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American Idiot...
My Sandmen ^ | 09.23.04 | Mr.Atos

Posted on 09/23/2004 7:43:35 PM PDT by Mr.Atos

"Artistry serves humanity by preserving the genius of vision, the wisdom of scholars, and the absurdity of fools." - Boes

Dedicated to Billie Joe Armstrong

Paying homage to the posterboy of boorish insult (reference ), I will answer the sophmoric angst of a naked generation of the absurdly alternative as expressed through a contemporary troop of contrived zeros, by dedicating a previously recorded argument to their green-necked bigotry and feckless stupidity (reference ).

(Originally recorded in September 2003, the following statement was the culmination of an ongoing debate with an associate. We'll call him Marilyn. I believe his view would parallel Princess Billie's own opinions if not that of his more agreeable fans, of which I was once one... a fan, not necessarily ever in agreement.)


My first reaction to your response (once I was able to retract my jaw) was close the post and leave it be. Where to begin… and why? But, inexplicably I kept coming back to the statement like a peculiar object so ill conceived and poorly designed that one feels compelled to continue pondering the abomination in an effort to find anything extant with which to make some degree of sense. Finally concluding that it offers none I began chopping off bits to see what happens. Like this, when asked to provide sources and context of your attacks on the President’s policies, you reply that… ,i>“[You]don’t see that any qualifiers are required.” No! I can see why you wouldn’t. Afterall, you believe that the President’s actions are simply the product of some pathologic fixation. You do this in order to qualify your own irrational disgust for the man and his ideology and to correct the outcome of his election. You’d never accept, for instance, Stratfor’s analysis concluding that the President’s move against Iraq was a shrewd and calculated, if not risky, strategic response to a very dangerous and complex threat; one that did not directly involve Sadam’s murderous fascist regime, but was certainly related to it. Time, fortune, and perserverance will ultimately determine the administration’s righteousness in this endeavor and not the vitriolic and hateful rhetoric of the fringe Left.

Then there’s this… “Sadam had nothing to do with Islamic Militantism.” Except that, as was already pointed out and you conveniently ignore, Sadam funded Islamic terror, payed bounty on the acts, trained operatives, supplied arms, provided sanctuary, and celebrated each attack from shredding busloads of school-children with nails & glass laced with feces and rat poison, to destroying the WTC, to begin with (by the way, all this is done in the name of the cause you "agree" with!) (reference) . Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy has pointed out that it is patently ridiculous to forward the notion that there is no connection between Al Qaeda and Sadam. The evidence is factual, overwhelming, and has never been in doubt by anyone in Washington including Democrats in Congress. It includes the indirect connection with the 911 hijackers, definite connections with the first WTC bombing, and even a frighteningly and increasingly likely possibility of a connection with the OKC bombing. Based on these previous actions, was there any reason to believe that Sadam’s participation in an ongoing war with the US would not escalate with his continued development of WMD’s –. Included in the list of such weapons, lest we forget, was the possibility of a weaponized small-pox program that Ken Alibek (W.H.O, and former Soviet BW-Small-Pox researcher) suspected to be in operation. Sadam’s regime personified Middle East fascist militantism and the violence and strife that cause it to flourish. The use of the term ‘Islamofascist’, you contend, condemns all Islamic peoples for the acts of a few and “… shows a complete lack of understanding of the Middle East.” And yet, the term has been coined and used by many authorities on Islamic terrorists to separate the actions of the person or movement from the people and their religion; much the same way that 'Nazi' did not define all Germans. What is fundamental here is your voluntary ignorance of the calculated semantic differentiation. The fascist wings of Islam are made up of twisted Marxist heretics disguising themselves as religious fundamentalist, as Alan Reynolds of the Cato Institute, points out. They do not represent the people of Islam nor their religion. I will repeat this point for you, they (The Islamofascists) do not represent the people of Islam nor their religion. They do however represent you, as you have stated.

You chide the power vacuum left behind the removal of the Hussein/Baathist regime, implying that the Iraqi people would be better off living under the oppression of a murderous thug tyrant; whose legacy includes some 57 mass graves, one containing 1200 children as witnessed by Federal Judge Don Walters on a recent fact-finding mission. In doing this, you once again ignore relevant strategic facts: 1. that we freed a horribly oppressed Islamic population; and 2. In doing so, we also moved the front of the current war into the heart of the Middle East. As long as we are taking the war to the enemy, we are not fighting it in our own cities. Our presence in the region at this time, provides tremendous political and strategic leverage. A free Islamic state could be the catalyst that allows the good people of Islam to dispose of the shackles of milennia of oppression and assume their rightful place among the civilizations of Earth – proud, free, and self-determined. All of this, you choose to ignore, making you the one who is truly naive or simply ignorant of the history, politics, and conditions in the Middle East.

So you believe that your profound (?) understanding of the Middle East extends to socio-political conditions in Saudi Arabia and the ongoing struggles in Israel? You believe that the citizens of Saudi Arabia (unlike those in Iraq) are truly the subjects of horrendous oppression, “[not] allowed any freedoms by a government that is being prop[p]ed up by America,” ignoring the role that the rest of the nations of the world play independently and through the UN in maintaining the status quo in Saudi Arabia and the other oppressive nations of the Middle East... a situation that is certainly being reconsidered by this current administration in stark contrast to previous ones. You believe that the Palestinians are enslaved subjects to an occupying force of Jewish invaders ignoring countless UN treaties that established national boundaries for all of the people’s of that region, ignoring the fact that the so-called Palestinians (A loose collection Islamic and Christian Arabic people’s) rejected their own provisions for statehood and joined sides in a war to drive the Jews from the Middle-East… and lost. You ignore the fact that the Palestinians were driven from Jordan into the ‘territories’, by Jordanians who did not want them to establish colonies within their borders. You ignore the fact that Israel accepted them within their culture and that most enjoy freedoms in Israel far in excess of any other Islamic nation in that region and that the only issue oppressing them at present is their own propensity toward and endorsement of acts of horrendous violence against their benefactors. Additionally you ignore the numerous offers by the Israeli government to give the Palestinian people everything that they profess to want. Further you go on to identify a certain allegiance with these murderous thugs in your very words, “Terrorism is wrong, but their cause is right.”

Excuse me? Terrorism is wrong, but their cause is right? What cause would that be? What cause justifies shredding women and children? What cause justifies 3000 dead in an hour? Is that the same cause that you agree with that took over a million innocent victims in the killing fields of Cambodia at the hands of the Marxist armies of Pol Pot? Is it the cause against Capitalist affluence and the primacy of individual existence and human dignity that you support? Do you, like the terrorists to whom you profess allegiance, hate Man’s existence to the extent that you might someday strap on a bomb and murder your way into a righteous afterlife? Or do you, like Sadam, simply hate your ideological enemies so much that you’d supply money to the family of a 12 year old minion to kill himself for you and your hatred of those with whom you disagree. Perhaps you might just burn their houses down or torch their SUV, like your friends in the ELF.

Have these terrorist with whom you agree, outlined a declaration of human existence and independence for which they fight like the one used by "militant Christian" statesman, and farmers to target their muskets in a field outside Saratoga Springs over 200 years ago? …targeting armed soldiers I might add.

I suggest you be damn sure that you know exactly what someone’s cause really is before you go declaring your allegiance to same or preaching tolerance of the murderers you choose to affiliate yourself with.

Shall I now define ignorance for you. Ignorance is the condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed. Stupidity on the other hand, is lacking the ability to comprehend. Personally I think the former describes the fringe left as I believe that you, as I have said, ignore truth in order to qualify the hate, and scorn that you have for people who do not agree with you, and facts that contradict your tenuous positions.

You may be one judge. History will be your other.

(September 15th, 2003 to 'Marylin')

(September 23rd, 2004 to Billie Joe Armstrong ... genuine American Idiot.)

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KEYWORDS: americanidiot; armstrong; greenday; idiot; ingraham; letterman; music; sandmen
Some may recognize this piece from my profile page where I posted it after the original discussion from which it originated. The current issue, with regard to the Album 'American Idiot,' provided a good opportunity to make these points yet again. Laura Ingraham inspired me on her show last night, when she discussed Green Day's appearance on the Letterman Show and played the clips. Like so many other imbeciles on the Left, they scream about the degenerate nature of Conservatives, when it is they who are the short-sided, intolerant, ignorant, bigots.
1 posted on 09/23/2004 7:43:39 PM PDT by Mr.Atos
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To: Mr.Atos

So he decided to express himself with a punk song.

Why do they think putting lazy teenagers in charge of the country is a good idea?

2 posted on 09/23/2004 7:52:06 PM PDT by SteveMcKing
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To: SteveMcKing
Coming soon to a couch near you, the 'Slacker Uprising', led by Yassir Imsofat, aka Abu Cholesterol, aka Michael Moore.

Why? Because unemployed 27 year old HS dropouts living with Mom and Dad and sleeping in till noon every day have some big ideas on how to run this country, and it's time their voice was heard!

3 posted on 09/23/2004 8:00:59 PM PDT by Steel Wolf (Don't make me roll initiative...!)
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To: momfirst; paul thomas; Salem; dueler88
My Sandmen Ping!
4 posted on 09/24/2004 6:19:14 AM PDT by Mr.Atos (
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To: Mr.Atos; SJackson; yonif; Simcha7; American in Israel; spectacularbid2003; Binyamin; ...
Make sure you guys read this one. Mr. Atos eviscerating the radical Left in America.

Atos, you continue to outdo yourself, articulating clearly the complex scenarios and cultural/political/military challenges we currently face.

I linked this one to my America At War site. An excellent piece indeed!

*Standing ovation*

At Salem the Soldier's Homepage ~

American Flag

5 posted on 09/24/2004 7:33:12 PM PDT by Salem (FREE REPUBLIC - Fighting to win within the Arena of the War of Ideas! So get in the fight!)
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To: Salem

bump and thanks!

6 posted on 09/25/2004 2:51:22 AM PDT by lainde (Heads up...We're coming and we've got tongue blades!!)
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To: Mr.Atos

Don't hesitate to remind these GreenDay idiots that Saddam was harboring Abu Abbas and Abu Nidal in Baghdad shortly before the war.

No connection with Islamic Militarism? Pigs are flying.

7 posted on 09/25/2004 4:01:09 AM PDT by sauropod (Hitlary: "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.")
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To: Mr.Atos

Green Day sucks. When they write a song one tenth as good as "Rockaway Beach" or "God Save The Queen", then they can get back to me.

8 posted on 09/25/2004 4:09:22 AM PDT by GodBlessRonaldReagan (Count Petofi will not be denied!)
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To: Mr.Atos
Greenday is tight ass, commercial punk and, as such, they really aren't punk at all. They are part of the media showbiz blitz to take down the president. Making tons of money & running with the celebrity pack speaks loudest to these "Johnny 'wannabee' Dangerous" types. If they really wanted to be dangerous they could have defied Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry, defied their cool peers, defied making tons of money from the trendy swank liberals... in other words, they could have been like Kid Rock! But, no, rather, Greenday comes out against Bush because they don't want to sink their multimillion dollar careers to do such a dangerous thing. Yes, these cash cow punks follow the herd, they know Hollywood butters their bread and they really don't want to bite the hand that feeds them (for them it's more like lick the hand that feeds them).

I don't think it is a question of them understanding the pro/con arguments and positions of either Bush or Kerry, but about having to play the game that the liberal herd requires. They must have obviously thought it was cool and Bush would have lost, especially with so many celebrities joining in the Bush bashing orgy, and 'coolness' is a lot easier than having the courage or inclination to think through the issues. Like I said before, they are corporate punk and, because they follow the money, they go against the very essence of punk. They are like most Hollywood types... shallow, herd like, hypocritical babies.

Yes, they are the rich American Idiots!
9 posted on 11/14/2004 8:33:53 PM PST by Blind Eye Jones
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To: Blind Eye Jones

Good points! Well, said.

10 posted on 11/15/2004 5:41:25 AM PST by Mr.Atos (
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To: Mr.Atos
I just heard this piece of trash on the radio today and was disgusted. The only thing that screams LOSER more than a trio of mid-30's adults pretending they're teenage punk singers is a trio of mid-30's adults pretending they're teenage punk singers and using it as a platform to spout leftist garbage.

The history of music has a great tradition, BTW, of dealing with these types. Canadian Neil Young - another leftist nutcase singer - famously made a broad-based portrayal of the American south as a bunch of ignorant redneck klansmen and called for slavery reparations in "Southern Man." Shortly thereafter Lynyrd Skynyrd served Mr. Young a healthy counterpunch with "Sweet Home Alabama"

11 posted on 11/21/2004 7:10:13 PM PST by GOPcapitalist ("Marxism finds it easy to ally with Islamic zealotism" - Ludwig von Mises)
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To: GOPcapitalist
Yeah, Princess Billie got our counterpunch alright! Red state man, don't need Green angst anyhow!

Hey Princess... 'Mission Accomplished' did not bother me. Does your concious bother you? Now tell the truth.

12 posted on 11/22/2004 6:30:42 AM PST by Mr.Atos (
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To: Mr.Atos

At least some of us "short-sided, intolerant, ignorant, bigots" know how to spell sophomoric.

-Just one of your many errors... picked out by an ignorant bigot who can't even vote yet.

13 posted on 04/18/2005 8:30:05 PM PDT by miss onus
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To: miss onus

I'm devustatud!

14 posted on 04/18/2005 10:41:26 PM PDT by Mr.Atos (
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