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  • Hillary has No Campaign Rallies Scheduled on her Calendar! What’s Wrong with Her?

    08/23/2016 5:14:35 AM PDT · 272 of 345
    Future Useless Eater to Toespi; Arthur McGowan
  • Hillary has No Campaign Rallies Scheduled on her Calendar! What’s Wrong with Her?

    08/23/2016 12:07:05 AM PDT · 242 of 345
    Future Useless Eater to GilGil; \/\/ayne; 4yearlurker; 5th MEB; 9YearLurker; A CA Guy; acapesket; al baby; Albion Wilde; ...
    Hillary was only able to walk about 4 minutes before she tanked, with a zombie look,

    Shortly after that picture was taken...
    Hillary raised her hand to her forehead like she was feeling faint, and an aide
    (wearing a brown/white striped half-sleeve top)
    quickly slapped Hillary's hand down and away from her forehead,

    So instead, Hillary brought her fist to her mouth, and coughed once into her hand.
    Then Cuomo signaled for Hillary to turn right and get out of that crowd.

    It took Hillary six shuffling steps for her to turn 45 degrees to her right
    and she looked unstable as she made that turn.

    The woman wearing the brown/white stripes who slapped Hillary's hand away from her forehead
    appeared to possibly be Hillary's doctor, Lisa Bardack.

    ...that video might only play with some browsers
  • Hillary Clinton Voter fraud caught in Nevada

    08/22/2016 8:48:36 PM PDT · 31 of 63
    Future Useless Eater to Enlightened1; 5th MEB; AmericanInTokyo; b4me; BigEdLB; boycott; ConservativeStatement; CrazyIvan; ..
    I noticed the ONLY Clinton Events in Nevada, day after day for the foreseeable future are all the same...
    Each WEEKDAY, it is like this...

    Wed, Aug 24, 2016, 10:00am – 4:00pm PDT
    Team Pahrump Daily Voter Reigstration Pahrump DMV
    1780 E Basin Ave Pahrump, Nevada 89060
    Official event
    Come join our Voter Registration Team at DMV to help get everyone registered to vote.

    Why would Clinton's supporters stake out "daily voter-registrations" at a small DMV in the heart of migrant-worker country?
    Who exactly are they trying to register to vote?

    Has word gotten out that this particular DMV in a small unincorporated "town" is the best place in Nevada for illegal aliens to obtain or use forged "citizenship" papers, and get 2016 voting rights?

  • That's "D"..."D as in Donald"

    08/22/2016 7:32:44 AM PDT · 13 of 14
    Future Useless Eater to Scooter100

    A as in Abedin

    B as in Beast

    C as in Crookedhillary

    D as in Donald

  • SECRET SERVICE AGENT Says Hillary Has Parkinson’s Disease…

    08/22/2016 6:18:11 AM PDT · 105 of 144
    Future Useless Eater to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain; DoughtyOne; bigbob; Bon mots; hole_n_one; Scrambler Bob; 3D-JOY; cherry; ...

    In the purple zone, ILLary is freshly juiced-up and her head-jerks are possible.
    In the GREY zone, ILLary freezes, pauses, or looks like death warmed over.

    #HillarysHealth video from Silenced Director Loren Feldman

  • The Words Out

    08/20/2016 2:55:38 PM PDT · 17 of 17
    Future Useless Eater to hapnHal

    08/20/2016 8:35:01 AM PDT · 15 of 31
    Future Useless Eater to Sean_Anthony
    Who knows the real motivation for his inattention to Louisiana,

    Katrina most visibly hit New Orleans, a democratic cesspool.

    This storm flooded predominantly Republican areas, so Obama doesn't care.

  • Another honest presidential poll is blowing corrupt polling organizations

    08/20/2016 3:52:03 AM PDT · 26 of 52
    Future Useless Eater to

    Any new polling method like this should regularly also ask,,,

    ,,, “Who did you vote for in 2012?” so that today’s preferences can be judged if they are weighted correctly.

  • LongRoom Unbiased Poll (Trump 43.6%, Clinton, 42.8%...Trump by .6%)

    08/19/2016 9:32:30 AM PDT · 105 of 112
    Future Useless Eater to xzins; Longbow1969; Nachum; ilovesarah2012; gr8eman; Buckeye McFrog; proust; canuck_conservative; ..
    Was forced down?

    I thought longroom was great and was EXACTLY WHAT WE NEEDED.

    here is an archive of their last page, or so it seems...

    LongRoom Unbiased Lead By Percentage CANDIDATES
    Donald J. Trump 43.4% 0.6%
    Hillary Clinton 42.8%

    Trump +0.6%


    Average Media Polling Bias 5.7%

  • Democrats just don’t want to act on sexual complaints from women, not even from “one of their own”

    08/19/2016 9:05:09 AM PDT · 5 of 19
    Future Useless Eater to Oldpuppymax

  • Clinton Foundation Investigation Could Spell Hillary's Doom

    08/19/2016 8:13:14 AM PDT · 86 of 97
    Future Useless Eater to metmom
    Well, you can count on NY NOT prosecuting anyone for any illegal activity.

    Thanks for pointing that out. 
    Of all the dem hell-holes in the US where a song-and-dance will rush to declare the C.F. "innocent of all wrong-doing",
    There are so far 3 of the 4 top Clinton-sewers jumping on the bandwagon...  
      NY (Hillary's carpetbag town)
      AR (Clinton Library host)
      DC (Soro's second home)
    Next, expect Illinois to join the fray... or would that be TOO obvious?
  • Clinton Foundation Investigation Could Spell Hillary's Doom

    08/19/2016 7:31:38 AM PDT · 71 of 97
    Future Useless Eater to detective; from occupied ga; lexington minuteman 1775; be-baw; Paladin2; Da Coyote; Liz; ...
    The problem is finding an uncorrupted government official in the Obama administration.

    The Clinton Foundation broke laws in all 50 states and can be prosecuted at the STATE level.

    As long as CF is investigated OR prosecuted at the FEDERAL level, it is Obama's employees doing that job, and is nothing more than...
          Kabuki Theater

    The FBI may be willing to share its findings, but someone will likely be fired for it.
  • Hillary Campaign Vows To Destroy Opposition Website (Breitbart)

    08/18/2016 7:42:59 PM PDT · 29 of 72
    Future Useless Eater to 2ndDivisionVet

    This should be a red-flag to Americans that she wants to kill the 1st amendment.

    Its also a dog-whistle from Hillary to her goon-followers to assassinate even MORE of the Breitbart staffers.

    I hope they have very good security!

  • Hillary Holds Yet Another Low-Attendance “High School” Rally

    08/18/2016 5:42:01 AM PDT · 53 of 54
    Future Useless Eater to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain

    Hillary is NOT serious about campaign rallies. She’s going thru the motions just for appearances.

    Every one of her appearances is preaching to a small choir, deliberately.

    She’s trying to be seen ONLY by bus-loads of super-loyal supporters, plus high school students in order to control/limit the crowd.

    She plans to win this election using just MSM’s help, along with TV and radio ads in swing states.

  • Biden Serves as Mrs. Clinton's Brassiere

    08/17/2016 9:46:23 PM PDT · 26 of 31
    Future Useless Eater to Kaslin; SkyDancer; oblomov; Col Frank Slade; Darksheare; butlerweave; heterosupremacist; GraceG; ...
    Biden remembered seeing that done in a movie, but he was confused ...

  • The Electric Car Future That Never Happened

    08/17/2016 5:35:59 AM PDT · 5 of 41
    Future Useless Eater to MichCapCon
    Who needs a car?
  • Hillary will have a coughing fit during her speech tonight! [Vanity]

    08/12/2016 11:43:00 PM PDT · 168 of 173
    Future Useless Eater to All
    Hillary Clinton Statement on Health

    #HillarysHealth video from Silenced Director Loren Feldman

  • Hillary Clinton May Be Showing Signs Of Dementia

    08/12/2016 11:41:26 PM PDT · 12 of 58
    Future Useless Eater to All; V K Lee; hoosiermama
    Hillary Clinton Statement on Health

    #HillarysHealth video from Silenced Director Loren Feldman

  • Hillary Clinton May Be Showing Signs Of Dementia

    08/12/2016 11:32:31 PM PDT · 10 of 58
    Future Useless Eater to All

    Dementia is another symptom of PD

  • Hillary Clinton May Be Showing Signs Of Dementia

    08/12/2016 11:32:01 PM PDT · 9 of 58
    Future Useless Eater to Signalman; hoosiermama; V K Lee

    Top Eleven key non-movement symptoms of Parkinsons (PD)

    11: People with PD often have difficulty bringing their eyes to focus. [HRC’s fresnel glasses]
    this is because control of the pupils is an autonomic function, and it is the
    autonomic functions that are attacked by PD
    10: RSBD Rem Sleep Behavioral Disorder
    9: Sexual dysfunction
    8: Overactive Bladder [Hillary’s bathroom visits during debate]
    7: Dizziness or Fainting
    6: Softening or lowering of the voice [coughing]
    5: Constipation
    4: Disordered Sleep -not much trouble falling asleep, but waking up just a few hours later
    and often repeating the cycle several times in the night. Awakenings are often associated
    with unpleasant feelings or nightmares.
    3: loss of sense of smell food has no taste overseasoning food
    2: new psychiatric problems, usually depression or anxiety, often occuring together
    1: EDS Excessive Daytime Sleepiness [Hillary researched Parkinson drug for sleepiness in 2011]

    Defective Motor Control of Coughing in Parkinson’s Disease

    ( excessive or easily triggered coughing in PD patients )

  • Hillary will have a coughing fit during her speech tonight! [Vanity]

    08/12/2016 11:16:09 PM PDT · 166 of 173
    Future Useless Eater to CivilWarBrewing; LucyT; hoosiermama; NIKK; Whenifhow; V K Lee
    NFOSD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of those suffering from swallowing disorders (dysphagia).

    Fast facts:
    Swallowing difficulty can occur at any stage of Parkinson's disease (PD).
    The leading cause of death in Parkinson's is aspiration pneumonia due to swallowing disorders.
    Difficulty swallowing, called dysphagia, can happen at any stage of Parkinson disease.
    Signs and symptoms can range from mild to severe and may include: difficulty swallowing certain foods or liquids, coughing or throat clearing during or after eating/drinking, and feeling as if food is getting stuck.
    As the disease progresses, swallowing can become severely compromised and food/liquid can get into the lungs, causing aspiration pneumonia.
    Aspiration pneumonia is the leading cause of death in PD.
  • 2012 Pentagon report warned Obama was creating ISIS

    08/12/2016 10:18:12 PM PDT · 39 of 101
    Future Useless Eater to detective

    I saw a youtube of Putin at a press conference. His words were translated into english subtitles below him.

    Putin described nearly all the middle east turmoil as all CAUSED by Clinton.
    She hired mercenaries to take down Qadaffi and Assad, as well as cause other middle east regime tampering, and to the arm rebels to overthrow Ukraine leaders, which then lead to Russia
    getting involved to rescue the areas with the most Russian citizens in Ukraine.

    Hillary’s tampering worked in Libya, but in Syria it has dragged on for years. And the mercenaries started fighting for others who paid more, which formed into ISIS.

  • Hillary Clinton Statement on Health [Hillaryous Video]

    08/12/2016 6:48:38 AM PDT · 6 of 8
    Future Useless Eater to Whenifhow; LucyT; hoosiermama


  • Hillary Clinton Statement on Health [Hillaryous Video]

    08/12/2016 6:19:19 AM PDT · 1 of 8
    Future Useless Eater
  • Physician: Mainstream Media "Strangely Silent" About Hillary Clinton's Health

    08/10/2016 1:45:36 PM PDT · 5 of 76
    Future Useless Eater to Biggirl

    Of those who saw the movie “Concussion” how worthwhile and relevant to Hildabeast might it be?

  • What's the cumulative REWARD total for Seth Rich's killer(s)? -vanity

    08/10/2016 6:00:49 AM PDT · 1 of 21
    Future Useless Eater

    08/09/2016 10:03:24 PM PDT · 186 of 447
    Future Useless Eater to Nita Nupress

    good analysis, thanks


    08/09/2016 9:55:10 PM PDT · 183 of 447
    Future Useless Eater to Bigtigermike
    the very fact that wikileaks is putting up money to find the killer of Seth Rich is strange because ...

    Yes, You're right. Thanks...
      (1) Assange DID say: HEY, it might not be the Russians, it might be the DNC employee who was murdered last week
      (2) Assange DID offer a $20,000 reward for information on Seth Rich's killer. Why do THAT unless there HAD BEEN a relationship between the two of them?
      (3) Assange DID start to make a revealing statement about Seth Rich's murder if only that annoying Dutch jackass had not interrupted him so badly.
      So, all in all, yes, it does SEEM like Julian is "hinting" that Seth Rich was the leaker OR was killed due to that DNC leak.

    08/09/2016 9:16:47 PM PDT · 145 of 447
    Future Useless Eater to dragnet2; fhayek; butlerweave; Beave Meister; Diogenesis; Mariner; disndat; Red in Blue PA; ...

    watch the video and you should agree the Drudge title is wrong.

    Assange only STARTED to imply Seth Rich may have been murdered because of his DNC job and the leaks going on in Washington,
    but the asshole reporter kept interrupting him.
    So we may never know what Assange intended to imply in that interview.

    Assange did not “finger” the DNC leaker.

  • Is This Hillary Clinton’s “Medical Handler”? – Dr. Oladotun A Okunola M.D.?…

    08/09/2016 6:00:21 PM PDT · 390 of 407
    Future Useless Eater to WENDLE; Freedom_Is_Not_Free; AuntB; Windflier; Mariner; Enchante; rodguy911; VTenigma; ...
    Is this in the public record? This needs to be confirmed or denied by hillary campaign.

    No, and I never said those records were true. The same doctor wrote in 2015 that H is in near-perfect health.

    Rather than repeat myself, see what I said in post 231 about the source: (an anonymous TWITTER posting).
    Not surprisingly, whether the records were true or not, Twitter has now yanked them.

    But they are still in the archive location pointed to in 231, along with the comments made about them by the "source".
    The anonymous records could be fake, and most here say they MUST be, for numerous reasons, including because Hillary's doctor is still willing to claim H is in good health.

    I contend its just another thing to keep a watch for about her, and see if the twitter-leaked "records" eventually make more sense than the doctor's 2015 letter and claimed H is in good health.

  • Is This Hillary Clinton’s “Medical Handler”? – Dr. Oladotun A Okunola M.D.?…

    08/09/2016 12:35:20 AM PDT · 231 of 407
    Future Useless Eater to mkjessup; Karliner

    I don’t know if its legit. Its from Twitter: ... Someone claiming to be a “former employee”

    If that page gets deleted, its also archived at

    I suppose its best to assume it may be counter-psy-ops,
    and just watch the beast very closely over time to see if there might be truth to it, or of other corroborating leaks/slips/falls/spams/freezes develop.

  • Is This Hillary Clinton’s “Medical Handler”? – Dr. Oladotun A Okunola M.D.?…

    08/08/2016 11:14:32 PM PDT · 212 of 407
    Future Useless Eater to dontreadthis; 1Old Pro; 867V309; 9YearLurker; advertising guy; aimhigh; al baby; angelsonmyside; ...
    Does anyone know of a VIDEO of that walk?

    It looks like she is having a mild stroke here. With her blank washed out expression, and the extreme concern expressed by the SS guy on her right, and by her neurologist Dr. Okunola on her left (who is MUCH taller than her), bending down to her level, trying to talk her thru that seizure. Her right arm looks to be convulsing too.

    IF this medical report (below) is correct, Hillary is suffering from complications that WORSENED in 2014.
    DIAGNOSES: Complex Partial Seizures, Subcortical Vascular Dementia

    ...following a concussion in early December 2012. She states the blacking out, uncontrollable twitching, and memory loss have become worse over the last few months. Patient has been diagnosed with having Complex Partial Seizures in early 2013 and was diagnosed with having early-onset Subcortical Vascular Dementia in mid 2013.

    Patient shows signs of advancing Subcortical Vascular Dementia after a MMSE was performed. Thee patient scored significantly lower on today's test than when tested in 2013. The patient is also showing signs of having more frequent Complex Partial Seizures.
  • FBI Raids Labor Leader’s Home, IBEW Union Hall, Councilman’s Office (Hillary office Raided!)

    08/07/2016 1:00:58 PM PDT · 70 of 87
    Future Useless Eater to proust; 9YearLurker; Candor7; volunbeer; wille777; NoLibZone; Anima Mundi; jazminerose; DAC21; ...
  • The Press and Pollsters Are Putting Too Much Cornstarch in the Cherry Pie (she's losing)

    08/07/2016 7:34:58 AM PDT · 37 of 66
    Future Useless Eater to Liz
    She made a huge strategic error, picking Kaine as her running mate.
    Kaine always looks like he's thinking, "what the hell am I doing here?"

    But she did it because she's positive that if she loses the battleground state Virginia, she looses the election,
    and Terry McAuliffe's thumb on the scale when weighing votes might not be enough to steal that state.
  • Trump's comments about Minnesota Somalis met with outrage, satisfaction

    08/07/2016 6:36:11 AM PDT · 86 of 104
    Future Useless Eater to Fedora

    The Red Star Tribune is about as commie a “newspaper” as you can find anywhere in the country.

    Not even suitable for wrapping up fish guts.

  • Russia accuses U.S. of backing Syrian rebels who use poison gas on civilians

    08/07/2016 6:13:16 AM PDT · 57 of 63
    Future Useless Eater to Mariner

    Rossiya khorosha , babushka Kerri i Kruked Khillari plokho

  • Trump: Hillary is 'a monster'

    08/05/2016 8:25:02 PM PDT · 48 of 70
    Future Useless Eater to make no mistake; PaulyPaul; Crimson Elephant; bkopto; Paladin2; Secret Agent Man; gigster; ...
    Hillary is not only a monster but she is the devil too.

    What's incredible is all her fake outrage at "supposedly Russia" hacking into her stuff.
    She knew even before 2010 that MI6 (Britain) was able to hack into Bill's database, and the Clintons made an example of the guy who did it...

    Gareth Williams

    MI6 Agent

    Died: August 16. 2010

    Gareth Williams, an MI6 spy who worked on both sides of the Atlantic, engaged in some unauthorized hacking by breaking into Bill Clinton's database of friends and connections, ostensibly to give to a friend in the media. This breach caused a diplomatic nightmare for MI6's new director, Sir John Sawers.

    Gareth was found naked, padlocked into a sports bag, in his own bathtub. No fingerprints, palm-prints footprints or traces of William's DNA were found at the scene. The key to the padlock was inside the bag, underneath his body.

    As usual, declared a suicide! The sheer absurdity of this claim provoked a public uproar, and the promoters of the suicide theory even went so far as to try to demonstrate how Williams could have inserted himself into the bag!

    But even this charade failed to convince anyone and the police were finally forced to acknowledge William's murder, even to the point of admitting they had two suspects in the crime ... who were never arrested.


  • Anonymous Postings by FBI agent

    08/05/2016 6:57:03 AM PDT · 31 of 49
    Future Useless Eater to Aria; RummyChick; Liz; IllumiNaughtyByNature; PJammers; FamiliarFace; demkicker; Buckeye McFrog; ...
    If he is not really FBI he certainly does seem convincing and sounds like he knows a lot of insider info.

    The hardest thing I have trouble accepting is that he says Israel is involved, except he does say that Israel is the lesser of two evils that we should side with.

    In a way, I can understand, since Israel and Islam are at war with each other, it makes sense that BOTH sides are willing to pay the Clinton Foundation for top secrets.

    Here's one alleged murder I am not sure we already knew??

                 Anonymous (ID: tUPBADnp) 07/03/16(Sun)05:53:46 No.79586954▶>>79588424
                 In Venezuela, is this a simple psyop to use as a meme against the pitfalls of socialism to discredit Bernie in an election year?
                or is this more a natural resources topple the government in favor of puppetry once and for all after years of "passive" aggression?
                Do the CF leaks prove any election fraud in the US in this election or any other election? am I correct in
                   assuming they definitely have their hand in foriegn elections?
                what movie, if any, that you have seen accurately predicts how massive this situation actually is?
                Does the Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings' death have anything to do with CF?        
        Venezuela's fall is part socialism part US meddling.
        CF leaks prove fraud of many kinds, they are more domestic in nature though.
        The International is the closest thing which comes to mind in terms of scale.
            Aonymous (ID: tUPBADnp) 07/03/16(Sun)06:33:50 No.79589834▶>>79590287
            can you say what area/direction in the CF investigation Hastings was going to go public with?
        He was going to reveal ties to Saudi Arabia and Israel.     
    = = = = = = =
    I looked up [Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings] on Wikipedia and found these excerpts...
           Michael Hastings
    Michael Hastings election night 2012.jpg
    Michael Hastings and Valerie Jarrett at Barack Obama's victory party, 2012
    Hastings became a vocal critic of the surveillance state during the investigation of reporters by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2013, referring to the restrictions on the freedom of the press by the Obama administration as a "war" on journalism. ... Alleged foul play controversy Soon after his death, some described the circumstances surrounding the crash as suspicious.
    Former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism Richard A. Clarke said that what is known about the crash is "consistent with a car cyber attack". He was quoted as saying "There is reason to believe that intelligence agencies for major powers — including the United States — know how to remotely seize control of a car. So if there were a cyber attack on [Hastings'] car — and I'm not saying there was, I think whoever did it would probably get away with it."[67] Earlier the previous day, Hastings indicated that he believed he was being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In an email to colleagues, which was copied to and released by Hastings' friend, Army Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs,[68] Hastings said that he was "onto a big story", that he needed to "go off the radar", and that the FBI might interview them.[69][70] WikiLeaks announced that Hastings had also contacted Jennifer Robinson, one of its lawyers, a few hours prior to the crash,[71] and the LA Weekly reported that he was preparing new reports on the CIA at the time of his death.[72] His widow Elise Jordan said his final story was a profile of CIA Director John O. Brennan.
  • Must Protect Hillary’s Optics – Thousands of Trump Supporters Turned Away By Democrat Mayor (tr)

    08/01/2016 6:00:08 PM PDT · 21 of 31
    Future Useless Eater to Ray76; AU72; Sir Napsalot; NonValueAdded; drypowder; dware; mware; FamiliarFace; Truth29; ...

    All of Ohio should be LIVID for the democRATS using underhanded tricks to prevent the overwhelming majority of voters from attending, and hearing FREE SPEECH
  • Venezuelan Government Forces Companies to Lend Employees to Agriculture Sector

    07/30/2016 8:03:54 AM PDT · 11 of 11
    Future Useless Eater to fella
    The Venezuelan government is forcing public and private companies to lend some of their employees to the agriculture sector

    Reminds me of "JURY DUTY" but on a grander scale
  • Donald Trump to Get National Intelligence Briefings Immediately

    07/29/2016 11:22:37 PM PDT · 22 of 64
    Future Useless Eater to 2ndDivisionVet

    The bad side of that is Trump must keep SECRET everything he is told in the security briefings, or be sent to prison.

    Even if they tell him facts he already knows from private investigators.

    Rules WILL apply to him, but not to Cankles.

  • Exclusive: Clinton campaign also hacked in attacks on Democrats - sources

    07/29/2016 5:27:28 PM PDT · 75 of 106
    Future Useless Eater to Buckeye McFrog; seanmerc; WashingtonFire; Lent; ExTexasRedhead; ASA Vet; Leaning Right; ...
    She is NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER going to JAIL! At least not unless she is dumb enough to pull an O.J. and get sent up on some state charge later on.

    Buckeye, I agree with you on a FEDERAL level because there are too many guilty in too many high places, so thats not gonna happen.
    AND you may be right about STATE CHARGES potentially bringing her down since there are 50 State AG's, and the Clinton Foundation broke state laws in nearly every state.

    On July 2nd, when the supposed FBI insider did a Q&A session, he took this question, and he gave this reply:
    QUESTION: >Couldn't you have the AGs of some of the right aligned states indict her? If they were given enough information and documentation?
    (supposed FBI) ANSWER: We have thought about this. It is on the table.

  • Breakthrough solar cell captures carbon dioxide and sunlight, produces burnable fuel

    07/29/2016 10:19:51 AM PDT · 42 of 85
    Future Useless Eater to Red Badger

    Great in theory, but it produces fuel plus Carbon MONOXIDE

    So build enough of these and we lower the earths co2 level from 300 to 200 and all plants die,. Plus with all the man-made CO, all animals die.

    A globalists perfect world.

  • LIVE:Two Trump rallys today in Iowa. Davenport @ 4pm and Cedar Rapids @ 8 CT

    07/28/2016 6:29:40 AM PDT · 32 of 722
    Future Useless Eater to nikos1121
    Donald, please mention Mata-Hilly

    The original Mata-Hari was the stage name for Margaretha Zelle; convicted of being a spy and executed by firing squad in France.
  • Box Office: Dinesh D'Souza's 'Hillary's America' Becomes Top Grossing Doc of 2016

    07/28/2016 6:12:04 AM PDT · 13 of 26
    Future Useless Eater to Paine in the Neck

    The original Mata-Hari was convicted of being a spy and executed by firing squad in France.
  • (REDDIT via TWITTER) Julian Assange: "Any DNC Staffer Could Have Been The Leaker" — Like the one k

    07/28/2016 6:04:17 AM PDT · 148 of 180
    Future Useless Eater
    The block where he was murdered looks pretty nice.
    Probably NOT a drug deal gone south as previously suspected here.
    I'm not surprised he would get up early to have a 4:20am meeting with supposed FBI agents in order to keep it all secret.

    2100 block of Flagler Place SW, Washington DC
  • (REDDIT via TWITTER) Julian Assange: "Any DNC Staffer Could Have Been The Leaker" — Like the one k

    07/28/2016 5:43:53 AM PDT · 147 of 180
    Future Useless Eater

    The original Mata-Hari was convicted of being a spy and executed by firing squad in France.
  • NY Times: A Worry if Hillary Clinton Wins: What to Do With Bill (Freeper input needed)

    07/28/2016 5:36:43 AM PDT · 101 of 101
    Future Useless Eater to disndat

    Thank you disndat !

  • (REDDIT via TWITTER) Julian Assange: "Any DNC Staffer Could Have Been The Leaker" — Like the one k

    07/28/2016 5:27:37 AM PDT · 146 of 180
    Future Useless Eater to All
    Julian Assange: "Any DNC Staffer Could Have Been The Leaker" — Like the one killed last week

    Apparently the KREMLIN already DID comment on our situation here, and Julian seems to be pointing us in the right direction!

    Conrad Rich, a 27-year-old who worked for the Democratic National ...

    Assassination of Top Dem. Party Official Leads to FBI Capture of Clinton “Hit Team”
    Jul 15, 2016 -
    A voter database employee with the Democratic National Committee was shot and killed a block from his ...

    (Note... A DNC "database employee" would have had access to ALL FILES on the DNC server, and this story claims he had a computer virus)

    I found this regarding Seth Rich... (which is claimed to be based on a legitimate KREMLIN REPORT)
    Assassination of Top Dem. Party Official Leads to FBI Capture of Clinton “Hit Team”  
    00:25 A somber foreign intelligence service report circulating the Kremlin today says that 
          a top American Democratic party staffer, preparing to testify against Hillary Clinton, was assassinated 
          this past Sunday during a secret meeting in Washington DC [that] he believed he was having with Federal Bureau
          of Investigation agents. But these FBI agents turned out instead to be a "hit team".  
          And who in turn, were captured yesterday after a running gun battle with US federal police forces, just
          blocks from the White House.
          [related story see ... us capitol on lockdown] 
    01:01 (photo titled: DNC official Seth Rich, 28 years old, assassinated 10 July 2016)
          According to the report, SVR Electronics specialists performing counter-intelligence missions and operations,
          noted on July 7th reported "an enormous gigantic increase of computer and telephone traffic between the
          Democratic National Committee, the DNC headquarters in Washington DC and the Clinton Foundation offices
          in New York City." 
    01:30 Upon a deeper and broader investigation into this strange increase in communications between these 
          believed-to-be-separate organizations, SVR analysts determined that the original initiating person responsible
          was a 27 year old DNC official named Seth Rich, who was that political organization's deputy director of data
          for voter protection expansion, who had helped to develop a computer program for the DNC, the 
          Democratic National Committed, allowing people to type in their address, and get a map to their polling
          station, their closest polling station, that is.
    02:11 What had drawn the concern of the DNC official Seth Rich, causing him to contact the Clinton Foundation,
          was his discovery of a pay-to-plan scheme [PAY-TO-PLAY] ... that involved people
          seeking jobs, that knew Hillary Clinton's presidential administration, to funnel money to the Clintons
          through their Foundation, with various US federal government positions being designated by the dollar
          amount it would cost to buy them... buying positions with the federal government.  
    02:40 As a cash-for-favors lifestyle, both former president Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have long been
          known about, this report continues.  SVR analysts, while preparing to document their result of their
          7th of July probe into the Clinton Foundation concerns of the DNC official Seth Rich,
          became alarmed when they [the SVR analysts] discovered that his micro-computer system, could have been a cellphone, 
          had been infected with viruses by assassins working for the Clintons, 
          and who the SVR had previously documented as being involved, in the assassination of the husband of the 
          state of Georgia prosecutor investigating Bill Clinton for child-sex crimes
          and the murder of American pop singer Kristina Grimmie and massacre of gay-pride celebrants. 
    3:37  Fearing that the life of the DNC official Seth Rich was in danger, due to his being targeted and tracked
          by this known clinton hit team, the report says, SVR director Michail Fradkoph authorized an emergency
          contact between his agencies and the US State Department, but shockingly when Russian diplomats presented
          the SVR findings to US authorities on July 7th, they were immediately expelled from the United States,
          causing even greater perplexity to the SVR about these events. 
    4:10  The report continues, was that in expelling these Russian diplomats from the United States, the US State
          Department thanked Russia for the information, stating that it would be taken care of, and then formally
          requesting that the matter remain secret. 
    4:30  [photo captioned: Clinton "hit-team" captured by US federal police forces on 12 July 2016 ]
          However, less than 24 hours later, the report notes: The Washington Post wrote a made-up story about
          what had actually happened, causing deputy foreign minister Sergei Reibkoff [sp?] to publicly state 
          Quote, "I can confirm that the US government did demand the departure of two employees of the Russian
          Embassy in Washington DC, without presenting any complaints to the employees themselves. Furthermore,
          the State Department strongly asked us not to make this fact public. As you can see, it is customary
          for American diplomats to keep their word" end quote.   
          Three days later, the report grimly states, SVR fears that the life of the DNC official Seth Rich 
          was in danger, proven true when on July 10th, he was gunned down in Washington DC at approximately
          4:19am in the morning. According to the official US police report on DNC official Seth Rich's murder, 
          the report explains, it says, quote- 
          Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department homicide branch
          are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred in the 2100 block of Flagler Place SW, on Sunday July 10th
          2016, at approximately 4:19am, members of the 5th district were patrolling  the area when they heard 
          gunshots. Upon arrival on the scene, members located an adult male victim, conscious and breathing,
          and suffering from gunshot wounds. 
    6:08  The victim was transported to an area hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.
          -end quote.
    6:17  This SVR report though says that DNC official Seth Rich was lured and enticed to his murder by his
          Clinton hit-team, who portrayed themselves as FBI agents wanting to secretly interview him, and that
          the expelled Russian diplomats had given the US State Department electronic access so that they could 
          be found. Curiously, the report continues, US authorities, and while being able to track this Clinton hit-team
          since July 7th, only confronted these assassins yesterday. And who, before being captured, engaged in 
          the gun battle US federal police forces, firing their fully-automatic weapons before being trapped,
          and surrendered just blocks from the US Capitol and White House. 
          The SVR Intelligence analysts contributing to the report speculate that this latest assassination
          ordered by the Clintons, has enraged FBI director James Comey, who barely a week ago allowed Hillary Clinton
          to walk from her many crimes committed against her own government and people, and that he had no choice
          but to do, because of his own involvement with the Clinton Foundation while he was a director of
          the notorious HSBC money-laundering bank that funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clintons.
    7:37  To what FBI director Comey will now allow to happen to this Clinton hit-team 
          who assassinated DNC official Seth Rich, this report doesn't speculate upon. 
          But it does conclude with a  presentation of the many stunning facts regarding the Clinton Foundation, 
          that shows it to be 
          -nothing more than a, quote- Clinton Slush Fund -endquote, 
          -that violated an agreement Hillary Clinton signed with Obama regime 
          -in her failing to report millions of dollars given to it by foreign governments, 
          -has over 300,000 contributors, and 
          -that the prestigious charity navigator organization refuses to even acknowledge it helps 
           anyone but the Clintons themselves. 
          I leave a link below for you, for this.  [that said by the person translating the Kremlin report in the video] 

          [That is apparently a site where this story was printed on the day after the hit-team was captured, 
           and it was two days prior to the youtube video being made. 
           The printed version says the original story contained words in Russian that had only 
           approximate English translations, like our phrase "hit-team"]
  • (REDDIT via TWITTER) Julian Assange: "Any DNC Staffer Could Have Been The Leaker" — Like the one k

    07/28/2016 5:27:19 AM PDT · 145 of 180
    Future Useless Eater to Weeble; Angels27; bk1000; freedomjusticeruleoflaw; Vaquero; RushIsMyTeddyBear; longfellow; ...
    Julian Assange: "Any DNC Staffer Could Have Been The Leaker" — Like the one killed last week

    Apparently the KREMLIN already DID comment on our situation here, and Julian seems to be pointing us in the right direction!

    Conrad Rich, a 27-year-old who worked for the Democratic National ...

    Assassination of Top Dem. Party Official Leads to FBI Capture of Clinton “Hit Team”
    Jul 15, 2016 -
    A voter database employee with the Democratic National Committee was shot and killed a block from his ...

    (Note... A DNC "database employee" would have had access to ALL FILES on the DNC server, and this story claims he had a computer virus)

    I found this regarding Seth Rich... (which is claimed to be based on a legitimate KREMLIN REPORT)
    Assassination of Top Dem. Party Official Leads to FBI Capture of Clinton “Hit Team”  
    I'll post the transcript immediately after this post, for anyone who is interested...