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Sharia in Pennsylvania: Muslim admits to attacking atheist; Muslim judge dismisses case
Jihadwatch / ABC27 ^ | Robert Spencer

Posted on 02/23/2012 8:31:06 AM PST by LastNorwegian

Full title: Sharia in Pennsylvania: Muslim admits to attacking atheist over "Zombie Muhammad"; Muslim judge dismisses case, tells atheist he'd be killed in Muslim lands

This is enforcement of Sharia in a Pennsylvania court. The attacker supposedly got off because he "is an immigrant and claims he did not know his actions were illegal, or that it was legal in this country to represent Muhammad in any form. To add insult to injury, he also testified that his 9 year old son was present, and the man said he felt he needed to show his young son that he was willing to fight for his Prophet."

Then, Judge Mark Martin, himself a Muslim, told the atheist, Ernest Perce V.:

“Having had the benefit of having spent over 2 and a half years in predominantly Muslim countries I think I know a little bit about the faith of Islam. In fact I have a copy of the Koran here and I challenge you sir to show me where it says in the Koran that Mohammad arose and walked among the dead. I think you misinterpreted things. Before you start mocking someone else’s religion you may want to find out a little bit more about it it makes you look like a dufus and Mr. (Defendant) is correct. In many Arabic speaking countries something like this is definitely against the law there. In their society in fact it can be punishable by death and it frequently is in their society.

Read it all at Jihadwatch

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

KEYWORDS: culturaljihad; domesticjihad; dripdripdrip; homefrontjihad; immigration; mechanicsburg; pennsylvaniasharia; pennsylvaniashariah; religion; ropma; ruleoflaw; sharia; shariah; stealthjihad
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To: RetroSexual

The Wikipedia page says he cross-filed with both parties but I can’t see anything in the provided links that shows that. Both links have him listed as an R.

He’s a vet. I wonder if anybody knew that he’s Muslim. Ah, but that’s supposed to not matter...

Until their actions show their true colors - adherence to the Muslim duty to push for worldwide sharia. Just like Obama told the Egyptian ambassador (and that his actions have proved true): that he was and still is a Muslim who supports the Muslim agenda, and the Muslim world should be patient with him while he got Obamacare passed and then he would start on pushing the Muslim agenda (which is the destruction of the US and Israel and the institution of worldwide sharia). Here’s a link about that:

A couple posts where I give more details on how Obama followed through on what he told the Egyptian ambassador:

Everything Obama has done makes sense if what Obama told the Egyptian ambassador was actually true.

Eric Holder is protecting Muslim converts from being investigated for terrorist activity. Everything that’s been going on in our government has pointed to a paving of the way toward sharia here - including Obamacare, as I described in one of the above links.

61 posted on 02/23/2012 10:14:01 AM PST by butterdezillion
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To: LastNorwegian

Why? Newt has been the most outspoken of all the candidates about our war against radical Islam. I believe he even mentioned the problem of the Islamist movement in the debate last night.

62 posted on 02/23/2012 10:16:05 AM PST by JediJones (Watch "Gingrich to Michigan: Change or Die" on YouTube. Best Speech Ever!)
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Judge martin, “Islam is a way of life and the culture while of Islamic people and Christianity is not”

Judge Martin also said, “you’re way outside your bounds of first amendment rights, and you trash Islamic culture” “we are called ugly amercians because we trash islam”

63 posted on 02/23/2012 10:18:58 AM PST by snowstorm12
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To: presently no screen name

This may well be true. He certainly speaks like he has a spine. I’m still not sure he really gets it though.

64 posted on 02/23/2012 10:21:27 AM PST by LastNorwegian
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To: LastNorwegian

This must be real case of “cognitive dissonance” for the `freethinkers’ at DU.

65 posted on 02/23/2012 10:24:08 AM PST by tumblindice (Whitey-American: Taxed Enough Already)
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To: LastNorwegian

wtf? we’ve got muslim judges in the US??

how does that square with sharia? wouldn’t they HAVE to support sharia in order to be a ‘good muslim’

66 posted on 02/23/2012 10:27:05 AM PST by sten (fighting tyranny never goes out of style)
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To: LastNorwegian

Ah yes. The Islamics versus the godless. Who to root for...

67 posted on 02/23/2012 10:29:34 AM PST by Antoninus (Mitt Romney -- attempting to execute a hostile take-over of the Republican Party.)
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To: JediJones

Action is what counts to me. Saying the right things is all well and nice. But it’s only when a guy acts one has a hope of seeing his true colours.

How many times have politicians said the right things just to get elected and then been indifferent if they get in a position do something? (rhetorical question btw)

Compare the indifference of our leaders to the way the leftists grab onto any single issue that can be used to forward their views while our ‘leaders’ remain silent any time they have the chance to do the same. The sad truth is that our so-called leaders shy away from anything the media calls controversial.

68 posted on 02/23/2012 10:30:35 AM PST by LastNorwegian
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To: LucianOfSamasota

They are either at your throat or under your heel. Until we decide to deal with this in the real world, as other ages have since 714 in Frace (Battle of Tours and Poiters), we will have them at our throats.

69 posted on 02/23/2012 10:31:06 AM PST by RinaseaofDs (Does beheading qualify as 'breaking my back', in the Jeffersonian sense of the expression?)
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To: dfwgator

Thanks. People need to know this.

Right now that list has Muslims as 1% of the US population, but the activity resembles that of around 10%. They probably actually have a greater population than is reported - possibly due to Obama fast-tracking Hamas folks to be here legally, as well as making sure our southern soft underbelly remains wide open to illegals including Hezbollah operatives being flown directly to Venezuela and then sent north to infiltrate the US).

And they probably believe that with a Muslim in the White House and their ally, Soros, having complete control of the media (this we know) and judiciary (this isn’t proven but seems evident)... they have an opportunity to push faster here. In one of the links I just posted before this, I posted about Ahmadinejad believing that the Mahdi would return during Obama’s first term - which is probably why in January of 2010 Obama felt like he had to apologize to the Muslim world (via the Egyptian ambassador) for not having pushed the Muslim agenda as fast as they wanted.

It very much looks to me as if the (at least a million dollars of) campaign contributions Obama’s campaign disabled tracking for were from foreign Muslims, who joined with Soros to get Obama into office - now that Soros has accepted Islam as a mutual foe of both America and capitalism (the 2 great evils Soros - who believes he is God - has to fight in this world). They wanted Obama in office because they know he is a Muslim lying about being Christian (practicing taqiyya to further the Muslim agenda) and would have great power to pave the way for worldwide sharia as well as the destruction of the US and Israel (via communism in the US and via betrayal for Israel).

We are in serious, serious territory. People NEED to become aware of how dangerous this situation is.

I just briefly heard Glenn Beck on his radio show yesterday, as I was driving to work. He was talking about EVERYBODY boycotting any cooperation with him at all. He said he had a handshake on getting the rights to some non-controversial content for his media company, and at the last minute the higher-ups said they wouldn’t sell the rights TO HIM for any price. Just because it was him. He told about how secretive he had to be just to be able to meet with a particular well-known movie star (whose identity he did not reveal), and how she cried about how totalitarian Hollywood is in cutting off ANY critical analysis of Obama or what he’s doing.

There is an article at talking about how Beck left Fox because the Soros people were making threats (and we know the first of those was about the eligibility issue) and Fox refused to protect the workers there. According to that article, Beck left Fox because though he could keep himself and his family safe, he feared for the others who worked at Fox and couldn’t be kept personally safe.

We’re talking physical safety here, so these are physical threats, like Hagman had said the media heads had conveyed to their on-air personalities if they reported on the eligibility issue. But the threats didn’t stop with the eligibility thing, even though Beck dutifully mocked the “birthers”. The threats continued for Beck - because he was revealing the communist and Muslim ties between Soros, Obama, and the whole puppet regime.


I know all this stuff sounds like a vast crazy conspiracy when taken all together, but the evidence is there for each of the smaller points along the way. The individual dots are each real, and when you put them together this is what they look like: Soros has made physical threats against Glenn Beck - first to keep him from reporting on Obama’s eligibility and followed by threats to keep him from reporting on the Soros, Obama, and the Obama puppet regime’s union of communism and Islamism. Obama has told the Muslim world that he was and still is a Muslim who supports the Muslim agenda, and everything he has done fits that claim.

70 posted on 02/23/2012 10:38:47 AM PST by butterdezillion
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To: ThomasMore


71 posted on 02/23/2012 10:44:04 AM PST by GeronL (The Right to Life came before the Right to Pursue Happiness)
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To: LastNorwegian
I’m still not sure he really gets it though.

I think he does and more than most voters. Too many forget - the power belongs to us. Anyway, no one brought up judges. While outlining what he plans to do, I was shocked to hear him speak about how judges are ruling from the bench, etc. Haven't heard any politician address that issue w/plans on doing something about it.

Being the historian, over the years it must have grated on his nerves to see what is going on and their abuse of power - overstepping their bounds big time and need to be reigned in. When he has the power then he can take it on. One thing for sure - Newt isn't worried about being liked but he's one who wants to make the wrongs against this country right. And that irritates the GOP E and liberals because they don't want a candidate who will rock their boat but one that is controllable. Newt is of the mindset, the control belongs with the people. He wants to serve us, not control us and will make sure judges, etc. doesn't control us but serve us according to our laws already in place.

72 posted on 02/23/2012 10:45:32 AM PST by presently no screen name
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To: LastNorwegian

I just listened to the whole case on You Tube. The ruling is just mind-numbing. I sent a complaint to one of the emails listed in the comments section. If enough noise made I think they would do something. We need a Rush or Levin to get a hold of this and take it nation-wide.

73 posted on 02/23/2012 10:48:30 AM PST by eak3
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To: dfwgator

One other interesting thing to note about your list. The countries that are at 90% or thereabouts (and thus would normally involve wiping out “infidels”) include Egypt, Iraq, and Kenya (and probably should also have listed Libya) - all of which had secular governments who were cooperating with US anti-terrorism measures when Obama took office, and were thus not cooperating with the Muslim agenda.

Since Obama has taken office(and I do mean “taken” since he holds the office illegally), US taxpayer money has succeeded in getting a new Kenyan Constitution that establishes a foothold of sharia in their country, and all the other countries’ regimes have fallen (with US “encouragement” including air raids) to the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and/or other Muslim radicals who are now persecuting and/or executing Christians en masse.

One place where the Obama regime has not supported the resistance: Iran, where the resistance was to a sharia state.

Now the Obama regime is working on Syria, which has checks and balances in place that have kept Muslims from dominating and totally persecuting non-Muslims. It will be replaced by an Islamist regime.

And Obama has tried to diminish and destroy the sovereignty of Israel, the one Muslim-dominated country that has full religious liberty.

There is a distinct pattern. All the places that were holding back from carrying out the Muslim agenda of worldwide sharia - opting instead to cooperate at least in some degree with the western ideal of religious liberty and non-violence - are now controlled by those who support full worldwide sharia and all the oppression that means.

There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is pushing the Muslim agenda all over the globe. And that is the ONE THING he has been successful at. With him at the US helm, the majority Muslim countries are now abandoning their cooperation with the free world and implementing the vision of the caliphate, including the extermination of Christians. With him at the helm, the US is moving from behaving like it was 1% Muslim to behaving like it was 10% Muslim. Openly now.

People need to know this. They need to open their eyes and see what’s going on.

74 posted on 02/23/2012 10:53:18 AM PST by butterdezillion
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To: SengirV

Well, it was an Atheist dressed as a zombie. That sounds kind of like your typical DU person.

75 posted on 02/23/2012 10:59:17 AM PST by MNDude
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To: sten
Looks like he converted at some point. His kids have Christian names and were born around 1990.

Martin has spent 23 years in the Army and Reserves. He's in charge of the 424th Military Police Deteachment based out of Ashley, Luzerne County. He expects his unit to be deployed to Iraq in April.

The tour will be Martin's second in Iraq.

In his absence, Martin's jurisdiction -- which covers Mechanicsburg and Upper Allen and Monroe townships -- will be handled by Senior District Judge Margaret Bria of Hanover.

76 posted on 02/23/2012 11:01:20 AM PST by JediJones (Watch "Gingrich to Michigan: Change or Die" on YouTube. Best Speech Ever!)
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To: sten

There is a really good summation of how the Muslims operate at various percentages of the population in a country, at

When there aren’t very many Muslims they can just be normal people. But when they get concentrated enough they have a Muslim duty to push for certain kinds of concessions. Ultimately Islam means a person HAS to support sharia (and thus oppose the US Constitution, for instance), but they are supposed to act otherwise (practice taqiyya - lying for Islam) until they have powerful enough numbers to get success in the particular phase of takeover in question.

Right now the Muslims are acting as if they are at 10% of the US population - making the same legal moves. So things are accelerating.

Which means that at this point any Muslim in America who is aware of their concentration in the country is required to be an enemy of the US Constitution.

77 posted on 02/23/2012 11:02:41 AM PST by butterdezillion
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To: LastNorwegian

yep, that about sounds like the sort of judge you’d expect to find in this state. A real rogues gallery of lowlifes and petty criminals.

78 posted on 02/23/2012 11:04:15 AM PST by Buckeye McFrog
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To: LastNorwegian

If a person doesn’t have the courage to even say something, you can bet your bottom dollar they won’t have the courage to do anything.

Newt is the one who at least had the courage to say something. Who else has done better?

79 posted on 02/23/2012 11:04:42 AM PST by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion

As Newt said last night, “This is an administration which, as long as you’re America’s enemy, you’re safe. You know, the only people you’ve got to worry about is if you’re an American ally.”

I just pulled the quote on a Google search from Maddow’s blog, where she calls this statement odd, strange, nonsense, something no one believes. And then she goes and says Newt has “no experience” in national security or military policy. Seriously? The guy who teaches generals and was 3rd in line to the presidency, having a great influence on military policy? Just goes to show you, men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and liberals are from Uranus.

80 posted on 02/23/2012 11:08:01 AM PST by JediJones (Watch "Gingrich to Michigan: Change or Die" on YouTube. Best Speech Ever!)
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