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  • Secret of the Great Pyramid...hidden chamber is set to be revealed by an inflatable robotic blimp...

    12/14/2017 7:38:52 PM PST · by SunkenCiv · 18 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | Thursday, December 14th 2017 | Harry Pettit
    The device enters rooms and chambers through a 3.5 centimetre hole drilled through a wall by researchers outside. It is made up of two robots, a tubular machine equipped with a high definition camera and a probe that explores the structure via a small, inflatable blimp. After the first robot has taken a series of reconnaissance images, the drone is pushed through the drilled hole before inflating itself within the chamber. Packed with an array of sensors and cameras, the remote-controlled device collects data and takes photos or video without causing damage to the fragile building. After it has completed...
  • H.R.2884 - COVFEFE Act of 2017

    12/14/2017 6:22:34 PM PST · by wheresmyusa · 3 replies
    Congress.gov ^ | 06/12/2017 | DemocratRage
    I would bet this has been posted before, but i could'nt find it in search. Epic DJT trolling manifests in DemonRat legislation. I had not seen this before today. h/t /r/The_Donald "This bill amends provisions governing presidential records to: (1) revise the definition of "documentary material" to include social media; (2) revise the definition of "presidential records" to include any personal and official social media account; and (3) define "social media" as any form of electronic communication (such as a website for social networking and microblogging) through which users create an online community to share information, ideas, personal messages, and...
  • In With The Old Baseball’s history comes alive at Warren Ballpark

    12/14/2017 7:11:31 AM PST · by SandRat · 5 replies
    Sierra Vista Herald ^ | Steve Stockmar
    BISBEE — Although Joe Graca had lost some of his baseball past, he found just the right team. At 63, Graca wanted to play baseball, period. A buddy told him about the Bisbee Black Sox and suggested he come check it out. That there’d be a roster spot for sure. And there would be almost 20 games in their winter season, which featured some of the best Arizona weather for baseball. “I said, ‘Well I don’t know where my glove is. I assume it’s packed. I haven’t seen it,’” Graca recalled. “He says, ‘You don’t need a glove.’” Graca quickly...
  • Remembrance ceremony to mark 50th anniversary of Silver Bridge collapse

    12/14/2017 6:20:37 AM PST · by buckalfa · 14 replies
    WVMetroNews ^ | December 13, 2017 | MetroNewsStaff
    POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. — Point Pleasant Mayor Brian Billings was 10 years old when the Silver Bridge collapsed on Dec. 15, 1967. He will be on hand Friday at a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the tragedy. Billings tells MetroNews his message will be clear. “We can’t let this ever go by without remembering, whether it’s 10, 25, 50 years from today, what took place in our city and what was enacted to work towards preventing things like this from happening across our country,” he said. Forty-six people died when the bridge between Point Pleasant and Gallipolis, Ohio fell...
  • The old ball game Archaeology professor, students dig into Bisbee’s baseball history

    12/14/2017 5:33:48 AM PST · by SandRat · 5 replies
    Sierra Vista Herald ^ | Maddy Ryan Cronkite News
    BISBEE – The students digging beneath the stands at Bisbee’s Warren Ballpark have unearthed a few artifacts that provide a glimpse into what life was like for fans of the century-old ballpark: firearm cartridges, broken glass bottles, bus tokens. Robert Schon, an associate professor of archaeology at the University of Arizona, leads the archeological dig, which includes both high school and college students. He said he started the project to establish a better picture of what the local economy looked like during the early 1900s. “You sort of equate going to the ballpark with drinking beers and that sort of...
  • McCarthyism; History Repeats Itself

    12/14/2017 1:28:19 AM PST · by tired&retired · 49 replies
    Vanity | Vanity
    What will be the new name for false sexual allegations? What is happening now reminds me of McCarthyism. Per Wiki, McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. The term refers to U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy and has its origins in the period in the United States known as the Second Red Scare, lasting roughly from 1947 to 1956 and characterized by heightened political repression as well as a campaign spreading fear of Communist influence on American institutions and of espionage by Soviet agents. McCarthyism has taken on a broader meaning, describing...
  • Why I think the Uniparty stole the 2017 Alabama Senate special election.

    12/13/2017 9:20:03 PM PST · by Nateman · 36 replies
    https://www.freerepublic.com ^ | Dec 13, 2017 | Nateman
    Why I think the Uniparty stole the 2017 Alabama Senate special election. Digital voting records were not saved. The Alabama Supreme Court overruled a lower court which would have forced digital records to be saved. The reason given was that many machine were not set up to do the recording and there was not time to set them up to do so. Since it’s the law requires that, how come they were not set up to record in the first place? The Uniparty was desperate to keep Moore out of the District of Corruption. Mitch’s boys spent 30 million alone...
  • On this date in 1939

    12/13/2017 6:15:43 PM PST · by Bull Snipe · 6 replies
    Commodore Henry Harwood's Force G, consisting of the heavy cruiser HMS Exeter, and the light cruisers HMS Ajax and HMNZS Achilles engage the German panzerschiff Admiral Graf Spee off the coast of Uruguay. In the two hour running gun fight, Exeter is heavily damaged, Ajax and Achilles are also damaged. Graf Spee's fuel oil purification plant and evaporators are knocked out, as is the crews galley facility. Spee heads for the harbor in neutral Montevideo. Repairs will take two weeks, but by rules of the Hague convention she can remain in port for 72 hours before being interned by the...
  • Polar explorers brought to life in colour

    12/13/2017 3:23:36 PM PST · by mairdie · 14 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 13 December 2017 | Chris Pleasance
    They were among the bravest and hardiest men of their time, the first to explore the world's polar regions alongside men like Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton. While these men might not have received the same recognition as Scott and Shackleton, they were still worthy of being immortalised in photographs that have now been brought to life in colour for the first time. Among the men pictured here is Tom Crean, and Irishman who served with both Scott and Shackleton including on the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition to the South Pole, which he survived. Also pictured is Lawrence Oats, who...
  • On this date in 1937

    12/13/2017 1:22:59 PM PST · by Bull Snipe · 11 replies
    troops of the Imperial Japanese Army capture the Chinese city of Nanking. It would be the beginning of a six week orgy of murder, rape, and torture of as many as 300,000 Chinese prisoners of war and Chinese men, women and children. The Japanese also burned down one third of the city. This was among the most brutal war crimes committed by an army, famous for its brutality to prisoners and civilians.
  • Asia's tallest wooden pagoda' burns to the ground after huge fire engulfed the 16-storey tower

    12/13/2017 11:53:05 AM PST · by Red Badger · 36 replies
    www.dailymail.co.uk ^ | 12/11/2017 | By Tracy You
    The Lingguan Tower in China was completed destroyed by flames yesterday Fire started from a hall below the pagoda and quickly spread to the structure Two other buildings in Nine Dragons Monastery were also reduced to rubble No casualties was reported and authority is investigating the cause of the fire A huge fire yesterday reduced a 16-storey Buddhist pagoda to rubble in China. The Lingguan Tower, billed as 'Asia's tallest wooden pagoda', burnt to the ground after being engulfed in the flames for about four hours. The fire reportedly started from a hall underneath the pagoda and quickly spread to...
  • Atomic Age Began 75 Years Ago with the First Controlled Nuclear Chain Reaction

    12/13/2017 11:20:50 AM PST · by Red Badger · 46 replies
    www.scientificamerican.com ^ | 12/03/2017 | By Artemis Spyrou, Wolfgang Mittig,
    The finding that fission releases huge amounts of energy launched a scientific and military race to understand and use this new atomic source of power Over Christmas vacation in 1938, physicists Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch received puzzling scientific news in a private letter from nuclear chemist Otto Hahn. When bombarding uranium with neutrons, Hahn had made some surprising observations that went against everything known at the time about the dense cores of atoms—their nuclei. Meitner and Frisch were able to provide an explanation for what he saw that would revolutionize the field of nuclear physics: A uranium nucleus could...
  • Ancient LIVING shark born in 1500s is world's OLDEST vertebrate and could be 512 years old

    12/13/2017 10:56:09 AM PST · by nickcarraway · 45 replies
    Daily Star ^ | 12th December 2017 | Anthony Blair
    A SHARK believed to be the oldest living vertebrate has been discovered in the North Atlantic Ocean. Danish scientists found the ancient creature — which is believed to be 512 years old and is 18ft long. The shark is the world's oldest vertebrate – an animal with a backbone – and may have been born in 1505, when King Henry VIII was just 14 years old. According to the journal Science, Greenland sharks grow at just one cm a year. So when they discovered a female shark measuring a whopping 18 feet, they knew this creature had to be...
  • This Day in History: George Washington’s final wish for a military academy

    12/13/2017 6:48:25 AM PST · by iowamark · 10 replies
    TaraRoss.com ^ | 12/12/17
    On this day in 1799, George Washington writes one of the last letters that he would ever write. He couldn’t then know it, but he was mere hours away from coming down with a fatal illness. Among his final written words? A letter about military academies—a subject near and dear to his heart. If only he could have known that an institution such as West Point was in America’s future?! Washington had long advocated for a military academy. His experiences during the American Revolution taught him the need for such military training. The war effort had been constantly hindered by...
  • All Bronze Age Iron Came From Space, New Study Shows

    12/13/2017 6:44:39 AM PST · by C19fan · 27 replies
    Popular Mechanics ^ | December 11, 2017 | David Grossman
    Despite the name, there was iron in the Bronze Age. It was just extremely rare. Most famously, the pharaoh Tutankhamun had a headrest, bracelet and dagger made of iron. Other iron artifacts from the same time have also been found around the globe. The existence of these artifacts has led to an archaeological debate: was there, in fact, iron smelting in the Bronze Age? According to a new chemical analysis, the answer is no. The iron humans had during the Bronze Age came from space.
  • Vanity - Roy Moore pulls a Hillary Clinton disappearance act and loses.

    12/13/2017 6:02:08 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 102 replies
    Politics is a bloodsport...but, it is also a people contact sport. When I learned back a week or so ago, that Judge Roy Moore was not out campaigning in public...I knew this political game for Moore was over or, at least on a dangling, dangerous lifeline. One of the many major reasons that Democrat, Hillary Clinton lost her POTUS run to Donald J. Trump is that she literally stopped major campaign activity starting in August, 2016...a big, major mistake. Pressing the flesh of voters is an absolute must and, Doug Jones did exactly that many times over. Roy Moore did...
  • On this date in 1862

    12/13/2017 4:12:08 AM PST · by Bull Snipe · 7 replies
    Major General Ambrose Burnside orders two Corps of his Army of the Potomac to attack General Lee's Army of Northern Virginia troops at the foot of Marye's Heights in Fredericksburg VA. Defending a low wall at the foot of Marye's Heights is about 3000 Confederate troops, more troops are stationed at the crest of the heights. During the course of the action 7 Union divisions launch 14 separate charges against the Height's defenders. When the action is finally called off, between 6 and 8 thousand Union soldiers are killed, wounded or missing. Confederate losses number about 1200 men.
  • Ticks That Fed on Dinosaurs Found Trapped in Amber

    12/12/2017 11:08:03 AM PST · by Red Badger · 43 replies
    news.nationalgeographic.com ^ | 12/12/2017 | John Pickrell
    Tiny fossils preserved in Cretaceous resin include one parasite that was engorged when it died. Blood-filled parasites trapped in amber have been igniting imaginations since the 1990s, when the resurrected dinosaurs of Jurassic Park burst out of Michael Crichton’s novels and onto the big screen. Now, scientists say they have found the real deal: chunks of Burmese amber carrying ticks that drank the blood of feathered dinosaurs some 99 million years ago. One of these parasites is tangled up in a possible dinosaur feather found encased in a lump of amber. Another was found in a separate piece of amber...
  • The PPsH-41 Submachine Gun Makes Me Want to Shout ‘Uraah!’

    12/12/2017 8:12:23 AM PST · by C19fan · 6 replies
    War is Boring ^ | December 12, 2017 | Sebastien Roblin
    The PPsH-41 submachine gun undoubtedly reigns as an icon of the Soviet war machine in World War II, immortalized in combat photographs and in films such as Cross of Iron and The Tin Drum. Like the T-34 tank and the Il-2 Shturmovik attack plane, the “Pepsha” or “Papasha” (“Daddy”) was not only a rugged marvel of mass production, but performed well compared to more expensive contemporaries. Both the Red Army and later the Chinese and North Korean armies would employ the “burp gun” on an unprecedented scale.
  • The Lives Of Others: Please Watch This Movie As This Could and Will Be The USA Without Rule Of Law.

    12/12/2017 1:18:08 AM PST · by Djl3668 · 20 replies
    YouTube ^ | 1211 | Vanity
    Older movie, I’m sure many have watched here. If not, that is why I posted this as the USA is starting to look like East Germany every day: Published on Jan 9, 2007At once a political thriller and human drama, THE LIVES OF OTHERS begins in East Berlin in 1984, five years before Glasnost and the fall of the Berlin Wall and ultimately takes us to 1991, in what is now the reunited Germany. THE LIVES OF OTHERS traces the gradual disillusionment of Captain Gerd Wiesler (Ulrich Muhe, best known for his lead roles in Michael Haneke's FUNNY GAMES and...