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My personal Hero

Steven Emerson's Crusade
Why is a journalist pushing questionable stories from behind the scenes?

Steven Emerson openly discusses the frightening extent of the worldwide terrorist network in the United States. Now serving as NBC’s terrorism analyst, Mr. Emerson is an expert on terrorism and national security and is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the world on militant Islamic terrorism. With information on terrorist cells operating from Boston to San Diego on behalf of bin Laden, Hamas and Hizzbollah, Mr. Emerson provides mesmerizing first hand accounts of secret terrorist meetings, training, recruitment and above all else--deception of law enforcement and the media.

As a correspondent and author who serves as the Executive Director of The Investigative Project, Mr. Emerson has appeared frequently on network television, including NBC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. and has been quoted or cited hundreds of times in the nation’s top newspapers. Mr. Emerson has also given numerous briefings to Congress, the White House, the Justice Department and other federal agencies.

Mr. Emerson's newest book is American Jihad, The Terrorists Living Among Us (Simon and Schuster, 2002). He has authored or co-authored four other books: Terrorist: The Inside Story of the Highest-Ranking Iraqi Terrorist Ever to Defect to the West (Villard/Random House, 1991); The Fall of Pan Am 103: Inside the Lockerbie.

My personal Heroine

The Terrorist Hunter Speaks
An amazing story of an Iraqi Jew at the heart of dismantling terrorism.

Site Institute

Ms. Katz talked about her book, Terrorist Hunter: The Extraordinary Story of a Woman Who Went Undercover to Infiltrate the Radical Islamic Groups Operating in America, published by Ecco. Ms. Katz, who had originally had the book published anonymously, talked about growing up in Iraq and the course that led her to become a terrorism investigator in the United States. She argued that there are many front groups in the U.S. that funnel money to Muslim terrorist organizations overseas. Ms. Katz also talked about the reach of groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, the influence of Saudi Arabia, and the way the Internet is used to recruit future terrorists.

Rita has been interrogated,investigated and it is an affront to everyone doing this non-profit job of hitting terrorist's where it counts the most, where it will hurt the most!

And my friends who fight heartily day/night:

Pure Pursuit Intelligence Network
About Nena Wiley

Terrorist Warning

These two websites have the wisdom and knowledge and mostly heart and intelligence and should always be foremost in your search for the truth.

And a dear friend I cannot name here due to confidentiality, but someone who has headed investigations into all that matters! You know who you are and if/when you are ready to be mentioned you'll let me know- ~smiles

We must carry on the fight of ALL the people mentioned above and for Freeper's that we lost on 911:

Barbara K. Olson
1955 - 2001
Member since 11/5/1999
Barbara Olson Tribute - Tell Her Family Why You Loved Her.
9-11-01 | Bob J

John Moran
1959 - 2001
Member since 9/28/1998
NYFD Battalion Chief John Moran (Freeper BCM) Perishes In World Trade Center
NY Daily News
Posted on 10/04/2001 3:22:45 PM CDT by AppyPappy

Rest in Peace, dear friends. We will carry the Torch of Freedom in your Memory.

~ * ~

This Memorial created by Mr_Magoo

Our Motto is:

Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper and along with our President we stand. So remember if you are not with us you are with them and 'they' are outnumbered!

1 posted on 10/03/2004 6:06:03 PM PDT by JustPiper
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FBI Report It

DHS Report it

Rewards for Reporting It

Ready .Gov -Be Prepared

2 posted on 10/03/2004 6:12:29 PM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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To: Kinetic

You are the dearest young lady for once again spending a few hours creating this blog for NoE. And caring how much this work means to me, I thank you from my heart!

7 posted on 10/03/2004 6:27:25 PM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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To: prfix; Dec31,1999; judicial meanz; Jet Jaguar; MeekOneGOP; MizSterious; nwctwx; BurbankKarl


8 posted on 10/03/2004 6:28:18 PM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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To: JustPiper

Thank You


10 posted on 10/03/2004 6:38:46 PM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (MAKE SURE YOU ARE CURRENTLY REGISTERED AND VOTE Nov 2nd!)
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I would like to thank my son SD, for creating our logo, as always you do amazing work! Thank you love and hugz!

12 posted on 10/03/2004 6:44:03 PM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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To: JustPiper; Kinetic

Jost well done ladies! Please tell SD the logo is fantastic. Kudos to all.

17 posted on 10/03/2004 9:00:12 PM PDT by Oorang (I want to breathe the fresh air of freedom, at the dawn of every day, it's the American way.)
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To: JustPiper
#3 CIA choice caught shoplifting

Internationally Authorized Internationally Recognized Global Test

11 detained in Nizhny terror probe

Russia's newspaper stalls disappear in anti-terrorism move

Asgharzadeh: Iran should proceed with nuclear deterrence

19 posted on 10/03/2004 9:28:55 PM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: JustPiper

31 posted on 10/03/2004 10:53:13 PM PDT by Coleus (
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To: Cindy; All

Cindy posted about Shannen Rossmiller on TM and I'd like to thank her for the ABC story on that, but it also had me searching for more cybersleuths {Occupational Hazard}
It is good to know there are so many out here in cyberland:

Web Warrior
Small-Town Mom Spends Spare Time Fighting Terror via the Internet

This woman hunts down terrorists
Referred to by her spymasters only as 'Mrs Galt'

So if 'you' know of any terror sleuths, terrorist hunters,etc. Please post them, it is good to know you are part of a network that most likely goes very deep

Neil Doyle (Terror Tracker):

34 posted on 10/03/2004 11:23:57 PM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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To: mindspy

Pssssst, we like spies here ;)

35 posted on 10/03/2004 11:27:12 PM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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To: Old Sarge; ExSoldier; 4thygipper


41 posted on 10/04/2004 9:41:41 AM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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To: Oorang; All

I have a MAJOR apology to make O! I was so exhausted when we wrote this I in error, thanked Wife/Hubby for hosting the pictures, I just realised my mistake and I am so very sorry!!!

This will be changed in the next round and folks please know that "O" is all that

59 posted on 10/04/2004 11:57:17 PM PDT by JustPiper (Behind every Freeper, will be yet another Freeper)
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To: TexKat; MamaDearest; Labyrinthos; drymans wife; texasbluebell; Right_Handed_Writer; grizzfan; ...

I would appreciate some opinions/knowledge on the Nigerian scam for money and Nigerian terrorist connections andabout the money going from these scams to fund terror

All postings appreciated!

83 posted on 10/06/2004 12:46:16 PM PDT by JustPiper (NoE)
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To: JustPiper

Bookmark :-)

152 posted on 10/13/2004 10:51:47 AM PDT by Hegemony Cricket (Attn: CBS: We may FReep in our jammies, but we won't take your lying, lying down!)
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To: JustPiper

Geetings JP, nice to see you're back -- with a very interesting thread I might add. Great picture of Steve Emerson. He's at the top of my list as well.

201 posted on 10/16/2004 7:53:03 AM PDT by freeperfromnj
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To: JustPiper

Thanks for the invite JP....I have quite a bit of catching-up to do....I am looking forward to this blog.

Kindest Regards....all4one

214 posted on 10/18/2004 7:41:12 AM PDT by all4one ("..a politician is to be judged by the animosities he excites among his opponents" Sir W. Churchill)
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To: JustPiper


Al Qaeda benefited financially by utilizing networks, originating in Africa, that trafficked in precious gems and metals, an investigative reporter asserted. US government efforts to break up these al Qaeda financing schemes lacked creativity, the journalist, Douglas Farah charged.

Farah recently spoke at an Open Forum, sponsored by the Open Society Institute in New York. Al Qaeda’s diamond trading operations – which generated revenue and helped hide the terrorist group’s assets -- remain a source of debate. Experts and officials find it hard to agree on the extent to which al Qaeda benefited from such operations, and on the effectiveness of efforts to disrupt the organization’s diamond–trading schemes.

Farah told the audience that he uncovered information in 2001 about al Qaeda’s diamond-trading schemes in war-ravaged African countries, such as Sierra Leone and Liberia, when covering the region as a reporter for the Washington Post. He has since developed the story into a book, Blood From Stones.

According to Farah, al Qaeda started trading in precious gems in the months after the terrorist group carried out two bombings against US embassies in Africa in 1998. In response to those attacks, then-US President Bill Clinton froze all identifiable al Qaeda assets. Millions of dollars of al Qaeda assets were confiscated -- something that terrorist leaders had failed to anticipate. Al Qaeda responded like any resourceful corporation -- adopting a new financing strategy, Farah said. "They began channeling money into items that were more difficult to trace, but that retain their value over time," he said. "Diamonds were perfect."

Farah outlined how then-Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, in 1998, "ran the state as a criminal enterprise," attracting a "dream team" of global arms, drug and diamond dealers with the resources to license airplanes, register ships and obtain valid passports. Two al Qaeda operatives went to live in Liberia in 2000, Farah said, "offering to buy the next year’s crop" of alluvial diamonds "at premium prices."

The US Central Intelligence Agency could have disrupted al Qaeda’s operations in precious stones, Farah asserted during his September 17 talk, but US intelligence officials seemed reluctant to act on what they viewed as information coming from unconventional sources. The diamond networks were rudimentary, yet complex – often lacking a paper trail. Accordingly, the CIA’s methods were ineffective in trying unraveling the web of dealers, Farah asserted "We really like [evidence that comes from] wire transfers and bank accounts," Farah says a CIA official told him.

"The CIA never seeks information outside its own community," Farah added. Even when the CIA attempted to follow up on tips, agents often did so in an unproductive manner, Farah asserted. One of his primary sources, a veteran trader named Cindor Reeves, ended up humiliated and infuriated after Farah arranged a meeting between the trader and CIA agents. "Three white agents went to Ghana, dragged the guy to a hotel room, slapped a polygraph on him and asked him why he lied to me," Farah told the audience. The source became angry - leading to low polygraph scores - and walked out.

CIA and FBI officials have vigorously denied Farah’s allegations. Officials at both agencies maintain that the evidence that al Qaeda enjoyed significant benefits from diamond trading is not persuasive.

274 posted on 10/25/2004 8:50:20 PM PDT by nwctwx
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To: All

Note: The following text is an exact quote:

(202) 514-2007
TDD (202) 514-1888


Shadowcrew Organization Called ‘One-Stop Online Marketplace For Identity Theft’

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Attorney General John Ashcroft, Assistant Attorney General Christopher A. Wray of the Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie of the District of New Jersey and United States Secret Service Director W. Ralph Basham today announced the indictment of 19 individuals who are alleged to have founded, moderated and operated “” - one of the largest illegal online centers for trafficking in stolen identity information and documents, as well as stolen credit and debit card numbers.

The 62-count indictment, returned by a federal grand jury in Newark, New Jersey today, alleges that the 19 individuals from across the United States and in several foreign countries conspired with others to operate “Shadowcrew,” a website with approximately 4,000 members that was dedicated to facilitating malicious computer hacking and the dissemination of stolen credit card, debit card and bank account numbers and counterfeit identification documents, such as drivers’ licenses, passports and Social Security cards. The indictment alleges a conspiracy to commit activity often referred to as “carding” - the use of account numbers and counterfeit identity documents to complete identity theft and defraud banks and retailers.

The indictment is a result of a year-long investigation undertaken by the United States Secret Service, working in cooperation with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey, the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, and other U.S. Attorneys’ offices and law enforcement agencies. The undercover investigation led to the arrests of 21 individuals in the United States on criminal complaints earlier this week. Additionally, several individuals were arrested in foreign countries in coordination with the domestic arrests.

The indictment charges that the administrators, moderators, vendors and others involved with Shadowcrew conspired to provide stolen credit card numbers and identity documents through the Shadowcrew marketplace. The account numbers and other items were allegedly sold by approved vendors who had been granted permission to sell by operators and moderators of the Shadowcrew site after completing a review process. Shadowcrew members allegedly trafficked in at least 1.7 million stolen credit card numbers and caused total losses in excess of $4 million dollars. Victims of “carding” can include banks and credit card companies, which often suffer significant financial losses due to fraud, as well as individuals whose identities and credit histories are damaged by such identity theft.

“Identity theft carries a heavy price, both in the damage to individuals whose identities are stolen and the enormous cost to America's businesses,” said Attorney General Ashcroft. “This indictment strikes at the heart of an organization that is alleged to have served as a one-stop marketplace for identity theft. The Department of Justice is committed to taking on those who deal in identity theft or fraud, whether they act online or off.”

“Identity theft by organized groups like Shadowcrew is a particularly insidious crime,” said Assistant Attorney General Wray. “Victims have their identities stolen and their credit ratings ruined. Identity theft defrauds banks and businesses of millions of dollars every year, endangering economic security and undermining consumer confidence. As today’s indictment and the recent arrests in the Shadowcrew case demonstrate, the Department will use every available law enforcement tool to protect victims from this kind of criminal activity and to seek punishment for those responsible, wherever they are.”

“These individuals operated a virtual trading post for stolen identity and financial information,” U.S. Attorney Christie said. “They were international in their reach and we are pleased to say they are out of business. We look forward to hunting down and prosecuting more operators like them to spare consumers the nightmare of identify theft.”

“Information is the world's new currency,” said Secret Service Director W. Ralph Basham. “These suspects targeted the personal and financial information of ordinary citizens as well as the confidential and proprietary information of companies engaged in e-commerce.”

The indictment alleges that Andrew Mantovani of Scottsdale, Arizona, David Appleyard of Linwood, New Jersey, and Anatoly Tyukanov of Moscow, Russia, conspired together and served as the administrators of the Shadowcrew website, controlled the direction of the organization, determined which individuals would be permitted to become members and moderators, and were responsible for the administration, maintenance and security of the servers upon which Shadowcrew was hosted. The indictment alleges that these individuals were responsible for creating and fostering the overall Shadowcrew marketplace.

The indictment further alleges that other Shadowcrew members, including Jeremy Stephens of Charlotte, North Carolina; Brandon L. Monchamp of Scottsdale, Arizona; Omar Dhanani of Fountain Valley, California; and Marcelo Del Mazo of Buenos Aires, Argentina conspired together, served as moderators for the website, and controlled the posting of information relating to credit card and identity theft.

Several of the individuals named above and additional members of Shadowcrew who were charged in the indictment are further alleged to have advertised and sold stolen credit card numbers, counterfeit identification documents and other merchandise, and to have provided the results of testing of illegal products offered by vendors on the Shadowcrew site.

The indictment charges one count of conspiracy encompassing numerous administrators, moderators and vendors on the Shadowcrew website. The other 61 counts of the indictment charge various members of the Shadowcrew organization with crimes including unlawful trafficking in stolen credit card numbers and other access devices, unlawful transfer of identification documents to facilitate unlawful conduct, transferring false identification documents and unauthorized solicitation to offer access devices. The charges carry penalties, upon conviction, ranging from three to 15 years in prison.

Members of the public are reminded that the indictment contains only charges. A defendant is presumed innocent of the charges, and it will be the government’s burden to prove a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.



321 posted on 10/30/2004 2:25:52 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: JustPiper

Jordan's Zarqawi Financier Jailed Six Months


AMMAN (Reuters) - Jordan's state security court jailed an Islamist militant for six months on Sunday for financing al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's bombings in Iraq but found no evidence to charge him with plotting any attacks.

Jordanian security sources told Reuters it was the first major interception of secret channels of funding of Jordanian militants to Zarqawi and his foreign fighters in Iraq.

The military tribunal found Bilal Mansour Hiyari, 34, from a prominent Jordanian tribe from the city of Salt, guilty on a charge of fundraising "for an illegal organization."

Prosecutors alleged Hiyari met fellow Jordanian Zarqawi in July 2003 in Iraq's rebel city of Falluja. Hiyari spent a month in Iraq before heading back to Jordan -- one of thousands of Arab militants to join in a Muslim holy war against U.S. troops.

The court's chief judge Colonel Fawaz Baqour said the court found insufficient evidence to prove that Hiyari conspired "to engage in terrorist acts" -- a charge which carried a possible death sentence.

Hiyari had pleaded not guilty to both charges at the start of his trial last month. He could have been sentenced to a maximum three years in prison for the fundraising charge.

"He just agreed with Zarqawi to collect donations and send it to Iraq to finance his military operations against the U.S. forces," Baqour said in the court decision.

"The defendant then came back to Jordan without seeking to do anything that would threaten the security and stability of the kingdom," he added.

331 posted on 10/31/2004 9:53:49 PM PST by nwctwx
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To: JustPiper

Words cannot express how proud we all are of you!You are the most awesome grandma around!Mom,you rock!

363 posted on 11/11/2004 9:48:54 AM PST by Anglbabys4
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