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  • HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

    08/03/2015 2:25:35 PM PDT · 873 of 874
    Tau Food to DiogenesLamp
    It was repudiated by force, but has yet to be repudiated by reason. The Founders said explicitly that people have a right to independence, but some times the King wins a clash of arms and denies them their right.

    I guess anyone can arrive at his own opinion. I believe that the Constitution created "one great, consolidated, national government, of the people of all the states" like Patrick Henry said. He saw clearly that "we the People" meant something very different than "we the states" and that we were creating more than just a confederation. Like Patrick Henry, I've never even thought it was a close issue. Apparently, you see it all differently.

    But, it really doesn't matter what you think or I think. The matter was, as you say, decided "by force."

    My point has been that you can still try to convince folks to divide the country up. You just can't do it unilaterally. You need to convince the American people that it would make sense.

  • Sowell: The Trump Card

    08/03/2015 1:34:59 PM PDT · 6 of 41
    Tau Food to jazusamo

    So, I guess they got Sowell working for the moderates now, too. In a sense, he’s correct in thinking that a lot of the GOP doesn’t really want to make many changes and that they just want to hold high offices. But, Trump is right in that the country needs to make some big changes.

  • Cecil the Lion: What If We Find Out Cecil Wasn't Poached?

    08/03/2015 1:29:54 PM PDT · 135 of 136
    Tau Food to Smokin' Joe

    Well, I hope that the guy can somehow put his life back together, but it’ll never be the same. And, I think he’s going to surprise people by what he says.

  • Cecil the Lion: What If We Find Out Cecil Wasn't Poached?

    08/03/2015 1:14:24 PM PDT · 132 of 136
    Tau Food to Smokin' Joe
    I'd rather take on the lion bare handed than the mass media and the ginned up hate of the unthinking public.

    Fortunately, there really isn't any way for us to test that, is there? ;-)

    Listen, sooner or later, the dentist is going to have to come out of hiding. I want you listen carefully to what he says when he comes out. I think you're going to be surprised.

  • Greenfield: A Tour of Our Decadent Civilization

    08/03/2015 1:11:32 PM PDT · 33 of 33
    Tau Food to DuncanWaring
    We’ve had abortion, homosexuality, illegitimacy and a host of other social pathologies since the dawn of humanity.

    For most of that period, we recognized them as depraved and did not celebrate them.

    I know that a lot of young people are being taught that the Fifties was some kind of Ozzie and Harriet paradise until the Baby Boomers came along and destroyed the world in the Sixties. But, having been around back then, I can tell you that things weren't like that at all.

    I was young in the Fifties. Nearly all of my friends had parents who had been through World War II. They had either been soldiers or women who were home waiting for soldiers. Maybe in part because of that, nearly all of these folks spent a lot of time drinking in bars and bowling alleys. Nearly all of them were puffing on cigarettes. Nearly every TV commercial was for cigarettes, beer or cars. (Every year, the major manufacturers came out with a car that was distinctly different than the prior year's model). There was homosexuality, but it was underground. There were abortions, but doctors used different names and different reasons for the procedure. Some of the abortions were outside of the health care system and plainly illegal. These things happened but nobody liked to talk about them. There was little or no contraception. When young girls got pregnant, they often moved somewhere else to stay with grandma or some aunt. The babies were often treated as children of someone in the family who was married. Again, all this stuff was going on. It was just not talked about openly. Jerry Lee Lewis married his eleven or twelve year old cousin, but denied it. Stuff like that. Many schools, restaurants, buses, trains, hotels, etc. were racially segregated and I'm not just talking about the South. In many ways, the Fifties was a cultural sewer.

    For the most part, the Sixties and the Seventies were just decades in which the lid came off the jar and everything became a bit more public. Part of that was because communications became better. People started watching national television shows so regional accents started disappearing and we all started talking more like one another. And, it became harder to hide things.

    But, like you say, most of the problems began long before the twentieth century. It wan't like people invented sex in the Sixties. On TV in the Fifties, husbands and wives slept in different beds and the word pregnant wasn't used. But, the real world wasn't like that. The idea that everything came apart after the Fifties is just a delusion that we've apparently been using to con young people.

  • Fox’s Bret Baier on Debate: Hopefully, Trump Won’t Ignore the Buzzer (video at source)

    08/03/2015 12:48:46 PM PDT · 25 of 60
    Tau Food to RoosterRedux

    I don’t think Fox likes Trump. I don’t think that he’s going to get any favors from Fox.

  • Cecil the Lion: What If We Find Out Cecil Wasn't Poached?

    08/03/2015 12:43:35 PM PDT · 130 of 136
    Tau Food to Smokin' Joe
    I am willing to bet that for purposes of what this dentist was doing, the lion was defenseless. I don't believe that a dentist who hides from the press and public was taking any chances going mano-a-mano with a lion.

    Of course, if it was legal, it was legal. I don't the know whether it was legal. All I'm saying is that the reason so many people think it is weird is because it is weird. That's why he's gone underground. He isn't proud of any of this.

  • Greenfield: A Tour of Our Decadent Civilization

    08/03/2015 11:05:19 AM PDT · 32 of 33
    Tau Food to antidisestablishment

    Well, I think that you’re a very special historian. People shouldn’t be stepping all over your turf like I did. ;-)

  • Cecil the Lion: What If We Find Out Cecil Wasn't Poached?

    08/03/2015 11:01:34 AM PDT · 126 of 136
    Tau Food to Smokin' Joe
    To each there own. I don't understand $3000.00 purses, $50,000,000.00 paintings, or million dollar baseball cards, myself, but then I likely have some interest they would not understand or identify with, either.

    I think most people understand spending a lot of money for purses, paintings or baseball cards even if they wouldn't do it themselves. But, a powerful desire to kill a defenseless animal not for food, but just to be destructive, is harder for most people to understand. Like I've said, maybe he could explain it better himself. Maybe he hates animals for some reason, but whatever it is, it's not normal.

    If I wanted to donate money to preserve wildlife somewhere, I might do that, but why would I insist that I be able to execute a defenseless lion as part of the deal? That's the part that people aren't getting and that's the part he should try to explain.

  • Greenfield: A Tour of Our Decadent Civilization

    08/03/2015 10:18:31 AM PDT · 27 of 33
    Tau Food to antidisestablishment
    We had abortions in the fifties. We've had abortions for thousands of years. We had homosexuals. We had plenty of nuts and terrorists.

    And, we had Harry Truman, who said, "The only thing new in the world is the history you do not know."

  • Cecil the Lion: What If We Find Out Cecil Wasn't Poached?

    08/03/2015 10:12:08 AM PDT · 123 of 136
    Tau Food to Smokin' Joe
    I think you're right that the local guides screwed up. However, I don't think the questions of legality are what is prompting all the criticism of the dentist. I think most of the criticism stems from an inability to understand why this guy would pay $ 50,000 to travel halfway around the world so that he could execute some lion. What kind of hole in his soul was he filling? It all seems so pointless.

    And, I'll tell you something else. Having trashed his life, I think he's now wondering why he did it. To most normal people, it just seems weird. Maybe if he came forward and explained what we thought he was doing, people might at least see that he's human like them. It can't be easy for him right now.

  • Greenfield: A Tour of Our Decadent Civilization

    08/03/2015 9:55:40 AM PDT · 25 of 33
    Tau Food to antidisestablishment
    “Life” may be better, but the country is not.

    I think that most people who believe that weren't alive in the 1950's.

    Did you like having marginal income tax rates of over 90% for people who earned more than 200K? Did you like polio?

    Leave it to Beaver was just a TV show.

  • Dr. Ben Carson Asked a 'Gotcha' Question: Does the Bible Have Authority Over the Constitution?

    08/03/2015 9:38:55 AM PDT · 73 of 93
    Tau Food to The Ghost of FReepers Past
    They quote Carson as follows:

    "I remember a case of a prominent individual who had been in an automobile accident and was rendered a C-1 quadriplegic, which means not only was he paralyzed from the neck down, but he could not breathe without assistance. We could have made the decision to keep him alive at all costs, but through a unique system of communication that we were able to work out with him, he indicated that he wanted to die. After much debate, we yielded to his wishes and withdrew ventilator support. In the long run, I think our course of action was both compassionate and pragmatic. If we integrate compassion and logic into our decision-making processes, I am convinced that we will deal with newly emerging ethical dilemmas appropriately."

    Interesting. I had never heard that before.

  • The People of Zimbabwe Too Poor, Too Hungry to Care About Cecil the Lion

    08/03/2015 9:33:01 AM PDT · 23 of 27
    Tau Food to erkelly
    I blame Teddy Roosevelt for more than that. I blame him for being the catalyst that led to WW I and then WW II, the rise of the Soviet Union and the cold war. His third party run put Woodrow Wilson in office, and that led to all of the tragedy that we have faced since. If ever a US President should burn in hell it is Teddy Roosevelt, (alongside Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Millard Filmore, and a few other still living presidents.)

    See what I mean?

    He doesn't care how you feel.

  • Greenfield: A Tour of Our Decadent Civilization

    08/03/2015 9:31:34 AM PDT · 23 of 33
    Tau Food to Louis Foxwell
    If you examine our achievements today, they increasingly have much to do with the supposed social and intellectual progress we have made since the fifties. This progress is relative. It depends on how we view the fifties rather than what we actually have. Worse still, much of this progress is in outlook, rather than in reality. We are better because we are morally superior.

    Was Greenfield alive in the fifties?

    Life now is better.

  • Dr. Ben Carson Asked a 'Gotcha' Question: Does the Bible Have Authority Over the Constitution?

    08/03/2015 9:16:37 AM PDT · 65 of 93
    Tau Food to The Ghost of FReepers Past
    He supports euthanasia in certain circumstances

    What does that mean exactly? What does he believe?

  • The People of Zimbabwe Too Poor, Too Hungry to Care About Cecil the Lion

    08/03/2015 9:04:00 AM PDT · 21 of 27
    Tau Food to SeekAndFind

    Lots of people do condemn Teddy and not just for hunting. Some condemn him for pushing a "living wage" and some other "progressive" ideas.

    Lots of people condemn slaveholders, too.

    People will condemn us someday.

    Dead people don't care and the living shouldn't worry so much about how people will judge us in another century. It's really none of our business.

  • Jeb Bush calls for sanctuary crackdown, local enforcement of immigration laws

    08/03/2015 8:54:12 AM PDT · 15 of 19
    Tau Food to GoneSalt
    Exactly. He seems to say these things because they seem to be fashionable. Ten minutes later, somebody might ask him if it's good to have the federal government coercing states to assist a federal program (remember Obamacare?) and he'll say no, states are like little laboratories and should be allowed to do as they wish without federal coercion. It almost seems like we've come to a point where the media can manipulate candidates at will by asking them questions in such a way that prompts a "fashionable" answer. Meanwhile, the brains of the candidates become dizzy with all the spinning.

    Trump seems to really believe what he is saying and ignores fashion. I think that is the secret of his success.

  • The People of Zimbabwe Too Poor, Too Hungry to Care About Cecil the Lion

    08/03/2015 8:38:40 AM PDT · 14 of 27
    Tau Food to Sacajaweau
    So were George Eastman and teddy Roosevelt.

    Yeah, timing is so important.

    It probably seemed exotic at the time and now it just seems weird. Hopefully, having a second doctor in the news will probably help take some of the heat off of the first one. I'm sure the dentist would like to have his life back soon.

  • Father who shot down drone hovering over his house as his daughters sunbathed is arrested

    08/03/2015 8:33:45 AM PDT · 136 of 137
    Tau Food to LittleBillyInfidel
    If anyone shoots down my drone, they’d better damn well know the law and their rights because I sure as hell know mine.

    I think it's better to shoot the drone than to shoot the drone operator.

  • Father who shot down drone hovering over his house as his daughters sunbathed is arrested

    08/03/2015 8:23:21 AM PDT · 135 of 137
    Tau Food to Enlightened1

    I’ll summarize the week: “Kill drones, not lions.”

  • Dr. Ben Carson Asked a 'Gotcha' Question: Does the Bible Have Authority Over the Constitution?

    08/03/2015 8:16:00 AM PDT · 43 of 93
    Tau Food to SeekAndFind

    I saw that and I think he handled the question well.

  • The People of Zimbabwe Too Poor, Too Hungry to Care About Cecil the Lion

  • 'Oops,' He Did It Again: Can Rick Perry Survive This One?

    08/02/2015 10:11:23 PM PDT · 65 of 65
    Tau Food to Kickass Conservative

    I understand, but if he’s really as stupid as some people are suggesting, he’ll out himself without our examining every little word. He needs to feel loose to play his best.

  • Cecil the Lion: What If We Find Out Cecil Wasn't Poached?

    08/02/2015 10:00:00 PM PDT · 107 of 136
    Tau Food to Boardwalk

    Obviously, the whole thing is pretty crazy, but I think he knows it now.

  • 'Oops,' He Did It Again: Can Rick Perry Survive This One?

    08/02/2015 9:57:16 PM PDT · 62 of 65
    Tau Food to entropy12

    I’m not a big Perry fan, but he deserves some breathing room. It’s unfair to require perfection from just one of the candidates.

  • Cecil the Lion: What If We Find Out Cecil Wasn't Poached?

    08/02/2015 9:45:26 PM PDT · 104 of 136
    Tau Food to xone
    While not worth the $50K

    Why, that's a bargain!

    Trash your life!
    Just $ 50,000!
    Hurry! Hurry!
  • The Skeletons Keep Falling Out of Scott Walker's Closet

    08/02/2015 9:36:50 PM PDT · 69 of 74
    Tau Food to conservativejoy
    It's probably just a smear job, but it won't change my vote:

    Ted Cruz - 2016!

  • Father who shot down drone hovering over his house as his daughters sunbathed is arrested

    08/02/2015 9:14:22 PM PDT · 121 of 137
    Tau Food to ForYourChildren

    Shoot ‘em down! Same with kites.

  • HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

    08/02/2015 8:34:48 PM PDT · 864 of 874
    Tau Food to BroJoeK
    There are posters here who say they want to declare secession today, and I advise them: as long as they keep it peaceful and lawful, go right ahead, though I can't imagine any state in the Union with even a small majority to vote for secession.

    I think that if a large majority of residents in a state really wanted to secede, we probably would try to find some way to do it legally. However, I'm not sure what steps that might involve.

    Like you say, though, there are no such states. I suspect that most of the very few people who dream of secession live in states that, as I pointed out in post 690, have become most dependent financially upon the government of the United States of America. (I want you to picture some drunk on the sidewalk outside of the Department of Public Welfare screaming, "If you don't return my phone calls, I'm going to quit cashing my welfare checks!!") That's not likely, is it?

    However, if a large majority of the people of a state genuinely wanted to leave, we would probably need to at least try to develop some new procedures to accommodate them. It would be a very tricky matter. The notion that the USA is just some sort of revocable joint venture of the states and that any state can leave at will was, of course, utterly repudiated. The United States involves a bond between the people of the United States ("We the People") and those bonds between the American people cannot be severed by any state. We are citizens of the United States of America and our state government cannot just cancel our U.S. citizenship. That was the mistake of the seceding states in the 1860's. Similarly, as things now stand, the United States government cannot just sell the state of Mississippi to the Chinese. The People in the affected states have rights.

    We're all in this together and, fortunately, all but a few of us are very happy to be Americans. It'll all work out.

  • HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

    08/02/2015 10:29:19 AM PDT · 843 of 874
    Tau Food to BroJoeK
    If there are people who think that we should put to a vote the question of whether some part of the United States should go its own way, I can respect their opinion even if I'd vote against the proposal. The people of Scotland recently convinced London to allow a vote in Scotland regarding independence for Scotland. It took years to convince everyone that such an election was proper, but in the end the people of Great Britain were prepared to accept the outcome of the election.

    I think it is instructive that the people who were working for an independent Scotland did not base their case upon claims that George II was a drunken bum, that Bonnie Prince Charlie was some kind of special hero or that either side back then was right or wrong. They accepted the outcome of the Battle of Culloden and understood that 18th century disputes have nothing to do with whether or not Scotland should be independent today. And, the proponents skillfully succeeded in convincing folks to permit an election to decide the question of independence now.

    If there are people here in the USA who think that certain parts of the USA should become independent of the USA, then they should study how the proponents of an independent Scotland succeeded in getting London to permit the people of Scotland to decide the issue by election. Modern day secessionists should learn from that example. It is a mistake for them to try to relitigate the issues that were important in the 1860's. They should refuse to pick at old scabs by arguing about Lincoln or Jefferson Davis. They should decline to discuss tariffs or slavery. They should focus instead upon the reasons that they want some independence somewhere now. How would independence somewhere improve things somewhere today?

  • Some Facts on Cecil the Lion Hunt

    08/02/2015 10:02:16 AM PDT · 50 of 51
    Tau Food to marktwain
    here is a book for you to read:

    I see. This guy has just trashed his whole life and your conclusion is that I should read a book full of hunting psychobabble.

    Look, what this guy has done may seem like good sense to you, but I don't think he agrees with you anymore. The whole incident was pointless, self-destructive and expensive. When he comes out of hiding, I want you to listen to what he says.

  • HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

    07/30/2015 11:05:05 PM PDT · 712 of 874
    Tau Food to BroJoeK; DiogenesLamp
    I don't want to speak for anyone else, but my impression is that these folks don't support slavery. I think that the range of views about the 1860's here at FR reflect the range of views out in the real world. Here is a 2011 public opinion poll regarding some of these issues.

    In a sense, we might just as well be talking about the Battle of Culloden. Nobody at FR was around in the 1860's and nobody at FR has ever even known anybody who was around in the 1860's. Surely, some of us have ancestors who were around, but we didn't know any of them.

    I really think that most of the people who speak favorably about secession do so in large part because they see in secession some sort of answer to their frustrations about life in America now. The problem is that when they make their pitch for secession they allow themselves to get all tangled up with the controversies surrounding the secessions of the 1860's and the next thing you know they find themselves arguing that slavery was irrelevant (despite what the secessionists back then claimed) and that the USA is just some sort of a joint venture of states, etc.

    The interesting question for me is why some of these folks find that life in the USA seems so intolerable. Obviously, we all have some good reasons to criticize this or that, but all in all this country seems to me a paradise compared to most places in the world. I feel very lucky to have been born here. And, I know that the things that must change will change with time. I don't feel like a slave and I don't feel that we are living in a fascist state. I have been given many opportunities in this country that I wouldn't have received elsewhere and, for the most part, I feel pretty free. So, I think it's unfortunate that a lot of these folks are having so much trouble finding the happiness here that I have found.

  • HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

    07/30/2015 9:31:01 PM PDT · 697 of 874
    Tau Food to EternalVigilance

    Looking again, I’m not seeing any reference to Washington’s address in Jackson’s second inaugural. So, I don’t know. Jackson certainly made his views known many times. His Proclamation to the People of South Carolina was pretty emphatic. And, I think he sent some private messages to some of the top politicos in South Carolina in which he promised to make a personal visit for the purpose of hanging some of them from the nearest tree if they tried to make good on some of their threats.

  • HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

    07/30/2015 9:13:06 PM PDT · 694 of 874
    Tau Food to EternalVigilance
    Yes, and President Jackson referred to Washington's Farewell Address when expressing his warnings about secession. I think it was in his second inaugural address.

    The Confederate leaders never attempted secession when Jackson was president. Undoubtedly, he would have hung all of them.

  • HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

    07/30/2015 8:47:42 PM PDT · 690 of 874
    Tau Food to DiogenesLamp
    What I am suggesting is that if a sufficiently large population has emerged from a geographical area to which they are native, they ought to be able to govern themselves in a manner they so choose, within the normal and usual rules of human interaction.

    If you were to emphasize that aspect of your proposal (i.e., that a reorganization would be based upon the wishes of a significant percentage, a majority at a minimum) you could make that argument as a prospective proposal that wouldn't entangle you with the Confederacy, slavery, etc. Scotland just had a similar election.

    Until financial factors are considered, one might suppose that red states would be more disposed to separate from the USA than blue states. But, as shown by Wallet Hub (a financial website), red states are more financially dependent on the Federal government than blue states. Overall, the Federal government is being used to transfer financial resources from blue states to red states. It would be a huge mistake to overlook or to ignore this fact. We constantly notice news stories that make it clear that politicians from red states somehow never make good on their election day promises to reduce Federal spending. We shouldn't wonder why.

    At the present time, there isn't any state in which anything like a majority of people would wish to sever their connection with the USA. For better of for worse, I think we're all in this together and that if we are going to reduce the size of our government, we're going to have to do it within the context of the present political structure. And, we're going to need the support of both red states and blue states to succeed. The fiscal problem may have to get worse before there will be enough political will to reverse course.

  • Graham: If Trump is the nominee, GOP gets 'killed'

    07/30/2015 7:48:56 PM PDT · 61 of 68
    Tau Food to 2ndDivisionVet
    “I don’t see a birther becoming president,” he added.

    If he has to, Trump can just quit being a birther. What's so hard about that?

  • I’d love to go hunting one day with Dr Walter Palmer.. so I can stuff & mount him for MY office wall

    07/30/2015 2:51:48 PM PDT · 92 of 97
    Tau Food to Aleya2Fairlie
    I think I got the point. You're a taxidermist and you need guys like this Palmer fella to make a living.

    But, we're not all taxidermists. ;-)

  • HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

    07/30/2015 1:40:14 PM PDT · 633 of 874
    Tau Food to DiogenesLamp
    I am coming to love it less and less with each passing year. I love what was good and wholesome about it, but it has been evolving into something Nazi-ish, and therefore becoming more and more abhorrent.

    Those that have not been noticing the changes might still be happy with and love their country, but those of us that have been seeing the changes are beginning to have trouble recognizing this nation as one worthy of love.

    You may be ahead of other folks in your feelings about the USA. On the other hand, you may just be out of synch with most people. I do think that you try harder than most to find a rational path to working out differences and I commend you for that.

    Always there will be things that we can criticize and I hope that you don't let that fact interfere with either your ability to succeed here in this country or your need to find a little happiness so long as you're still living here.

    (If all I wanted was a weaker government, I would have moved to Mexico a long time ago.) ;-)

  • Some Facts on Cecil the Lion Hunt

    07/30/2015 1:13:41 PM PDT · 47 of 51
    Tau Food to Hot Tabasco
    You think the MSM and the anti-firearm/hunter population really care? They don't want to know the truth......

    I think he probably cares about the fact that people are talking about him as if he's not human. See, I'm suggesting that he step forward so that he can improve his situation, not your situation. His life is probably pretty miserable right now.

  • HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

    07/30/2015 1:10:26 PM PDT · 627 of 874
    Tau Food to central_va
    Are you a comedian in your spare time?

    No, I'm more or less retired now and I'm not going to bore you with the details of some of the things that I have done.

  • HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

    07/30/2015 1:04:44 PM PDT · 626 of 874
    Tau Food to DiogenesLamp
    They will simply not allow the topic to be discussed on it's own merits. They have not the wit or intelligence to comprehend the larger question outside of the topic of slavery.

    I agree with you about that. The concept of "secession" by states has become hopelessly tangled up with slavery and the 1860's. And, that raises the question, "Can you accept that reality?" Can you accept that it is now fruitless to advocate in favor of any kind of state secession? There isn't a state in this country that is prepared to give up the USA.

    My understanding of the Principles involved in the founding of this nation shows secession or division is indeed a legitimate solution. In fact, I fail to see how you can support the founding of this country while opposing the founding of another and from appeal to the very same foundational principle.

    None of our Founding Fathers suggested that the overthrow of an existing government in a geographical area was a matter to be taken lightly or that it should be considered by folks who weren't prepared to fight and perhaps lose everything, including their lives, their property and their sacred honor. Ordinarily, existing governments don't give up their powers without a fight. No one is saying that you cannot overthrow an existing government. But, you must expect a fight.

    As a matter of fact, Many of our early population left Europe because they had differences of opinions that could not be reconciled with the existing civil or religious structure. They in effect, left to create a different country where their opinions and ideas were accepted.

    Except for people who are incarcerated, every American retains a right to leave this country. No one is challenging that right.

    This is freedom of will at it's basest level. That people can decide rightly or wrongly upon the course they wish to take in their lives.

    With all due respect, I think it is you who is challenging the right of people to decide "rightly or wrongly the course they wish to take in their lives." If you accept your own argument, then the people of the United States have an inherent God-given right to maintain a huge, bloated government if that's what they want.

    You seem to suggest that if you, you personally do not agree with some of the current, existing policies of our government, then you retain some sort of God-given right to leave without really leaving in any geographical sense and that it doesn't really matter what your neighbors might want. That doesn't seem workable to me.

    Believe me, I understand your desire for less government and more personal liberty. I don't think you're going to get any of that by reliance upon ugly memories of state secession or by an individual's right to leave without really leaving.

  • HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

    07/30/2015 11:48:34 AM PDT · 615 of 874
    Tau Food to DiogenesLamp
    Do you know what is immoral? Fighting a war to subjugate another people, and then lying about it by telling everyone you fought to free slaves when you really fought to make slaves.

    I believe that you have stated in the past that you consider all of us in this country to be slaves, but the vast majority of the people who live in this country (including those who live in the South) do not consider themselves to be slaves. If you truly believe that we are all slaves, you must concede that your view is shared by few others.

    The vast majority of people in this country are opposed to slavery and are grateful that it is gone. I'm sure that deep down inside you oppose slavery, too. I'll never understand why you insist on advancing positions that are historically burdened by the baggage of slavery. Certainly, one can argue for more personal liberty without trying to also prove that secession or division is some kind of legitimate solution.

    Nearly everyone wishes that the blood shed by Americans in the early 1860's had not happened, but the vast majority of Americans (including those living in the South) are grateful for the outcome. Americans, by and large, love their country, the United States of America. They support the notion that "We, the people" are a nation, indivisible. And, they do not see themselves as slaves.

    Things aren't nearly as bad as you make them out to be.

  • Some Facts on Cecil the Lion Hunt

    07/30/2015 11:10:53 AM PDT · 32 of 51
    Tau Food to NorthMountain
    You didn't answer my question. Is they anything he could say that you, personally, would find a satisfactory explanation?

    I honestly don't know.

    Right now, it seems that he probably wanted to put a lion's head on his wall because he thought that the trophy might somehow bolster his image as a man - that it might make him seem more masculine than he thinks people are viewing him now. I think he was hoping that people who see the trophy might think that he had earned it by engaging in acts of personal courage by challenging and defeating a dangerous predator. You know, there are people who buy and wear service medals that they didn't earn. People do a lot of weird things for a lot of weird reasons. Traveling halfway around the world to kill a defenseless lion seems so pointless, so gratuitous. But, he must have had some kind of reason.

    Anyway, his actual motives might be completely different. Maybe he just hates animals.

    That's why I think he should come forward to explain why he was doing what he was doing. His silence is inviting other people to attach to him motives which may be unfair.

  • Some Facts on Cecil the Lion Hunt

    07/30/2015 10:57:07 AM PDT · 29 of 51
    Tau Food to Hot Tabasco
    If one has done something that has been perfectly legal and acceptable for decades, why does he have to explain and prove anything?

    The above article, if read in its entirety, explains everything in detail.......Any alleged accountability is the responsibility of the outfitter he contracted with.

    He doesn't have to do anything. (See post 26.)

    Maybe if he explained his reliance upon the outfitter it might help. It certainly can't hurt for him to confront the issues. I think it's the hiding that's hurting him more than anything else right now. Right now, people are talking about him as if he's not even human. They won't be able to do that if he comes out of the bunker.

    What do you think he should do? Do you like his current strategy?

  • Some Facts on Cecil the Lion Hunt

    07/30/2015 10:50:28 AM PDT · 26 of 51
    Tau Food to NorthMountain
    1) Why does he owe you or anyone else an explation of what he was doing?

    2) Is there anything he might say ... anything at all ... that would lead you to conclude that "yeah, this guy's OK"?

    He doesn't owe me any kind of explanation. If he likes the way things are going now, he should remain in hiding. Maybe he doesn't need to work anymore. Maybe he has other people who can bring him provisions. Maybe he can have his food delivered to his house. If he runs out of money, maybe his family can start hunting in dumpsters behind markets. It just seems to me that he might want to try a different strategy.

    I think if he comes out of hiding and tries to give an honest account of why he was doing what he was doing, people might begin to see him as more human than his current image suggests. I agree with you that it probably isn't easy to satisfactorily explain any of this, but he should have the courage to try. None of us are perfect and most everyone understands that. Almost any image will be better than the "terrified and hiding in a bunker" image that he is projecting right now.

    What do you think he should do?

  • 'How the Yardbirds revolutionized rock live on the BBC'

    07/30/2015 10:28:33 AM PDT · 3 of 53
    Tau Food to the scotsman

    Jeff Beck has always been very special.

  • Some Facts on Cecil the Lion Hunt

    07/30/2015 10:23:21 AM PDT · 18 of 51
    Tau Food to I want the USA back
    Giving a name to a lion does not make it human. Calling a baby-in-development a mass of tissue does not make it non-human.

    Thank you for that. You're right on both counts.

    And, there's more. You can't prove that you're a man by traveling halfway around the world to execute a defenseless animal. You can't buy courage. And, you can't develop courage by hiring a PR firm and hiding from the press.

    This guy should summon up the courage to get out in front of this. He should come forward and try to explain what he thought he was doing, what he was trying to prove. The truth can't be as bad as he's making it appear.

  • I’d love to go hunting one day with Dr Walter Palmer.. so I can stuff & mount him for MY office wall

    07/30/2015 9:02:10 AM PDT · 90 of 97
    Tau Food to Aleya2Fairlie
    Oh, you're a taxidermist. I guess if I were a taxidermist, I would have to feel just as you do about all of this nonsense.

    Well, things may be working out for you, but they haven't gone well for this Palmer fella. His plan was to bring home a lion's head so that some folks might be fooled into thinking that he had been out there courageously risking his life protecting the rest of us from dangerous lions and now it's all been shown to be a fraud. And, now this poor guy, who just wanted to be thought of as manly, is cowering somewhere and hiding from the press.

    Well, in time, the waters will be peaceful again and Palmer will summon up the courage to come out and face the public. Please be patient with him.

    You mentioned parenting and you're absolutely right about the importance of parents teaching children what it really means to be a man. Maybe some parents out there will use this sorry episode to teach their children about courage - that it can't be bought and that it involves something more than traveling first class half way around the world, renting rooms in 5 star resorts and executing defenseless animals.

    Your manly-man Palmer? Well, he hasn't poked his head out yet, but he has now hired a PR firm to try to smooth the waters. Courage!

  • An American Dentist Killed Zimbabwe’s Famous Lion

    07/29/2015 7:37:18 PM PDT · 207 of 218
    Tau Food to ozzymandus

    Someone possessing more energy than me should make a list of all the folks who feel that the existence of abortions renders us unable to oppose anything else. It would be interesting to see how often such folks complain about things other than abortion.