “State Sponsor of Terrorism” status? It is noteworthy that Barack Obama has been working to have Sudan removed from that list as has reported.

Two U.S. Congressmen – Reps. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX) – have said our findings against Lois Lerner and Malik Obama are “spot on” and “all true” respectively. Earlier this year, they and ten other members of Congress received all the information necessary to be brought up to speed. Five of those members – Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Darrell Issa (R-CA), Jim Jordan (R-OH), Dave Camp (R-MI), and Kelly – all had the opportunity to bring this scandal up during the testimony of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on June 20th and then at a House Oversight Committee hearing on June 23rd.

None did so.

TOPICS: Politics
KEYWORDS: afghanistan; bhof; hic; imrankhan; irs; loislerner; malikobama; muslimbrotherhood; obama; pakistan; raybaysden; reneeraileynorton; taliban
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Full title: Executive Director In Obamas’ Lois Lerner Approved Terrorist Empire REVEALED As A U.S. Intelligence Agent…
1 posted on 06/25/2014 3:13:49 AM PDT by markomalley
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To: markomalley

Why bring it up, they are all one big happy family up there in DC, the Mississippi primary is a good indicator of just how deep the daisy chain goes.

2 posted on 06/25/2014 3:30:20 AM PDT by Mouton (The insurrection laws perpetuate what we have for a government now.)
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To: markomalley

Congress is not even touching the scandal of why Lois Lerner approved this terrorist organization for favored tax status.

3 posted on 06/25/2014 3:31:40 AM PDT by FR_addict
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To: markomalley

Why would they bring it up?

The hated EXEMPT ALL support al Qaeda and corruption
over the American people and US Constitution.

4 posted on 06/25/2014 3:37:06 AM PDT by Diogenesis
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To: markomalley

Why would they bring it up?

The hated EXEMPT ALL support al Qaeda and corruption
over the American people and US Constitution.

5 posted on 06/25/2014 3:37:07 AM PDT by Diogenesis
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To: All

The tax-exempt “charity” named for their absent Dad. Malik spends most of his time in Kenya with his 12 wives while Obama finances his half brother, Malik, a major fundraiser for the Muslim Brotherhood.


The Malik Obama IRS filing exposes that Lois Lerner used govt offices to apparently aid and abet money laundering and tax evasion----and that, most egregiously, Lerner used govt offices to grant an alien resident---Malik, who resides in Kenya---with documented ties to terrorist organizations---tax-exempt privileges that she denied to authentic Americans (based solely on the spurious fact that Americans run conservative organizations which are disliked by president Obama).

The alien resident---Malik, who resides in Kenya---was granted Tax-exempt statust via a falsified 501 (c) (3) application. Malik Obama's workplace is located in the Sudan-- on file & listed on his own website.

Apparently the alien resident---Malik, who resides in Kenya---was granted tax exempt status as the modus operandi to collect US taxpayers dollars & funnel them overseas. Also troubling are Malik's joint overseas investments.

WND | Jerome R. Corsi / August 2013 / FR Posted by barmag25

NEW YORK – Malik, Pres Obama’s half-brother in Kenya could cause the White House more headaches over new evidence (1) linking Malik to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and, (2) establishing a controversial tax-exempt fast-tracked by then-IRS supervisor Lois Lerner.

Malik Obama’s duties as overseer of the Muslim Brotherhood’s international investments is one reason for the Obama administration’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to an Egyptian report citing the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt... Read more at (Excerpt) Read more at .....


Malik's tax-free Obama Foundation (named after dear old Dad), fast-tracked by Lois Lerner for IRS tax-exempt status, is based at a Virginia UPS store, according to its website. The organization’s IRS filings list another Virginia address that is actually a drug rehab center where the foundation does not appear ever to have been based.

As first reported by The Daily Caller, foundation was speedily approved for IRS exemption by Lois Lerner, the self-same IRS senior official at the center of the targeting of conservative organizations that have waited over two years to receive tax exempt status. The IRS thoughtfully gave Obama Foundation retroactive fund-raising status.......which it stupidly never applied for.

The tax-exempt Barack H. Obama Foundation is run by Abon’go “Roy” Malik Obama, the half-brother of Barack Obama.

The foundation’s mission statement is “to provide people everywhere with resources to uplift their welfare and living standards in memory of dad---Barack H. Obama: in the region of his birth, Kenya, and beyond.” Its guiding principle is “the inherent belief that no one can truly enjoy the riches he has reaped if his neighbor suffers....."We seek to elevate the human condition so that everyone can live in dignity and truly enjoy having one another as neighbors.”

(waiting for hysterical laughter to die down)

Despite raising more than $250,000, the alleged charity doesn’t seem to have done much. Its website claims the organization has built a madrassa and was building an imam’s house as well as some “proposed latrines,” but there is no other evidence that the nonprofit was working to “mitigate social-shortcomings in areas of education and literacy, health and well-being, poverty, and lack of community infrastructure in such basic needs such as water, electricity, shelter and sustenance,” as the site says.

Alton Ray Baysden, a former Dept of State employee, allegedly a registered Republican, who helped start the Barack H Obama foundation, declined to comment before seeing copies of a reporter’s passport and govt ID, along with a description of the article’s “motivation” and “slant.”

Repeated reporters' phone calls went to the organization’s voicemail and were not returned.

Kenya-resident, Malik Obama, in Muslim dress, holds up
photo of his half brother Obama in Muslim dress, taken
during O's circa 1972 visit to Kenya.

6 posted on 06/25/2014 4:13:17 AM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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To: Liz

love to have a dna test on these blokes, I’ll wager not related at all by blood

7 posted on 06/25/2014 4:26:17 AM PDT by yldstrk ( My heroes have always been cowboys)
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To: yldstrk

Heh-—could be.

8 posted on 06/25/2014 4:39:18 AM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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To: All
Muslim "foundation" money-laundering finance global jihad. (EXCERPT)---the American Freedom Law Center, has been engaged in a long and drawn out lawsuit againstHamas front group, CAIR. Hamas-CAIR has been running a global criminal money laundering operation out of Washington, DC. "The money laundering scheme was discovered in the course of legal discovery in unrelated federal litigation arising out of allegations by five of CAIR's former clients that CAIR defrauded them by failing to provide the legal services they had been promised."

THE MODUS OPERANDI To avoid reporting these millions of dollars from the dubious Islamist sources and to avoid registering as an agent for a foreign sovereign as required by federal law, CAIR created a separate company called CAIR-Foundation, Inc---an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

CAIR itself quit filing any federal tax returns from 2008-2010 and allowed the IRS to withdraw its status as a 501(c)(4), converting itself to a regular for-profit corporation. CAIR also stopped all of its operations and became simply a holding company, transferring, at least on the books, all of its employees and equipment to CAIR Foundation. --snip--



BACKSTORY Billy Boy Clinton was grinning like a simpering fool at the annual meeting of the tax-exempt "Clinton Global Initiative" foundation....even Obama was there hugging Billy like they were old pals.....all in the wake of the bombshell news that:

<><> the NYT expose that the tax-exempt Clinton Global Initiative uses shady financing;

<><> the tax-exempt Clinton Global Initiative had employed an active Muzzie terrorist named Gehad el-Haddad (Gehad is Farsi for "jihad") Gehad also knows how the Muslim Brotherhood launders money to finance terrorism, using "tax-exempt foundations."


THE CLINTON FOUNDATIONS / MUSLIM TERRORISM CONNECTION --- The recent story that a Muslim terrorist was working at the Clinton Foundation AND conducting terrorist activities at the same time, explains why the Clintons just remade themselves into the hallowed "Clinton Family Foundation."

NOTE The Clintons' shady foundation financing is unveiled in a recent NYT expose of Clinton corruption, greed, cronyism...with overtones of money laundering.

The Clintons bagged millions in kickbacks from the Red Chinese for Loral Space technology, paid for by American tax payers. There's the $350Million the Chinese government gave their "foundation" for "favors" Mr. Clinton performed for the Chinese (technology transfer), and you have quite a pile of illicit money.


THE HARRY REID CONNECTION---There's also a Harry Reid connection to the tax-exempt "Clinton Global Initiative" one of the three Clinton foundations.


(1) Harry Reid's son Rory is in business w/ the Chi/Coms on a multi-billion dollar solar energy project; Cliven Bundy and his land are standing in the way.

(2) Reports say Bill Clinton recently went to China to panhandle for his tax-exempt "Clinton Global Initiative" foundation.

(3) The "Clinton Global Initiative" (NOT KNOWN for giving out grants)---gave Harry Reid's granddaughter a grant for a Brooklyn, NY theatre she runs (what is a Brooklyn theatre's connection to "global initiatives?")

(4) A Nevada energy company also gave Reid's granddaughter's theatre group a grant.


"Money laundering" comes to mind. Could the Chinese be financing the Reid's solar project through donations to the Clinton Foundations....which is then laundered to Reid's granddaughter?


REFERENCE----HARRY REID IS LIVID THAT HIS GRAND-DAUGHTER HAS BEEN OUTED AS A RECIPIENT OF LAUNDERED CAMPAIGN CASH---Reid lashed out at reporters, saying, “My granddaughter has been the target of harassing phone calls, strangers tracking her down, knocking on her door and negative, unwanted attention on the Internet.” “This has gone too far and it needs to stop now,” Reid said. “I deeply regret any role I had in creating this situation but now, as a grandparent, I say enough is enough.”


Besides the "jewelry company" financed by her grandfather, Ryan Elisabeth Reid runs the Sprat Theater Company, a small theater in Brooklyn, which is also coming under scrutiny. According to Sprat’s Theatre Company Web site, it has received grants/contributions from:

<><> the Clinton Global Initiative (connected to global terrorism via Muslim Brotherhood employee),
<><> two major Las Vegas foundations:
Caesar’s Foundation, and the NV Energy Foundation.

NOTE NV Energy Foundation---is a non-profit division of NV Energy (a public utility). The NV Energy utility is a subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company which took over in 2013....and is now owned by a Warren Buffet unit.

BTW, here's Harry w/ his grand-daughter....the one who got $31,000 in laundered campaign funds for her "jewelry company" and grants from Clinton and Nevada energy foundations.

Reid and granddaughter Ryan Elisabeth Reid.

9 posted on 06/25/2014 4:45:04 AM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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To: FR_addict

There is no doubt in my mind that 0 was groomed to be a Manchurian Candidate and this is just another peg in the hole...The problem with the
47 % is they’re too cerebrally challenged to understand the meaning or relevance of this information or they’re racial blinders keep them from seeing the truth. This info is political dynamite. I wonder what Arpaio could add to the stack. Or this might be coming from his camp. I had heard rumors the WH threatened him aboutthe info he was goingto release in March and that that was the reason it wasn’t released to the public. Maybe he’s using alternate channels like Shoebat to deliver the message.

10 posted on 06/25/2014 5:17:40 AM PDT by jsanders2001
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To: Liz

Did you see this thread...

Lois Lerner Caught Granting Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups Tax Exempt Status As Far Back As BUSH ADMINISTRATION 2005 – during the Bush administration – the Hamzah Islamic Center (HIC) was granted such status as well.

As was the case with Malik Obama’s 501(c)(3) approval letter, the name Renee Railey Norton also appears on HIC’s approval letter:

11 posted on 06/25/2014 5:24:18 AM PDT by Whenifhow
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 9 | View Replies]

To: FR_addict

> Congress is not even touching the scandal of why Lois Lerner approved this terrorist organization for favored tax status.

On a Sunday at that. The whole thing wreaks of possible CIA involvement and terrorist funding particularly with Bayden and Anderson involved. I’d lay money Anderson has CIA or State Department connections.

12 posted on 06/25/2014 5:30:21 AM PDT by jsanders2001
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To: Whenifhow

Thanks for the heads-up.

13 posted on 06/25/2014 5:32:20 AM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 11 | View Replies]

To: Liz; jsanders2001

Could it be the reason Republicans have not been successful is that they do not want this info revealed?

original article from shoebat

Last year, two of HIC’s board members – Tareef Saeb (chairman) and Emad Hamid – were contributors to a paper entitled, “How to Start a Masjid” (mosque). Included in the paper are instructions on how to get 501(c)(3) status.

At one point, the authors recommend reaching out to other Masjids to gather information. The example given for who Hamzah’s leadership reached out to is the Muslim Community Association (MCA) in San Francisco, also a 501(c)(3) organization.


In this video, it’s practically an admission that HIC is helping Syrian terrorists. At the :08 mark, a translation into English is as follows:

“The project is going well and we thank you so much… We have collected much for the men, especially for the revolutionary (fighting) young men.”

14 posted on 06/25/2014 5:37:56 AM PDT by Whenifhow
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To: LucyT


15 posted on 06/25/2014 5:42:34 AM PDT by Velveeta
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Velveeta

I believe this is Gwendolyn Anderson’s Pinterest page. It says much:

16 posted on 06/25/2014 5:46:38 AM PDT by jsanders2001
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 15 | View Replies]

To: Whenifhow

There’s a deeper story to this. So many smokescreens and red herrings are thrown out there by the WH to distract you from the important issues you have to a step back and examine the situation to see if they are pulling you away from digging at one of their soft spots that would reveal damning evidence of corruption. The WH has more twists than all of the soap operas combined under this administration.

17 posted on 06/25/2014 5:59:46 AM PDT by jsanders2001
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To: jsanders2001

Have you heard the American business man who was in Russia in the 80’s story?

18 posted on 06/25/2014 6:54:50 AM PDT by goodnesswins (R.I.P. Doherty, Smith, Stevens, Woods)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 10 | View Replies]

To: goodnesswins

> Have you heard the American business man who was in Russia in the 80’s story?

Which one?

19 posted on 06/25/2014 7:44:24 AM PDT by jsanders2001
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 18 | View Replies]

To: jsanders2001; LucyT; Republicanprofessor; null and void


That’s exactly what I was wondering, if this connection was the universe shattering info that arpaio & team had uncovered.

Lucy, republicanprofessor, null and void, here’s a couple links #1 & #10 to ping-out...

20 posted on 06/25/2014 7:57:40 AM PDT by WildHighlander57 ((WildHighlander57, returning after lurking since 2000)
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