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  • Cosby prosecutor asks for 5 to 10 years in prison

    09/24/2018 6:53:16 PM PDT · by ColdOne · 1 replies ^ | 9/24/198 | MARYCLAIRE DALE and MICHAEL R. SISAK
    NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Declaring Bill Cosby doesn’t deserve a free pass because of his advanced age, prosecutors on Monday asked a judge to sentence the comedian to five to 10 years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman, while the defense argued that he is too old and helpless to do time behind bars. “What does an 81-year-old man do in prison?” defense attorney Joseph Green asked on Day 1 of the sentencing hearing for Cosby, who is legally blind and dependent on others. “How does he fight off the people who are trying to extort him,...
  • Sen. McConnell Rips Desperate Dems, 2390

    09/24/2018 6:31:05 PM PDT · by Widget Jr · 9 replies
    Bill Still's youtube channel ^ | Sep 24, 2018 | Bill Still
    Synopsis: I’m sick of this story. I’ve barely covered it, don’t like it, think it has already set many, many horrible precedents for both public discourse in general as well as the rules of Senate procedure. But the left doesn’t care about that. No, if they get to destroy the entire United States and all it stands for, their mission will have been accomplished. Now, I’m not a fan of Senator Mitch McConnell, however, he laid out the situation on the floor of the U.S. Senate today in precise and detailed fashion.
  • Kavanaugh : Megyn Kelly launches full scale defense

    09/24/2018 6:24:55 PM PDT · by ATOMIC_PUNK · 14 replies ^ | 17:17 EDT, 24 September 2018 | | DAILYMAIL.COM REPORTER
    NBC host Megyn Kelly has stood up for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as she made the point that he has denied the sexual harassment allegations and said his accuser was being represented by 'Democratic operatives'. Kelly, a victim of sexual harassment herself, was hosting a panel on her Megyn Kelly Today show on Monday when she fired up and said the whole situation involving Kavanaugh had become 'completely political'. It comes after a second woman came forward accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct decades ago. Christine Blasey Ford, a university professor, last week accused him of sexual assault in...
  • America Needs a War on Waste

    09/24/2018 6:19:41 PM PDT · by DUMBGRUNT · 5 replies
    Open the Books ^ | 24 Sept 2018
    USDA SPENDS MILLIONS SUBSIDIZING CRICKET FARMS FOR HUMANS TO EAT BUG FY2017 | DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE | According to search results (May 2, 2017) Bugeater Labs received Department of Agriculture funding. The University of Nebraska Omaha College of Business Administration website published an article on April 28, 2017, titled "Bugeater Foods," explaining the funding. BUYING BOOZE FOR EMBASSIES AROUND THE WORLD – $79,000 FINAL WEEK FY2017 | STATE DEPARTMENT | On October 3, 2018, we published an editorial at Forbes, titled "Use It or Lose It – Trump’s Agencies Spent $11 Billion Last Week in Year-End Spending Spree." Using...
  • Naked Florida man chases couple around Chick-fil-A parking lot, deputies say

    09/24/2018 5:24:29 PM PDT · by Gamecock · 27 replies
    Click Orlando ^ | 8/24/2018 | Brenda Argueta
    PALM COAST, Fla. - A Palm Coast man is accused of running around naked, swearing and yelling at people to look at his genitals while in a Chick-fil-A parking lot, according to Flagler County Sheriff's Office officials. Cory Hatzl, 30, was arrested Monday morning after a woman called authorities around 1 a.m. saying Hatzl was chasing her boyfriend and "trying to fight" him.
  • Corn maze honoring former astronaut (Thomas P. Stafford) is visible from space

    09/24/2018 5:17:05 PM PDT · by Libloather · 11 replies
    NY Post ^ | 9/24/18
    HYDRO, Okla. — It’s apt that a maze cut into an Oklahoma cornfield featuring the likeness of a former NASA astronaut can be seen from space — and has been photographed by a satellite orbiting Earth. The image of Oklahoma-born Thomas P. Stafford is cut into a 10-acre field at P Bar Farms in Hydro, about 60 miles west of Oklahoma City. The maze was created in partnership with the Stafford Air and Space Museum, named for the astronaut, in nearby Weatherford. A satellite photographed the tribute from its orbit 400 miles away.
  • Answer (Fredric Brown, 1954)

    09/24/2018 4:35:00 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 14 replies
    Public Domain | 1954 | Fredric Brown
    Answer, by Fredric Brown, is a science fiction short story first published in 1954. Since the complete text appears on the Internet in several places, I'm assuming that it's in the public domain. Dwan Ev ceremoniously soldered the final connection with gold. The eyes of a dozen television cameras watched him and the subether bore throughout the universe a dozen pictures of what he was doing. He straightened and nodded to Dwar Reyn, then moved to a position beside the switch that would complete the contact when he threw it. The switch  that would connect, all at once, all of...
  • Skepticism surrounds renowned mathematician’s attempted proof of 160-year-old hypothesis

    09/24/2018 4:22:51 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 21 replies ^ | Sep. 24, 2018 , 5:15 PM | Frankie Schembri
    “What he showed in the presentation is very unlikely to be anything like a proof of the Riemann hypothesis as we know it,” says Jørgen Veisdal, an economist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim who has previously studied the Riemann hypothesis. “It is simply too vague and unspecific.” Veisdal added that he would need to examine the written proof more closely to make a definitive judgement. The Riemann hypothesis, one of the last great unsolved problems in math, was first proposed in 1859 by German mathematician Bernhard Riemann. It is a supposition about prime numbers, such...
  • Roman cemetery found at North Lincolnshire building site

    09/24/2018 4:00:41 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 6 replies
    BBC ^ | 18 September 2018 | unattributed
    A Roman cemetery has been unearthed on the site of a housing development in North Lincolnshire. Dozens of 2,000-year-old skeletons have been found at the site near Winterton where 135 homes are being built. So far more than 60 graves have been excavated by a team of archaeologists at the 1,500 sq m (16,145 sq ft) site. Pieces of pottery and "grave goods" left for the dead have been found in the plots containing the remains of men, women and children. Natasha Powers, senior manager at Allen Archaeology, said the discovery was "not an everyday find". "We knew there was...
  • "Moonkiller" - original metal, by Yours Truly

    09/24/2018 2:58:58 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 17 replies
    Me, via YouTube ^ | 9/24/18 | Me, as "Hopalong Ginsberg"
    No violence towards to the moon is advocated or endorsed in this video. For a free download of "Moonkiller" click here, click on Buy Now, and choose $0.
  • vanity - Sorry Rush, but you are wrong.

    Today rush said, and I quote: "GOP Must Confirm Kavanaugh or Kiss Midterms Goodbye" Sep 24, 2018 RUSH: "If Grassley doesn’t get a handle on this and just do — and I’ll tell you something else, which everybody also knows. If the Republicans do not get this vote taken and have Kavanaugh confirmed, you can kiss the midterms goodbye." I disagree, Rush, we are not going to punish President Trump because of Squish Grassley's cowardice, Susan Collins hatred of the President or any other RINO action. Sir, we are going to go vote, we are going to give the President...
  • Yahoo in Gulliver’s Travels Represent 18th Century Description of Sasquatch, Researcher Says

    09/24/2018 2:18:37 PM PDT · by ETL · 14 replies ^ | Sep 24, 2018 | News Staff / Source
    Gulliver’s Travels is a political and social satire by Jonathan Swift, published in 1726.Part IV of this fictional work is an account of Lemuel Gulliver’s voyage to the country of the Houyhnhms, in which he discovers two animal populations.One comprises horses, the articulate Houyhnhms, and the other is a subservient humanoid group called Yahoos.“Swift gave quite a detailed description of what the Yahoos looked like, how they acted and what they ate,” said Dr. Argue, a visiting fellow in the School of Archaeology and Anthropology at the Australian National University.“As I read about the Native American descriptions of the sasquatch...
  • The Republicans Got Tired of Winning So They're Throwing the Kavanaugh Battle and the Midterms

    09/24/2018 2:17:29 PM PDT · by snarkpup · 36 replies
    Styxhexenhammer666 (YouTube channel) ^ | Sept 24, 2018 | Styxhexenhammer666
    Grassley, McConnell, and other neocons can't stand the concept of an actual fight and are cowards. I am so tired with these morons. People tell me I'm wasting my vote if I don't vote GOP to "stop the dems"- when will they start stopping them exactly?
  • Hall of Fame Receiver Tommy McDonald Dies at 84

    09/24/2018 1:29:28 PM PDT · by Kid Shelleen · 15 replies
    Sports Illustrated ^ | 09/24/2018 | KHADRICE ROLLINS
    Eagles legend and Hall of Fame receiver Tommy McDonald died on Monday morning, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced. McDonald was 84 years old. "Tommy McDonald lived life like he played the game of football," Hall of Fame president David Baker said in a statement. "He was charismatic, passionate and had fun. He was such a character. Heaven is a happier place today." Prior to getting to the NFL, McDonald played running back at Oklahoma for three years. In his final season with the Sooners in 1956, he was named a consensus All-American
  • Vanity: Brett Kavanaugh treatment by Democrats

    09/24/2018 12:38:17 PM PDT · by unlearner · 8 replies
    9/24/2018 | unlearner
    Two observations about the sexual misconduct allegations / smear campaign against the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh: 1. The evidentiary standards being pushed by Democrats and the MSM are lower than those used in the Salem witch trials. 2. Rapists, groomers, pimps and similar sexual deviants are never pro-life. These types always rely on easy access to abortion in order to cover up their crimes.
  • After Pluto, New Horizons probe draws near to its next target: Ultima Thule

    09/24/2018 12:24:34 PM PDT · by ETL · 26 replies ^ | Sept 20, 2018 | Mike Wall, Senior Writer
    Don't sleep on NASA's New Horizons spacecraft. The history-making probe, which famously zoomed past Pluto in July 2015, is closing in on its next flyby target, a frigid chunk of ice and rock about 4 billion miles (6.4 billion kilometers) from Earth dubbed Ultima Thule.  New Horizons is now just 80 million miles (130 million km) from Ultima Thule, mission members said Wednesday (Sept. 19). That's less than the distance from Earth to the sun (about 93 million miles). [Destination Pluto: NASA's New Horizons Mission in Pictures]  The spacecraft has already begun photographing Ultima Thule for navigation purposes and remains...
  • Hayden (Idaho) students go viral for patriotic flag photo

    09/24/2018 12:07:37 PM PDT · by rightwingintelligentsia · 13 replies
    KHQ ^ | September 20, 2018 | Adam Mayer
    Old Glory flies triumphantly above Hayden Meadows Elementary. But, every day at the end of school, three keepers of the flag make sure she’s in safe hands. Fifth graders Naylan Tuttle, Jack LeBreck, and Casey Dolan go through the steps necessary to make sure the U.S. flag is properly folded and stored without it ever touching the ground. It’s a sign of respect, something these boys take seriously. “This is our nation's flag, this is our school's flag, it's how we represent our country,” Jack LeBreck said. Their selfless act has now gone viral; the boys were folding the flag...
  • A House Party Seen By No One (To tune of House of the Rising Sun)

    09/24/2018 11:49:31 AM PDT · by zencycler · 3 replies
    Vanity | 09/24/2018 | self
    A House Party Seen By No One (To tune of House of the Rising Sun) There is a gal going to DC To recall that is wasn't much fun To get drunk and throw up on her jeans At a house party seen by no one She says she was 15 years old But doesn't know what year that was Math is hard for drunk liberal girls At a house party seen by no one At 50 she's over her drunken haze And since she so hates Trump She now remembers Brett Kavanaugh's gaze Who she hopes the Senate will...
  • South Park to tackle school shootings in 22nd season premiere

    09/24/2018 11:42:30 AM PDT · by SMGFan · 13 replies
    MSN / EW ^ | September 24, 2018
    South Park‘s still got it. Comedy Central released a description and preview clip of the upcoming 22nd season premiere of the animated series. The title is “Dead Kids.” The official description is typically cryptic: “Sharon is overreacting to everything these days and Randy can’t cope in the season premiere” and “Randy is desperate to help Sharon get her emotions under control and Cartman unexpectedly fails his math test.”
  • President Donald J. Trump’s 500 Days of American Greatness

    09/24/2018 11:26:44 AM PDT · by Taxocrats Tax Everything · 4 replies
    White House ^ | 6-4-2108 | White House
    Our families will thrive. Our people will prosper. And our nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free. President Donald J. Trump 500 DAYS: In his first 500 days in office, President Donald J. Trump has achieved results domestically and internationally for the American people. Since taking office, President Trump has strengthened American leadership, security, prosperity, and accountability. After 500 days, the results are clear: the American economy is stronger, American workers are experiencing more opportunities, confidence is soaring, and business is booming. President Trump has re-asserted American leadership on the world stage, secured vital...