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Texas House Tentatively Passes Bill to Ban Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks
LIFE NEWS ^ | Steven Ertelt

Posted on 07/09/2013 7:22:41 PM PDT by Morgana

After a full day of debate and pro-life votes to defeat almost two dozen pro-abortion amendments to weaken the bill, Texas legislators successfully approved on second reading a bill that will ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Lawmakers voted 98-49 for the bill on second reading and a third reading vote is forthcoming, likely tomorrow, but the same margin is expected. The vote today for conditional approval is four more votes for the measure than the last time the House approved the bill before Wendy Davis’ infamous filibuster.

Five pro-life Democrats voted for HB2 including Guillen, Herrero, Martinez, Munoz, and Pickett while one Republican voted against it: Sarah Davis.

The bill would ban abortions after 20 weeks and hold abortion clinics accountable by making them meet basic health and safety standards that have closed facilities in other states that are unable to comply. The bill also requires all abortion clinics to meet the same health and safety regulations as an ambulatory surgical center, requires a doctor providing abortions to secure admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, and lastly, requires a doctor to personally administer the abortion-inducing drugs to the patient.

The last attempt to pass the bill was halted in the state Senate with a pro-abortion filibuster but state Sen. Wendy Davis says she will not filibuster the bill a second time. Today, she told CNN she thinks the bill will ultimately pass and be signed into law by pro-life Gov. Rick Perry.

“It will be very difficult because unfortunately the voices that have been here crying out against this bill are not going to be heard,” Davis told CNN in a brief interview. “But I don’t think it’s the end. It’s the beginning of a battle line.”

“That’s probably the case,” Davis said about not being able to filibuster the bill a second time.

Today saw a death threat issued to the Texas Lt. Governor and abortion activists screaming “F— the Church.” Texas Governor Rick Perry issued a call for a special session of the Texas legislature to pass the bill that a pro-abortion mob prevented the legislature from passing last week. “I am calling the Legislature back into session because too much important work remains undone for the people of Texas. Through their duly elected representatives, the citizens of our state have made crystal clear their priorities for our great state,” Perry said. “Texans value life and want to protect women and the unborn. Texans want a transportation system that keeps them moving. Texans want a court system that is fair and just. We will not allow the breakdown of decorum and decency to prevent us from doing what the people of this state hired us to do.” A recent national poll by The Polling Company found that, after being informed that there is scientific evidence that unborn children are capable of feeling pain at least by 20 weeks, 64% would support a law banning abortion after 20 weeks, unless the mother’s life was in danger. Only 30% said they would oppose such a law. Polling from Texas also shows support for the legislation. The bill relies on the science of fetal pain to establish a Constitutional reason for Congress to ban abortions late in pregnancy. The science behind the concept of fetal pain is fully established and Dr. Steven Zielinski, an internal medicine physician from Oregon, is one of the leading researchers into it. He first published reports in the 1980s to validate research showing evidence for it. He has testified before Congress that an unborn child could feel pain at “eight-and-a-half weeks and possibly earlier” and that a baby before birth “under the right circumstances, is capable of crying.” He and his colleagues Dr. Vincent J. Collins and Thomas J. Marzen were the top researchers to point to fetal pain decades ago. Collins, before his death, was Professor of Anesthesiology at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois and author of Principles of Anesthesiology, one of the leading medical texts on the control of pain. “The functioning neurological structures necessary to suffer pain are developed early in a child’s development in the womb,” they wrote. “Functioning neurological structures necessary for pain sensation are in place as early as 8 weeks, but certainly by 13 1/2 weeks of gestation. Sensory nerves, including nociceptors, reach the skin of the fetus before the 9th week of gestation. The first detectable brain activity occurs in the thalamus between the 8th and 10th weeks. The movement of electrical impulses through the neural fibers and spinal column takes place between 8 and 9 weeks gestation. By 13 1/2 weeks, the entire sensory nervous system functions as a whole in all parts of the body,” they continued. With Zielinski and his colleagues the first to provide the scientific basis for the concept of fetal pain, Dr. Kanwaljeet Anand of the University of Arkansas Medical Center has provided further research to substantiate their work. “The neural pathways are present for pain to be experienced quite early by unborn babies,” explains Steven Calvin, M.D., perinatologist, chair of the Program in Human Rights Medicine, University of Minnesota, where he teaches obstetrics. Dr. Colleen A. Malloy, Assistant Professor, Division of Neonatology at Northwestern University in her testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in May 2012 said, “[w]hen we speak of infants at 22 weeks LMP [Note: this is 20 weeks post fertilization], for example, we no longer have to rely solely on inferences or ultrasound imagery, because such premature patients are kicking, moving, reacting, and developing right before our eyes in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.” “In today’s medical arena, we resuscitate patients at this age and are able to witness their ex-utero growth and development. Medical advancement and technology have enabled us to improve our ability to care for these infants…In fact, standard of care for neonatal intensive care units requires attention to and treatment of neonatal pain,” Dr. Malloy testified. She continued, “[t]hus, the difference between fetal and neonatal pain is simply the locale in which the pain occurs. The receiver’s experience of the pain is the same. I could never imagine subjecting my tiny patients to horrific procedures such as those that involve limb detachment or cardiac injection.” This week, a pro-abortion activist had to be removed from a hearing and another read a disgusting poem to legislators equating her vagina to a gun. CLICK LIKE IF YOU’RE PRO-LIFE!

The protesters at the Texas capitol have exploited children by making them hold signs supporting their protest against a ban on late-term abortions. Today the Internet is abuzz with shock and disgust over another sign, along with a video showing abortion activists chanting Hail Satan.

Meanwhile, a little girl is shown in a picture along with pro-abortion protestors holding a sign saying, “If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d f— a senator.”

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1 posted on 07/09/2013 7:22:41 PM PDT by Morgana
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To: Morgana

Hide the dang judges.

2 posted on 07/09/2013 7:27:42 PM PDT by napscoordinator (Santorum-Bachmann 2016 for the future of the Country!)
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To: Morgana

The forces of darkness are becoming quite bold.

But greater is He that is in you, than he who is on the world.

Go Texas!

3 posted on 07/09/2013 7:28:43 PM PDT by exit82 ("The Taliban is on the inside of the building" E. Nordstrom 10-10-12)
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To: Morgana

“It will be very difficult because unfortunately the voices that have been here crying out against this bill are not going to be heard,” Davis told CNN in a brief interview.

And Wendy, if those voices are “heard”, there will be many more small voices which, truly, will never be heard.

4 posted on 07/09/2013 7:30:17 PM PDT by pax_et_bonum (Never Forget the Seals of Extortion 17 - and God Bless America)
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To: Morgana

Get back in your hole, Davis.

5 posted on 07/09/2013 7:36:55 PM PDT by Viennacon
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To: Morgana

Excellent. Third reading then off to the Senate, and we’ll be right back where we were before Wendy Davis.

6 posted on 07/09/2013 7:48:08 PM PDT by JCBreckenridge ("we are pilgrims in an unholy land")
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To: Morgana

The disgust I feel I can’t describe.
We must keep praying.

7 posted on 07/09/2013 8:19:04 PM PDT by TurkeyLurkey
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To: exit82

Amen and Praise God!!!!

8 posted on 07/09/2013 9:28:40 PM PDT by boxlunch (Psalm 46 The nations rage, the kingdoms totter; he lifts His voice, the earth melts)
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To: Morgana

Pro-aborts need not worry. They won’t be the ones getting pregnant.

9 posted on 07/09/2013 10:40:32 PM PDT by OrangeHoof (Howdy to all you government agents spying on me.)
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To: Morgana

The mouth of Hell has been opened for us to glance a peek.

10 posted on 07/10/2013 2:17:33 AM PDT by fwdude ( You cannot compromise with that which you must defeat.)
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To: Morgana
How many minutes will it take after the Gov signs the bill into law will for the pro aborts to run to the nearest courthouse?
11 posted on 07/10/2013 6:38:55 AM PDT by Cheerio (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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To: Cheerio

They’re already there, lawyers in tow. I’m sure the paperwork is already drawn up.

12 posted on 07/10/2013 8:50:39 AM PDT by fwdude ( You cannot compromise with that which you must defeat.)
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To: fwdude

We say to them what they say to us.


13 posted on 07/10/2013 9:06:10 AM PDT by unixfox
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To: Morgana
Clearly, the Hail Satan chant is appropriate. The Pro-Abort folks do the bidding of Satan.

Abortion violates the 1st commandment (sin against the creator by denying an act of pro-creation); sin against the 4th commandment (you certainly are not honoring your father and mother by killing your babies/offspring); and sin against the 5th commmandment (thou shalt not kill).

On the other hand, on the 1st anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a group at an abortion clinic in Baton Rouge prayed for help for the pro-life movement.

The answer came in what happened with the last abortion of the day.

(1) the unborn baby was not killed by the abortion (though it might have been mangled some by the abortionist.

(2) it was revealed the abortionist who performed the abortion had been kicked out of Medical School and had no right to be performing (unsupervised abortions).

(3) the woman (twice) came very close to death. eventually she lost her baby (and the ability to have babies) because of septic poisoning. It seems the abortion clinic (Delta Women's Clinic) was a very unhealthy place to be.

(4) the woman was part of a major lawsuit that documented the many hideous things that happened to her. One of the things that happened: as the woman was screaming from being stabbed in the uterus with medical instruments (perforating it), the abortionist told the woman to shut up or you're going to die.

(5) Local TV station made a series of reports about this and the unhealthy environment of the abortion clinic.

(6) The Louisiana legislature and the Lousiana governor signed into law an abortion health inspection law.

(7) a couple years later, the abortion clinic burned down. The fire department blamed faulty electrical wiring (no foul play).

Clearly, heaven had no problem answering a prayer (made at Delta Woman's Clinic on September 5, 1998) to help the pro-life movement.

Much of what I have written above have been written down in the cause of the Canonization of Mother Teresa.

Only God will allow miracles to happen, it should be noted. When one prays to someone who you believe to be in heaven, it is like asking someone who is close to God to put in a good word for you.

You might not be able to pull strings with God, but they might.

A prominent example appears in the Bible: "They have no wine." Thus spoke the mother of Jesus. And Jesus answered: "Woman, it is not my time." But the water was still changed into wine.

14 posted on 07/10/2013 9:15:38 AM PDT by topher (Traditional values -- especially family values -- which have been proven over time.)
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To: unixfox

Well we know that passing a law, or even state constitutional amendments is never victory for conservatives. Don’t you know that judges are supposed to have the final say on every hot-button issue. It’s what the Founders intended; that we be ruled by the Sup Court.

Seriously though, that the Democrats/Left goes insane over a bill that bans mid-late term abortions shows how extreme they are on the issue, but of course this point will never be driven home by the media. We can expect question after question though trying to expose conservative ‘extremism’ whenever the next round of debates rolls around.

15 posted on 07/10/2013 8:38:57 PM PDT by Aetius
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To: Aetius

if the bill simply called for inspection on hygeine they would freak out

16 posted on 07/10/2013 8:44:46 PM PDT by GeronL
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