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  • Former Facebook exec says social media is ripping apart society

    12/11/2017 11:08:57 AM PST · by x1stcav · 54 replies
    The Verge ^ | 12/11/17 | James Vincent
    Another former Facebook executive has spoken out about the harm the social network is doing to civil society around the world. Chamath Palihapitiya, who joined Facebook in 2007 and became its vice president for user growth, said he feels “tremendous guilt” about the company he helped make. “I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works,” he told an audience at Stanford Graduate School of Business, before recommending people take a “hard break” from social media. Palihapitiya’s criticisms were aimed not only at Facebook, but the wider online ecosystem. “The short-term, dopamine-driven...
  • Donald Trump and America’s new civil war

    12/10/2017 11:47:55 AM PST · by artichokegrower · 85 replies
    The Globe and Mail ^ | Omar El Akkad
    Barack Obama's presidency was supposed to mark a great leap forward for the United States. But, as Omar El Akkad discovered as he travelled across America this year, the election of Donald J. Trump has turned the country against itself. Scenes from a divided nation
  • Thank Separating Sex From Morality For The Great American Sexual Meltdown

    12/07/2017 6:11:59 AM PST · by x1stcav · 73 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 12/6/17 | Curt Anderson
    It’s been a long time coming, but the bill is coming due for the hip and progressive sexual revolution in America. The sexual abuse and harassment sweepstakes we are witnessing today is the direct result of our society deciding that Christian morality is narrow, repressive, and above all, not cool. If it feels good do it. Have whatever sexual relationships you want, when you want, with whoever you want. That is and has been the prevailing societal view for decades, and it permeates our music, art, film, literature, social media, and conversations. There is nothing right or wrong. Oh, sure,...
  • Be Warned, Folks: The Gaytivity Scene

    11/28/2017 5:27:25 PM PST · by Kaslin · 13 replies
    Rush ^ | November 28, 2017 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: By the way, I’m told Twitter is blowing up. I’ll tell you, folks, some of this stuff, I’m just getting sick of it. There is apparently a children’s book depicting a gay Santa in a biracial marriage, and now a gay nativity scene is being popularized called gaytivity, two Josephs kneeling over the baby Jesus. And there’s an article in a feminist publication called Refinery 29, describing the scene. “What if it wasn’t Mary and Joesph who met their child that night, but instead Murray and Joseph? Or Marty and Joseph?” Because, after all, they say, Jesus had two...
  • Morality, Not Civility, Is the Basis of the Social Order

    11/26/2017 7:14:28 AM PST · by Kaslin · 12 replies
    American ^ | September 26, 2017 | E. Jeffrey Ludwig
    I would like to propose a hypothesis: "If a society loses its belief in God and Judeo-Christian morality, it will go down the drain faster than you can flush a wad of toilet paper." We shall test this hypothesis in a laboratory. We shall have two teams of rats in cages. In each cage, there will be four rats and two pieces of cheese. In cage A, the rats will be allowed to fight over the cheese. In cage B, the rats are allowed to fight over the cheese but are required to say "please" before grabbing the cheese. If...
  • Students, Get Your Culture outside the University

    11/26/2017 7:07:02 AM PST · by Kaslin · 8 replies
    American ^ | November 26, 2017 | Christopher DeGroot
    Our universities are no longer committed to educating the young. Rather, the professorate has betrayed America’s future, and there is little more than lip service paid to learning in the noble sense of the word. What now matters most is the profit motive and filling students with a strange delusion called “social justice.” The problem is not only that there is no such thing as social justice -- all justice being context-specific, that is, determined by relations between individuals -- because the young are not taught that culture is a way of life, and a far better one than the...
  • 15 Things Far Too Many Americans Are Foolishly Taking For Granted

    11/24/2017 10:00:48 PM PST · by Oshkalaboomboom · 29 replies ^ | Nov 25, 2017 | John Hawkins
    “Out of every hundred new ideas ninety-nine or more will probably be inferior to the traditional responses which they propose to replace. No one man, however brilliant or well-informed, can come in one lifetime to such fullness of understanding as to safely judge and dismiss the customs or institutions of his society, for those are the wisdom of generations after centuries of experiment in the laboratory of history.” — Will and Ariel Durant “We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.” – C.S....
  • Holiday Guilt Trip: WashPost Promotes Native American Take on 'Hatesgiving' Food

    11/25/2017 8:01:39 AM PST · by Kaslin · 77 replies ^ | November 25, 2017 | Tim Graham
    On Thanksgiving, Washington Post readers turned to the front page of the Style section for the annual “Native American” lecture on “Hatesgiving.” It was a food article by Maura Judkis. The online headline was “Native American chefs lament 'Columbusing'of indigenous foods.” Judkis began: Earlier this fall, Karlos Baca, an indigenous food activist known for cooking beautiful foraged meals using traditional Native American ingredients and cooking methods, was approached by a regional food magazine: Would he like to provide a recipe for their Thanksgiving issue? "Instead of getting a recipe from me, they got three pages of activism," he says. Baca,...
  • Let’s just cancel the Oscars

    11/18/2017 9:16:58 AM PST · by EveningStar · 54 replies
    New York Post ^ | November 18, 2017 | Kyle Smith
    Hollywood is in a tizzy about what to do about next year’s Oscars. If the ceremony goes on as planned, everything about it is going to remind us of the Pervnado that has left Tinseltown reeling... The next Academy Awards needs a big, bold statement. A true Hollywood ending to rescue them all. And one obvious solution presents itself: It’s time to cancel the Oscars... Instead of holding the Oscars, Hollywood should declare March 4, 2018, a day of atonement and announce that every guilty person in the industry, including every perverted male filmmaker preying on women and potted plants,...
  • Watch Shelby Steele Explain Race Issues In America [VIDEO]

    11/12/2017 6:30:37 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 7 replies ^ | Ginni Thomas
    Shelby Steele, a prolific author and senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, warns liberalism is the biggest threat to American culture and breaks down race relation issues the country faces in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Liberalism is our biggest threat to our culture and our way of life,” says Steele, the author of five books. For those who succumb to liberalism’s group identity, he says, it can retard human development for those claiming victimhood, while falsely elevating those who wrap themselves in empty idealisms and popularized notions like “diversity, “multiculturalism” and “inclusion.” As a personal...
  • Can Women’s Media Be Saved from Social Justice Warriors?

    11/06/2017 10:43:53 PM PST · by Oshkalaboomboom · 6 replies ^ | Nov 07, 2017 | Lisa De Pasquale
    When I was a teenager I was obsessed with magazines like Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Glamour, and Sassy. I loved the first-person features and short stories, as well as the fashion and makeup articles. For this shy loner, it was like a Frommer’s guide to the popular girls at my school. On the off chance we ever talked, I’d know their culture and customs. I adored Sassy because it was slightly less vapid than the others. Its founding editor, Jane Pratt, was a hero to me because I wanted to be a writer and she was rumored to be dating the lead...
  • Democrats are desperate to avoid a culture war with Trump in 2018

    11/06/2017 7:37:24 AM PST · by EdnaMode · 37 replies
    Mcclatchy DC ^ | November 6, 2017 | Alex Roarty
    Democrats decided 16 months before the 2018 election how they would start winning races again. Gathered in a small Virginia town on a sweltering July day, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and their lieutenants laid out a “Better Deal" agenda focused on middle-class jobs and higher wages — a vow, they said, that their party would never again waver from a laser-like focus on the economy. Donald Trump makes some promises difficult to keep. Just days later, the president declared on Twitter that transgender men and women were banned from the military. His action drew a swift rebuke from Democrats, who...
  • Ravi Zacharias and Dennis Prager The Death of Truth, The Decline of Culture Q&A [Jeff Foxworthy]

    11/04/2017 9:12:09 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 10 replies
    youtube ^ | october 12 2017
    Q & A Session to follow up the talking points. Comments are welcomed with polite and professional demeanor. Insults are prohibited as well as profanity. Comments should preferably address the content of the video. thanks and enjoy...
  • Teen Vogue Shutters Shortly After Publishing 'Guide to Anal Sex' for Teen Girls

    11/04/2017 1:19:07 PM PDT · by Salman · 30 replies
    PJ Media ^ | November 2, 2017 | Megan Fox
    Teen Vogue is caput. Conde Nast announced today that Teen Vogue is getting the axe. The New York-based publisher, which has instilled a hiring freeze, will slash about 80 jobs, equal to a decrease of about 2.5 percent of its 3,000-person workforce. Budgets across departments are also expected to get a haircut, with the worst-performing divisions and magazines getting cuts of up to 20 percent. As part of that mandate, Condé is reducing the frequencies of most of its titles and will shutter Teen Vogue in print. There's no mention of the controversy that most likely caused the huge dip...
  • Virginia GOP Candidate Calls Democrats ‘Criminals, Communists, Crackheads’

    11/04/2017 8:06:14 AM PDT · by cotton1706 · 45 replies ^ | 10/30/17 | Mary Papenfuss
    Politics is getting ugly in the Virginia senate race. On Sunday night, Trump-style populist Corey Stewart blasted Democrats, saying every one of them fits into one of four basic categories: “Criminals, communists, crackheads and weirdos.”  Stewart then lashed out at Danica Roem, a Democratic transgender candidate for the House, whom he referred to as a “weirdo.” In remarks reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Stewart said Roem wants to “teach ‘transgenderism’ in kindergarten — kindergartners! Folks, this is what’s coming. This is the war on our culture.” He also called Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat up for re-election, a “schmuck”...
  • Tinseltown Shame: The Hollywood Chickenhawk Scandal

    11/03/2017 7:58:42 AM PDT · by fwdude · 28 replies
    Barbwire ^ | 3 November 2017 | Scott Lively
    The tidal wave of sex abuse claims by women against powerful men in Hollywood might suggest that the industry is run by a cabal of heterosexual predators, and it’s good some are being exposed. But which other group of sexual deviants ACTUALLY dominates Tinseltown? And has been cramming their political agenda into almost every film of the past decade? And assuring that the most envelope-pushing ones (e.g. Brokeback Mountain) always receive the highest industry awards? If anyone really believes that Kevin Spacey’s alleged sex assault of the teenaged Anthony Rapp (to whom Spacey has apologized but claims he can’t remember)...
  • Sayfullo Saipov: A Soldier In The Democrat War On Normal America

    11/02/2017 5:06:27 AM PDT · by EyesOfTX · 6 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | 11.2.2017 | David Blackmon
    Few people want to say it, but the truth about the Democrat Party is that it views the 8 people killed by Saipov merely as collateral damage, an acceptable price for our society to pay in order to keep building a major new voting bloc to which Democrat candidates for office can pander. ‘Hey, you want Sharia Law in your neighborhood? No problem, vote for me.’ In case you still haven’t noticed, the Democrat Party is at war with “normal” America, and it values your life only so long as you support its world view. It’s a disgrace and it’s...
  • Girls should not dress up as Elsa from Frozen because it promotes 'white beauty', activists warn

    10/31/2017 1:32:37 AM PDT · by Altura Ct. · 96 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 10/28/2017
    Dressing children up as Disney's Moana this Halloween is racist, according to one parenting blogger. While parents should also think twice about letting their brood dress up as Elsa from Frozen because her character promotes 'white beauty'. Writing in her popular blog Raising Race Conscious Children, parent blogger activist Sachi Feris urged parents not to dress their children up as characters from backgrounds different to their own as it is 'cultural appropriation.'  Although many would see the strong-minded Moana as a perfect role model for their child, Feris said it's racially insensitive and risks parodying Polynesian culture. Describing her own discussions with her...
  • rogressive Parents Use Halloween to Shame Children About Their ‘White Privilege’

    10/31/2017 6:24:16 AM PDT · by Bon of Babble · 34 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | 10/31/2017 | Trey Sanchez
    Parents! Remember these rules for dressing your kids for Halloween: The Raising Race Conscious Children blog offered the following advice on how to have a white supremacist-free Halloween: 1. White parents who want to dismantle White supremacy have a special burden to check their entitlement on Halloween—and make sure that their children’s costume choices are not reinforcing a culture of racism. 2. Dressing up as a White person (from the dominant culture of power and privilege) is not cultural appropriation—but consider the development of children’s healthy racial identities on Halloween. 3. Halloween is an opportunity to have a conversation with...
  • Having 'white nuclear family' promotes white supremacy, says New York professor, report says

    10/31/2017 6:33:34 AM PDT · by Altura Ct. · 113 replies
    Fox ^ | 10/31/2017
    A City University of New York sociology professor reportedly said in a tweetstorm last week that “the white-nuclear family” promotes racism, prompting a backlash on social media. Jessie Daniels, described as an expert on “the Internet manifestations of racism” on her CUNY page, infuriated social media users after reportedly saying that white families promote racism by default. The professor began her argument saying she learned that “the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy,” adding that that families “reproducing white children” are “part of the problem” as they facilitate white supremacy in the country, Campus...