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Horowitz' FrontpageMag Twists Itself in Knots Again (seeing a conspiracy of "birthers")
Investigating Obama ^ | 4/17/2009 | Arlen Williams

Posted on 04/17/2009 9:27:03 PM PDT by unspun

You may have seen the article, "9/11 Truthers Meet Birth Certificate Brigade," by Andrew Walden, Friday, 4/17/2009.

Occam must be laughing (or crying) about Horowitz and his clique. They have blown his Razor to bits, just as the originators of the 9-11 truther movement do. Hope they don't step on any parts poking up from their carpet. Meanwhile, he and they are the ones detrimental to America here, not those who would hold Obama accountable to the Constitution's actual meaning.

I have to remember that Horowitz was once foolish enough to be an anti-American SDS revolutionary. He and his inner circle still seem to have problems with cognition and elementary intellectual honesty, despite their prior good work uncovering Marxist operatives in the United States.

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I've been trying to become a member of FrontPageMag so that I could respond to Andrew Walden on the same media that he wrote his stupid skreed. If anyone is a member of FrontPageMag, please feel free to ping and post what I am about to write here:

Besides making contributions to FrontPageMag, Mr. Walden also frequently posts to the Free Republic forum. Notice, that I won't call them "contributions" -- not after reading the two, anti-"birther" skreeds he cobbled together and dumped like week-old trash. Actually, make that five-month old trash as Walden must have been under a rock somewhere to write a November hack job about the birth certificate brouhaha that began in June. Way to stay on top of the news, Andrew.

I thought that journalists, good ones, mind you, are supposed to have a good grasp of the facts when writing about actual events. Well, the only thing that Walden has been grasping at is straws, and so far, he's failed to snag even one to sip his Daily Kos Kool-Aid.

I made a fool of Walden on his last trip to FR land and maybe that could explain his fib about me responding only once to him, instead of the two big replies I made to his first skreed and another EIGHT TIMES on his second one. Seems like fibbing is his forte as Walden fumbles them out of his mouth just as fast as his little mind can think of them.

Walden claims that, in a video, I said that my last name was a pseudonym. Unless he thought I said "pseudonym" onstead of "last name," Fibber Walden here needs to wake up from nappy time and learn to look, listen, and for take notes - lots of notes because you can't handle the truth -- or recognize it if it ever bit you. I never said that Polarik was a pseudonym. My critics and detractors did, and you can join the club.

Back on November 7, in his first "birther" post on FR, "Barack Obama: Born in Hawaii," Fibber Walden opens up with a real whopper, proclaiming that "Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, August 4, 1961 at Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu."

Walden received 531 responses from other FReepers, the vast majority of which chastised him and directed him to my research, so what needed to be said had already been said, and Walden quoted from only the first of THREE responses to him, falsely claiming that I made just the one. Did Walden suddenly get wiggly and forgot about the second and third responses I made to his November nonsense? I told him:

"Yeah. You can't prove it. Nobody can. Nobody has ever seen a single medical record for Obama, and nobody (except the forgers) has ever seen any official paper document bearing Obama's birth record. Hawaii has never verified where he was born. To state anything to the contrary would be a bald-faced lie."

And, I stand by that statement against anything that Walden cares to wager. In fact, I'm even more dead-sure about it than I was when I made the statement. Obama's Certification of Live Birth DOES NOT EXIST. As for telling "a bald-faced lie," you'll see a minute why Walden has no problem making them.

Kapiolani Medical Center has no records of any Barack Obama bring born there. None. Zero. Zip. No one on its staff old enough to remember, has ever recalled, or even heard about, a white teenage girl giving birth to a black baby: something about as common in 1961 Hawaii as Abominable Snowmen in Miami.

But, by golly, why should the facts flummox a good reporter like ol Fibber Walden here.

He continues, as if he is channeling Chyome Fukino, Hawaii's Health Department Director.

"Obama’s birth certificate posted online is exactly the same birth certificate everybody in Hawai`i gets from the State Department of Health."

How positively native of Andy to have stuck an apostrophe between the "I's for authenticity. I'd love to know what was stuck between his own eyes when he made his observation.

Wow, I didn't know that Hawaii's DOH hands out little JPG images of birth certificates intead of the paper kind. Worse than that, Andy, for someone who lives on the big island, you just made a big mistake in saying that a CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH? (COLB) image is the "exactly the same birth certificate everybody gets." Actually, Andy, a lot of Hawaiians have their original, long-form, PAPER birth certificate which they got from the DOH, Not a JPG image, and it is this long-form, paper birth certificate that can conclusively prove where someone was actually born.

COLBs can be given out to foreign born children up to one year after birth. COLBs can even be given to anyone, at any time, if they provide a picture ID and proof that they live in Hawaii. Real, paper COLBS. Imagine that. So, even if there really was a COLB for Obama -- and there is no such documenbt in existence -- then it still would not prove where he was born.

Andy should stick to what he knows -- what that is, I'm not sure, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with graphics. Walden pontificated that this JPG image "is not forged," and that "there is nothing unusual about the design or the texture." Simply amazing! A well-known PhD expert in computer graphics assured the blogsphere that scanners do not show texture, and that's why we cannot see the seal on Obama's COLB image.

I have over 400 scans of original paper COLBs that clearly display the Seal and the texture of the paper, but clearly, there was no texture on Obama's bogus COLB image. Whatever Walden claims he saw must have been a mirage.

Or, maybe, Walden, with his mystical, magical powers of obfuscation, was able to see texture that wasn't there. As for "nothing unusual" about the object in that JPG image, I found at least twenty things that are totally bogus about it, and numerous others have found the same, tell-tale signs of a forgery. The fact that Walden couldn't find his head with both hands and a flashlight is not really my fault.

In my second response to Andy's assinine assumptions that the Obama Campaign and the Daily Kos created a ruse "calculated to fuel the frenzy," and that this was "Obama’s Gramscian strategy designed to redirect the opposition down a blind alley." The only thing that's blind is Walden, and if he's still waiting for Obama to tell America, "You've been punked," by my birth certificate, he's got a very long wait, indeed.

Americans don't appreciate being jerked around by slimy Obama handlers who go apoplectic over any mention of Obama's failure to prove his eligibility by showing his real birth certificate: the paper original, not the fabricated, forged JPG on the Internet. As I told Walden back then in my SECOND reponse to his November nonsense,

"The only thing posted on the Daily Kos and posted on Obama's website ON THE SAME DATE is a totally bogus, totally fabricated image of a totally nonexistent paper document...the only GRAND MASTER PLAN executed [by Obama] is to use whatever resources he has at his command to prevent everyone in America from ever seeing his real, vault birth certificate."

Which part of this statement did Walden not get? I really thought that I and Free Republic had seen the last of these Birther Basher Cliff Notes served up by Chef Andy, but alas, I was wrong. Walden REPOSTED the same story from November on March 17, 2009 as if none had ever seen it before. But, he gets positively HAMMERED by FReepers who have been around the block with blowhards multiple times over. Talk about a glutton for punishment!!!

BUT WAIT! There's more! Walden republishes the same aricle for a THIRD TIME, but this it's on FrontPageMag. Even garbage only gets recycled once! My friends, Andrew Walden is a mass media masochist. Just when you thought it was safe to go out into the conservative blogsphere, up pops Andy like a geriatric JAWS whose teeth are sitting in a glass at the marina.

Which beings us to Walden's latest installment of stale comments and salacious accusations as if this is news to anybody. Even those who originally thought that the birth certificate issue was a "right-wing, tin-foil hat conspiracy," are also asking, "Why won't Obama show his original birth certificate?" Plus, as I've documented elsewhere, that Obama paid $1 million dollars of campaign finances to the same attorney who has been fighting the release of his birth certificate, and who has threatened veterans and civilians with sanctions if they pursue their Constitutional rights in asking Obama to confirm his eligibility to be President -- something that Obama has never done, and never will, because showing it would burst the bubble that is his biogtaphy.

I feel betrayed that such an obvious Obama stooge like Andrew Walden would be allowed to sully this website with his thrice-recycled garbage that ignores a real Constitutional crisis that he, Andrew Walden, is helping to perpetuate by his patently false claims and slanderous statements about myself.
41 posted on 04/20/2009 9:26:34 PM PDT by Polarik (It's)
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To: unspun

Horowitz should go back to being a liberal.

Maybe he always has been.

42 posted on 04/20/2009 9:28:40 PM PDT by Cringing Negativism Network (Got Tea?)
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