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Keyword: ronaldreagan

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  • Which type of President do we need?

    02/01/2016 10:07:50 AM PST · by mirvin · 36 replies
    Self | 02/01/2016 | MIRVIN
    Hamiltonian, Wilsonian, Jeffersonian, or Jacksonian?
  • Reagan, Cruz, Trump and Others

    02/01/2016 8:49:36 AM PST · by Kaslin · 29 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | February 1, 2016 | Robert Charles
    So now we come to a moment of truth. Finally the tripartite first round of primary season is upon us, Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Americans must make a choice. The choice, on the Republican side, is between anger and various flavors of seasoned professionalism. On the Democrat side, it is between transparent criminality and eclectic, wooly-headed socialism. So, what should the average voter do? First, like many others, I love the lessons taught by Ronald Reagan. He really was a beacon in the storm, and remains one now. By some happy accident, the "young me" worked in Ronald...
  • What Ted Cruz Doesn’t Know About Ronald Reagan

    01/25/2016 5:53:55 PM PST · by BlackFemaleArmyCaptain · 73 replies
    The Nation ^ | 1/24/2016 | John Nichols
    Reagan was a liberal Democrat who decried wrongheaded Republicans before he became the conservative hero of wrongheaded Republicans. Ted Cruz is positioning himself as the "true" conservative candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. The senator from Texas wants his fellow partisans to believe that he is the surest heir of the secular saint of modern conservatism: Ronald Reagan. Cruz says he has read stacks of Reagan biographies to bone up on policy and presidential demeanor. He tells crowds that Reagan understood that "simply giving voice to values of American people has power, and speaking the truth with a smile...
  • The State of the Union - As Usual

    01/14/2016 7:24:05 AM PST · by Kaslin · 2 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | January 14, 2016 | Michael Reagan
    If you missed the president's final State of the Union message Tuesday night, don't worry. It might have been billed as historic, but you didn't miss much. There were no surprises. No shocks. No awe. Nothing historic or memorable. It was the usual Obama setup -- "We have to find a way to come together, end the government gridlock and make America better and stronger" -- followed by the implication that Washington isn't working the way it should because Republicans in Congress are mean, stubborn or stupid. In seven years Obama hasn't changed the country, not for the better anyway....
  • On Immigration, I've Become a Dissident on the Right

    01/13/2016 7:21:31 AM PST · by Kaslin · 48 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | January 13, 2016 | Jeff Jacoby
    Ramesh Ponnuru, a respected editor and writer for National Review, argues in a recent essay that immigration restrictionism "is rapidly becoming a defining issue for American conservatism." It isn't just that Republicans and conservatives increasingly support tighter control of immigration, Ponnuru writes, but something more overarching. Where a candidate stands on immigration is turning into a litmus test for conservative fidelity. That explains why Marco Rubio, despite his unabashedly conservative voting record, finds himself being scorned in some circles as a "moderate" Republican: because he supported a bipartisan bill that would have expanded legal immigration and offered a path to...
  • It’s 2016: Let’s Make America Great Again.

    01/01/2016 5:03:49 AM PST · by NOBO2012 · 6 replies
    Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 1-1-2016 | MOTUS
    Happy New Year MOTI! We’ve made it to 2016 and I’m confident we can make it to 2017 as well. And because it’s January 1st, I take the opportunity to post this list of resolutions that a friend sent me back in the 70’s. You remember the 70’s; kind of like the current decade: bad economy, incompetent President, Iran holding us hostage. Except we were young then - invulnerable, quick on the rebound, anxious to get on with our lives. Now that we’re not so young, considerably more vulnerable and a bit slower on the rebound and have lived a...
  • The Great Bait and Switch: Why a conservative Reagan won two landslides, and moderates always lose

    12/27/2015 4:04:13 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 32 replies
    Jewish Political Updates ^ | December 27, 2015 | Shlomo Pollak
    The dabate continues: do we stick to our principles, or do we run to the middle? Since Romney’s shocking defeat, this debate has taken on a new sense of urgency, with the thinking that if Obama was reelected, even Hillary can win this thing?!? Nobody changed teams, obviously…. The moderates remained moderates, and are “now more then ever”, energized to crush the right wing, that “cost us” an important election…. The conservatives, are equally incredulous, and fear a do-over with another moderate, will net us exactly the same results as last time…. THIS DABATE ACTUALLY SEEMS TO BE, BETWEEN REASON...
  • WATCH Comedic Icon Jerry Lewis Slams Obama; Talks Trump, ISIS, Refugees, and More

    12/24/2015 5:14:16 AM PST · by NKP_Vet · 25 replies
    http://www.dailywire.com ^ | December 23, 2015 | AMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO
    Comedic legend Jerry Lewis recently sat down for an interview with the Catholic EWTV outlet. The riveting interview, which aired Thursday, concluded with current events, including Obama, Trump, ISIS and even the refugee crisis. Lewis did not hold back, bashing Obama as a failed leader, smacking down the idea of importing more Syrians, and praising GOP front-runner Donald Trump for his showmanship. Raymond Arroyo, host of The World Over, asked Lewis about the horrific emergence of ISIS. Lewis first wondered aloud where our NATO allies were to tackle the world problem and then commented that they are asking to be...
  • Three Distinct Parallels Between Ronald Reagan and Ted Cruz

    12/25/2015 1:24:55 PM PST · by Isara · 25 replies
    Soshable ^ | December 25, 2015 | JD Rucker
    Ever since 1988, Republican candidates for all offices, particularly those running for President, have tried to channel Ronald Reagan. The conservative icon is the shining example of how a proper right-wing perspective has the power to make the country prosper domestically and make it respected around the world. In three decades, no candidate has come as close to truly picking up the Reagan mantle and bringing his ideals back to the White House than Ted Cruz. As The Atlantic points out, the sentiment from voters is very similar to what was happening in 1979 and 1980. The Judeo-Christian right had...
  • Reagan Tough Talk

    12/18/2015 1:08:44 PM PST · by Kaslin · 13 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 18, 2015 | D.W. Wilber
    During the last Republican debate I noticed an interesting parallel between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the Republican icon, former President Ronald Reagan. Now before you fall over backwards in your chair, just take a second to think about it and let me explain. For much of the time the debate focused on Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas who engaged in a number of back-and-forth's over the minutiae of various pieces of legislation, to the point that Governor Christie made the memorable comment about the voter's "eyes glazing over". But during a break in...
  • Ted Cruz is Not a Hypocrite for Admiring Ronald Reagan, but Opposing Amnesty

    12/17/2015 7:13:58 AM PST · by Isara · 35 replies
    Last Resistance ^ | December 16, 2015 | Rob Knowles
    There’s a particular topic I’ve been avoiding for quite some time. Perhaps “avoiding” is the wrong word, as it denotes a sort of fear. Rather, I’ve let a dog lie because it didn’t seem important in the long run. I was wrong.As the race for the Republican nomination becomes increasingly about Cruz v. Rubio, a necessary topic has come up that didn’t need to be talked about before. Cruz and Rubio differ on several key issues, but the issue over which they differ the most, and one of the more contentious fights between them, is immigration.What caused this idea to...
  • Levin Hammers ‘Hypocrite’ Krauthammer, ‘Obsessive’ Hume for Attacks on Cruz and Trump

    12/16/2015 4:52:14 PM PST · by VinL · 46 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 12/15/15 | Jeff Poor
    ..Levin first singled out Washington Post columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer for criticizing Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump for switching his positions. Levin pointed out that Krauthammer was a speechwriter for former Vice President Walter Mondale, who ran against Ronald Reagan as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee in 1980 and as the Democratic presidential nominee in 1984. "I'l tell you something else, I'm sick and tired of his intelligence being questioned by the stupidos on cable TV," Levin said. "He's an incredibly brilliant man, as are many of the people on that stage, incredibly. We got to sit...
  • When It Comes to Who Completely Took Over Google, One Republican Stood Above the Rest

    12/16/2015 8:09:32 AM PST · by Isara · 45 replies
    Independent Journal Review ^ | December 16, 2015 | Maegan Vazquez
    There’s still time to debate who won the December 15th GOP debate on CNN.But now, we have the data to lock down who won the most Google-able moments.Here’s when voters searched for each candidate throughout the debate: Image Credit: Google TrendsThe peak search moment for a candidate during the debate happened here: Image Credit: Google TrendsThat spike belonged to Ted Cruz at 10:52 PM EST: He did three key things that made those watching — especially likely Republican voters — give him a second look online.1) Cruz doubled down on his insistence that he would not bash Trump: Cruz stuck...
  • Calling Cruz the "Anti-Reagan" shows how the GOP really is the stupid party

    12/15/2015 5:42:16 PM PST · by The Looking Spoon · 16 replies
    American Irony ^ | 12-15-15 | The Looking Spoon
    Donald Trump is the personification of the "EFF YOO!" that the base and grassroots have wanted to deliver for so long to the GOP and conservative elites who are more interested in being good soldiers than vehicles for keeping the GOP ideologically honest. Even though he's not even on the "list" of candidates as far as I'm concerned, I appreciate Trump for that, if nothing else. At this point the viable alternatives are few. If you believe the polls at this moment in time we're basically down to Trump vs. Cruz, with Rubio and Carson trailing in the distance, and everyone...
  • The rise of Donald Reagan?

    12/14/2015 5:16:39 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 29 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 12/14/15 | Dr. Brad Lyles
    Trump offers, substantively, everything Reagan provided America: A free, secure, and prosperous nation. Also, like Reagan, Trump articulates the "right ideas" required to achieve a renewed American vision Dare we? Is it time to veer out of the sensible lane and into the fantasyland of pondering whether any candidate, much less The Donald, might compare with the greatest President of the 20th century, Ronald Reagan? Certainly, Senator Ted Cruz is thought to possess the aptitude for greatness, perhaps more so than any other candidate. He is principled, studiedly Conservative, and courageous. In fact, the ceaseless courage he has demonstrated in...
  • That Time Ronald Reagan Visited Star Trek: The Next Generation And Took The Captain's Chair

    12/06/2015 4:59:37 PM PST · by DogByte6RER · 26 replies
    Foxtrot Alpha ^ | December 5, 2015 | Tyler Rogoway
    That Time Ronald Reagan Visited Star Trek: The Next Generation And Took The Captain's Chair Ronald Reagan was a fan of Star Trek-and even a critic of it sometimes. In his diary he talks about watching Star Trek III in the White House theater and how he thought it sucked. In his post-presidential years apparently this interest in the franchise continued, and in 1991 he visited the then-highly popular Next Generation Set. The Gipper's attendance at Paramount Studios Stage 8 came as the cast and crew were filming the season four Klingon-centric two-part finale, Redemption. There were Klingons running around...
  • Get Ready for Scott Walker and the Ruthless Politics of Walkerism

    07/29/2015 5:01:31 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 62 replies
    The Nation ^ | July 29, 2015 | John Nichols
    Scott Kevin Walker, fresh from a free-spending yet folksy campaign in which he carried his lunch in a brown paper bag and promised to create 250,000 jobs, delivered his first inaugural address as governor of Wisconsin on January 3, 2011. I stand before you not as the governor of one party or another, or the governor of one part of the state or another, he declared. Today, I stand before you as the governor for all of the people in the state of Wisconsin. Days later, Walker traveled from Madison, the state capital, to Beloit, a working-class town battered by...
  • Ted Cruz Lets Out His Inner Actor With ‘The Princess Bride’

    11/13/2015 3:17:52 PM PST · by Isara · 49 replies
    New York Times ^ | November 13, 2015 | Nick Corasaniti
    He’s been known to drift into a drawl when quoting Ronald Reagan on the campaign trail and once jokingly auditioned for “The Simpsons.” But Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who once aspired to be an actor, saves his best impressions for his favorite movie, “The Princess Bride.” In an interview while taping a “Candidate Cafe” segment for radio station WMUR in New Hampshire, Mr. Cruz acted out an entire scene from the movie. GOP candidate Cruz acts out 'Princess Bride' scene (video)He did his impressions of both Billy Crystal and Carol Kane, as well as the often impersonated character Inigo...
  • How President Reagan dealt with the Berkeley protesters in 1969 (Mizzou: What would President Reaga

    11/11/2015 7:03:16 PM PST · by McB. · 36 replies
    In 1969, the proposed use of a parking lot on the South side of the Berkeley campus triggered a confrontation between police, students, and local residents. How President Reagan dealt with the Berkeley protesters in 1969...watch the video.
  • Breaking: Obama Passes Reagan

    11/10/2015 8:01:08 AM PST · by PROCON · 45 replies
    theblacksphere.net ^ | Nov. 9, 2015 | Kevin Jackson
    Ready for a good laugh, and proof of the revisionist history that panders to baby black Jesus, aka Barack Obama? Obama has surpassed Reagan in jobs creation! That’s right, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Obama has matched Ronald Reagan in jobs creation.According to Newsmax, a Leftist rag posing as Conservative media: Friday’s positive and hugely surprising jobs numbers not only put the U.S. economy that much closer to full employment, it also set a record that President Barack Obama now shares with former President Ronald Reagan. On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the national...
  • Fox:Destiny and power -- The Private Diaries of George Herbert Walker Bush

    11/06/2015 9:02:01 AM PST · by lbryce · 10 replies
    Fox News ^ | November 6, 2015 | Staff
    President George H. W. Bush lost his bid for reelection in 1992. And it hurt. Until now, however, we didn't know how much. But with the special Fox News Reporting - Destiny and Power – The Private Diaries of George Herbert Walker Bush, we take a deep look at the man, actually hearing his own thoughts and feelings through the audio diary he kept while in the White House. It will be the first time this material has been released to the public. You can see this new special Friday, Nov. 6 at 10 p.m. ET on The Fox News...
  • Bill O’Reilly SLAMS George Will: ‘You’re A Hack!’ [VIDEO] DEREK

    11/07/2015 7:17:01 PM PST · by Fhios · 39 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | Nov 2015 | Derek Draplin
    Sparks flew on "The O'Reilly Factor" Friday as host Bill O'Reilly and columnist George Will squared off over disputed facts in the former's new book, "Killing Reagan."
  • Bill O’Reilly slanders Ronald Reagan

    11/07/2015 11:18:50 AM PST · by TBP · 66 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | November 5 | George Will
    Bill O’Reilly and his collaborator, Martin Dugard, will distort public understanding of Ronald Reagan’s presidency more than hostile but conscientious scholars could.
  • We Need to Take a Tougher Line With Putin

    11/01/2015 6:58:46 AM PST · by Navy Patriot · 44 replies
    Newsweek ^ | November 1, 2015 | William Courtney and Donald Jensen
    In responding to Russian thrusts in Ukraine and Syria, the West has relied on economic sanctions or conceded initiative to Moscow. Experience shows that direct measures-ones that target troublesome behavior-are more likely to be effective. In Ukraine and Syria, the West seems less sure of its aims and less committed to achieving them. In contrast, Russia appears to have clearer goals, cares more about outcomes, lies closer to the contested theater and acts with dispatch. This was also true when the USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979. President Jimmy Carter responded by seeking to organize a boycott of the 1980 Summer...
  • The Cruz Plan: Reagan Reenters the Republican Field

    10/31/2015 6:58:17 AM PDT · by Isara · 8 replies
    American Spectator ^ | 10.30.15 | Peter Ferrara
    Post-Obama tax reform for the 21st century. The Republican Party woke up new and fresh, and ahead of the curve, yesterday morning, leaving the Democrats stale and old back in the 20th century (Keynesian 1930s), if not the 19th (1870s, when Marx was new and cutting edge).History books will note the turning point of the 2016 election as the evening of October 28, 2015. At the Republican debate that night in Colorado, Texas Senator Ted Cruz emerged from the Republican Presidential field as the modern 2016 embodiment of Ronald Reagan.The tax reform plan he unveiled at that debate is as...
  • Russian warplanes buzz USS Ronald Reagan

    10/29/2015 9:04:58 AM PDT · by WhiskeyX · 33 replies
    Fox News ^ | October 29, 2015 | Fox News
    Two Russian warplanes flew within one mile of the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, forcing the U.S. Navy to launch four fighter jets in response Tuesday, a Navy spokesman told Fox News. The USS Reagan was sailing in international waters east of the Korean peninsula, Stars and Stripes reports. It adds that the U.S. is currently engaged in joint military exercises with South Korea.
  • Paul Ryan for speaker

    10/22/2015 3:53:48 AM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 24 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | 10-22-15 | Washington Examiner Staff
    When Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., withdrew from the race for speaker of the House, some people wondered whether it signaled the approaching death of the Republican Party. It was indeed a potent moment, for the majority leader, backed by a massive majority of his congressional party colleagues, was derailed by an intransigent and habitually disruptive minority. Yet the exit of McCarthy may end up being the party's lifeline. For Republicans now have the opportunity instead to elect Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who is both less inclined to seek power and, we think, more likely to use it effectively. GOP...

    10/17/2015 7:16:28 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 23 replies
    NYT ^ | WASHINGTON, Dec. 27 1983 | JOEL BRINKLEY
    December 28, 1983 REAGAN ASSERTS BLAME IS HIS IN MARINE SECURITY FAILURE REAGAN ASSERTS BLAME IS HIS IN MARINE SECURITY FAILURE; OPPOSES PUNISHING OFFICERS By JOEL BRINKLEY, Special to the New York Times Editor's Note Appended WASHINGTON, Dec. 27— President Reagan said today that he accepted full blame for the lack of security measures that permitted the terrorist bombing of the Marine headquarters in Beirut. He said he does not believe any of the Marine commanders ought to be punished. ''If there is to be blame,'' Mr. Reagan said, ''it properly rests here in this office and with this...
  • What Bill OReillys new book on Ronald Reagan gets wrong about Ronald Reagan

    10/16/2015 7:00:24 AM PDT · by iowamark · 26 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 10/16/2015 | Craig Shirley, Kiron K. Skinner, Paul Kengor and Steven F. Hayward
    Killing Reagan, by Bill OReilly and Martin Dugard, is supposed to be a book of new scholarship on the Reagan presidency. Instead, it restates old claims and rumors, virtually all of which have been discredited by the historical record. In this best-selling book, there are no endnotes, no bibliography, no long list of interviewees and only a smattering of footnotes. There is a section titled Sources, but it is only two-and-a-half pages long. It includes about two dozen sources, but that is not adequate for a subject, Ronald Reagan, who has been the focus of thousands of books and articles...
  • A New History on Reagan's 'Last Act'

    10/16/2015 5:39:52 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | October 16, 2015 | Brent Bozell
    Craig Shirley has already written two terrific history books about Ronald Reagan, chronicling the 1976 and 1980 presidential campaigns. Now he has delivered the trifecta: "Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan." Some years ago we were given the book "Lee: The Last Years," detailing the iconic figure's final five years, after the Civil War. After the Civil War? How could that be of any possible interest? How ironic, then, that this is possibly one of the greatest books ever written about this titan of history; to see how he lived in the shadows after the...
  • In Solidarity (flashback: Lech Walesa's tribute to Ronald Reagan in 2004)

    10/12/2015 8:45:58 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 2 replies
    GDANSK, Poland -- When talking about Ronald Reagan, I have to be personal. We in Poland took him so personally. Why? Because we owe him our liberty. This can't be said often enough by people who lived under oppression for half a century, until communism fell in 1989. Poles fought for their freedom for so many years that they hold in special esteem those who backed them in their struggle. Support was the test of friendship. President Reagan was such a friend. His policy of aiding democratic movements in Central and Eastern Europe in the dark days of the Cold...
  • Jerry Parr, Secret Service Agent Who Helped Save Reagan, Dies at 85

    10/09/2015 9:55:16 PM PDT · by NRx · 41 replies
    NY Times ^ | 10-10-2015 | LIAM STACK
    Jerry S. Parr, the Secret Service agent credited with saving President Ronald Reagans life during an assassination attempt in 1981, died Friday at a hospice near his home in Washington. He was 85. The death was confirmed by Mr. Parrs wife, Carolyn, who said he died of congestive heart failure. Mr. Parr was just feet away from Mr. Reagan when John W. Hinckley Jr. opened fire on the president outside the Washington Hilton hotel on March 30, 1981. When he was about probably six or seven feet from the car, I heard these shots, Mr. Parr said in a 2013...
  • Germany celebrates 25 years since reunification

    10/03/2015 12:59:58 AM PDT · by Berlin_Freeper · 11 replies
    dw.com ^ | October 3, 2015 | dw
    Germany is marking twenty-five years of unity with celebrations across the country. Frankfurt takes center-stage for this year's public events while German Unity Day is also being marked around the world.
  • Rush compares Trump tax plan to this former presidents

    09/28/2015 7:37:12 PM PDT · by NKP_Vet · 60 replies
    http://allenbwest.com ^ | September 28, 2015 | Michelle Jesse
    GOP frontrunner Donald Trump unveiled his tax plan this morning. And, predictably, its getting mixed reviews like the candidate himself. Indeed, you might think the interpretations of Trumps tax plan are a Rorshach test revealing the biases of the reviewer, when you see one source describing the plan as populist-sounding, while the next claims the plan proves Trump is not a populist. Some worried about the cost of the plan including the candidate himself, who proclaimed his own plan will cost him a fortune while one labeled it a con that benefits corporations and the wealthiest Americans. One...
  • Michael Reagan: My Father Would Be Appalled at Trump

    09/11/2015 2:15:16 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 96 replies
    NewsMax ^ | September 11, 2015 | Greg Richter
    Michael Reagan: My Father Would Be Appalled at Trump By Greg Richter | 10 Sep 2015 GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has compared himself to Ronald Reagan, but the Republican icon would be "appalled" at the way Trump acts, Michael Reagan told Newsmax TV. Trump's personal attacks on fellow candidates, including the recent Rolling Stone report of him talking about Carly Fiorina's appearance, go too far, said Reagan, a radio talk show host and son of the former president. Reagan said he hopes Trump's actions hurt him not only with women voters, but with all voters. "What he's done is...
  • Back to the Reagan Administration!

    09/09/2015 10:45:08 AM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 2 replies
    American Irony ^ | 9-9-15 | The Looking Spoon
    Then tell me, future boy, who's President of the United States in 1985? Oh the good 'ol days
  • Donald Trump Fires Back At Jeb Bush: He Should Lead By Speaking English While In The United States

    09/02/2015 11:36:44 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 218 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 9/2/15 | MATTHEW BOYLE
    2016 Republican frontrunner Donald Trump tells Breitbart News former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush should be speaking Englishnot the Spanish he spoke in to attack Trump in Miami this weekon the campaign trail. Trump had harsh words for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) in this interview, as well, and lit into the donor class, all while saying that the silent majority in America is waking up and fighting to take back the country from the political class. Trump also predicted that he will not only win the White House in 2016, but that he will be re-elected in 2020predicting he will be...
  • Candidate files complaint over debate exclusion [Does anybody even know this candidate?]

    08/03/2015 5:36:14 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 20 replies
    Hotair ^ | 08/03/2015 | Jazz Shaw
    The final lineup for Thursday’s debate is nearly set, as well as the five o’clock &#F8220;pregame show” with the poorly performing candidates, and Mark Everson is objecting to the fact that he doesn’t seem to be included at all. In fact, he has written a letter to Fox News to complain about it. Wait a minute… Mark who?Yes, he’s a declared candidate for the presidency who has filed all the required paperwork. But just to be fully honest here, I do this for a living and I had to Google the guy. He declared back in March and has...
  • Trumps teachable moment: Ralph Nader on what we should make of the billionaire's longshot candidacy

    07/27/2015 10:34:10 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 15 replies
    The New York Daily News ^ | July 27, 2015 | Ralph Nader
    The brouhahas over billionaire Donald Trump show how broadcasters favor easy, juicy stories about powerful peoples bad words over harder, less sexy ones about their bad deeds. This is a teachable moment for the mass media. Failing to take Trump seriously could set a dangerous precedent for future candidates with fresh ideas, looking to shake up the controlling status quo. The Huffington Post, which carries my column, announced that it is excluding Trump from its political coverage and instead filing all stories about the man leading the Republican field, according to the most recent polls, under entertainment. If they existed...
  • RNC: Knock off the name calling

    07/26/2015 1:01:31 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 143 replies
    WMUR.com ^ | 07/26/2015 | Brian Stelter CNN
    (CNN) The Republican National Committee has a message for candidates like Donald Trump: No more name-calling. That's what the party's chief strategist and communications director Sean Spicer said on CNN's "Reliable Sources" on Sunday. "I understand it's going to be the nature of any primary for folks to discuss the differences between themselves on policy issues, and I think that's fine," Spicer said. "The name calling, however, needs to stop." Spicer added: "We have got to remember what Ronald Reagan taught us, his 11th commandment, 'Thou shall not speak ill of another Republican.'" Spicer didn't point his comments directly at...
  • Obama, You're No Ronald Reagan

    07/21/2015 5:07:35 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 15 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | July 21, 2015 | Cal Thomas
    At his press conference last Wednesday, our president of self-regard again linked himself with Ronald Reagan, seeking to equate his supposed success in gaining a deal with Iran not to build a nuclear weapon for 10 years to Reagan's arms control negotiations with the Soviet Union. There is at least one major difference, which causes Obama's analogy to collapse. Reagan regarded the Soviet Union as an "evil empire" and vowed to defeat it. He said not just the Soviet Union, but communism itself, would wind up "on the ash heap of history." Obama hears, sees and speaks no evil against...
  • Donald Trump, Fake Conservative (Michael Reagan)

    07/20/2015 11:28:55 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 150 replies
    Townhall ^ | Jul 17, 2015 | Michael Reagan
    Donald Trump has jumped to the top of the national polls for the Republican Party's presidential nomination. It's an embarrassing moment for the GOP, the country and the planet. But everyone knows America's richest celebrity businessman will never become the Republican candidate, much less president of the U.S. Unfortunately for the GOP's future, however, the billionaire blowhard is not going to fade away in a week or two like Herman Cain or Michele Bachmann did in 2012. Whether he's really worth $10 billion, as Trump claims, or just a few billion, he has more than enough money, ego and media...
  • Psychic Capital: Tech and Silicon Valley Turn to Mystics for Advice

    07/19/2015 1:36:23 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 8 replies
    SF Weekly ^ | Wednesday, Jul 15 2015 | Jeremy Lybarger
    The names of the tech workers in this story have been changed.Ten thousand miles from Silicon Valley, in a room near the Black Sea, Yegor Karpenchekov dreams of money. At night, while the rest of Odessa sleeps and cocaine smugglers drift in and out of the port under cover of darkness, Yegor logs onto FaceTime and talks to a 70-year-old woman in San Francisco. Her name is Sally Faubion, and five months ago she recruited Yegor from the freelancer marketplace UpWork to code her apps. She believes "divine intervention" brought them together; for Yegor, it was likely $20 per hour...
  • Reagans Tax-Cutting Legacy

    07/17/2015 11:12:49 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 2 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | July 17, 2015 | Ed Feulner
    President Reagan had a gift for proving his critics wrong. Almost none of the leading economists of the late 1970s thought that his supply-side tax-cutting agenda, along with stable monetary policy and deregulation, could revive the U.S. economy. But the prosperity of the 1980s, with growth rates higher than 6 percent, proved the Gipper correct. An economics major from Eureka College understood our free-market system better than the so-called experts at Harvard, Yale and MIT. As the 2016 presidential campaigns gear up, Reagans policies are under assault again, this time even from some on the right. This new group, called...
  • Pundit's Death Marks End of An Era for Democrats

    07/03/2015 7:25:32 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | July 3, 2015 | Jonah Goldberg
    Ben Wattenberg died this week at the age of 81. He gave me my first job in Washington, as his research assistant at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington think tank. (I returned to AEI as a fellow a few years ago, my office just a few doors down from where Ben used to work.) Ben was one of the last star pundits of what might be called the Old Order, before cable news and the Internet transformed the landscape. When everyone was rushing to CNN to shout at each other on "Crossfire," he launched a PBS show called "Think...
  • How Goldwater and Reagan Responded to Defeat

    07/02/2015 5:11:03 PM PDT · by gwjack · 7 replies
    The Daily Signal ^ | 7/2/2015 | Lee Edwards
    In the wake of the Supreme Courts devastating opinions on same-sex marriage and Obamacare, some conservatives are asking themselves: Has America reached the point when we have become like ancient Rome in its final days, all bread and circuses, that we cannot make our way back to the ideas on which we were founded? Do the actual words of the Constitution matter anymore? Should we give up the fight for limited, constitutional government and simply accept that the left has won? Of course not! Conservatives have never been quitters as two of our greatest heroesBarry Goldwater and Ronald Reagandemonstrated when...
  • EXCLUSIVE: President Ronald Reagan's biggest secret: He packed heat in his briefcase

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    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS ^ | Brad Meltzer
    I was in Secret Service headquarters when they told me about former President Ronald Reagans biggest secret. I write fiction for a living, but in my thrillers, I try to get the details right. So what better way to understand how a President lives for my newest thriller than by spending time with the Secret Service agents who spend so much time with him? So there I was, on my tour of Secret Service headquarters. The agents had taken me into a small museum they have on the premises. Its a room lined with photos of Presidents and archival exhibit...
  • The collapse of communism: Reagan, Thatcher and the Pope

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    Deseret News ^ | 11-2009 | Cannon
    The collapse of communism: Reagan, Thatcher and the pope By Joseph A. Cannon Deseret News Published: Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009 12:12 a.m. MST Twenty years ago, my wife, Jan, and I were in what was then called West Berlin for a conference. One pleasant afternoon we walked along the Berlin Wall from the Brandenburg Gate to Checkpoint Charlie. During that time, there were significant rancorous anti-Communist demonstrations in East Germany, primarily in the southern part. A German friend, with typical Prussian hubris, dismissed them. "Nothing will come of this, these are just the ineffective rumblings of a bunch of Bavarians."...
  • Hillary Clinton Scrubs Ronald Reagan From History [This Is Shameful-Beyond The Pale]

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    Telegraph(UK) ^ | November 10th, 2009
    Hillary Clinton Scrubs Ronald Reagan From History Nile Gardiner November 10th, 2009 Its bad enough that President Obama could not be bothered to attend the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. But Hillary Clintons refusal to even acknowledge the role played by Ronald Reagan in the Walls demise as well as the downfall of Communism was highly insulting towards one of the greatest figures of our time, and reeked of petty and partisan mean-spiritedness. The Secretary of States remarks yesterday in Berlin completely erased from history the huge contribution played not only by President...
  • "Berlin Wall" Speech - President Reagan's Address at the Brandenburg Gate - 6/12/87

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    Youtube ^ | June 12 1987 | ReaganFoundation
    We welcome change and openness; for we believe that freedom and security go together, that the advance of human liberty can only strengthen the cause of world peace. There is one sign the Soviets can make that would be unmistakable, that would advance dramatically the cause of freedom and peace. General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!