Since Aug 29, 2012

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At the siege of Vienna in 1683, Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe...

Christian civilization fought for its life and was victorious. We are now in an even more threatening phase of our struggle for freedom under God. Not only does Islam rear its ugly head once more, but an enemy even more cunning, more depraved, more deadly in some cases, has laid waste to this nation.


Call it what you will, leftism threatens to destroy Christian civilization. Our morals, culture, borders, language, faith, families, wealth, and freedom! These are the things at stake in the battle for America and the greater battle for the world. Conservatives from every corner of the globe know that truth is absolute and unchanging, that experience is something to be learned from and tragedy something not to be repeated.

In the 20th Century, leftist regimes murdered over 200 MILLION people across the world. Our own Democrat dominated judiciary was complicit in this number, as 55 MILLION American babies were SLAUGHTERED after Roe vs. Wade.

I have zero tolerance for leftists. ZERO. When I see them face justice, my heart warms. When I see them connive and scheme unhindered, my blood boils. I will only support conservatives with my time and money, for they are the only ones deserving of it.I compromise my principles for NOBODY.

My heart is the property of Jesus Christ, my Lord, who has delivered me from hell into the grace of my one and only GOD. My loyalty is to Him and His Word, without failure, 100%. See me, Lord, another solider ready to take up the sword if I must to save this land just as my brothers and sisters did so long ago at the gates of Vienna.

“The Mother of God goes over them
Walking on wind and flame
And the storm-cloud drifts from city and dale
And the White Horse stamps in the White Horse Vale
And we all shall yet drink Christian ale
In the village of our name”

- G.K. Chesterton ‘The Ballad of the White Horse’