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  • Solution to some of the brexit questions: Ireland votes to join the UK

    06/25/2016 8:19:55 PM PDT · by NowApproachingMidnight · 10 replies
    Self | 6/25/16 | Self vanity
    What does everyone think about the possibility of Ireland joining the UK?
  • No bail for man charged in fatal stabbing on CTA Red Line train (Chicago)

    06/25/2016 8:17:09 PM PDT · by ConservativeStatement
    Chicago Tribune ^ | June 25, 2016 | Christy Gutowski
    Before the violence erupted Thursday afternoon, Jones and Hampton moved several times to different train cars, Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Bob Groebner said in court. At one point, Groebner said, the two were sitting facing each other across the aisle and he asked her: "Are you going to have my baby?" Hampton shook her head no and he got up and began repeatedly stabbing her until she fell to the floor, authorities allege. He then dragged her body and slashed her neck several times, authorities say.
  • 24 now dead as a result of the West Virginia Storm

    06/25/2016 7:32:51 PM PDT · by Morgana · 12 replies ^ | June 25, 2016 | wowk
    According to a news release from the WV Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management 24 people are now dead as a result of these deadly storms. Gov. Early Tomblin announced the request for a Federal Disaster Declaration has been granted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assist West Virginians after extreme flooding on Thursday and Friday. The news release adds the declaration will provide individual assistance which includes emergency medical support, housing and addresses a number of immediate needs to residents in Greenbrier, Kanawha and Nicholas Counties. 16 people have been found dead in Greenbrier County, six in...
  • CBS 'Star Trek' Series Will Embrace Progressiveness

    06/25/2016 7:32:28 PM PDT · by MinorityRepublican · 44 replies
    Tech Times ^ | 24 June 2016 | Robin Burks
    One thing Star Trek always does well is push beyond social boundaries, often featuring progressive storylines that question controversial issues of the time. The new Star Trek series on CBS will also feature progressive characters and stories, maintaining the tradition of going "where no one has gone before." When asked about those kinds of story lines, showrunner Bryan Fuller confirmed that the new series plans on going back to Star Trek's roots. "I think the progressive audience that loves Star Trek will be happy that we're continuing that tradition," Fuller said to Collider.
  • EXCLUSIVE–Darrell Issa: There Is Enough Evidence to Indict Hillary Clinton

    06/25/2016 7:15:26 PM PDT · by V K Lee · 22 replies ^ | 6/25/16 | Patrick Howley
    Republican California Rep. Darrell Issa said that there is enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton for mishandling national security information on her private email server. “There is more than enough for an indictment,” Issa, the former House Oversight Committee chairman, told Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius/XM Patriot Channel 125. Issa explained:
  • The Murky Ethics of Driverless Cars

    06/25/2016 7:11:06 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 9 replies
    Pacific Standard ^ | 23 Jun, 2016 | Tom Jacobs
    A new study explores a moral dilemma facing the creators of self-driving vehicles: In an accident, whose lives should they prioritize? So youÂ’re driving down a dark road late at night when suddenly a child comes darting out onto the pavement. Instinctively, you swerve, putting your own safety in jeopardy to spare her life. Very noble of you. But would you want your driverless vehicle to do the same? That question, which can be found idling at the intersection of technology and ethics, is posed in the latest issue of Science. A variation on the famous trolley dilemma, it wonÂ’t...
  • Piss Christ? Piss Koran! (Fiction, for now.)

    06/25/2016 7:01:47 PM PDT · by Ultra Sonic 007 · 5 replies
    Western Rifle Shooters ^ | 6/23/2016 | Matthew Bracken
    Piss Christ? Piss Koran! by Matthew Bracken Part One: Dark Till DawnMike Dolan came out of the subway, hit the sidewalk and set out down the west side of 6th Avenue with a purposeful stride. Midtown Manhattan never truly sleeps, particularly just before a Monday morning, but compared to what it would be like in a couple of hours, it was geared way down. No tourists yet, mostly delivery trucks and vans. All lanes were northbound, because it was 6th Avenue.Mike was showered and clean shaven, every item on him and in his possession carefully considered. The white hard hat...
  • Obama's Seven Deadly Clichés To Obscure the Nature of the War on Terrorism

    06/25/2016 6:49:23 PM PDT · by massmike · 2 replies ^ | 06/25/2016 | Don Feder
    On June 12, an intruder who was armed and Muslim attacked an Orlando night club, killing 49 and wounding 53. The body count may rise, the targets vary (a Christmas party, a military base, a marathon, a bar) but the administration never departs from its script. Orlando fit the template: An immigrant or the child of immigrants from jihadistan (Pakistan, Afghanistan, the West Bank), who prayed at a radical mosque, visited Islamist websites, became increasingly bitter and often expressed his hatred for Americans, strikes. And the establishment pretends not to notice the pattern. The number of terrorist attacks in the...
  • Cyborg Woman Can Sense the World's Earthquakes

    06/25/2016 6:28:40 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 15 replies ^ | 05/11/2016
    "I want to perceive movement in a deeper way," said Ribas, a 30-year-old choreographer, according to Quartz. "The planet moves, constantly shaking and moving every day. I thought it would be amazing to translate the massive and natural movements of the planet in a different way." ... The abstract dancer had a small magnet implanted on the inside of her elbow. Wirelessly connected with an iPhone app that takes seismic recordings from accelerometers and seismometers stationed all over the world, Ribas, who has lived predominantly in geologically quiet regions of the planet, now feels recorded earthquakes in real time. The...
  • END OF THE EU? Germany warns FIVE more countries could leave Europe after Brexit

    06/25/2016 6:00:27 PM PDT · by orchestra · 12 replies
    Express UK ^ | 6/25/2016 | Jonathan Owen
    FIVE European countries may seek to follow Britain’s lead in leaving the EU in a Brexit domino effect, Germany has warned. France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Hungary could leave. Front National leader Marine Le Pen has pledged to hold a French referendum if she emerges victorious in next year's presidential elections. While for the past two months a Nexit has been on the cards after Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected a Ukraine-European Union treaty Details of Berlin's concerns were outlined in a finance ministry strategy document. Angela Merkel's country faces having to pay an extra £2.44billion a year to the...
  • People Get In Line To Spend Their Money

    06/25/2016 5:37:47 PM PDT · by SamAdams76 · 13 replies
    Maybe it's just me but people tend to get in line to spend their money. I was at the baseball park when I visited Chicago. Wrigley Field. Costs a lot of money to get in. But instead of watching the game, most people line up at the concession stands to spend their money. $8 for a beer. $6 for a hotdog. $5 for ice cream bar. I think it was $4 for bottled water but who's buying bottled water when there are $8 beers to buy! Always with the standing in line to spend their money. And then if you...
  • Donald Trump Considering Tom Cotton for Running Mate or Top Position in Administration

    06/25/2016 5:32:19 PM PDT · by V K Lee · 34 replies
    LITTLE ROCK,Ark.--Donald Trump said today he is possibly considering Senator Tom Cotton for a running mate or a top position in his administration. In an interview today with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, the host suggested Trump pick either Senator Cotton or New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as his running mate. Trump said he can't reveal his thinking in considering his VEEP pick, but had positive things to say about Arkansas' junior senator. "I've gotten very good, you know, very good statements from Senator Cotton, who is a, you know, who I know, whose parents I know and met," Trump...
  • Bono wades into EU debate: Britain voting to leave would be UNTHINKABLE, claims U2 star

    06/25/2016 4:39:51 PM PDT · by dennisw · 62 replies ^ | Apr 13, 2016 | By Tom Parfitt
    BONO has waded into the European Union debate by telling US politicians they should be "be worried" about Britain cutting ties with Brussels. The U2 frontman yesterday urged members of Congress to confront an "existential threat" to Europe not since since the 1940s. He claimed the continent faces a wave of "hyper-nationalism" before warning that Britons could vote to leave the EU on June 23. The rock legend, best known for 1987 hit With and Without You, said: "This is unthinkable stuff. And you should be very nervous in America about it." Bono also discussed the struggles of migrants fleeing...
  • Google searches Clinton crimes are scared away from visiting FR -vanity

    Visitors who try to use Google to search for "Clinton suspicious deaths", are warned to NOT visit Free Republic. The following Google search returned THREE levels of warnings which is enough to scare away most people from visiting the FR link... (1)Most of the returned links to FR articles were marked: "This site may harm your computer." If you click on the link anyway, you get a 2nd warning... IF You still are intent on clicking the FR link, you get a 3rd warning...
  • The Gay Couple In Independence Day: Resurgence Don’t Get Their Due (Brent Spiner's Lover Ewwwww)

    06/25/2016 4:31:23 PM PDT · by ghosthost · 51 replies
    Unicorn Booty ^ | 6-24-2016 | Johnny Gayzmonic
    Roland Emmerich has a problem. A very gay problem. You may know Emmerich as the guy that directs ridiculous summer blockbusters where all sorts of landmarks get all sorts of blowed up. Independency Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012. He specializes in wholesale destruction. You might even call it apocalypse-porn. What you might not know is the Emmerich himself is gay, a fact that’s only really been talked about for the last 10 years or so, and even then not so much. He’s made a few donations to gay film organizations, but apart from that the closest thing he’d ever...

    06/25/2016 4:24:32 PM PDT · by orchestra · 1 replies
    Regated ^ | 6/25/2016 | Julian Wan
    Donald Trump’s Twitter timeline is a treasure trove of hints, innuendos, and insights into the mind of the man dominating headlines globally. In his own words, we can see Trump transition over the years on social media toward becoming a candidate increasingly worried with America’s global standing. We’ve dug into the last few years prior to his Jun 16, 2015 campaign announcement, and we present a sampling to you without commentary.
  • "Eight Variations on 'You Suffer' in 14 Seconds" - 8 grindcore covers, by Yours Truly

    06/25/2016 3:59:41 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 11 replies
    Me, via YouTube ^ | 6/25/16 | Me, as "Hopalong Ginsberg"
    A while back I did a cover of Napalm Death's grindcore classic "You Suffer." (Napalm Death's original.) Since one cover version was clearly not enough to explore the potential of this piece I have added seven more. Art demands sacrifice. For a free MP3 download of "Eight Variations on 'You Suffer' in 14 Seconds" click here.
  • List of Possible Zika Birth Defects Grows Longer

    06/25/2016 3:58:57 PM PDT · by Tilted Irish Kilt · 15 replies
    Scientific American ^ | June 24, 2016 | Dina Fine Maron
    Even without microcephaly, seizures and developmental delays may appear in the months following birth The full scope of Zika-related birth defects may extend far beyond abnormally small heads and brain damage. Research to be presented next week at a teratology conference in San Antonio, Texas, suggests that serious joint problems, seizures, vision impairment, trouble feeding and persistent crying can be added to the list of risks from Zika exposure in the womb. The new findings confirm doctors’ concerns that even when Zika-exposed babies are born without microcephaly and appear largely normal at birth they can go on to have health...
  • Tri-care

    06/25/2016 1:39:56 PM PDT · by M.K. Borders · 35 replies
    25 june 2016 | me
    I am 59 years old and a traditional Army Guardsman with 21 years service. My retirement package is already prepared and sent in thru an excellent program run by the Indiana Guard for it's soon to be retired members. This was done last September. I officially enter the tender embrace of the VA in November. My question: How good is TRICARE? Not just me but my dependents? Because of the nightmare of Obamacare I lost my employer provided health insurance and have been running on a VERY unsatisfactory plan thru my wife's employer. We would like to go 100% TRICARE...
  • Who do you trust more to protect you?

    06/25/2016 12:34:39 PM PDT · by Randy Larsen · 34 replies
    Vanity | June 25, 2016 | Randy Larsen
    If you had to choose who would you pick?
  • Paul Ryan Goes Rogue: Disses Trump

    06/25/2016 12:28:25 PM PDT · by V K Lee · 60 replies
    Speaker Paul Ryan, in his infinite wisdom decided that Friday was a good day to promote a tax plan, independent of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s plan. This ingenious idea of promoting a tax plan, independent of the Republican nominee, on the day of the greatest European news story in recent history, is perplexing and shocking. Why did Ryan promote a plan now and why did he feel that his Congressional plan was so different and better than the Republican candidate’s plan? Clearly if he was trying to work with the nominee to win the election, he would accept the...
  • I have stopped using American Express for the month...they went "Pride"...

    06/25/2016 12:08:05 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 74 replies
    6/25/16 | sff
    I meant to post this a couple days ago but have been busy. I noticed on twitter that Amex is now using the symbol stolen from the Scripture by the homosexual community--the rainbow--to symbolize the company's avatar. the company American Express says it is commemorating homosexual behaviour throughout the month. in return, for the month I will be using one of my Visa cards--even though I use Amex regularly because of a decent return I've enjoyed via its "points" program. I urge any FREEPers who use credit responsibly to do the same.
  • #Texit trending's hockey stick

    06/25/2016 11:54:13 AM PDT · by Radtechtravel · 5 replies
    Twitter, Reuters | Radtechtravel
    #Brexit's envigorates #Texit
  • Vanity.. OUT OF SYNC

    06/25/2016 11:16:20 AM PDT · by COUNTrecount · 38 replies
    Drudge Report ^ | June 25, 2016 | Drudge Report
    OUT OF SYNCH Is Drudge telling us that her EYES are out of synch and that she is having severe medical problems?
  • Obama's hidden self exposed

    06/25/2016 10:53:33 AM PDT · by Bellflower · 39 replies
    May 25 2016 | self
    I am not at all savvy when it comes to putting things together and then onto the computer. I would love for someone to carefully go through Obama's speeches and separate, record and string together his many aahs. I think it might go viral and exposes his "inner self". If you listen to his aahs they are often ugly and strange sounding. They are mixed in his speech so many do not pay attention and notice how they actually sound. I think that people would be amazingly shocked if they listened to them all strung together. They sound obviously demonic...
  • After Brexit Victory, Euro Nationalists Call for ‘Frexit’ and ‘Nexit’

    06/25/2016 10:35:24 AM PDT · by orchestra · 30 replies
    Breitbart UK ^ | 6/24/2016 | Thomas D. Williams, PH.D.
    In the immediate wake of the UK referendum calling for Great Britain to leave the European Union, other nationalist leaders have jumped on board, calling for their respective countries to follow Britain’s lead and exit the EU. The passionate reactions to the UK vote showcase a worldwide political phenomenon uniting unlikely bedfellows in a common populist, anti-global movement that eschews traditional categories of left and right. As a Forbes article pointed out Wednesday, the new movement brings together “Virginia Raggi and Chiara Appendino of Italy, Marine Le Pen of France, Viktor Orban of Hungary, Nigel Farage of Britain, Pablo Iglesias...
  • Ramadan in Pennsylvania: Muslim shoots cop 7 times, fires on 2nd cop

    06/25/2016 10:26:35 AM PDT · by heterosupremacist · 40 replies ^ | 06/25/2016 | Robert Spencer
    No doubt the shapers of opinion are already busy at work trying to discover Abdul Wahi’s motive — that is, the non-jihad explanation of the shooting that they can use to try to fool the American people.
  • LGBT community celebrates and mourns at Gay Pride Rally in New York City

    06/25/2016 10:18:03 AM PDT · by heterosupremacist · 14 replies ^ | 06/25/2016 | Kiri Blakeley For
    Tens of thousands of people descended upon New York City on Friday for the annual Gay Pride Rally and Drag March, and probably no gay pride celebration before has been such a bittersweet mixture of celebration and devastation. While the iconic Stonewall Inn was just named a national monument by President Obama, the gay community is still in mourning the loss of 49 innocent lives in the Orlando massacre at gay club Pulse. 'We have an obligation to our nation in the wake of Orlando to show what pride and inclusion looks like,' Mayor Bill de Blasio said, adding that...
  • Failed Trump Assassin Michael Sandford Trained With Omar Mateen and James Howell

    06/25/2016 9:43:57 AM PDT · by V K Lee · 39 replies ^ | June 24, 2016 | Lestado Codicus
    Recent information has come to light stemming from a recent Fox News Story and interview with James Wesley Howell, that links Omar Mateen, James Wesley Howell and Michael Sandford as members of a large U.S. terror organization that targets emotionally troubled young men and women to commit terrorist acts in the U.S. Preceding the police shooting of Mateen in Orlando Florida and the arrest of Howell in Santa Monica prior to his participation in a planned attack on the Gay Pride Parade in Hollywood California, Get off the BS learned and reported that both Mateen and Howell had been recruited...
  • Bernie Worrell, 'Wizard Of Woo,' Dies At 72

    06/25/2016 9:04:13 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 15 replies
    NPR ^ | June 24, 2016
    Keyboardist and composer Bernie Worrell, who helped shape the sound of the band Parliament-Funkadelic and influenced countless artists across a wide range of genres, died Friday at 72. Worrell announced earlier this year that he had been diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer. His musical life began early — according to his official biography, he started studying piano at age 3, wrote his first concerto at age 8 and performed with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D.C., at 10. The classically trained keyboardist (he studied at Juilliard and the New England Conservatory of Music) made his name — and an...
  • Brexit Comes to America: Ryan Challenger Mounts Immigration Billboard

    06/25/2016 8:54:59 AM PDT · by orchestra · 12 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 6/24/2016 | Julia Hahn
    Following last night’s historic Brexit vote, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s primary challenger, Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, seems to have taken a page from the playbook of the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) with the launch of a new billboard campaign.
  • Vietnam captain recalls trick that faked the enemy, saved lives and earned Medal of Honor

    06/25/2016 8:23:17 AM PDT · by Signalman · 15 replies
    Fox News ^ | 6/24/2016 | Carole Glines
    Army Capt. Paul “Buddy” Bucha faked out the enemy while leading a motley crew in Vietnam. The Medal of Honor recipient was hailed as a hero after he made North Vietnamese fighters believe his 187th Infantry Regiment was much bigger than it really was. The combination of bravery and cunning helped him earn the nation's highest military honor, an award bestowed upon him by the president. In 1967, Bucha — who graduated from West Point and earned an MBA at Stanford — arrived in Vietnam and was given a squad filled “with the rejects of all the other units,” including...
  • The Puppet Master: Soros Emerges as Key Driver of E.U. ‘Remain’ Campaign

    06/25/2016 8:07:18 AM PDT · by orchestra · 20 replies
    Breitbart UK ^ | 6/22/2016 | Chriss W. Street
    Although the British seemed ready to vote in the Brexit referendum to “Remain” in the European Union, an intense “Act of God” storm system is set to favor a vote for the “Leave” campaign by bringing a month’s worth of rain in “just three hours” on voting day. As Matthew Tyrmand told Breitbart News Daily, mega-hedge fund player George Soros and his pro-European Union (EU) fellow travelers have gone all-in with economic scare tactics to frighten the 10-15 percent of the British population that is still undecided on the Brexit referendum. Soros developed a financial theory called “reflexivity” to make...
  • The Luxury Yacht Charter Experience - I Want THIS!!!

    06/25/2016 7:55:26 AM PDT · by truthnomatterwhat · 45 replies
    MGM Yachts ^ | April 10, 2016 | Melanie Burke
    If you value exceptional service and the personal customization that luxury yacht chartersl affords, if you enjoy tropical destinations, and appreciate the treatment you receive at five star hotels, then a luxury yacht charter will lift you to the pinnacle of your desires. On a professionally staffed luxury charter yacht you’ll enjoy the luxury service and pampering that's beyond a fine luxury resort. With the added benefit of visiting beautiful, remote destinations, many of which can only be reached by boat. Bask in the sheer joy of swimming in crystal clear turquoise waters, strolling on remote powdery white beaches as...
  • Big blast rocks Mogadishu hotel

    06/25/2016 7:47:18 AM PDT · by orchestra · 12 replies
    BBC ^ | 6/25/2016
    A large explosion has rocked a hotel in the centre of the Somali capital Mogadishu and there is ongoing gunfire after what is suspected to be an al-Shabab attack. The BBC's Ibrahim Aden, in Mogadishu, says the blast hit the Naso Hablod hotel, a mile from the city's airport. There is no word on casualties. Reports say there may have been a second blast. Al-Shabab Islamists frequently carry out attacks in the city in their bid to topple the Western-backed government.
  • "Reagan Can't Win" Gerald Ford says March 3, 1980

    "Every place I go, and everything I hear, there is the growing, growing sentiment that Gov Reagan cannot win the election." Ford said. "I hear more and more often that we don't want, can't afford to have a replay of 1964."
  • Give Hawaii Back

    06/25/2016 6:58:41 AM PDT · by MtnClimber · 45 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 25 Jun, 2016 | Mike VanOuse
    ...As elucidated in the article, the FBI’s database is intended to scrutinize criminal suspects. So much for the presumption of innocence. You’re now treated as a suspected criminal in Hawaii for exercising your fundamental 2nd Amendment rights as Americans. Since they don’t like our GI’s, and they don’t like our Constitution, at what point do the rest of us get to say, “Enough! Get out!” ? I don’t actually wish that upon my Hawaiian friends. But it occurred to me in reading this news item, that while there is a mechanism for States to voluntarily withdraw from the Union, I’m...
  • Stock Market manipulation

    06/25/2016 6:53:23 AM PDT · by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin · 35 replies
    Financial News | 25 June 2016 | MeneMeneTekelUpharsin
    The stock market dropped 611 points Fridy SUPPOSEDLY because of the British exit vote on the European Union. Also, European and Asian markets dropped. Was there a reason for the markets to react that way? No. That vote did not change anything consequential. Big money boys behind the scenes already knew what was going to happen (it was no suprise to them - they have accurate research teams) and shorted what they needed to short. The fact that someone behind the scenes is pulling the trigger on nothing events means someone needs to go to prison for causing peoples' stock...
  • Wealthy 3,600-year-old Trading Hub Found in Gaza

    06/25/2016 6:29:28 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 9 replies
    Haaretz ^ | May 20, 2016 | Philippe Bohstrom
    The remains of a vast Bronze Age town... has been discovered in Gaza, and has now been shown to be a rich trading hub. The prosperity of its Canaanite inhabitants is evident in discoveries of elaborate gold jewelry, vast amounts of imported pottery and an unprecedented number of scarabs... trade between the seaside Canaanite town and other Mediterranean peoples, notably the ancient Cypriots. Among the clay sherds discovered were over 200 of white slip I type of pottery, a type of ware rarely found outside of Cyprus. Tell el-Ajjul, which lies right on the Gazan coast, was first explored by...
  • Gallup: Euthanasia Now Accepted by 69% of Americans

    06/25/2016 6:28:09 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 38 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | June 24, 2016 | 2:33 PM EDT | Lauretta Brown
    A Gallup poll released today, June 24, found that the majority of Americans believe euthanasia should be legal, with 69 percent agreeing that when a person has an incurable disease and requests euthanasia “doctors should be allowed by law to end the patient’s life by some painless means.” The first time Gallup found a majority in favor of euthanasia was 1973. The percentage in favor of euthanasia grew from 53 percent in 1973 to 65 percent in 1990. […] While 69 percent of Americans agreed that doctors should be allowed to end patients’ lives by painless means, only 51 percent...
  • Leaked Documents Show Some Uber Drivers Barely Making Ends Meet

    06/25/2016 5:52:59 AM PDT · by logi_cal869 · 54 replies ^ | June 23, 2016 | Devin Fehely
    Uber is coming under increased scrutiny after leaked documents indicated their drivers really don’t make all that much money. “I’ve been saying this for a while, it’s an Uber disappointment,” explained driver Kelsey Tilander
  • Despite Market Turmoil, Britain Was Right To Brexit

    06/25/2016 5:47:07 AM PDT · by IBD editorial writer · 7 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 6/24/2016 | Staff
    European Union: This week the British people defied entreaties of their elites, threats from the U.S. president, and the pollsters and pundits, to take back control of their country. They were right to do so.
  • 209 DAYS

    06/25/2016 5:12:16 AM PDT · by Lazamataz · 16 replies
    6/26/2016 | By Laz A. Mataz
    It is 209 days, 5 hours, 10 minutes, 26 seconds until the stuttering Muslim-excusing pusillanimous defiling unctuous disgusting puerile venal Marxism-loving corrupt personal-history-concealing unaccomplished perjurious blasphemous race-baiting crazed arrogant sanctimonious exploitive mercurial Christophobic nefarious Republican-enabled wimpy hoplophobia-consumed irresponsible belligerent insolent jejune contentious creepy effete deleterious lying repulsive pugnacious secretive brazenly-hypocritical imperious globalist preening maniacal disdainful Godless opportunistic trifling insincere ruinous prideful petty underhanded heinous autocratic twisted reality-inverting perverse foolish Imperialist bragging transsexual-favoring sacrilegious insidious vengeful tricky oily pathetic artificial querulous haughty glib self-centered constantly-golfing despicable Che-idolizing demonic cocky nihilistic deflecting destructive Islamic ruthless tragedy-celebrating malevolent miscreant caucasian-hating nasty loathsome homosexual...
  • Ancient Canaanites Imported Animals from Egypt

    06/25/2016 5:03:05 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 13 replies
    Haaretz ^ | June 21, 2016 | Philippe Bohstrom
    The ancient Canaanites living in Gath some 5,000 years ago weren't sacrificing their own livestock to appease the gods. They were importing animals from ancient Egypt, archaeologists have now proven. A donkey, as well as some sheep and goats whose remains were found in Early Bronze Age layers at Gath dating to 4900 years ago turn out to have been born and bred in the Nile valley.The discovery at the archaeological site of Tell el-Safi shows that animals were part of the extensive trading relations between the Old Kingdom of Egypt and Early Bronze Age Canaan (circa 2900-2500 BCE).... Until...
  • Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to place gun owners on FBI database

    06/25/2016 4:53:07 AM PDT · by cardinal4 · 47 replies
    Al-Reuters ^ | 25 June 2016 | Alex Dobuzinskis
    Hawaii's governor signed a bill making it the first state to place its residents who own firearms in a federal criminal record database and monitor them for possible wrongdoing anywhere in the country, his office said.
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day -- Strawberry to Honey Moonrise [Popsicle stick]

    06/25/2016 4:43:25 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 3 replies
    NASA ^ | Saturday, June 25, 2016 | (see photo credit)
    Explanation: Near the horizon the Full Moon often seems to loom large, swollen in appearance by the famous Moon illusion. But timelapse images demonstrate that the Moon's apparent size doesn't really change as it climbs toward the zenith. Its color does, though. Recording a frame every 10 seconds, this image shows how dramatic that color change can be. The composite follows a solstice Full Moon climbing above a rugged horizon over northwestern Indiana. A shrinking line-of-sight through planet Earth's dense and dusty atmosphere shifted the moonlight from strawberry red through honey-colored and paler yellowish hues. That change seems appropriate for...
  • Oregon standoff: Case of possible misconduct by FBI in LaVoy Finicum shooting now before grand jury

    06/25/2016 4:27:31 AM PDT · by Nextrush · 24 replies
    OregonLive ^ | 6/23/2016 | Maxine Bernstein
    The federal investigation into an FBI agent's apparent firing of gunshots at Robert "LaVoy" Finicum and the alleged FBI tampering with evidence at the scene has gone to a grand jury. Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles Gorder Jr. revealed the grand jury hearing in court papers Thursday explaining the government's desire to keep its memorandum about the inspector general's investigation into the FBI's handling of the Jan. 26 shooting out of the hands of defense lawyers. "The Declaration provides details of an ongoing investigation by the United States Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General, and concerns matters occurring before the...
  • Clinton stretches lead over Trump to 14 points in national poll

    06/25/2016 2:30:49 AM PDT · by cardinal4 · 116 replies
    The Hill ^ | 25 June 2016 | Jessie Hellmann
    Hillary Clinton regained a double-digit lead over likely general-election rival Donald Trump in a new poll released Friday.
  • TV Game Show "MUSLIM or GAY???"

    06/25/2016 1:26:04 AM PDT · by OrangeHoof · 9 replies
    my empty head | 6-25-2016 | Orangehoof
    APPLAUSE APPLAUSE Announcer: Welcome to the new game show that has all America talking, it's "Muslim or Gay" where we ask contestants to guess the identities of famous people and now, here's your host JJJJJJJosh Ernest!!! APPLAUSE APPLAUSE Thank you. Thank you. Welcome, again to another edition of the hit quiz show "Muslim or Gay", brought to you by CAIR - the Council on American-Islamic Relations and by the U.S. Department of Justice - "Sticking it to whitey since 2009." Tonight, we have a special Presidential Election edition of Muslim or Gay so let's meet our contestants: First, to our...
  • A History Lesson for America

    06/25/2016 1:02:11 AM PDT · by V K Lee · 14 replies ^ | June 22, 2016 | Larry Usoff
    A History Lesson, we should all pay heed to and may all want to try to remember. Ask any person, not your child between the ages of 18 and 25, if they ever heard of the Nuremburg Trials. 1 in 13 might say they have, but will not be able to tell you “what” was on trial (not who). Those same people will probably not be able to tell you the name of the current Vice President. 84% of those who receive this will not listen to it completely, or at all. 10% will but will also choose not to...