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Can You Help America?
Self ^ | 11/30/2002 | B4Ranch

Posted on 11/30/2002 8:03:21 AM PST by B4Ranch

Can You Help America?

Are you willing to give five minutes or more of your time to think about a solution to a very costly problem that exists in every State in the Union?

If you listen to Rush Limbaugh on TV or on his radio show, you will hear him discuss how dumb and ineffective Democrats can be. He has been saying that the Democrats are only good at whining about problems, not at fixing problems. Rush says the Republicans are the only party that actually fixes problems. Do you believe this? is overflowing with Republicans isn't it? I propose that the Republican FReepers attempt to find a solution to this major problem and demonstrate to America just how effective Republicans (and FReepers) can be.

In the early 1960s, approximately 62,000 illegal aliens came across the Mexican border, and the INS considered this notable and worthy of action. Now, in the first decade of the 21st Century, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens enter the United States across the Mexican border each year and the INS declares the problem too big to tackle because nothings stems the tide. Federal immigration laws state that sneaking into America without going through the INS Border Patrol stations is illegal. Hiring an illegal alien is illegal. Sheltering an illegal alien is illegal. And keeping knowledge from law enforcement as to the whereabouts of an illegal alien is illegal. With Agenda 21, the politicians are looking at every way possible to give those who break these laws a pass by granting amnesty and American citizenship to illegal immigrants. Agenda 21 means effectively removing the borders between Mexico and the US. NAFTA just opened our roads to tractor trailers from Mexico. This situation will become much worse.

This problem has been ignored in just about every city and county in America while costing exorbitant amounts of taxpayer dollars, spent on social welfare and the education of illegal aliens. Ignoring this problem also comes with the cost of an increasing crime rate resulting in too many American citizens being victims at the hands of illegal aliens. Governments at all levels, federal, state and local are not protecting America's federal nor State sovereignty,. nor are they protecting American citizens.

Why should you and I support a federal lawbreaker in our State? So an incumbent politician can get reelected with their illegal vote? I don't think so!

Matricula consular identification cards are solid identification of an illegal allien. If you can't show a birth certificate, a Visa or a green card then you are an illegal alien who has broken our immigration laws. They must leave America and reenter within our laws. We shouldn't have to amend our laws to accommidate lawbreakers! What example does that set for those who are attempting to enter America legally? Much more important: What example does this give our children? That breaking the law can be a rewarding act? If our immigration laws carry no penalty for being broken, why should bank robbery, or molesting children be punished? Do we make our laws for them to be ignored by aliens and politicians? Is a vote more precious than our standards and ideals? Our politicians must believe so, judging from their responses.

The words "protect the people" are found in virtually every Oath of Office taken by elected and appointed officials in the US, including the police chiefs, mayors, county sheriffs, state legislators, governors, congressional representatives, and senators. Sadly, not one of these officials on the public dole is taking their Oath of Office seriously when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration.

The Supreme Court of the United States has wisely ruled that the Feds cannot force state, county or city law enforcement officers to enforce federal laws (including immigration laws), and our local and state officials use this as an excuse to turn their heads on the problem of illegal immigration while our communities slide steadily downhill. Government officials continue to demand higher taxes to keep the illegal immigration problems under "control" yet we can only sit back in wonderment as they pay lip service to the problem while actually enacting legislation and policies that encourage people to emigrate to the US illegally with promises of social welfare and education benefits.

Being an American is a primarily a state of mind for all of us - being a proud American is based on the idea of freedom and self-reliance. We are all immigrants from one country or another, and we (or our forebears) became Americans by consciously subscribing to these ideas. We came here legally, we obey the laws and we promote the idea that others obey the laws in the same way. Are we supposed to sit and wait while the political class comes up with the politically correct so-called solutions that fail to keep America strong and our families safe?

How many foreign college students choose each year to stay in America rather than obey the conditions upon which they entered America? How many older vistors choose to stay at the end of their vacations? How many deported criminal aliens return using a different name? How many Muslims are in America illegally studing our open way of life, just waiting for an opportunity to repeat 9/11? I am sure we have illegal aliens from every country in this world enjoying the American lifestyle, helping to bring us down to a third world power. We aren't too far from becoming the country that these people left. The American culture can only absorb so many new residents each year without radical changes. We have passed that number. We must act now before the policical leaders offer them amnesty and permanently defeat our way of life. The time has come to stand up and fight for what we believe in. The Constitution will become wastepaper. The Bill of Rights will become a memory. Our flag will become a symbol of defeat.

If you have listened to Rush, you know the truth of his broadcasts. If you haven't listened to him, here's an opportunity for you to show how good FReeper Republicans can be at finding solutions to our nationwide illegal immigration problems.

So tell us, what should be done to fix the problems of illegal immigration in your community?

#1. Should we acquiesce and allow the illegal immigration to continue while waiting for the elected officials to address the problem in a substantive way?

#2. Should we wait for Federal legislators to compromise our security and way of life by resolving the problem in a manner that is politically correct and acceptable to every nation in the world?

#3. If we continue to send snail mail and email letters to your local and State leaders. Will the roar be ever loud enough to be heard in the highest offices? What will their response be? Submition to illegal immigrants who want to change America forever?

#4. Should we wait until you fly off the handle and lash out at an illegal alien, surely resulting in legal problems that will further harm your family and ruin your life's ambition to be a good and loyal American citizen?

#5. Should you ignore the illegal immigration problem and hope it will go away before it gets much worse?

What should YOU do?
What should WE do?

It is time to stand together to correct this problem. You are the leader in your family. Your kids look to you to protect them. If you don't help us now, will your children be able to look at you with pride or shame in five years. It's your freedom and your way of life that is up for grabs.

It's your choice, you decide what to do before it is too late.



The new way of life

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1 posted on 11/30/2002 8:03:21 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: Arthur Wildfire! March; citizenK; autoresponder; Tancredo Fan; willyone; Marine Inspector; ...
2 posted on 11/30/2002 8:05:10 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: gubamyster; F16Fighter; dennisw; Neil E. Wright; JohnHuang2; Reactionary; Mercuria; AnnaZ; ...
3 posted on 11/30/2002 8:09:13 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: Aliska; A Navy Vet; Ron H.; Iowa Granny; 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub; Britton J Wingfield; ...
4 posted on 11/30/2002 8:11:02 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: B4Ranch
For a quick start:

STEP #1 -

Immediately start a web "RED-LIST" of your area's employers that hire and employ illegal aliens.

Include your local DMV, Social Services, and Social Security Administration offices, state government, county government, and city government if they also do.

Yes, the SSA also has illegal aliens on the payroll today!

Any corporation such as Tyson Foods should be on your "RED-LIST" because they not only willfully and knowingly hire and employ illegal aliens, they actually recruit them in Mexico and transport, feed, and house them to states like Oklahoma and Arkansas to displace honest local taxpaying American citizen workers.

The wages in food processing and many other industries have been driven down deliberately by Tyson and other corporations and not just in union states or jobs.

Step #2 -

Post a "certified & bonded" list of corporate employers, stores, small businesses that comply with only hiring and employing legal American workers and only buy and/or do business with employers or government agencies that also comply with this policy.

Refuse to bid on any government service or supply if your government employees illegal aliens.

Publish any company and government agency that does plus the names of the CEOs, management, 'human resources' managers, and all the addresses (home and office), phone #s, email account addresses, fax #s, etc.

STEP #3 -

Simply 'label' these employers as knowing and willful scofflaws that are ripping off honest American taxpayers for financial greed and/or 'certain possible alleged' illegal intentions.

STEP #4 -

Watch the fur fly!

This is 100% legal -

If any 'immigrant?' group or the ACLU screams, just point out they are publicly encouraging the breaking of federal stautes are are therefore participating in a conspiracy against the honest American taxpayers and citizens.

Note that no new laws need to be passed or politicians or bureaucrats kissed up to for this action to start.

Label any and all dissenters as "scofflaws", "lawbreakers", "conspirators", "Anti-American", "anti-worker", "anti-security", or any number of names that they cannot refute with their 'fairness' defense.

Remember, when you travel or move to Mexico you cannot pull all the illegal BS down there that Mexico Mexicans, and all the other 4th world nations like Somalia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Russia, etc do.

If anyone has some psuedo-legalistic reason why this cannot be done please post it on this thread with your legal precedents enumerated please.

Stand up or give up.

It's your country.

It's your kids.

It's time.

21 posted on 11/28/2002 9:16 PM PST by autoresponder

5 posted on 11/30/2002 8:11:47 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: All

I come for visit, get treated regal,
So I stay, who care I illegal?

I cross border, poor and broke,
Take bus, see employment folk.

Nice man treat me good in there,
Say I need to see welfare.

Welfare say, "You come no more,
We send cash right to your door."

Welfare checks, they make you wealthy,
Medicaid it keep you healthy!

By and by, I got plenty money,
Thanks to you, American dummy.

Write to friends in motherland,
Tell them come as fast as you can.

They come in rags and Chebby trucks,
I buy big house with welfare bucks.

They come here, we live together,
More welfare checks, it gets better!

Fourteen families they moving in,
But neighbor's patience wearing thin.

Finally, white guy moves away,
Now I buy his house, and then I say,

"Find more alien! s for house to rent."
And in the yard I put a tent.

Send for family (they just trash),
But they, too, draw the welfare cash!

Everything is mucho good,
And soon we own the neighborhood.

We have hobby--it's called breeding,
Welfare pay for baby feeding.

Kids need dentist? Wife need pills?
We get free! We got no bills!

American crazy! He pay all year,
To keep welfare running here.

We think America darn good place!
Too darn good for the white man race.

If they no like us, they can go,
Got lots of room in Mexico.

6 posted on 11/30/2002 8:12:43 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: B4Ranch
7 posted on 11/30/2002 8:21:32 AM PST by Ragin1
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To: B4Ranch
Agenda 21 means effectively removing the borders between Mexico and the US. NAFTA just opened our roads to tractor trailers from Mexico. This situation will become much worse.

Agenda 21 happens to be that of the Bush family and the globalists in charge behind them.

Given that our government is generally made up of elected people, start by unelecting those who are not worthy of your votes. Sending a million letters to your GOP reps means nothing if, on election day, you end up voting for them anyway "to prevent the greater eeeevil" and they know that. Find viable alternatives and support THEM in the primaries and, if the incumbent SOB's win, do NOT vote for them. Find someone from the 'other' parties and vote for them.

The NRA does this, if I am not mistaken.

8 posted on 11/30/2002 8:26:05 AM PST by A Vast RightWing Conspirator
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To: B4Ranch
Thank you for the ping. I will be interested in seeing the response to this. The system of Government has failed us completely with respect to this problem. When people come here to make a new life and live by our rules, I have no problem with their contribution. But when our laws are changed or ignored in order to benefit people who steal our identies, work without contributing to the tax base, commit crimes against our society, etc., I have a huge problem. If we want to stop it from happening, we need to stop providing easy access to our services and start implimenting the laws. It is not the fault of many people who come across the borders to take advantage of a better life, imo. It is the fault of the people on this side who allow it to continue! Since when can I walk into a hospital and get treated without paying? And stop writing everything in Spanish and requiring our people to speak that second language in order to have a job in some places! Stop making it so damned easy!
9 posted on 11/30/2002 8:26:54 AM PST by MistyCA
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To: B4Ranch
10 posted on 11/30/2002 8:30:50 AM PST by MistyCA
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To: B4Ranch
I think it is too late to do anything about the problem.

Someday Mexico (for all its ills) may be a more fit place to live than here. Could happen.

11 posted on 11/30/2002 8:31:25 AM PST by Aliska
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To: Ragin1; B4Ranch
Oops....sorry....I stole your post! :) So let's change mine to.....Fantastic!
12 posted on 11/30/2002 8:32:07 AM PST by MistyCA
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To: 6ppc; Alas Babylon!; al_possum39; American Blood; au eagle; awelliott; baimsey; BamaG; ...
13 posted on 11/30/2002 8:32:28 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: B4Ranch
My primary and urgent concern is the border itself. It must be better controlled. I don't want a nuclear bomb going off in LA.

Less urgent, but still important, we will have a big problem that a lot of people aren't thinking about. Mexico has a tradition of corruption, like all Latino countries. That corruption is at its highest at the Mexico/US border, where mob activity is thriving. Latino illegal immigrants are very cynical about any shred of integrity in either government. And, not being conversant with US issues or US history from a US perspective, they are the perfect suckers for the DNC, aren't they? I'm beginning to wonder if a flood of immigration helped trigger the Income tax and all the other idiocy that started taking over in the first half of last century.

14 posted on 11/30/2002 8:33:16 AM PST by Arthur Wildfire! March
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To: Aliska
Are you actually giving up? Why, isn't America worth fighting for?
15 posted on 11/30/2002 8:34:03 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: B4Ranch
This is the type of action which Freepers[and computers]
have done good.
1. Makin lists.
2. Providing info.
3. Providing sources.
4. Providing legal resources.
5. Submitting data to influential people.
6. Developing 'Talking points'.
7. Developing appropiate 'Key Words'.
This could snow ball if we get behind it and push!
16 posted on 11/30/2002 8:35:04 AM PST by constitution
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To: B4Ranch; Aliska
I agree! Sounds very defeatest, and since when can we not do what we set out to accomplish! It's only when we don't mean to win that we fail to do so. You start by electing people who mean to win, imo!
17 posted on 11/30/2002 8:36:52 AM PST by MistyCA
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To: B4Ranch; Aliska
Aliska can preach gloom all he likes. He doesn't know what this forum is capable of. In fact, I'd say very few people here know what this forum is capable of. This fight is just getting started. FReegards....
18 posted on 11/30/2002 8:37:56 AM PST by Arthur Wildfire! March
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To: Arthur Wildfire! March
19 posted on 11/30/2002 8:39:19 AM PST by eccentric
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To: eccentric
Landmines are good if they are placed in Newspapers!
20 posted on 11/30/2002 8:41:14 AM PST by constitution
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