Since Jan 15, 2010

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I am a happily-married Christian mother of 4, working part-time and pouring a lot of my time into research which I hope will benefit this country. I feel tremendously blessed and indebted to “the men who died and gave that right to me” - first off to my Savior whose death gave me eternal freedom and secondly to the patriots who have sacrificed to protect the God-given earthly freedoms I so cherish.

I do believe those freedoms are at risk. We are facing serious times. I’m normally a fairly soft-spoken person who loves nothing more than building things, remodeling, sewing, cooking, making music, and tending my family and church. But this mama refuses to sit idly by while my children’s futures are stolen by a lawless band of people bent on destroying the legacy of freedom passed on to me and which I want to pass on to my children.

I have two messages for Obama and his ilk:

1. Repent before it’s too late.

2. Never get between a mama bear and her cubs.