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  • Dead Doctors Don't Lie Somebody Should Go to Jail

    01/12/2017 9:54:01 PM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 31 replies
    Youtube ^ | Oct 19, 2015 | Dr. Joel Wallach
    Dr. Wallach points out very convincingly in this YouTube that most diseases are caused by poor nutrition.
  • Why a Trump Landslide of Reagan Proportions is coming -vanity

    11/06/2016 11:57:58 PM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 60 replies
    November 7, 2016 | self
    Real Clear Politics, (RCP) aggregates only the polls its Chicago-based HQ prefers, and as a result it still calls Florida BLUE! They briefly had Florida RED, until N.C. had to be put in Trump's column. If they also allowed Florida to stay RED, that would predict Trump's 270 electoral votes and the win, which is something Podesta's 'Rats are desperate to NOT allow before the election. Everyone realizes Trump should win his own 2nd-home state. But rigged pollsters tricked Trump in May with phoney Florida polls, which by his own admission caused him to lose Ohio. And phoney pollsters are...
  • Nigel Demster - Life with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (Hillary's disease - PSP)

    09/24/2016 9:15:29 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 79 replies
    PSP Association ^ | Oct 8, 2010 | PSPAssociation
    PSP is a terminal degenerative brain disease which robs those affected of their ability to walk, talk, eat and see. Quotes from Nigel Dempster in the video... "I wont die of PSP. But I will die of an ancillary illness like pneumonia.  Its often mis-diagnosed as Parkinson's, without a cure anyway." "My body is packing up. I used to play squash once a week, or twice a week. I can't do it anymore.  And I joined the golf club, which I can't do anymore, because I can't stand still.  A long walk for me is 20 or 30 yards....
  • Does Hillary have Progressive Supranuclear Palsy? -vanity

    09/22/2016 2:48:33 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 64 replies
    Yahoo ^ | Sept 22, 2016 | Self
    Hillary demonstrates here that she can move her eyes quickly side-to-side, but she may have a GREAT DEAL OF TROUBLE rolling her EYES UP, (or down). That could be why she had to arch her back, and tip her head side-to-side to watch the balloons falling. In contrast to her, Bill has no problem looking up just by rolling his eyes UP in his eye sockets. Hillary's eye problem may also help explain why, when reporters shoved a recording device beneath Hillary's chin she flinched and flung her head backwards, because she couldn't move her eyes DOWN to see...
  • Tangled Up in Blue -vanity

    09/14/2016 1:47:18 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 28 replies
    YouTube ^ | 2006 originally | Unknown
    For some Parkinson's patients, its been proven that RED light can trigger spasms or dyskinesia, while the BLUE spectrum tends to relieve those episodes. That is why Hillary wore the medical COBALT BLUE sunglasses on 9/11, and she and all her entourage were also decked out in BLUE that day. Its a shame and tragedy for millions of Parkinson's sufferers worldwide that Hillary's sycophants at YouTube (a division of Google) would DELETE dramatic clinical evidence of helpful Parkinson's information from the internet regarding BLUE sunglasses! All across the web including here at FR, there have been links to two popular...
  • Hillary Clinton Statement on Health [Hillaryous Video]

    08/12/2016 6:19:19 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 7 replies
    Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich ^ | August 11, 2016 | Loren Feldman
    #HillarysHealth video from Silenced Director Loren Feldman
  • What's the cumulative REWARD total for Seth Rich's killer(s)? -vanity

    08/10/2016 6:00:49 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 20 replies
    self | 10 August 2016 | self
    What's the cumulative REWARD total for Seth Rich's killer(s)?       $25,000 -advertised on the initial flyers       $20,000 -offered by Julian Assange       $20,000 -offered by Mike Cernovich @Cernovich       =======       $65,000 That's just the numbers I know about. It could be more. A campaign to MAKE it more might shake the necessary information loose. For example, if this was just thug robber(s), even $65K might be enough for someone to squeal what they know. OR if it was a political murder, and the total gets 2X or 5X...
  • USC Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election "Daybreak" Poll [Trump +4.1% ...actually +10% ]

    07/25/2016 2:13:45 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 28 replies
    The USC Dornsife / LA Times ^ | July 25, 2016 | NA
    Trump ...................45.4 Clinton..................41.3
  • State Dept. Official Convicted Of Steering Iraq Dairy Contracts To Son

    07/22/2016 6:59:19 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 24 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 22-July-2016 | Kathryn Watson
    A former Department of State official is headed to prison for conspiring to steer $2 million in sole-source micro-dairy contracts to his son’s business, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). Kenneth Apple faces up to 20 years behind bars after a federal jury in Virginia convicted him Thursday of ensuring the State Department awarded four contracts for creating milk-processing factories in Iraq to Xtreme Global Logistics Solutions (XGLS). Apple’s son, Jonathan Apple, owned 50 percent of the Montana-based company, the DOJ said. Apple — a State Department agricultural advisor from Oregon in charge of micro-dairy contract oversight in Iraq...
  • Why I, a Bernie supporter, prefer Trump to Hillary Clinton [Millenial Mom for Trump]

    07/02/2016 6:57:24 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 18 replies
    YouTube ^ | 26-June-2016 | Cassandra Fairbanks
    Over the past few days, I've taken a massive amount of sh*t for saying I would support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. To the point where people were trying to get me fired. Which by the way is not being successful. So I figured I would explain myself a little bit, because its completely out of control. I've been called a Nazi, a sexist, a racist, you name it, for the past three or four days, and its just completely absurd. So, I would like to clarify a little, why I think Donald Trump is the better option than...
  • US Media Ignores Obama's Role in Brexit Disaster

    06/25/2016 8:04:11 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 44 replies
    Newsmax ^ | 24-June-2016 | David A. Patten
    Watch any of the TV news talk shows Friday and almost all have ignored one important fact: the Brexit 'Leave' victory was another humiliating loss for President Barack Obama. In fact, some British polls even showed that voter sentiment moved decidedly in favor of Brexit after Obama traveled to Britain and urged a "no" vote. British voters delivered a stinging rebuke to Obama on Thursday when they opted to leave the EU by a 52 percent to 48 percent margin. So strong was the backlash to Obama's blatant attempt to influence the Brexit vote – polls following his April visit...
  • Google searches Clinton crimes are scared away from visiting FR -vanity

    Visitors who try to use Google to search for "Clinton suspicious deaths", are warned to NOT visit Free Republic. The following Google search returned THREE levels of warnings which is enough to scare away most people from visiting the FR link... (1)Most of the returned links to FR articles were marked: "This site may harm your computer." If you click on the link anyway, you get a 2nd warning... IF You still are intent on clicking the FR link, you get a 3rd warning...
  • Brexit: Britain votes to leave EU in historic divorce [Trump connection noted]

    06/23/2016 10:38:06 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 36 replies
    Al Jazeera News ^ | 24-june-2016 | Al Jazeera
    Britain has voted to leave the European Union in a referendum, with the result throwing into question the fate of the 28-nation bloc and several high-profile British politicians, including the prime minister. When asked whether [Prime Minister] Cameron should resign, Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP which had backed a vote to Leave, said: "immediately". "The dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom," he said to loud cheers at a Leave campaign party. "I hope this victory brings down this failed project and leads us to a Europe of sovereign nation states, trading together, being friends together, cooperating together, and...
  • The Latest: Chief: Armed suspect did not say he meant harm [to Gay Pride Parade -a Bernie fan]

    06/12/2016 7:15:26 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 36 replies
    AP/WJMF.COM ^ | 6/12/2016 | Associated Presswfmj NBC affiliate
    Santa Monica's police chief says she was incorrect when she said a heavily armed Indiana man told investigators he was headed to a gay pride parade in order to do harm. Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks said in a tweet to The Associated Press that her earlier statement on James Howell was inaccurate. The chief said Howell had only told police that he was going to the event known as LA Pride, and he did not say what he intended to do there.... The [man's Facebook] page's most recent public post, from June 3, shows a photo comparing Adolf Hitler to Hillary...
  • Here is the Email that should put Hillary in Prison: The Quest for Q's Gold [Vanity]

    05/26/2016 8:35:14 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 71 replies
    Hillary's Non-secured Emails | May 26, 2016 | self
    Here is just ONE example, although its a very good example, of why Hillary should be convicted of failing to secure CONFIDENTIAL government foreign-affairs documents... This one is from Sid Blumenthal to Hillary on April 2, 2010. Clearly from the subject matter, it does not belong on any unsecured computer system. It hints at the upcoming killing by the US, France, and NATO of Mohamar Qadaffi, and it even implys WHY this has to be done: Because Qadaffi is creating a 7-billion dollar fund of gold-backed dinars, which will be the only currency allowed for middle-east oil purchases. The message...
  • Cruz team has no big plans in Indiana today [vanity]

    05/02/2016 2:32:50 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 141 replies
    Cruz '16 Fiorina Events ^ | May 2, 2016 | self
    On the crucial last day before Indiana's do-or-die election, Ted Cruz has no rallies, and the Cruz family plans no time together. Ted Cruz and (Heidi with Carly) will be touring different parts of the state in two separate buses. Ted and Heidi will start this day half-a-state apart from each other, with Ted having breakfast in Osceola Indiana, while Heidi and Carly breakfast three hours away at a bakery in Brownsburg Indiana. Heidi and Carly have also announced their plans for lunch, ice cream, and pancakes, and then pizza for dinner, in suburbs that ring Indianapolis. Meanwhile, Ted will...
  • Maine: National Cruz camp planning to steal all 23 delegates tomorrow

    04/22/2016 3:32:00 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 212 replies ^ | Howie Carr Radio program
    Turn on Howie Carr! National Cruz people planning to steal all 23 delegates in Maine tomorrow! The governor wants the delegates that go to Cleveland be 12/ 9// 2. For Cruz / trump / Kasich Cruz people refusing and fans a full slate completely loyal to Cruz
  • Kasich Super PAC Borrows ‘Lyin’ Ted’ Narrative For Super Creepy Attack Ad [VIDEO]

    03/31/2016 10:07:30 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 28 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 3/31/2016 | Christian Datoc
    The latest ad from the pro-John Kasich super PAC “New Day for America” takes a shot at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz  The television commercial — titled “Nose” — opens by noting that “many just call him ‘Lyin’ Ted.'” The ad then accuses the Cruz campaign of using underhanded tactics against both Kasich and Ben Carson. “If Ted Cruz’s mouth is moving, he’s lying.”
  • Washington Times columnist fired after confirming 2 of the now 8 Cruz mistresses [should be 5]

    03/27/2016 2:14:11 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 127 replies ^ | March 26, 2016 | Lori Stacey
    After the Washington Times quickly disassociated from him "for saying a scandal may be true", Johnson seemed to still be a class act. He tweeted that he respected them and had enjoyed working with them. He did not understand though why they would do this via Twitter instead of a phone call or even an email. However, now there are attempts to smear and discredit him, claiming they have not had a relationship with him in over a year which he soon replied to providing proof of being paid just last month.
  • Poll: Who should be the next Republican to drop out?

    03/16/2016 7:12:12 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 40 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 3/16/2016 | Wa Times
    Here is the poll
  • His Presidential Bid Over, Ben Carson Has a Big Polling Lead [for Rubio's seat!]

    03/08/2016 11:40:30 PM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 40 replies
    US News ^ | March 8, 2016 | Joseph P. Williams
    Ben Carson, who just days ago dropped his lackluster Republican Party presidential bid amid languishing poll numbers and a disappearing profile, is leading in Florida polling by a wide margin, but in the contest for the Sunshine State's soon-to-be-open Senate seat. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson speaks during CPAC 2016 March 4, 2016 in National Harbor, Maryland. A new poll shows 56 percent of likely voters would choose Carson if he were to enter the state GOP primary for the job Sen. Marco Rubio plans to vacate. If Carson doesn't run in what's likely to be a crowded field, according...
  • YouGov Poll: Gingrich 27%, Romney 21%, Paul 13%, Bachmann 8%, Huntsman 6% Perry 5%

    12/22/2011 9:19:52 PM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 56 replies · 1+ views
    The Economist/YouGov Poll ^ | 12/22/2011 | The Economist
    The Economist/YouGov Poll December 17-20, 2011 If you had to choose one, which of these individuals would you want to be the Republican nominee for president in 2012? Asked of registered voters who are likely to vote in a Republican primary or caucus Newt Gingrich 27% Mitt Romney 21% Ron Paul 13% Michele Bachmann 8% Jon Huntsman 6% Rick Perry 5% Rick Santorum 4%
  • Real Clear Politics again shows its bias toward Romney

    12/18/2011 2:29:14 PM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 33 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | 12/18/2011 | staff
    2012 Republican Presidential Nomination Polling Data on December 18, 2011 Poll Date Sample Gingr. Romney Paul Bachmn. Perry Santm. Hunts. Spread RCP Average 12/07 - 12/17 -- 30.5 22.5 9.8 8.0 7.0 3.5 3.0 Gingrich +8.0 Gallup Tracking 12/12 - 12/17 1000 RV 28 24 10 7 6 4 2 Gingrich +4 Reuters/Ipsos 12/08 - 12/12 443 RV 28 18 12 10 12 4 5 Gingrich +10 Associated Press/GfK 12/08 - 12/12 460 A 33 27 9 9 6 3 2 Gingrich +6 Pew Research 12/07 - 12/11 504 RV 33 21 8 6 4 3 3 Gingrich +12
  • New National Poll: Gingrich 29%, Romney 18%, Paul 14% (YouGov 12/10-12/13)

    12/15/2011 7:47:38 PM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 53 replies
    The Economist/YouGov Poll ^ | 12/15/2011 | The Economist
    The Economist/YouGov Poll December 10-13, 2011 If you had to choose one, which of these individuals would you want to be the Republican nominee for president in 2012? Asked of registered voters who are likely to vote in a Republican primary or caucus (n=325) Newt Gingrich 29% Mitt Romney 18% Ron Paul 14% Michele Bachmann 7% Rick Perry 6% Rick Santorum 6% Jon Huntsman 2% Gary Johnson 0% Other 8% No preference 10%
  • Gingrich lead jumps to 16% [Gingrich 39%, Romney 23%, Poll Position 12/11]

    12/12/2011 1:01:20 AM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 117 replies
    Poll Position ^ | 12/12/2011 | Eason Jordan
    Gingrich lead jumps to 16%GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich is garnering more support than ever in this presidential campaign season, with the first national public opinion poll after the Saturday night ABC News Republican candidates’ debate showing Gingrich with a 16% lead over his closest challenger, Mitt Romney. The scientific Poll Position survey of registered voters who say they’ll vote in their state’s 2012 Republican primary or caucus produced these results: Gingrich 39%, Romney 23%, Ron Paul 11%, Michele Bachmann 6%, Rick Perry 5%, Rick Santorum 4%, Jon Huntsman 2%, someone else 2%, and undecided or no opinion at 9%.A...
  • Gingrich 32%, Romney 23% [Cain 14%, Poll Position 11/27]

    11/29/2011 1:04:08 PM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 41 replies
    Poll Position ^ | 11/28/2011 | Eason Jordan
    Gingrich 32%, Romney 23% Newt Gingrich’s surge to the top of the GOP presidential race has given him a nine-percent lead over long-time frontrunner Mitt Romney. In the first national scientific public opinion poll since Gingrich garnered a key New Hampshire newspaper endorsement, likely 2012 Republican primary and caucus voters favored Gingrich over Romney by a 32%-23% margin, with Herman Cain at 14%, Ron Paul at 6%, Rick Perry 5%, Michele Bachmann 4%, Jon Huntsman 3%, someone else at 4%, and no opinion at 11%.Conducted last night, the poll of 499 registered voters nationwide who said they’d vote in...
  • Three top pack in GOP race (Position Poll / Cain 24.4%, Romney 19.5%, Gingrich 19.0%)

    11/10/2011 1:33:13 AM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 46 replies
    Poll Position ^ | November 9, 2011 | Eason Jordan
    In the remarkable race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, it now appears to be a three-way contest among embattled frontrunner Herman Cain, one-time favorite Mitt Romney, and the surging Newt Gingrich. Poll Position’s national scientific survey of Americans saying they plan to vote in the 2012 Republican primary or caucus was conducted Tuesday night as Cain found himself embroiled in a growing controversy over sexual allegations made against him by four women – allegations Cain emphatically denies as baseless. The poll found   24% backing Cain, (actually 24.4%)   20% Romney,       (actually 19.5%)   19% Gingrich,...
  • Kristi Noem (R) moves into Lead

    11/02/2010 8:34:16 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 25 replies · 1+ views
    S.Dakota Secretary of State ^ | Nov 2, 2010 | S.Dakota
    Kristie Noem (R) was loosing ground consistently in the first 250 precincts counted, but then turned around and has been (mostly) gaining in remaining precincts. NOW MOVES INTO THE LEAD. Go Kristie! pcts pcts Repub Dem Noem's /791 pct Noem Sandlin Lead 32 4.0% 7053 7507 -454 60 7.6% 10731 10248 483 100 12.6% 20064 21438 -1374 124 15.7% 23119 24503 -1384 145 18.3% 26358 27474 -1116 194 24.5% 37547 40129 -2582 215 27.2% 41107 44058 -2951 238 30.1% 46754 50545 -3791 292 36.9% 58202 61425 -3223 333 42.1% 64990 67491 -2501 386 48.8% 76764 78787 -2023 434 54.9% 86721...
  • White House Insider: "President Obama is lost. Absolutely lost."

    10/26/2010 10:10:18 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 197 replies · 1+ views
    NewsFlavor ^ | October 26, 2010 | Ulsterman
    ... Just tell me about this scandal.  (Leans back, folds arms across chest.  Looks outside – then back to me) Ok then – I’ll point your nose in the right direction.  Enough people are sniffing in the same garbage pile anyways, including the Times.  Though I suspect they are burying it at the moment, or trying to.  They are still heavily invested in Obama, but that may change soon… Go back to Chicago.  That is the key.  There is other crap around the White House, other things that could trip them up, but Chicago is where the real heavy deal...
  • Here It Comes: Title Insurance Problems

    09/30/2010 10:26:19 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 29 replies
    The Market Ticker ^ | September 30, 2010 | Karl Denninger
    Now we got trouble.I am in receipt of a copy of a bulletin from Old Republic Title in which it states: The Company will not insure title to any property which has been foreclosed by Ally Financial, Ally Bank or GMAC until further notice. Oops.I suspect this is going to spread fast, given that this "wee problem" is NOT specific to GMAC and Ally.  In fact, JP Morgan/Chase has reported "similar discrepancies", and then today we had my report on a ruling from a court in which a counterfeit summons was issued not by the court, but by a...
  • The ultimate insurance company cost savings (Let the Patient Die)

    09/30/2010 6:19:28 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 18 replies
    The Heart Scan Blog ^ | September 29, 2010 | Dr. William Davis
    The ultimate insurance company cost savings I had a very disturbing conversation with a physician who is employed by an insurance company last week. I admitted a patient in the hospital for very clear-cut reasons. She is one of my few non-compliant patients, doing none of the strategies I advocate--no fish oil, no vitamin D, no correction of her substantial lipoprotein abnormalities, not even medication. Much of this was because of difficult finances, some of it is because she is from the generation (she is in her late 70s) that tends to ignore preventive health, some of it is because she is...
  • Carbs against Cardio: More Evidence that Refined Carbohydrates, not Fats, Threaten the Heart

    04/29/2010 3:05:37 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 68 replies · 2,170+ views
    Scientific American Magazine ^ | May 2010 | Melinda Wenner Moyer
    Eat less saturated fat: that has been the take-home message from the U.S. government for the past 30 years. But while Americans have dutifully reduced the percentage of daily calories from saturated fat since 1970, the obesity rate during that time has more than doubled, diabetes has tripled, and heart disease is still the country’s biggest killer. Now a spate of new research, including a meta-analysis of nearly two dozen studies, suggests a reason why: investigators may have picked the wrong culprit. Processed carbohydrates, which many Americans eat today in place of fat, may increase the risk of obesity, diabetes...
  • Orly Taitz Claims She Can Have President Obama "Out Of Office In 30 Days"

    09/15/2009 2:26:29 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 264 replies · 13,763+ views
    Media Matters Action Network ^ | September 14, 2009 2:00 pm ET | Media Matters Action
    Orly Taitz Claims She Can Have President Obama "Out Of Office In 30 Days"September 14, 2009 2:00 pm ET A few quick snippets... Judge David Carter, Central District of California, ordered early discovery; Obama has 30 days to produce his records, including his hospital, birth certificate, name of doctor, and all of the signatures.
  • Ortho Promoting Promiscuity in Young UNMARRIED Women.

    05/29/2005 6:59:59 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 108 replies · 3,268+ views
    Ortho Evra ad ^ | 5-29-2005 | myself
    Ortho is promoting promiscuity and unsafe sex in young UNMARRIED women. A commercial for birth control devices by OrthoEvra shows a young woman saying: "My life goes a million miles a minute, so remembering to take the pill every DAY can be such a hassle. So I thought the weekly patch might be a good thing." The problem is, this young woman is NOT wearing a wedding or engagement ring on her left hand's 'ring' finger but she is instead wearing a large EXTREMELY OBVIOUS ring on her NEXT finger (closer to her thumb) which typically indicates an unattached...
  • Schiavo Foundation Urges Wife of Disabled Jacksonville Man to Err on the Side of Life

    05/14/2005 2:09:03 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 327 replies · 17,212+ views
    Christian Communication Network ^ | 5/14/2005 | Pamela Hennessey
    Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation Urges Wife of Disabled Jacksonville Man to Err on the Side of LifeTo: National DeskContact: Pamela F. Hennessy for the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation, 727-445-1766, phenn@zimp.orgCLEARWATER, Fl., May 14 /Christian Wire Service/ –- The volunteers with the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation, along with the family of Terri Schiavo, are urging Jacksonville, Florida resident, Eliza Thomas, to allow her 34 year old husband to live.The Foundation has learned that Scott Thomas suffered brain injury in September of 2004 and has since been incapacitated and dependent on others. His mother, Pamela Patton, has petitioned the courts for guardianship of the...
  • It was wrong to kill her. [JimRob on Terri Schiavo]

    04/04/2005 8:35:23 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 251 replies · 7,160+ views
    FreeRepublic ^ | April 3, 2005 | Jim Robinson
    Jim Robinson is the founder and operator of He posted this editorial on Terri Schiavo, Sunday April 3rd. I said it was wrong to kill her. That is my opinion. Nothing can change it. No list of "facts" will ever change it. And I put "facts" in quotes because most of the so-called "facts" posted here were in fact "opinion." Whether it was a poster's opinion, a reporter's opinion, her husband's opinion, a relative's opinion, a supporter's opinion, a detractor's opinion, a politician's opinion, a lawyer's opinion, a doctor's opinion, the president's opinion, the governor's opinion, or even...
  • New Therapy Improves Swallow Function [Schiavo related]

    03/08/2005 11:24:10 AM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 46 replies · 5,334+ views
      New Therapy Improves Swallow Function   Swallowing. It's like blinking or breathing - you never think about it. You just do it. Thousands of times a day. Unless you're one of 15 million Americans who suffer from dysphagia, a painful, often debilitating disorder that makes swallowing extremely difficult or even impossible.   Henry Sroka, a 58 year-old businessman, is one of those people. Due to a neurological condition, Henry's epiglottis, the mechanism that protects the airway during swallowing, wouldn't close properly. Therefore, the simple act of managing his own saliva became a problem. And eating or drinking became...
  • Father Frank's homily on Terri Schiavo

    02/25/2005 2:58:52 AM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 44 replies · 3,178+ views
    EWTN ^ | 25-Feb-2005 | Father Frank Pavone
    Father Frank's homily on Terri Schiavo, and advice to Michael [An F.R. exclusive] ... The last time I had the privilege of preaching from this pulpit, was a few days before the national elections of the United States of America last November, and do you remember how I concluded my remarks? I said, I know that the outcome of this election will be favorable to the cause of life, because I know you. That's what I said; because I know you, the people of God, who always respond when there is a need. Who always respond when they are called...

    10/21/2004 9:01:27 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 19 replies · 835+ views
    - - - BOYCOTT the BOYCOTT'ers - - - We have new evidence of 5 companies that apparently practice advanced censorship. The Vietnam Veterans who were former-POWs and wish to share their opinions of how John Kerry injured them and our military in 1971, are being censored by a group called "Boycott Sinclair Advertisers". This group encourages consumers to threaten advertisers with a boycott unless they stop advertising with Sinclair. The website promises to QUIETLY remove those advertisers from the boycott list if they agree to their demands. But our FR champions of truth and FREE SPEECH do not...
  • Bush leads the "Love Test" 70% to 30%

    10/14/2004 11:03:43 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 53 replies · 1,262+ views
    Debate 3 Transcript | Oct 15, 2004 | Self
    The "Love Test" Bush 70% - - Kerry 30% The word LOVE was used 10 times in the 3rd debate: George W. Bush: I love (1) the fact that people pray for me and my family all around the country. I believe we ought to love (2) our neighbor like we love (3) ourself (Bush said this first)I love (4) the strong women around me. I can't tell you how much I love (5) my wife and our daughters. I guess you would say it was love (6) at first sight. I love (7) the optimism in that painting,...
  • Is Soros 'gaming' the IEM Iowa Electronic Market? [your chance to make some DOUGH!]

    09/01/2004 7:04:35 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 56 replies · 1,694+ views
    mine ^ | 1 sep 2004 | mine
    Is Soros 'gaming' the IEM Iowa Electronic Market? Conservatives in recent days have been hailing the Iowa Electronic Market [election stock market], since it acts very much like a real-time-poll. It measures how much each side is willing to part with their own hard-earned cash to bet on their candidate. But the flaw in the IEM, is that the daily GRAPH of CLOSING PRICES CAN be easily manipulated by rich-guys, by BUYING UP ALL the contracts just BEFORE midnight, and then covering your bets in the opposite direction AFTER midnight. THAT apparently happened last night, and somewhere, there are democRATS...
  • Outdoors Calendar [Barney Bush premiers tonight]

    08/06/2004 2:03:02 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 18 replies · 831+ views
    Today: Fishing with Roland Martin, 8 p.m., ...bass fishing with President George W. Bush on Bush's Texas ranch. [ALONG WITH BARNEY!]
  • Whoopi yanked from Slim-Fast webpages (BOYCOTT starting to work!)

    07/14/2004 1:48:26 AM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 303 replies · 16,113+ views
    Slim-Fast marketing ^ | July 14, 2004 as of Monday July 12, 2004 as of Wednesday morning July 14, 2004
  • Blue Apples, privacy, and Web Bugs at FR

    05/09/2004 10:09:59 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 103 replies · 3,823+ views
    5/10/2004 | self
    Blue Apples, privacy, and Web Bugs at FR Some freepers use a visible graphic or 'icon' on their every post such as one person that uses a "blue apple" from his own home webspace. Icons like that can serve as a 'web-bug' to harvest personal info from freepers. Now I realize FR doesn't allow java, javascript, vbscript, or active-x content so the risk is lowered. But some of these same freepers are also amatuer programmers with access to detailed webmaster server-access statistics. Those stats can collect the IP addresses, and a number of other environment variables from every computer that...
  • Attorneys argue over questioning of witnesses in Schiavo case

    04/19/2004 5:23:21 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 33 replies · 401+ views
    Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL ^ | 4/19/2004 | Vickie Chachere
    Attorneys argue over questioning of witnesses in Schiavo case By VICKIE CHACHERE Associated Press Writer CLEARWATER, Fla. -- The attorney for a man seeking to end his severely brain-damaged wife's life argued Monday that Gov. Jeb Bush shouldn't be allowed to gather new evidence in the case because the judge has all the information he needs to decide if the law keeping Terri Schiavo alive is unconstitutional. The governor's attorney countered that questioning is needed because lawmakers were uncomfortable with Michael Schiavo's motives in wanting to withdraw food and hydration from his wife. Those questions are central to determining whether...
  • CNN delegate survey: Kerry clinches nomination

    03/11/2004 7:29:48 PM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 27 replies · 94+ views
    CNN ^ | 3/11/2004 | CNN
    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. John Kerry has amassed enough delegates to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination, according to a CNN survey. (more)
  • Attorney Ken Connor on Greta tonight (update on saving Terri Schiavo)

    01/09/2004 7:02:58 PM PST · by Future Useless Eater · 79 replies · 5,831+ views
    On the Record with Greta Van Sustern | FoxNews
    There is still time to tune in Greta tonight, She will be interviewing Florida State's Attorney Ken Connor tonight regarding the Terri Schiavo law and lawsuit. The latest we HAD heard on this was that a new judge, Judge Nelly Khouzam 'may' have taken over on the Terri Schiavo constitutionality question, effective January 1st 2004. Judge Baird may have RUSHED to judge this law, holding a 'quickie' mini-hearing on his LAST DAY as judge in civil court. Judge Baird claimed he had heard enough to make a ruling on summary judgement, but he appears to have been barred from ruling...
  • Wash Times: Terri Schiavo case gets hearing

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    Washington Times ^ | Dec 19, 2003 | UPI
    <p>MIAMI, Dec. 19 (UPI) -- A hearing in Clearwater, Fla., Tuesday will start the process of determining whether "Terri's law" is constitutional.</p> <p>Terri Schiavo, 40, has been in what doctors call a persistent vegetative state for 14 years and efforts to allow her to die have been thwarted in the state Legislature and the courts.</p>
  • Schiavo case deserves less-reckless handling

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    Tallahassee Democrat ^ | Nov 01, 2003 | Leo Sandon
    Schiavo case deserves less-reckless handling by: Leo Sandon Tallahassee Democrat Saturday, Nov 01, 2003 In this week's latest development in the Terri Schiavo case, attorneys for husband Michael Schiavo filed a brief challenging the constitutionality of "Terri's Law," the hurriedly enacted state measure empowering Gov. Jeb Bush to keep the severely brain-damaged woman alive. Now the case is perhaps the most visible, bitterly contentious and exhaustively protracted right-to-die drama since Karen Ann Quinlan's in 1978. It exemplifies the personal, medical, legal, political, ethical and religious components that make end-of-life decisions so complicated. The problem is in the first instance a...
  • Professor Appointed to Probe Schiavo Case

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    Guardian Unlimited ^ | Nov 1, 2003 | Vickie Chachere
    Professor Appointed to Probe Schiavo Case Saturday November 1, 2003 1:01 AM By VICKIE CHACHERE Associated Press Writer TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - A judge appointed a University of South Florida professor on Friday to independently investigate the case of a severely brain-damaged woman at the center of a right-to-die battle. Jay Wolfson, an expert on health care financing, will report to Gov. Jeb Bush and recommend whether the stay the governor enacted to keep Terri Schiavo alive should be allowed to remain. Schiavo suffered severe brain damage when her heart stopped due to a chemical imbalance and has been in...