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  • VANITY. Just suppose...

    10/21/2020 12:49:02 PM PDT · by guido911 · 51 replies
    Biden wins the election, but before the electoral college gathers his son gets indicted/arrested for child abuse. And further, that Biden definitively (or close to it) knew that of this abuse, and that the abuse victim was a minor, and perhaps even a relative. What would those electors do? Would they still cast their votes for Biden knowing he allowed a child to be abused? What would happen to those electors back home if they did?
  • Why do folks equate modern patriotism with christianity?

    09/28/2020 3:03:47 AM PDT · by Terry L Smith · 66 replies
    Why is it, in today's modern American society, there are folks that are attempting to glue together the words 'patriotism' and 'christianity', as if there were no other ways to define 'American patriotism? I am a Viet Vet, and I can tell you, all those 45 years and longer ago, there were patriots shedding their blood for y'all's freedom, that did not label themselves as 'christian'. Now, here, in the time of Trump, the shouts rise up for all good christian patriots to step up, etc. That speaks volumes of 'shunning' to everybody else that did patriotic things, including dying...
  • In Honor of Ron Paul's Birthday: The Man Who Helped Inspire a New Generation of Liberty Lovers

    08/20/2020 9:13:45 PM PDT · by ammodotcom · 7 replies ^ | 8/20/2020 | Sam Jacobs
    If you’re under the age of 40 and you’re reading this, chances are very good that your interest in the liberty movement was sparked by three-time presidential candidate and veteran Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Paul inspired an entire generation of Libertarians, Constitutionalists and limited-government Conservatives with his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. It might surprise you to learn that Paul is not originally from Texas, but Pittsburgh, where he was born to a dairy farmer and his wife. He graduated from Gettysburg State College in 1957, with a degree in biology. He earned his medical degree from Duke’s School of...
  • Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc + Azithromycin, The Cocktail Has Proven Itself. Not Allowing It's Use is KILLING Americans By The Thousands. Where The Hell is President Trump?

    08/17/2020 8:49:03 PM PDT · by Uncle Sham · 86 replies
    self ^ | 08-17-2020 | Uncle Sham
    Doctors have risked their necks coming forward with what they know about how effective Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc + Azithromycin has been when used in the initial stages of Covid-19 prior to the time that ones immune system goes into overdrive trying to fight the virus. The success rate has been PROVEN to be incredible yet many states and government agencies have banned its use. The media has joined in with the misrepresentations as well and the results have been that many Americans have simply been sentenced to death by their own government.It's easy to blame the Democrats, Liberals, Dr. Fauci,...
  • Are evangelicals changing their minds about same-sex relationships?

    08/15/2020 9:57:19 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 84 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 08/15/2020 | Jim Denison
    Two reports caught my eye this week.One: In 2007, 90 percent of evangelicals said their church forbid (63 percent) or strongly discouraged (27 percent) “homosexual behaviors.” In 2020, that figure has dropped to 65 percent (33.7 percent forbid, while 31.4 percent strongly discourage). Two: In 2008, 34.4 percent of evangelicals between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five supported same-sex marriage. In 2018, that figure had risen to 56.1 percent. Could this data be related? Are evangelical churches changing their position on same-sex marriage to align with and attract younger adults? Are younger evangelicals changing their position on same-sex marriage because...
  • Why did the North want to end slavery?

    08/12/2020 2:31:56 PM PDT · by Jonty30 · 277 replies
    I think we can agree that it had nothing to do with caring about the slaves. I was thinking that 4 million sudden extra bodies in the poor southern economy would have the same effect as high immigration, keeping the wages of the poorest workers suppressed and it would keep the South from developing economically, while the North would benefit from their ownership of Southern industries. Does that sound about right or am I wrong on this?
  • Would you please email me Mr. Moderator

    07/28/2020 8:26:07 AM PDT · by MurphsLaw · 23 replies
    I do not understand why my posts get deleted... Can you explain to me please? I am new, and wondering what guidelines I am missing...
  • I Understand My self and role better now

    05/20/2020 10:13:12 PM PDT · by Secret Agent Man · 50 replies
    I get why i run into so much conflict here with the conformists and fearpers, etc. It all clicked into place tonight just browsing articles from across the web. God gave me the insight, I thank Him for opening my eyes. ......
  • WE have allowed this

    05/03/2020 9:35:15 AM PDT · by unclejohncornbread62dUALclose · 56 replies
    Me. | 05/03/2020 | Unclejohn
    We have allowed our rights to be woefully diminished by continually voting for numskulls and not doing our homework when it comes to this most important civic duty.
  • A cautious hope emerges among AOC's constituents (COVID area)

    04/26/2020 11:46:53 AM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 19 replies
    Washington Post ^ | January 5, 2019 | Robert Samuels
    NEW YORK — Molly Roth was proud to move to a neighborhood she considered real America.
  • It's time to make Fun of all those Mask Wearers.

    04/25/2020 9:25:46 PM PDT · by mdittmar · 191 replies
    4/25/2020 | me
    This Crap has gone on long enough!
  • Am I The Only One that Thinks the Sniveling Admin Weasels Are Ruining FR? (Zzzzzzzot!)

    01/26/2020 4:35:32 PM PST · by Eagles Field · 189 replies
    No time for more, before the ZOT!
  • SEX spell that would force a man into bed with his female admirer is discovered on ancient Egyptian papyrus

    04/09/2020 10:50:56 AM PDT · by C19fan · 54 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | April 9, 2020 | Michael Havis
    A sex spell designed to force a man into bed with his female admirer has been discovered on an ancient Egyptian papyrus. The newly-translated spell demands that a man called Kephalas face 'anxiety at midday, evening, and at all times' until he has sex with a woman called Taromeway. It also features a crude drawing of the naked Kephalas, his genitals grossly exaggerated, as he's shot with an arrow by the ancient Egyptian god of the dead, Anubis. The 'erotic-binding spell', apparently commissioned by Taromeway herself, was likely placed in a tomb where it was meant to summon the ghost...
  • Are We All April Fools?

    04/01/2020 9:09:08 AM PDT · by Ozguy1945 · 19 replies
    What is life without freedom? What will the lives “saved” by lock-downs be like? I don’t think we know for sure. But the nanny state tyrannies terrify me. It doesn’t seem smart to let fear bring us down:
  • Are you prepared for tax hikes, police/military budget cuts?

    03/16/2020 3:11:45 PM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 18 replies
    Guava Cheese Puff | March 16, 2020 | Guava Cheese Puff
    The federal and state governments will increase Medicaid and welfare spending, and some Democratic governors and legislatures will cut the police and military budget as a fall guy in a sense.......
  • Are Violent Protests at Hong Kong worthy of 'Support'

    11/21/2019 6:00:16 AM PST · by chrisnj · 61 replies
    myself | 11/21/2019 | Chrisnj
    I know what I am about to say will cause irate comments, but here it is – my 2-cents: I spent my young adult days at HK and 47 years in USA since then. I have seen a lot and I have my views of the current situation at Hong Kong, which is rather different from those held by the congress critters and many of my fellow US citizens. To my dismay, many US folks fall into the trap of the lame-stream media, despite the fact that they have been complaining about the disinformation and misinformation constantly spewed on the...
  • A Short Opus

    10/24/2019 2:20:41 PM PDT · by morphing libertarian · 84 replies
    I am leaving FR after the owner instructed me to not post on a Trump thread. I posted a list of the people Trump and his AG have failed to indict and imprison even for sedition. Some of you have seen me post this before. I never was warned or suspended. Every word I posted was true. I even post options Trump had, when he entered office, but he chose to give the criminals a pass by appointing a weak AG. I came to FR at a time I was leaving the Libertarian Party for its unacceptable Abortion, Immigration, and...
  • Freeper Prophet: WHO is the enemy in the end?

    09/28/2019 1:32:13 PM PDT · by Eurotwit · 24 replies
    The Free Republic ^ | 14.7.2007 | MARTIAL MONK
    "There is no chance that the future of Europe or America will be dictated by the Islamic nutcases. In the end we will do what is necessary." If you remember the days and weeks after 9/11 it was not the navel gazers that the nation turned to. It was the confident, competant and reassuring figure of Donald Rumsfeld. The press ascribed him "rock star" status simply because they did not know better. They had never seen, nor could they comprehend, the qualities that lay behind his popularity. His press conferences were required viewing for a nation wounded and demanding redress....
  • Vanity: President Trump repeatedly takes the Lords name in vain tonight.

    07/17/2019 6:06:33 PM PDT · by RevelationDavid · 370 replies
    Tonight during his rally, President Trump REPEATEDLY took the name of the lord in VAIN...!!! Do you take your mothers name in vain Mr. President??? I tell you YOU DO NOT!!!! But tonight you DARE to take the Lord Gods name in vain!!! Do not be deceived....GOD is NOT mocked!!! Please, STOP it ! Deuteronomy 5:10-11 “But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love me and obey my commands. “You must not misuse the name of the LORD your God. The LORD will not let you go unpunished if you misuse his name.” Exodus 20:7...
  • I owe you an apology... (Vanity(?)) [Zot!]

    03/30/2019 10:39:44 PM PDT · by packrat01 · 156 replies
    03/31/2019 | self
    I must apologize. I do not have the time to make individual apologies to each one of you who I have offended, hence the general post. I have learned a lot in the last several years. Some of the things I've learned: I USED TO vote the lesser of two evils. No longer. God is Sovereign in illumination, as He is in salvation. He doen't give the same light to everyone at the same time. If you're in the dark; blame God, or get wisdom. Lincoln was NOT a good president. One of the most evil, actually. The CSA were...