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OBAMA: The Forged COLB and a New Mystery (long but worthwhile)
TexasDarlin ^ | 8/6/08 | Judah Benjamin

Posted on 08/06/2008 3:56:35 PM PDT by pissant

IF Techdude is right, and I believe he must be since his qualifications are impeccable (even Dr Neal Krawetz cannot deny that), the Certification of Live Birth posted on KOS and FTS is a Forgery based upon an original belonging to somebody other than Senator Obama.

I believe that the information on it is probably based upon that contained in Senator Obama’s Original Birth Certificate, which he claims to have found as a boy. So, why a Forgery at all?

Given that he had the Original Document at one point and used it to obtain his Social Security Papers, a Passport, a Driver’s License, his Illinois Bar Documents, whatever, we have no means of knowing that he still has it. He could have lost it. We are told he is very careless with documents by many sources, including himself. It could simply have disintegrated due to age. In any event he still has the information but not the Document.

If the Indonesian records are correct, and in spite of recent attempts to suggest otherwise by an Obama supporting expat in Indonesia, I have absolutely no reason to think that they aren’t and nor does anyone else, the probability is that his Original Hawaiian Birth Records are Sealed. If that is so, any genuine COLB he got from Hawaii would contain information other than that on the Forgery.

While I have no doubt that his grandparents were his Legal Guardians from 1971 until he reached his majority that would not affect his COLB and the supporting Documentation. I doubt that they adopted him and I can see no way that anybody else could have.

Why maintain the fiction?

His whole life is built around being Barack Hussein Obama II. Everything he has written, his public and political personae are all built on that foundation. How could he at this late date admit to another identity, especially if the admission would raise questions about his Eligibility? I cannot easily think of another motivation.

The logical question would then be why, if he could get a COLB anyway, even if it didn’t contain the information he needed, did he not simply use that as a template, rather than using somebody else’s?

Well, there is a perfectly reasonable scenario that requires no complex conspiracy. In May/June he suddenly realized that a problem was building up that he had to address. So, as Janice Okubo, of Hawaiian Vital Records originally admitted, he sent for a copy of his COLB. Perhaps he had a copy of the old longer form of COLB that Hawaii used at one point but not the newer short form.

Fine, but the controversy continued to escalate, forcing him to ask someone for help because the actual COLB Copy from Hawaii had not yet arrived. I have no idea who he asked for help but whoever it was was no professional as we have seen. It is difficult to conclude that the document we see is anything but a Forgery, it has the appearance of an amateur Forgery that really doesn’t pass muster.

If it is a genuine Document, which I do not believe at this time, I would have to assume that it had been doctored to appear to be a bad Forgery! Now that would be really strange. (I don’t find A J Strata, Koyaan or the various other debunkers at all credible, not least because they make Statements about Techdude which are patently untrue.)

I do not know whose COLB was used as a template, or who the forger was but I do know this:

If the Original belonged to his sister, Maya Kassandra Soetoro, we have another level of family mystery because almost all of the Records that I have been able to locate show that she was born on August 15th 1970 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The one exception can be found on and is a US Public Records extract.

The references to her Indonesian Birth include her own testimony, that of her husband, and that of Julia Suryakusuma, Stanley Ann Dunham’s best friend in Indonesia. Maya Kassandra Soetoro-Ng should not legally have a Hawaiian COLB, even under the somewhat lax Laws Hawaii has, IF the few records that seem to exist are correct and she, and her husband, are telling the truth.

Indeed, since she was born in Indonesia of an Indonesian father in 1970 Maya should not legally be a US Citizen at all, unless she is Naturalized. She regularly visits Indonesia and, so far as I can tell, is probably an Indonesian Citizen today, she is certainly an active member of the Indonesian Community in Hawaii. Her husband seems to be a Canadian Citizen, who may also hold Malaysian Citizenship through his parents, and is of Chinese Descent. I hope for Dr Ng’s sake he has not been Naturalized due to his marriage, since it looks as if that may cause a few problems in itself.

Indonesian Law did not allow Dual Nationality until 2007 and the US State Department is clear that under those circumstances Maya Kassandra Soetoro should NOT have had US Citizenship at Birth, regardless of her mother’s Citizenship at the time of her Birth, and that Citizenship itself is unknown at this time.

Stanley Ann Dunham could have filed a “Birth Abroad to One Citizen and One Alien Parent in Wedlock” Form under Section 301(g) INA and the other necessary paperwork at the Consulate, and that would mean that there should be an Indonesian Birth Certificate accompanied by Consular Service Documentation and the Consular Report of Birth, or FS-240, NOT a Hawaiian BC (so far as I can tell) since Stanley Ann Dunham WAS NOT a Legal Resident of the State of Hawaii, or of the United States of America, at the time of Maya’s Birth.

So there should not be a LEGAL Hawaiian Birth Certificate unless every Record is wrong. At the very least one would imagine that the old INS, or the current USCIS, would be very interested in the fact that Hawaii was, apparently, unilaterally giving Birth Citizenship to those born abroad, in defiance of Federal Law and the US State Department.

At least that is how the situation appears to me. I have always said that the Hawaiian Code seems to lend itself to this kind of action. The very existence of a Hawaiian COLB for Maya Kassandra Soetoro argues either that all the Records are wrong or that a deliberate illegality was committed by some person, presumably Stanley Ann Dunham.

The history of Stanley Ann Dunham and her children is a swamp, not a rock pool. Who was what and when is anything but clear. Senator Obama’s version of things just doesn’t hold up under examination.

We have what seems to be a trail of bent, or broken, Laws and IF we now have a forged COLB based on that of the Senator’s sister we may have a Forged Document based on an Illegal Original.

If that does not demonstrate Mens Rea I’m not sure what would. Once again the problem would have originated with Stanley Ann Dunham, not her children, but their methods of dealing with the little complications in their lives are maximally unacceptable.

Assuming that Techdude is right, we have a Forged Document. Publication of a forged document with intent to deceive is a crime. Forgery of an Official Document is a crime. Conspiracy and Misprision are crimes. We may also have prima facie evidence of crimes under INA 1952. Falsifying a BC is a crime. I am moderately sure that most of these things are impeachable for a member of the Senate. If the template document belongs to the Senator’s sister I do not see how he can claim convincingly that he was unaware of what happened, since she would be the only person who could have logically provided it.

Should the Document belong to somebody else, it is still a Forgery and there is still a conspiracy involved.

I can think of good reason for publishing a false COLB, as I have demonstrated, but if it is a Forgery we are looking at a crime, no matter the source of the original document.


Here is the current State Department Information on Birth Abroad.

It is quite clear from this that if Stanley Ann Dunham had filed the correct paperwork with the Consular Authorities in Jakarta, Maya Kassandra Soetoro would not have, and would not need, a Hawaiian COLB and she should not have one. If she does it is an indictment of the Hawaiian System. The Regulations in effect in 1970 were, so far as I can tell, essentially the same as the current ones.

Documentation of U.S. Citizens Born Abroad

U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Documentation of United States Citizens Born Abroad Who Acquire Citizenship At Birth

The birth of a child abroad to U.S. citizen parent(s) should be reported as soon as possible to the nearest American consular office for the purpose of establishing an official record of the child’s claim to U.S. citizenship at birth. The official record is in the form of a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America. This document, referred to as the Consular Report of Birth or FS-240, is considered a basic United States citizenship document. An original FS-240 is furnished to the parent(s) at the time the registration is approved.


A Consular Report of Birth can be prepared only at an American consular office overseas while the child is under the age of 18. Usually, in order to establish the child’s citizenship under the appropriate provisions of U.S. Law, the following documents must be submitted:

(1) an official record of the child’s foreign birth;

(2) evidence of the parent(s)’ U.S. citizenship (e.g., a certified birth certificate, current U.S. passport, or Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship);

(3) evidence of the parents’ marriage, if applicable; and

(4) affidavits of parent(s)’ residence and physical presence in the United States.

In certain cases, it may be necessary to submit additional documents, including affidavits of paternity and support, divorce decrees from prior marriages, or medical reports of blood compatibility. All evidentiary documents should be certified as true copies of the originals by the registrar of the office wherein each document was issued. A service fee of $65 is prescribed under the provisions of Title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 22.1, item 9, for a Consular Report of Birth.

[NOTE: Consular Reports of Birth are not available for persons born in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Panama Canal Zone before October 1, 1979, the Philippines before July 4, 1946, American Samoa, Guam, Swains Island, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or the former U.S. Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands. Birth certificates for those areas, except the Panama Canal Zone, must be obtained from their respective offices of vital statistics. Panama Canal Zone birth certificates should be requested through the Vital Records Section of Passport Services (see address below.) The fees are the same as those for DS-1350.]


Consular Report of Birth (FS-240)

On November 1, 1990, the Department of State ceased issuing multiple copies of the Consular Report of Birth (FS-240). As of that date, a new format for the FS-240 went into effect. All previously issued FS-240s are acceptable proof of U.S. citizenship (Public Law 97-241 - Aug. 24, 1982). To obtain a replacement for a lost or mutilated document, please submit a notarized written request including the original FS-240 or a notarized affidavit concerning the loss of the FS-240 and a $30 fee, payable to the “Department of State.” Mail it to the address below. The affidavit must contain the: 1) name, (2) date, and (3) place of birth of the subject; (4) a statement regarding the whereabouts of the original FS-240; and (5) be signed by the subject, parent, or legal representative.

Certification of Report of Birth (DS-1350)

If the birth was recorded in the form of a Consular Report of Birth, a Certification of Report of Birth (DS-1350) can be issued in multiple copies. The DS-1350 contains the same information as that on the new format Consular Report of Birth and is acceptable for all legal purposes. The DS-1350 is not issued overseas and can be obtained only by writing to the address below.


To amend or correct a Consular Report of Birth, submit a written request - accompanied by certified copies of all documents appropriate for effecting the change (e.g., foreign birth certificate, marriage certificate, court ordered adoption or name change, birth certificates of the adopting or legitimating parents, affidavits, etc.). The original FS-240 or replacement FS-240, or a notarized affidavit concerning its whereabouts, also must be included.


The DS-1350 or a replacement FS-240 can be obtained by writing to:

Vital Records Section Passport Services 1111 19th Street, NW, Suite 510 Washington, D.C. 20522-1705

A written request must be notarized and must include a copy of valid photo identification of the requester. The written request must include:

(1) full name of child at birth (plus any adoptive names)

(2) date and place of birth

(3) names of parents

(4) serial number, if known, of the FS-240 (on those issued after November 1, 1990) if known

(5) any available passport information

(6) signature of requester and

(7) notarized affidavit for a replacement FS-240 (if applicable).

Note: For Panama Canal Zone (PCZ) birth certificates, just include items (1) through (3).

The fee for an FS-240 is $30. The fees for DS-1350 and PCZ certificates are $30 for the first copy, $20 each additional copy. Make check or bank draft drawn on a bank in the United States, or money order, payable to the “Department of State.” The Department will assume no responsibility for cash lost in the mail. Documents will be provided to the person who is the subject of the Report of Birth, the subject’s parents, the subject’s legal guardian, authorized government agency, or a person who submits written authorization from the subject of the Report of Birth.


A person, who acquired United States citizenship through birth abroad to a U.S. citizen parent(s) or who acquired U.S. citizenship by derivative naturalization, may apply for a Certificate of Citizenship under the provisions of Section 341 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Application for this document may be made in the United States to the nearest office of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security. Upon approval, a Certificate of Citizenship will be issued in the name of the subject, but only if that person is in the United States. Obtaining this certificate involves presentation of basically the same documentation required to obtain a Consular Report of Birth. Under law, the Consular Report of Birth and the Certificate of Citizenship are equally acceptable as proof of citizenship.

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To: SilvieWaldorfMD

Texas darlin is not the source. Techdude, a certified document forensics expert is, who first appeared on Pam Geller’s Atlas Shrugs website. There are others, including freeper Polarik, also a computer documents expert.

41 posted on 08/07/2008 9:27:50 AM PDT by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: Joiseydude

Now if this proves to be true, how will the moonbats and the MSM bend over backwards to say the rules are antiquated and need to be ignored.
Remember when the MSM brought up McCain being born in the canal zone...

42 posted on 08/07/2008 11:08:29 AM PDT by Holicheese (Hillary deserves the CMoH for her time in Tuzla!)
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To: libravoter

Cool. Now this thing looks right.

43 posted on 08/07/2008 1:19:28 PM PDT by Kevmo (A person's a person, no matter how small. ~Horton Hears a Who)
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To: Holicheese
Now if this proves to be true, how will the moonbats and the MSM bend over backwards to say the rules are antiquated and need to be ignored.

In the thread I started about Obamas COLB on another board I had a guy who doesn't even live in the US tell me that the law is stupid and needs to be gotten rid of.

44 posted on 08/07/2008 3:46:39 PM PDT by Joiseydude
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To: muawiyah

“...She [Senator Obama’s mother] may well have been working as an undercover covert agent for the CIA at the time as well...”

Where do you get this weird idea? The woman is described by high school friends as a “fellow traveler”, an aetheist who had strong feelings for socialism and who hated the United States. Hardly the type the CIA would want, especially since her family were New Deal enthusiasts.

You say that she was working for a US Government agency: was it the US State Dept., at an Embassy, or a consulate? They have lots of left wingers and neo-socialists working there.

45 posted on 08/07/2008 6:49:24 PM PDT by SatinDoll (Desperately desiring a conservative government.)
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To: pissant; libravoter

Thanks, Pissant. I just discovered that there’s a new benefit to such an exercise. The keyword CertifiGate is now outlined in Red Letters on the sidebar. (Sorry I forgot the HTML trick for getting the font color to change to red.)

46 posted on 08/07/2008 7:52:10 PM PDT by Kevmo (A person's a person, no matter how small. ~Horton Hears a Who)
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To: SatinDoll
She grew up ~ worked abroad for USAID.

That's a favorite front organization for field operatives.

Do you need more evidence?

Oh, yeah, after having seen several pictures of this lady I realized I own a copy of her weaving book, and I once met her at a party held by a gentleman named Ed Smidgal-tallings (various spellings BTW). He was writing a Malay (Bhassa) to English dictionary at the time ~ very intellectual crowd at that party too ~ one of a number of Ed's parties I'd attended.

Anyway, the place was crawling with Dutch, French, American and British field intelligence folks ~ as well as your usual bunch from World Bank and Postal Headquarters ~ and if you need to ask why ...... there's really no answer for it.

I'd say her Leftwingtard days were probably behind her, but more likely she found them less meaningful in her life than "doing good by working to help people in a real job". Else, she'd simply not been there with that particular crowd.

47 posted on 08/08/2008 2:04:05 PM PDT by muawiyah
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To: muawiyah

Unless she was spying for the Indonesians.

48 posted on 08/08/2008 2:10:27 PM PDT by SatinDoll (Desperately desiring a conservative government.)
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To: pissant
Texas darlin is not the source. Techdude, a certified document forensics expert is, who first appeared on Pam Geller’s Atlas Shrugs website. There are others, including freeper Polarik, also a computer documents expert.

Thanks for the reference!

49 posted on 08/11/2008 4:19:10 PM PDT by Polarik ("The Greater Evil")
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To: pissant

No pingy-dingy?

50 posted on 08/11/2008 4:20:54 PM PDT by Polarik ("The Greater Evil")
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To: Polarik

Sorry, I don’t have a ping list for Obamaramadingdang. I just wing it. I’ll try to remember to ping you. BTW, it seems techdude has been getting lots of harrassment. Either that or it is a convenient excuse not have to fight the critics.

51 posted on 08/11/2008 4:42:35 PM PDT by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: pissant
Sorry, I don’t have a ping list for Obamaramadingdang. I just wing it. I’ll try to remember to ping you. BTW, it seems techdude has been getting lots of harrassment. Either that or it is a convenient excuse not have to fight the critics.

To be brutally honest, Pissant, I, like others who have tried replicate his work, cannot see where there is any "erased text." Plus, his claim that Maya's COLB was used to make the forgery runs counter to my claim that the forgery is a drop-dead clone of DeCosta's COLB -- a fact that TechDude dismissed as a "bizarre coincidence."

I'm defending his work because of my agreement with TD to give him the benefit of the doubt -- but as you saw the other day, I was pissed that my work was excluded from their "Exclusive--Breaking Story."

I never even got a chance to see it before it was posted.

Originally, TD, TechDude, and I were supposed to work jointly. But, then TechDude cut and ran to AtlasShruggs to get his own "Exclusive" report to the exclusion of my work and everyone else.

TD was not happy about him going renegade on us, but then she does the same thing with him, announcing that he found the "Smoking Gun," about two weeks after I published my "smoking gun (now cannon)."

Can both TechDude and myself be right? NO. Not the way he presented his results. It allows zero room for anything I did. Plus there are ideas that he ripped from mine without attribution.

At the end of the day, their is only one, true "smoking gun," whose ability to be replicated is easy and available. Not so with TechDude's complicated procedures.

Whatr can I say, but that only my findings are truly bullet-proof, incontrovertible, and undisputed. TechDude promised to deliver another report that gives the details of what he did so that it could be replicated by people who have no prior experience with Photoshop or GIMP. Personally, I would not hold my breath waiting for it because others in the audience ARE Photoshop savvy and they, too, could not reproduce what he found.

It's pretty hard for me to defend someone who co-opted my ideas and published work that is vulnerable to criticism.

52 posted on 08/12/2008 7:41:50 AM PDT by Polarik ("The Greater Evil")
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To: Dutch Boy
If there is anything to be dug up, they will. It will be leaked from the National Inquirer first. That seems to be the only investigative reporting left in the US. Who would have thought that would happen.

So true.

We will know soon if the National Enquirer is on to this story and believes in this story. No better time than the Democrat Convention to publish the phony Birth Certificate story. I'm hoping.

53 posted on 08/12/2008 7:53:38 AM PDT by InterceptPoint
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