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  • An Ancient Egyptian Sphinx Statue Has Been Discovered By Accident

    08/19/2018 8:05:43 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 11 replies
    IFL Science ^ | 10 Aug 2018 | Katy Evans
    Work on the Al-Kabbash Road project, linking the temple complexes of Luxor and Karnak – which date back to around 1400 BCE, when Luxor was known as the ancient city of Thebes – is due to be finished later this year. However, the discovery of the statue has brought a temporary stop as the statue cannot currently be moved. Not very much is known about it yet, and photos are limited. According to the Director General of Antiquities at Luxor, Dr Mohamed Abdel Aziz, speaking to news site Youm, the workers found a statue of a “lion’s body with a human head”,...
  • PM Rowley sorry for ‘sari skit’ (Trinidad and Tobago)

    08/19/2018 7:29:46 PM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 4 replies
    Trinidad Guardian ^ | August 19, 2018 | Joel Julien
    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley last night unreservedly apologised to the Hindu community for a skit performed at the People’s National Movement (PNM) family day, saying the skit was disrespectful to that religion but it was done out of ignorance and not malicious intent. Rowley gave the apology during a PNM political meeting held at the Malabar Community Centre last night. “Tonight, on behalf of the People’s National Movement and all concerned, I unreservedly apologise to the Hindu community,” he said.
  • Lock of Napoleon's hair up for auction

    08/19/2018 5:51:08 PM PDT · by ETL · 30 replies ^ | Aug 17, 2018 | James Rogers
    A host of historic artifacts, including a lock of Napoleon’s hair, will be up for auction in the U.K. on Saturday. The unusual object is in an early 19th-century composite locket frame with a lock of hair from Napoleon’s wife, Empress Josephine. “These are remarkable history,” auctioneer Andrew Aldridge of Henry Aldridge & Son told Fox News. A manuscript note accompanying the locket frame states: “The Emperor Napoleon's hair cut off after his death given to the Countess of Ranfurly by Madame La Croix housekeeper to the Empress Josephine from the time when she was Madame De Beauharnais to her...
  • World’s Oldest Solid Cheese Found in 3,200-Year-Old Jar in Egypt

    08/19/2018 3:48:36 PM PDT · by ETL · 37 replies ^ | Aug 16, 2018 | News Staff / Source
    Ptahmes was Mayor of Memphis and high-ranking official under the Pharaohs Sethi I and Ramses II (1290-1213 BC) of the XIX dynasty. His tomb is located in the south of the Causeway of the Pharaoh Unas which yields a number of tombs dated to the New Kingdom. It was rediscovered in 2010 after a part of it was revealed in 1885 and lost under the sands at the end of the 19th century. During the 2013/2014 excavation season, Cairo University archeologists found broken jars at the site. One jar contained a solidified whitish mass, as well as canvas fabric that...
  • Alternative Start-Ups Cut Off from Financial Services in Overnight Political Purge by Stripe

    08/19/2018 2:05:03 PM PDT · by ATOMIC_PUNK · 24 replies ^ | MEGAN FOX JUNE 18, 2018
    Two alternative crowdfunding sites and one YouTube alternative start-up were effectively shuttered over the weekend by Stripe, a payment processing company. Freestartr, a free speech answer to Patreon, where conservatives like Laura Southern have been discriminated against; Bitchute, a YouTube alternative that grew to popularity after YouTube deleted or demonetized conservative channels; and MakerSupport, a fundraising platform also in competition with Patreon, were all affected. All of these platforms are very clear about staying neutral and allowing all speech on their platforms regardless of politics. The MakerSupport website reads, "MakerSupport is a platform for creators, by creators. Finally, crowdfunding is...
  • Why Leftists Routinely Murder Diversity (And Millions Of People Along The Way)

    08/19/2018 1:39:12 PM PDT · by ATOMIC_PUNK · 5 replies ^ | By FireBreathingChristian - August 10, 2018
    Why Leftists Routinely Murder Diversity (And Millions Of People Along The Way) Why is it becoming commonplace for Leftists and anti-Christians of various sorts to openly advocate and practice acts of physical violence against those who dare not share (and have the nerve to openly oppose) their worldview? For the same basic reason that major corporations are now colluding in an attempt to de-platform those who push back against the Leftist/Statist/anti-Christian propaganda and narratives routinely pumped out by mass media and “mainstream” political leaders. Do not make the mistake of believing that this treatment is reserved for the likes of...
  • POTUS, Trump political rally, 08/21/2018, Charleston Civic Center, WV,...700:PM.

    08/19/2018 9:14:45 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 11 replies
    Reminder. This joint holds about 16,200, lets turn out 20,000 plus folks. Come on, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania & surrounding state, etc., get those butts into gear and support our great, POTUS, Trump and "HIS" Republican Party and candidates in the upcoming Mid-Term elections. Be there, or be nowhere, Your POTUS, Your Country, Your Children, Your Families, Your loved ones, Your futures are at stake. If the Democrat Party succeeds in taking back the House, game over, for the USA!!! It is as simple as that. If you want the America of Democrats, Andrew Cuomo and, now Corey...
  • Huge collection of women's mags (1890-1930s)- The Gender and Women's Studies Collection

    08/18/2018 7:21:21 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 24 replies
    Sorry, there is no main body associated with this thread, just links that don't work when I post them here. But... the original U. of Wisc. source url above ( ) does have links that seem to work. Besides, they have a rather ominous copyright warning at the end that I wouldn't want FR or me to run afoul [of]!
  • Papyrus in Ancient Greek reveals insults ...from man to man

    08/18/2018 10:37:29 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 37 replies
    Keep Talking Greece ^ | August 16, 2018 | unattributed
    A certain Valerius and a certain Athanasius lived during the 5th century AD in Egypt. 1500 years ago, the certain Valerius wrote a letter to Athanasius in Ancient Greek. The letter contained insults and threats of lashing and burning. A fragment of the letter,  written on a Papyrus was translated by scientists. "You trickster, you traitor, you son of a b**** ..." Valerius writes to Athanasius. However, the reason why Valerius was fuming so much remains unknown as the rest of the papyrus is missing. An x-rated papyrus? 'Valerius to Athanasius: You trickster, you traitor, you son of a b****...
  • Farmer Discovers Rare Tombstone from Late Minoan III Period on Crete

    08/18/2018 9:38:35 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 14 replies
    GreekReporter ^ | August 8, 2018 | Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi
    A farmer in Kentri Ierapetra on Crete attempted to park his vehicle in the shade of an olive tree and by pure chance, the over-irrigated dirt under his vehicle revealed a carved tombstone of the Late Minoan III period... In the grave, that had not been ransacked, archaeologists discovered two large Larnaka Late Minoan period embossed depictions that are in excellent condition. In addition, there were two skeletons found in the graves and about 24 vases with colored embossings and depictions. "Soil retreat was a result of the watering of the olive trees in the area as well as a...
  • New Yorkers, Dump & Broom, Democrat, Governor, Andrew Cuomo, the "America Hater" out the door.

    08/18/2018 8:53:06 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 39 replies
    Not many words needed here. New York, Governor, Andrew Cuomo spoken words, bad mouthing the greatest country the world has ever seen...will live on to haunt him forever. The fellow is certainly not-too-bright in the brains department. New Yorkers should throw this unhinged, incapable, guy out the window right now, impeach him, remove him from office. Every New Yorker that voted for him, should hang their heads in shame and embarrassment. Stick with him and the Democrat Party, and you will die politically as the Democrat Party self destroys itself. That handwriting is clearly on the wall for all Americans...
  • The un-celebrity president: Jimmy Carter shuns riches, lives modestly in his Georgia hometown

    08/17/2018 3:02:33 PM PDT · by sodpoodle · 100 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 8/17/2018 | Kevin Sullivan and Mary Jordan
    They have no chef and they cook for themselves, often together. They make their own yogurt. On this summer morning, Rosalynn mixes pancake batter and sprinkles in blueberries grown on their land. Carter cooks them on the griddle. Then he does the dishes.
  • James Mattis: Latin American countries selling out their sovereignty to Russia, China

    08/17/2018 12:30:07 PM PDT · by CondoleezzaProtege · 13 replies
    Washington Times ^ | August 17, 2018 | Martin Arostegui
    A Chinese space force in Argentina, Russian control of Venezuelan gas and South American armies equipped with the latest Chinese and Russian hardware. Until recently, it might have sounded like the plot of a geopolitical thriller in a region once considered America’s backyard. But this is what Defense Secretary James N. Mattis faced on his visit this week to several South American nations, where economic and military posturing by Beijing and Moscow has been on the rise for the past decade. Analysts say Chinese loans in recent years have allowed authoritarian leaders to consolidate power in Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua,...
  • When To Admit You Were Incorrect?

    08/17/2018 10:59:44 AM PDT · by MosesKnows · 62 replies
    August 17, 2018 | MosesKnows
    I believed there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. After a search discovered no convincing evidence of WMDs I have to admit I was incorrect. While I may still believe in the back of my mind there were WMDs I have no choice but to admit that no evidence exist to support that belief.
  • NY, Governor, Andrew Cuomo goes off the rails, big time!!!

    08/17/2018 10:11:22 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 31 replies
    Well, New York, Democrat, Buffoon, Governor, Andrew Cuomo has verbally put his both feet in his mouth, in bad mouthing the "GREAT" American Republic in open forum. No massive dialogue is needed, this dude in not the sharpest knife in the drawer and he is not hitting on all eight cylinders in the brains department. I suspect the TV airwaves will be jam filled with his remarks being repeated millions of times over, in Republican TV political ads. Fact is: POTUS Trump & his GOP Trumpies, you better open eyes, ears and mouths, because there are plenty of political opportunities...
  • Made in Taiwan - Freddy Lim

    08/17/2018 9:17:17 AM PDT · by OddLane · 2 replies
    Your Welcome ^ | August 15 2016 | Michael Malice
    On this episode of “YOUR WELCOME”, Michael Malice sits down at the Taiwanese embassy with politician, death metal singer and independence activist Freddy Lim. Lim is frontman of Chthonic, as well as cofounder of the New Power Party and currently serves in the Taiwanese parliament.
  • We take a knee for our daughters!

    08/17/2018 7:49:48 AM PDT · by areukiddingme1 · 4 replies
    (Vanity) | 17 August 2018 | areukiddingme1
  • Lost Norse of Greenland fueled the medieval ivory trade, ancient walrus DNA suggests

    08/17/2018 12:55:33 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 14 replies
    Popular Archeology ^ | Tuesday, August 7, 2018 | University of Cambridge
    Some have suggested that trading commodities – most notably walrus tusks – with Europe may have been vital to sustaining the Greenlanders. Ornate items including crucifixes and chess pieces were fashioned from walrus ivory by craftsmen of the age. However, the source of this ivory has never been empirically established. Now, researchers from the universities of Cambridge and Oslo have studied ancient DNA from offcuts of tusks and skulls, most found on the sites of former ivory workshops across Europe, in order to trace the origin of the animals used in the medieval trade. In doing so they have discovered...
  • Humans were visiting Staffa in the Bronze Age, scientists find

    08/17/2018 12:22:22 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 18 replies
    iNews UK ^ | Thursday, August 9th, 2018 | Chris Green
    he first clear evidence of Bronze Age human activity on Staffa, the dramatic rocky island in Scotland's Inner Hebrides, has been discovered by archaeologists. A single shard of decorated prehistoric pottery was discovered in a small pit on the island in 2016, prompting a more detailed excavation which concluded last week. The team of archaeologists found a burnt grain of hulled barley at the same site, which according to radiocarbon dating originated somewhere between 1880 and 1700 BC. The scientists said the grain -- alongside more fragments of the same type of pottery -- demonstrated that people were "visiting and...
  • Oldest Cheese Ever Found in Egyptian Tomb

    08/16/2018 10:09:02 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 38 replies
    Smithsonian ^ | August 16, 2018 | Katherine J. Wu
    Last month, archaeologists cracked open a tomb excavated in Alexandria, Egypt, revealing three skeletons bathing in an crimson pool of sludgy sewage. In response, tens of thousands around the world immediately petitioned for the right to sip from the freshly uncorked casket of amontillado. (Spoiler: It hasn't worked out.) But fear not, coffin connoisseurs: There's a new artisanal artifact in town -- the world's oldest solid cheese, over 3,000 years in the making. The tomb of Ptahmes, mayor of Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt during the 13th century BC, contains quite the trove of treasures. First uncovered in 1885,...