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  • Survey: New Jersey workers are the least punctual in the nation

    02/12/2018 4:30:53 PM PST · 2 of 21
    Leo Carpathian to GuavaCheesePuff

    Gummit survey?

  • Time to end the visa lottery. Congress must secure the immigration system and protect Americans.

    02/08/2018 4:40:27 PM PST · 9 of 11
    Leo Carpathian to SMGFan

    Solution to the Illegal Immigration and Voter Fraud problems.
    Existing Illegals in US problem can be solved by establishing the procedure for existing Illegals to come out of shadow and register, give those about 1 or 2 years to do so. That would give them working permit – visas, say for 3 years and chance to apply for resident status. Will have to pay taxes and keep registering their whereabouts and employment.
    One time exemption – “resident amnesty” to become Resident Alien (not citizen) for those who entered US before, say 2012, others would have to go back and apply from their home country. This is to avoid influx of fresh illegals. It would be humane to give chance to those who are here for longer time, with families, actively involved in American life and not being criminals. This would be gesture and recognition by government for failing of handling the (ID) requirements in the past. Definitely cheaper and more practical than assembling army of overpaid agents to collect and deport all illegals. With upcoming revival of American economy, US can use existing workers versus inefficient procedures to handle fresh workers and immigrants. Criminals, or those illegally crossing more than once, should be deported and barred from future working permits or resident visas.

    Government should set up immigration offices in states, staffed with capable people, set up proper procedures and handle applications efficiently. Expanded Motor Vehicle offices can be used as a base for issuing and tracking ID of all temporary aliens and visitors. You got here – you have to register and notify where you are. Everybody has to have proper ID documents.
    Employers should be required to employ only workers with valid legal status or working permit. Otherwise heavy fines and penalties. States to enforce the law. There should be no one in the country that has no proper documentation. No “sanctuary cities”!

    The situation with illegal immigration was caused by government failure to administer and enforce the proper system, regulations, after President Reagan’s amnesty. Government bureaucracy is responsible for the mess for failing to implement proper issuing of IDs and tracking of residents and visitors, for failure to properly implement the measures to rectify the situation we are in today, when illegals and criminals can kill innocent people, enter country multiple times and hide in “sanctuary cities”.
    In the past we have seen government departments being infested by incapable people, cronies of politicians. The result is the horrible inefficiency and problems plaguing our every day’s lives. Waste, mismanagement, cronyism, injustice are causing once great America to slide to mediocracy and socialist hell. There is a need for surgery and cleanup of government bureaucracy, bringing in people with business experience and work ethics, and removing the entrenched bureaucrats. Otherwise, there will be no end to decline of this once great country.
    Cleanup the government! Drain the swamp! No excuses for color, minority, sex orientation for hiring incapable workers.

    Mandatory ID system.
    Everyone on US soil should have proper ID card according to their status. Only people with proper ID allowed to stay in US, hold the job or attend institution and obey the US laws.
    No ID? You overstay your permitted time? You will be deported and barred from future entries.
    Classes of ID,
    could be combined with driver licenses, all required to register their whereabouts:
    A. US citizens – issued citizen’s ID card, blue color and US passports if requested, eligible to vote in US elections.
    B. Permanent residents – (Resident Aliens) issued or having “green cards” ID card, green color, allowing life time residency. No US passport or voting rights.
    C. Temporary students – issued temporary student ID card, yellow color, showing expiration date.
    D. Temporary workers – issued temporary worker ID card, orange color, showing expiration date.
    E. Visitors – have passports and proper visas, could be issued visitor’s ID card, red color.

    F. ???? – as needed

    All ID cards have photo, finger print, tracking (Soc. Security) number and personal information allowing quick check of person’s status. Country of origin or previous residence/citizenship code can also be included. Central registry verification available if needed.

    Establish the laws that are reasonable and ENFORCE them! Now in the computer age, there is no problem of recording and tracking goods and people. If Amazon and Google can track my package at any time, there should be no problem to track people, their whereabouts, employment, legal status. It is time to issue ID cards besides driver licenses for those that do not drive, after verification of their legal status – citizen, resident alien or temporary worker. Have also verification system, where anyone can verify validity of the ID card if necessary and to avoid forged cards.
    Those who illegally entered the US before 2012 can be issued Permanent Resident status and ID, but NEVER allowed to gain citizenship and voting rights as a “punishment”. Their children, born in US can be eligible for citizenship, if no criminal records.
    Those who illegally entered the US after say, 2012, should be required to return to home country and apply for legal ID and undergo proper procedure. Those with criminal record, ISIS affiliation and multiple illegal entries need not apply.

    Bring the manufacturing back to US – lower the taxes, bring the bright and capable workers, technicians and engineers, build the base for the upcoming technology explosion boom. Use the existing legalized “illegals” base. Fix the bureaucracy; establish ID system and ENFORCE IT!

    Simple system of issuing working permits to foreigners:
    Is there need for you in US? Have job offered?
    Show documentation and apply for it, specify period of employment.
    Government OFFICE verifies it (phone call, email) and if legit, issues the visas and/or working permit.
    Applicant arrives at the workplace, registers with the OFFICE, works and pays taxes. If needs extension, applies and gets it granted or not. Stays or not.

    If there is a need for worker, he can apply for resident status and if demonstrated benefit to US, can apply for citizenship and stay here forever, with family, and contribute to making America Great Again!
    I just can’t see why this cannot be implemented. Government screwed up and needs to fix it. Just ask anyone who had to go through the Immigration Dept. “procedures”! Be humane and allow those who are here already (before 2012?) to stay, register, legalize their status HERE within few years, come out of hiding. Cheaper and more practical than trying to catch them all, deport and spend another few years to come back legally. Issue ID cards, register and track whereabouts and status of visitors and temporary workers. Require employers to employ only documented people. After grace period, deport anyone not having proper ID and legalized status.
    Border protection, instead of expensive wall, can be implemented by simpler barbed wire fences and automated patrolling by electronic surveillance, drones and having border guards or reservists stationed close to the popular illegal border crossings.
    The wall on the border can help, but it is not the SOLUTION to the illegals staying in the US. Tunnels and ladders can help to get around the wall. What is needed is to remove the attraction for people coming into US illegally, staying illegally and working illegally – everyone should have valid ID. No ID or legal status to stay on US soil? Deport and penalize those enabling it. Today’s technology allows to efficiently issue ID cards and to verify and track them.
    This will also solve the “racist” voter registration problem. Are you a citizen? Have your citizen’s ID or passport? No problem – you can vote in American elections – one time! Easy to track and put the end to fraudulent ballot stuffing. You don’t have citizen’s ID? You have no right to vote for government to represent or control you. Nothing racist!
    Cheaper, logical and humane solution to fix the immigration problem once and for all. Demand it!

  • Adam Schiff Caught Colluding With Foreign Agent – Or At Least, He Hoped He Was.

    02/06/2018 3:49:18 PM PST · 14 of 21
    Leo Carpathian to dowcaet

    The same pranksters “interwiewed” mc cain and maxine. Hillarius.

  • Memo release live thread..

    02/02/2018 7:51:22 AM PST · 70 of 810
    Leo Carpathian to gov_bean_ counter

    FReeper memo to Fox:

    Get rid of Juan, Whoraldo, and other Liberats,
    we get them from nbcnn during commercials.

  • ‘Drool’ on Rep. Joe Kennedy’s Mouth Distracts from Dem Response to Trump’s State of the Union

    01/31/2018 7:44:57 AM PST · 82 of 97
    Leo Carpathian to Fireone

    Salivating at p-residency?

  • Alaska, Grizzly Bear, .44 Magnum, The Longest Minute

    01/24/2018 6:03:43 AM PST · 2 of 27
    Leo Carpathian to marktwain

    Dats racist, killing poor black bear.
    Black Bear Lives Matter! (Lotsa meet)

  • Poll: Democrats' 2018 Lead Is Narrowing

    01/22/2018 9:59:52 AM PST · 25 of 29
    Leo Carpathian to FlingWingFlyer

    Another CNN sewer???
    Now if they surveyed some GOPers?

  • Worst-case global warming scenarios not credible: study

    01/22/2018 8:12:52 AM PST · 12 of 17
    Leo Carpathian to abclily

    Yes, 11 year cycles and we are heading into lowest one in our lifetime. Expect extreme variations in weather. Hoter hots, colder colds, windier winds. Lousy radiowave propagation.

  • Worst-case global warming scenarios not credible: study

    01/22/2018 5:08:44 AM PST · 10 of 17
    Leo Carpathian to abclily

    ...aaaaand sun’s output fluctuates in sunspot cycles


    01/22/2018 4:56:50 AM PST · 10 of 17
    Leo Carpathian to PIF

    Putins stooges still active?

  • Trump’s Physical Revealed Serious Heart Concerns, Outside Experts Say

    01/17/2018 5:56:47 PM PST · 53 of 94
    Leo Carpathian to LongWayHome

    Cholesterol doesnt matter.
    Statins cause Alzheimer’s.
    Get off it.
    dr atkins

  • PennDOT to remove 'plug welds' from 13 bridges to avoid potentially dangerous condition

    01/14/2018 10:13:05 AM PST · 36 of 58
    Leo Carpathian to DUMBGRUNT

    That looks like break from fatigue stress nothing to do with fasteners. Caused by cyclical stress by bumpy road.
    Holland tunel has stretches of rough bumpy road surface asking for trouble.

  • PennDOT to remove 'plug welds' from 13 bridges to avoid potentially dangerous condition

    01/14/2018 8:37:02 AM PST · 16 of 58
    Leo Carpathian to Pearls Before Swine

    Leave it alone. Inspect. If cracks apear then fix it.

  • UN pushes countries to open up migration despite US boycott

    01/11/2018 10:14:04 AM PST · 25 of 29
    Leo Carpathian to butlerweave

    Yo UN!
    Bring the peace to screwy countries and make people happy so they do not have to go to hated infidels, but build the paradise at home.
    Teach them to fish, don’t send them to steal other’s fish.

  • Top Fox News D.C. Reporter James Rosen Left Network After Harassment Claims

    01/11/2018 12:55:15 AM PST · 10 of 23
    Leo Carpathian to LeoWindhorse

    What is to be expected when 10 Commandments and Jesus are kicked out???

  • New York City to install 1,500 protective barriers after vehicle attacks

    01/02/2018 3:39:07 PM PST · 26 of 34
    Leo Carpathian to 48th SPS Crusader

    That is $33,333 per one piece. Made of gold?

  • NFL looking at game plan to recover from record-low TV ratings

    12/26/2017 8:45:20 AM PST · 54 of 112
    Leo Carpathian to dsrtsage

    1 change the rules to soccer game
    2 change the goal posts to soccer game
    3 cancel the offside rule
    4 watch the real footbal

  • Prices of meat and chicken have increased by more than 200% in a month and a half

    12/23/2017 2:09:28 PM PST · 9 of 48
    Leo Carpathian to DIRTYSECRET

    Obama should go there to accelerate the struggle to reach commie paradise.

  • Iraq holds military parade celebrating victory over Islamic State

    12/10/2017 11:25:10 AM PST · 16 of 22
    Leo Carpathian to shelterguy

    Obama and fake media soooo saaaad.

  • 'Morning Joe' coming to Alabama: Joe Scarborough broadcasting live on election day

    12/10/2017 11:22:06 AM PST · 32 of 66
    Leo Carpathian to dforest

    There will be barfing where idiot pair shows up.