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  • The sooner the president realizes that Ryan is an establishment swamp dwelling snake...

    03/29/2017 4:54:18 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 49 replies
    The sooner the president realizes that Ryan is an establishment swamp dwelling snake...that's going to suck him down into the swampy quicksand and destroy his chances of enacting HIS agenda the better off he and we will be. Ryan represents the enemy within! Trump won the election already! Now it's his duty is to change gears, uphold the constitution, drain the swamp and MAGA. Quit screwing around with unwanted, unpopular, unsustainable, unconstitutional health care schemes. Push for and accept nothing less than a full repeal on Obamacare and then get to work enacting the rest of HIS MAGA agenda!! And...
  • Hillary Clinton Faults Trump On Health Care And Lack Of Female Appointees (It lives ... alert)

    03/29/2017 3:13:35 PM PDT · by Zakeet · 30 replies
    NPR ^ | March 29, 2017 | Brian Naylor
    Hillary Clinton criticized the lack of diversity in the Trump White House and the ill-fated Republican health care proposal in what were her most political public remarks since losing the November presidential election to Donald Trump. Clinton made her observations in an address to the Professional BusinessWomen of California in San Francisco on Tuesday night. "There's no place I'd rather be than here with you," she told the gathering, adding, "other than the White House." [Snip] She chastised Trump, whom she did not mention by name, for having the fewest number of women in top jobs "in a generation." There...
  • The Obamacare 'Explosion' Could Come On May 22nd, Faster Than Expected; Here's Why

    03/29/2017 2:41:11 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 03/29/2017
    After a stunning healthcare defeat last week, delivered at the hands of his own party no less, Trump took to twitter to predict the imminent 'explosion' of Obamacare. ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 25, 2017 The Democrats will make a deal with me on healthcare as soon as ObamaCare folds - not long. Do not worry, we are in very good shape!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 28, 2017  As it turns out, that 'explosion' could come...
  • Paul Ryan sells out conservatives with healthcare surrender

    03/29/2017 1:18:42 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 52 replies
    the Hill ^ | March 29, 2017 | BY MARK MECKLER
    When Mitt Romney selected Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, people cheered. He was young, attractive, idealistic, and — doggone it! — he did P90x. Images of him lifting weights bounced across the internet. Surely this is what the GOP needed, they said. New blood. Youth. Strength. The fact that his losing bid against Barack Obama and Joe Biden was the high mark of his career says a great deal about his legacy. His lack of true leadership has grown more and more evident. During the last week, Speaker Ryan's stature managed to shrink in regard to Congress, and...
  • The Systems President

    03/29/2017 11:14:32 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 5 replies
    Scott Adams' Blog ^ | March 29, 2017 | Scott Adams
    Was President Trump’s first attempt at getting a healthcare bill a failure? Your answer to that question probably depends on whether you are a goals-thinker or a systems-thinker. If you see the world in terms of goals, you would say the healthcare bill did not get enough votes on the first try, and therefore it is clearly a Trump/Ryan failure. But if you see the world in terms of systems, things look a lot better. I talk about the advantages of systems over goals in my book. The quick summary is that a system is something you do on a...
  • The Repeal Man: Rep. Mo Brooks on Why the GOP Healthcare Plan Was "Obamacare 2.0"

    03/29/2017 11:06:53 AM PDT · by alancarp · 10 replies
    Buck Sexton/America Now Radio ^ | 3/28/2017 | Team Buck Staff
    This week, Alabama congressman Mo Brooks introduced a bill that amounted to a one-line repeal of Obamacare. The bill read "Effective as of Dec. 31, 2017, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is repealed, and the provisions of law amended or repealed by such Act are restored or revived as if such Act had not been enacted.” ... “It’s what we promised the American people,” Brooks told Buck of the bill. “Repeal Obamacare. It's not a hundred-and-some page bill that on the one hand says we're repealing, but on the other says we're going to reincorporate all the provisions...
  • 6.5 Million Taxpayers Paid $3 Billion in Obamacare Penalties in 2016

    03/29/2017 5:45:33 AM PDT · by MarvinStinson · 16 replies
    freebeacon ^ | Ali Meyer — March 28, 2017 | Ali Meyer — March 28, 2017
    Approximately 6.5 million taxpayers paid $3 billion in Obamacare penalties for not having health insurance in 2016, according to preliminary data from the Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen. Beginning in 2014, the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate required that Americans purchase health care coverage or pay a penalty to the Internal Revenue Service. While the number of taxpayers paying the penalty has declined since 2014, the total amount in penalties paid to the IRS has increased since then. In 2014, individuals without insurance had to pay the greater penalty of either a flat fee of $95 or 1 percent...
  • Republicans Are Now Medicaid's Biggest Boosters

    03/29/2017 5:10:30 AM PDT · by IBD editorial writer · 17 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 3/29/2017 | Staff
    Health Reform: One of the more depressing aspects of the failed ObamaCare replacement bill was that it exposed how many Republicans have become ardent defenders of Medicaid — a "poverty" program that is slowly taking over health care. There are few federal programs as poorly designed as Medicaid. Its open-ended funding mechanism — where the federal government matches spending by the states — encourages waste. Since 2000, Medicaid spending climbed 172%, and the Government Accountability Office has listed Medicaid as a "high risk" for fraud and abuse. At the same time, Medicaid's low reimbursement rates — it pays doctors about...
  • Can We Please Give CruzCare a Try? Forget your partisanship and have a look at the plan

    03/28/2017 8:09:20 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 59 replies
    The Resurgent ^ | 03/28/2017 | Peter Heck
    For those keeping score at home, here’s a recap of where the Washington healthcare debacle currently stands: Obama and the Democrats inflict a massively overcomplicated system of healthcare regulations that raised insurance premiums on Americans, decreased insurance options, dictated doctors and coverage, and largely just sucked.Republicans saddled up the Obamacare nightmare and rode it to the electoral bank in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016, promising that once they had full control, they would repeal the beast.When given full control, the Republicans authored an absurd Obamacare-lite compromise bill that didn’t repeal the beast, but attempted to manicure it. It failed...
  • Repeal of Affordable Care Act Is Back on Agenda, Republicans Say

    03/28/2017 7:22:07 PM PDT · by Innovative · 145 replies
    NY Times ^ | March 28, 2017 | ROBERT PEAR and JEREMY W. PETERS
    Under extreme pressure from conservative activists, House Republican leaders and the White House have restarted negotiations on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act. But efforts to revive the legislation in the House could take weeks, lawmakers conceded, as Congress moves forward with a full plate of other time-consuming issues. And the renewed push did not meet with much enthusiasm from Senate Republicans, who said they had other priorities at the moment. Nonetheless, Speaker Paul D. Ryan vowed to renew efforts to repeal the law, despite last’s week crushing setback when House Republicans tossed aside a repeal bill because they...
  • Obamacare vs. Samaritan Health-Care Ministry: A Case Study

    03/28/2017 4:51:58 PM PDT · by ForYourChildren · 34 replies
    Reason ^ | 10/01/2013 | Jim Epstein
    The new law erodes the power of individuals to make health care cheaper & better. When Jason Morris' son Cole was two years old, he broke his thighbone and spent several weeks in a full-body cast. The medical bills came to about $13,000, but Morris, his wife, and six children don't have health insurance. Instead they belong to Samaritan Ministries, an organization of devout Christians who chip in to cover each other's medical bills. Following the usual process at Samaritan, members from all over the country mailed the Morris family small checks that added up to enough money to cover...
  • At least some Republicans are honest about not wanting to repeal Obamacare

    03/28/2017 4:20:40 PM PDT · by ForYourChildren · 34 replies
    Conservative Review ^ | 03/28/2017 | Daniel Horowitz
    Earlier today, a couple of Republican officials, in a refreshing display of honesty, admitted what we have known all along: They don’t want to repeal Obamacare. Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R,Ky.) admitted there won’t be another attempt: "Mcconnell making clear Obamacare repeal efforts dead. "We have the existing law in place and we'll just have to see how that works out."" — Erica Werner (@ericawerner) March 28, 2017 He’s certainly come a long way from his 2014 campaign promise to repeal Obamacare “root and branch” and his 2013 CPAC speech in which he said “anybody who thinks we’ve...
  • Levin: If Obama Had Proposed GOP Health Care Bill, Every Republican Would’ve Condemned It

    03/28/2017 2:09:06 PM PDT · by ForYourChildren · 18 replies ^ | 03/28/2017 | Michael Morris
    On his nationally syndicated radio talk show, host Mark Levin ripped the GOP for its “crap” health care bill, saying that “if Barack Obama had proposed this plan seven years ago, every single Republican would have voted against it and condemned it.” “If Barack Obama himself, seven years ago, had proposed this exact plan – supported by Ryan, supported by Trump, supported by the vast majority of Republicans in the House – if Barack Obama had proposed this plan seven years ago,” remarked Mark Levin, “every single Republican would have voted against it and condemned it for the crap that...
  • Sen. Coryn (R-TX) ObamaCare Repeal via Reconciliation Dead

    03/28/2017 7:16:01 AM PDT · by C19fan · 42 replies
    Twitter ^ | March 27, 2017 | Erica Werner‏
    Cornyn says flatly that health care will not be attempted again via reconciliation. "It's clear it needs to be done on a bipartisan basis."
  • A Poll, did you support Trump or Freedom Caucus?

    03/27/2017 5:04:01 PM PDT · by MNDude · 151 replies
    I've heard a lot of differing views directing anger, disappointment and relief at the various parties in Washington lately. So I'm wanting to take a poll. Did you support passage of Trump's and Ryan's healthcare bill? Or Did you support Freedom Caucus stopping it?
  • Paul Ryan’s Catastrophic Lack of Political Skill and Judgment

    03/27/2017 7:03:14 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 42 replies
    American Thinker ^ | March 27,2017 | By John Ellis
    With control of House, Senate and the Presidency, and with so much that cries out to be done after eight years of Obama inaction and/or mismanagement, Republicans have a golden opportunity to advance their own electoral fortunes by doing well for their country. But all of this is endangered by the fact that their major congressional leader is a man without political instincts, skills, or judgment. It’s unfair to say that he is a RINO, or to question his value to the party as the source of ideas that are sometimes very useful. But it is not unfair to say...
  • (Jan 8, 2016) Speaker Ryan Responds to President’s Veto of Obamacare Repeal

    03/27/2017 10:40:46 PM PDT · by Ray76 · 16 replies
    youtube ^ | Jan 8, 2016 | Paul Ryan
    "It's no surprise that someone named Obama vetoed a bill repealing Obamacare. And we will hold a vote to override this veto. Taking this process all the way to the end under the Constitution. But here's the thing, the idea that Obamacare is the law of the land for good is a myth. This law will collapse under its own weight or it will be repealed. Because all those rules and procedures Senate Democrats have used to block us from doing this, that's all history. We have shown now that there is a clear path to repealing Obamacare without sixty...
  • Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks Introduces One Line Bill to Repeal Obamacare

    03/27/2017 8:58:55 PM PDT · by pissant · 53 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 3/27/17 | Warner Todd Huston
    On the same day that the House of Representatives canceled its vote on Ryancare, Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks filed a simple one-line bill to repeal Obama’s signature health care law. The Huntsville Republican titled the bill ‘Obamacare Repeal Act.” It is short and to the point, reported. “Effective as of Dec. 31, 2017, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is repealed, and the provisions of law amended or repealed by such Act are restored or revived as if such Act had not been enacted,” the bill reads. Brooks, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, told constituents last...
  • Trump has Already Effectively Repealed Obamacare (Dick Morris)

    03/27/2017 8:26:37 PM PDT · by LS · 176 replies
    Facebook ^ | Dick Morris
    Dick Morris says what I have said for a couple of weeks. Obamacare really has been killed, and no one noticed. Trump told the IRS not to enforce the "individual mandate." That is the essential coercive element. No mandate, no O-care. Morris said he did this last week---in fact, I heard more than four weeks ago that the IRS was NOT enforcing this and just assumed it came from Trump. Second, the requirement that you buy from an "approved" insurance company---Trump waived that as well by telling HHS to approve any policy as "qualifying." Yes, some of the subsidies and...
  • MAGA Questions Requiring Immediate Answers

    03/27/2017 6:56:31 PM PDT · by Randall_S · 9 replies
    USA Transnational Report ^ | March 27, 2017 | Wallace Bruschweiler & William Palumbo
    By Wallace Bruschweiler & William Palumbo Last week, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives failed to pass the one thing they have consistently preached since 2010: a repeal of Obamacare. It was the latest (and most severe) setback since President Trump took office just two months ago. The fallout of this failure is a fiasco for Republicans and, in particular, President Trump. Before another Republican failure finds itself on the doorsteps of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, below are some questions for your, and the administration’s, serious consideration. To the following questions we offer no answers. It is the job of those in...
  • Rep. Mo Brooks files bill to repeal Obamacare

    simple two-page document, an Alabama congressman has filed a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives to repeal Obamacare. Or, as it is stated in the bill, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Huntsville, introduced the bill Friday. "This Act may be cited as the 'Obamacare Repeal Act,'" the bill states. And the bill uses just one sentence to do it. "Effective as of Dec. 31, 2017, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is repealed, and the provisions of law amended or repealed by such Act are restored or revived as if such Act...
  • How Trump's presidency is succeeding

    03/27/2017 4:21:25 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 50 replies
    The San Francisco Chronicle ^ | March 27, 2017 | James Hohmann, The Washington Post
    Reading some of the news coverage this weekend, one might get the impression that Donald Trump's failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act is akin to Woodrow Wilson not getting the League of Nations ratified. In other words, a fatal blow to his presidency. That's hooey. Health care is a siren song that has seduced many presidents since Harry Truman called for a national insurance program in 1945. Bill Clinton, for instance, spent far more political capital on the issue than Trump during his first year as president. His party also controlled both chambers of Congress, and he too failed...
  • The Damage the Freedom Caucus Has Done May Be Felt for Years

    03/27/2017 3:53:21 PM PDT · by Helicondelta · 84 replies ^ | March 26, 2017
    It is hard to overestimate the damage the Freedom Caucus has done to the fledgling presidency of Donald Trump, and to the country. By blocking the American Health Care Act of 2017, the conservative group has guaranteed that Americans will struggle forward under the burden of Obamacare. In the next few months insurers will announce their premium hikes for the coming year; chances are, given the continuing withdrawal of major companies from the marketplaces and the ongoing failure of the bill to attract enough young and healthy participants, the new rates will not be pretty. Last year premiums went up...
  • Gingrich: Freedom Caucus Saved House Republicans From Destructive Vote

    03/27/2017 12:39:26 PM PDT · by davikkm · 51 replies
    breitbart ^ | PAM KEY
    Monday on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said the House Freedom Caucus saved House Republicans from a politically destructive vote when they refused to support the House Republican health care bill which only had a 17 percent approval rating among voters. Gingrich said, “Not voting on Friday was really good. The Democrats lost their majority for the first time in 40 years after they tried to push through Hillarycare. The Democrats lost the majority again in 2010 after they pushed through Obamacare. If we had all the House Republicans line up and vote...
  • Repeal Obamacare and replace with freedom. Change House and Senate rules to do so if necessary!

    03/27/2017 12:52:30 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 147 replies
    "Prior to this year, the House voted to repeal Obamacare more than 50 times ---when it was clear that President Obama would veto the bill. The problem we are facing is that some of the people who voted for repeal 50 times will not vote for repeal when it counts, when it is "our moment in time," with Republicans in control of Congress and the presidency." --Rep Dave Brat "This has been my complaint since before Obamacare became law. Nothing I’ve seen addresses the problem of increased costs of medical care. All these bills just shift the rising costs from...
  • Rep. Ted Poe: House Freedom Caucus Moved the Goalpost in Healthcare Negotiations

    03/27/2017 8:01:30 AM PDT · by Sybeck1 · 61 replies
    People's Pundit ^ | 3/27/17 | Richard Baris
    Rep. Ted Poe., R-Texas, resigned from the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) after they moved the goalpost during healthcare negotiations with President Trump. As People’s Pundit Daily previously reported, the ObamaCare repeal bill was amended 11 times in an effort to appease the various conservative and moderate factions in the House GOP. “I have resigned from the House Freedom Caucus,” Rep. Poe, a founding member of the caucus said in a statement. “In order to deliver on the conservative agenda we have promised the American people for eight years, we must come together to find solutions to move this country forward....
  • Forget ObamaCare, RyanCare, Or Any Future ReformCare - Our Healthcare System Is Completely Broken

    It's time to start planning for what we'll do when the current healthcare system implodes.As with many other complex, opaque systems in the U.S., only those toiling in the murky depths of the healthcare system know just how broken the entire system is. Only those dealing daily with the perverse incentives, the Kafkaesque procedures, the endlessly negative unintended consequences, the soul-deadening paper-shuffling, the myriad forms of fraud, the recalcitrant patients who don't follow recommendations but demand to be magically returned to health anyway, and of course the hopelessness of the financial future of a system with runaway costs, a rapidly...
  • We’re Doing Grant, Not Patton, But Neither One Had A Goof Like Paul Ryan Screwing Things Up

    03/27/2017 11:17:42 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 33 replies
    Townhall ^ | 03/27/2017 | Kurt Schlichter
    Paul Ryan should walk around Congress for the next couple of weeks wearing a sign around his neck that reads, “I am a failure.” It’s not that everyone else doesn’t already know that he’s a failure – oh, that’s one message that he’s succeeded in getting out Lima Charlie – it’s that it doesn’t seem like he knows that he’s a failure. Perhaps some signage would remind him to wipe that smug, smarmy grin off his face, and inspire him to achieve something other than nothing. Yet he’ll persist, with his unerring poor judgment, his undercurrent of condescension to anyone...
  • We Can Still Get Healthcare [insurance] Right [Rep. Dave Brat]

    03/27/2017 10:33:36 AM PDT · by Qiviut · 147 replies
    Facebook ^ | March 26, 2017 | Dave Brat
    Rep. Dave Brat is my rep. Yesterday, he posted an article to his constituents on his Facebook page. There are a lot of rumors & "who shot John" accusations flying around, but here it is straight from a Freedom Caucus & Conservative mouth as to what happened. There are a lot of terrific comments in this article and it's well worth reading. Personally, Dave Brat speaks for me ...... it was a great day when Eric Cantor was deposed from his self-assumed throne & I am grateful every day for Dave Brat. So far he has acted in the best...
  • Socialist Health Care Disguised as Tax

    03/27/2017 7:18:42 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 8 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 03/27/17 | Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
    We can make suggestions until Doomsday, Obamascare is here to stay It appears that Obamacare is here to stay. Those doctors who grew up with the conditioning notion of utopian “social justice” love it. Those doctors who hate the government intrusion and regulation into their medical practice hate it. The American public is split as well along those lines. Nobody really believed that Obamacare, deplorably named the Affordable Care Act, would be amended to benefit the wishes of the American people, much less repeal it. Once a bureaucracy has been ensconced and billions and billions of dollars have been spent...
  • That's it? They're just giving up?

    03/27/2017 7:04:20 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 104 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 03/27/17 | Dan Calabrese
    Get back to work and do your jobs, Republicans (and that goes for Trump, too). After seven years of telling us they would repeal and replace ObamaCare at the first opportunity, the Republican House worked on it all of 63 days before apparently deciding it could not do so - despite a Republican majority in the Senate (however small) and a Republican president prepared to sign the bill. Did they ever intend to do this in the first place?
  • Trump Showed Himself to Be More Responsible Than the Politicians on Both Sides of the Aisle

    03/26/2017 8:18:11 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 39 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 03/26/17 | Ron A.Y. Rich
    Trump Wasn't Shown Up by the Health Care Rejection; The simpletons who are gloating that the rejection of the Health Care Repeal and Replace legislation shows that Trump is no longer a master at the Art of the Deal seem to overlook one simple fact. Every deal with a chance of closing has to have two parties with open minds who WANT a deal. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton got things done because they had negotiating partners. The Democrats until the end refused to even consider a deal on the Trump-Ryan health care repeal and replace bill, which required the...
  • How a secret Freedom Caucus pact brought down Obamacare repeal (Conspiracy Theory)

    03/26/2017 11:57:37 AM PDT · by blueplum · 130 replies
    Politico ^ | 26 March 2016 7:03AM/9:39 update | Rachael Bade, Josh Dawsey and Jennifer Haberkorn
    The behind-the-scenes story of the staredown between a few dozen conservative true believers and a novice president. ....In a conference room in the Rayburn House Office Building, the group met that evening and made a secret pact. No member would commit his vote before consulting with the entire group — not even if Trump himself called to ask for an on-the-spot commitment. The idea, hatched by Freedom Caucus Vice Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), was to bind them together in negotiations and ensure the White House or House leaders could not peel them off one by one. Twenty-eight of the...
  • White House Opens Door to Democrats in Wake of Health-Bill Failure

    03/26/2017 5:56:40 PM PDT · by Toaster tank · 144 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | 03/26/2017 | SIOBHAN HUGHES
    Days after the House GOP health bill collapsed due to a lack of support from Republicans, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus brought up the idea of working with Democrats multiple times, leaving little doubt that the White House intended to send a message to the hard-line Republican flank.
  • Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.27.2017

    03/27/2017 4:43:02 AM PDT · by EyesOfTX · 2 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | 3.27.2017 | David Blackmon
    - The Senator From the News Media is quickly becoming the Senator From the EU: Cranky old John McCain went off on President Donald Trump overseas again, this time at The Brussels Conference, attended by most of the leadership of the European Union and NATO. The Senator criticized the President on foreign soil for his insistence that EU nations actually begin paying their fair share of their own defense, for which the United States taxpayers have footed the lion’s share of the bill since the end of WWII. He also whined that he hasn’t been invited to meet with President...
  • Meadows says Obamacare repeal is alive, Trump will deliver

    03/26/2017 8:20:43 PM PDT · by blueplum · 81 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 26 March 2017 9:26 AM | Joseph Lawler
    House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows on Sunday shrugged off taunts from President Trump, saying that health care reform was still alive and that congressional Republicans would aim to pass legislation for Trump to sign. Friday's failure on healthcare legislation, the North Carolina Republican said, does not mean that the effort to replace Obamacare is dead. "To put a stake in it today would not be accurate," the North Carolina Repubican said on ABC's This Week, explaining that the intra-party conversations in the past two days have been about regrouping on healthcare. He said that it will be the...
  • This healthcare debate among the GOP factions is absolutely stupid and counterproductive

    03/26/2017 5:08:03 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 68 replies
    This is absolutely stupid. These long drawn out debates within the GOP struggling to settle on the nitty gritty about what and who should be covered and at what price is ridiculous. It's NOT your job, gentlemen. All you are doing is playing into the socialist democrats hands. Please consult your pocket constitutions and discover that the power to make these decisions regarding health care and insurance, etc, is not an enumerated power and is not delegated by the constitution to the congress or the federal government. It's reserved to the states and the people. Get OUT of it!! Conservatives...
  • Vanity: A Repeal Obamacare Catalyst

    03/26/2017 11:22:15 PM PDT · by Oscar in Batangas · 18 replies
    None | Unpublished | Self
    I am not well-versed about all the latitude granted to "The Secretary" in the 'Affordable Healthcare Act'. However, I think that he has authority to grant (and so I presume) un-grant waivers to the Act. With that in mind, I would like to see Director Price decree that, effective May 1, 2017, all members and employees of, and consultants to the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government shall obtain heallthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act. He may declare a one-time enrollment period of thirty (30) days for these citizens to acquire compliant coverage. Furthermore, he should specify that no...
  • The Freedom Caucus owes GOP leadership an apology (read the last line of the article)

    You see, when all Republicans running for office ran incessant ads during the past four election cycles promising to fully repeal Obamacare, Meadows actually thought they meant it! What a fool. When Mitch McConnell promised to repeal Obamacare “root and branch,” Meadows actually thought that he meant … well … root and branch. And when Mr. Meadows read the fifth sentence of Speaker Paul Ryan’s “Better Way to Fix Health Care,” which declared, "Obamacare must be fully repealed so we can start over and take a new approach,” well, he though it meant full repeal, starting over, and a new...
  • An Open Letter to the President (vanity)

    03/26/2017 5:55:07 PM PDT · by BellaMac · 27 replies
    Vanity - In response to a fund raising request
    Dear President Trump, I will gladly contribute to your campaign directly. I will not support the Republican Party. This party is full of establishment hacks lead by a Speaker who in no way supports you. The republican healthcare bill would have hurt millions and especially late boomers. I have heard republicans says that healthcare is a privilege. As long as they are okay with pricing people out of the market, I am not okay with them. Healthcare, drug prices, premiums and deductibles must come way down. I am in the individual market - we must have associations to distribute risk...
  • Why Steve Bannon Might Be the Winner of the GOP’s Health-Care Civil War

    03/26/2017 4:33:28 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 26 replies
    NYMag ^ | 24 Mar, 2017 | Gabriel Sherman
    With hours to go before the House is set to (finally) vote on Paul Ryan’s health-care bill, the Trump administration is putting a full-court press on recalcitrant Republicans to rally votes. Last night, the White House sent senior officials including Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon to Capitol Hill to deliver an ultimatum to wavering House members: Pass the bill or Trump is moving on to other priorities. The message was intended to put blame for a failed vote on Congress. The failure to repeal and replace Obamacare would be a stinging...
  • Texas Republican Ted Poe Quits Freedom Caucus Over Their #NeverTrump Intransigence…

    03/26/2017 2:50:01 PM PDT · by hotsteppa · 215 replies
    Texas Republican Congressman Ted Poe has announced he is giving up membership in Hillary’s Favorite Caucus over their unwillingness to support President Trump: “I have resigned from the House Freedom Caucus,” Poe said in a statement. “In order to deliver on the conservative agenda we have promised the American people for eight years, we must come together to find solutions to move this country forward. Saying no is easy, leading is hard, but that is what we were elected to do. Leaving this caucus will allow me to be a more effective Member of Congress and advocate for the people...
  • Lo & Behold: A Replica Of The Successful 2015 Obamacare Repeal Is Languishing In Committee

    03/26/2017 3:01:40 PM PDT · by taxcontrol · 40 replies
    RedState ^ | March 26, 2017 | Andrea Ruth
    In 2015, Congress passed Obamacare repeal. Now, a replica bill has sat unaddressed in committee since March 8th and there’s a path to getting it to a floor vote quickly. The Trump spin mill has been in overdrive since House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the abysmal first attempt of the new administration and Congress at the promised “repeal and replacement” of Obamacare. The Trump administration and the media sold the American Health Care Act as the last best hope for repealing Obamacare, which is a complete joke. The idea that Republicans in the House and Senate, who have largely run...
  • New anxieties as Trump says Obamacare will ‘explode’

    03/26/2017 1:29:57 PM PDT · by COBOL2Java · 111 replies
    WTOP News (Washington DC) ^ | March 26, 2017 3:15 am | AP and WTOP Staff
    ATLANTA (AP) — Americans who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act are feeling some relief at the failure of Republican efforts to repeal it, but they face new anxieties with President Donald Trump tweeting that “ObamaCare will explode.” Premiums have risen and major insurers have backed out of the state markets where people can buy insurance online under Obama’s signature health care law. But people who say it saved their lives or helped them start a business want lawmakers to fix these problems, not encourage them. “It does need its fixes, I totally see that,” said Inge Hafkemeyer, 57,...
  • Freedom Caucus Majority Backs Paul Ryan for House Speaker

    10/21/2015 8:53:26 PM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 108 replies
    A strong majority of anti-establishment conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus voted on Wednesday night to support Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin for House speaker, assuring that he will have the votes to secure the post next week and averting a leadership crisis for Republicans. Mr. Ryan indicated that he was prepared to seize the gavel and try to bring unity to his party, which has been riven over how House leaders exert authority over members. That fight had become so bitter that it forced the resignation of Speaker John A. Boehner and derailed the candidacy of the majority...
  • Trump Tweet: Dems Are Smiling That The Freedom Caucus Has Saved Planned Parenthood & Ocare!

    03/26/2017 7:48:04 AM PDT · by nhwingut · 266 replies
    Twitter ^ | 03/26/2017 | Donald J Trump
    Democrats are smiling in D.C. that the Freedom Caucus, with the help of Club For Growth and Heritage, have saved Planned Parenthood & Ocare!
  • Louie Gohmert’s Big Adventure…

    03/25/2017 6:54:36 PM PDT · by HarleyLady27 · 17 replies
    The Conservative Treehouse ^ | March 25, 2017 | Sundance
    Don’t take this the wrong way because I actually like Congressman Louis Gohmert a lot. However, this sketchy all-over-the-map interview is at an almost Tippy Guam level of bizzarro. The sum total of this interview would be exhibit “A” in the sketchy trial of “methinks he doth protest too much”, the Broadway musical. Um, Louie.. dude. Rather than shout: “he lie”, “he lie”, “heeee lieeeee”; I’m left wondering if your hands or fingers are broken. Why didn’t Louis Gohmert, a sitting member of congress, just walk over to the Senate and ask the Parliamentarian herself – if he had a...
  • Bernie Sanders, Top Progressives Announce New Medicare-For-All Push

    03/26/2017 1:09:34 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 27 replies
    The Huffington Post ^ | March 25, 2017 | Daniel Marans
    In the wake of the Republican failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Friday, leading figures in the progressive wing of the Democratic Party are rallying behind a single-payer health insurance and a raft of other bold reforms. These lawmakers and grassroots leaders have long believed that the problems plaguing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, are rooted in the original health care law’s attempt to accommodate, rather than gradually replace, the private, for-profit health insurance system. Now that efforts to eliminate the law wholesale are effectively dead, they are again arguing that the best way to...
  • Dan Rather: Failure to repeal ObamaCare most 'staggering loss' so early in a term

    03/25/2017 11:18:13 PM PDT · by Zakeet · 72 replies
    The Hill ^ | March 25, 2017 | Brooke Seipel
    Dan Rather says the failure of the GOP healthcare bill to pass is the most "staggering loss" he's ever seen so early in a president's term, warning Americans that the blame game by the Trump administration is just beginning. "Stunning. A complete defeat that I don't think anyone would have predicted in the manner that took place," the former "CBS Evening News" anchor wrote in a Facebook post Friday. "The morass of blame is only beginning."
  • *VANITY* So what was the Judge Jeannine bombshell?

    03/25/2017 7:17:25 PM PDT · by Kevin in California · 85 replies
    03-25-2017 | Me
    Sorry but I missed it as something came up. Don't see any breaking news here telling me it was a bombshell. If nobody's in an orange jumpsuit, it's a nothing burger.