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I still can't believe I was banned from and because I opposed kiddie porn and abortion. So much for their being "conservative forums"

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From the Core

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Tyranny Sentinel

Consider for a moment that you are your own government. You govern yourself, you have to because no-one else can. You must have a basic set of principles and a basic, core belief system that is used to guide your life.

Your relationship with everyone else is international, whether that be trade, travel or even, ahem, tourism. Your government needs revenue and you get a job or find another way to keep your citizen (you) fed, housed, clothed and healthy. What you earn is yours and no-one else's, no-one but you have a right to decide how your income is spent. Nobody else has the right to one second of your time that you do not willingly give them.

I own me.
I am my own ruler.
My life is my own and mine alone.
My income and material things belong to me.
My things are my own and mine alone.
My time is my own and mine alone.
I do not owe my time or labor to anyone.
No one else is entitled to one second of my time.

This form of individualism seems to have gone by the wayside as socialism has crept into even the Republican Party over the decades. A Conservative of 1982 would probably be shocked if he was told that a 'conservative' President has resided over one of the largest growths of social programs in history. The annual federal budget will hit $3 trillion dollars soon, nothing is being cut, they can't even bring up the nerve to schedule actual votes to cut the rapid rate of growth in these spending programs.

Don't worry, the House Majority leader Tom DeLay doesn't think there is one red cent going to pork, waste, fraud or abuse. I guess that's a victory for fiscal conservatism in his book, if just saying it makes it true. Doesn't sound very conservative when the food stamp program couldn't give away billions of dollars and will still get a large increase next year. The so-called 'conservatives' in Congress are spineless to even tell the truth for fear of being labeled by the media.

The truth is this Congress hasn't done much to curb fiscal abuse and has done much to make it worse. Very little to nothing done by government is for your or anyone else's benefit, it benefits government and government's backers alone.

Take one easy target, agricultural and corporate subsidies- almost redundant that nowadays - where the government takes from your pocket and gives it to agricultural giants in order to raise food prices. That's right, you have less money in your pocket and food prices are artificially inflated. Archer Daniel Midlands and others, multi-billion-dollar corporations, get tens of millions of your tax dollars and give some of it to politicians as kickbacks (in my book).

Okay, so a politician might get hammered by corporations in TV ads and such but how would they explain this to a welfare mother who works? 'You need food stamps because government took your money to make food prices higher'. Of course, those companies advertise in the media and the media doesn't make a big deal of the subsidies.

If that's not bad enough the government decides to restrict competition to help raise food prices artificially. There is a myriad quasi-government entities that you have to join in order to produce and sell things like eggs, milk, sugar, orange juice and you even need a license to make peanuts. All of this is to limit competition and allow an artificially high price in food.

Just thinking about how all of this, barely touching on the problems and waste in the agricultural programs, conflicts with individual liberty is mind-boggling.

The denial of reality

Two plus two is four. It is always four, always has been and always will be four. There is nothing about this statement that is up for debate. It is an objective fact, written in stone and unchangeable. Right?

Not if your a leftist. A leftist will deny there is any such thing as truth, truth varies from person to person for a variety of reasons be it life experience, culture, age or race.

Some 'liberals', as they are more often and inaccurately called in the US, will deny two plus two is four because it is a white-male construct, it's racist, it is a cultural shackle, its imperialist. It is an unreasonable restriction on a child's 'imagination', that it somehow forces someone else's culture, ideal or worldview onto a child for schools to teach it.

To any reasonable person free market capitalism is the most efficient and fulfilling economic system ever devised by humankind. I grow a carrot and I want to sell the product of my work. You are hungry and are in the market to buy something to eat. I decide to sell my carrot for twenty-five cents and you agree that this price is fair and buy it. If you did not want it you would haggle and/or see what was for sale by other vendors of food products and at what prices.

This is how a free market economy, unencumbered, works in its most simple form.

To a leftist this reeks of selfishness, thievery or even worse. A simple transaction that leaves both the buyer and seller happy is not something liberals can tolerate. Thus bureaucrats were invented. With bureaucrats came taxes, regulations, restrictions, inefficiency and stupidity.

Bureaucrats will tax my garden, tax the water I require, tell me where I can grow my garden, tell me what sort of fertilizer or chemicals I can use, if any, tell me where and how I can sell my product. After I sell my product it taxes my earnings and taxes the sale of the product.

The customer will find fewer carrots at higher prices and with fewer variations that some people might actually prefer. Plus they might have to travel further to buy the carrot and they might have to buy it from someone else other than the one who grew it, if the bureaucrat decides farmers can't sell direct to the public. Pretty soon neither the buyer or the customer is particularly fulfilled by this exchange.

Thus the bureaucrat has created an artifice that benefits no one but the bureaucrat or his overlord.

Yes, you can scream that banning the sale of poisoned carrots is also an artifice. Of course that would hardly be anything a farmer or businessman would ever do: Killing customers is not good for business.

You cannot sell liquor between midnight and five in the morning. Now what odious creature came up with this one? They might say it will stop drinking and driving at night, I would answer 'what about the rest of the time when the roads or more crowded? If the point was to stop drinking and driving then why not only allow liquor to be sold between midnight and five in the morning? Makes a lot more sense really huh? huh? hello?

Again, its an artificial construct that impedes freedom (to buy liquor) and does nothing to stop the evil it purports to be about (drunk driving). People who are going to drink and drive will just buy their liquor at another time of day, ever heard of a refrigerator? This is leftism again in its various insidious forms.

You can't sell a car on Sunday in some states. Again, another law that is almost totally pointless and absolutely useless. Some say the law was supposed to encourage church attendence and I would answer 'but people need a car to get to church'. Encourage church attendence? By whom, car salesmen? Its still leftism, no matter who passed or defends it.

The gasoline industry is heavily regulated and taxed and yet the same leftists who have created the 'problem' of high gas prices are the first ones to blame the 'oil industry'. The industry just wants to sell a product to a willing buyer at the best possible price and at the most availability possible. It is the bureaucrats in the government who made the problem and who say they have the answer: more taxes and regulations (more bureaucracy).

The leftist worldview is totally about creating an artificial and unsustainable civilization that cannot and never be reached, Utopia. Their every answer seems ludicrous and backward to any person with logic and reason inside their skulls.

Their answer to stopping crime is to ban guns and not to stop criminals. More generous welfare for the criminals, although they would never admit that one. 'Jobs programs' that would have the criminal work for or on behalf of the bureaucrat and thereby guarantee his or her vote.Midnight basketball, which needs no real explanation.

All of which are counterproductive, encouraging crime or forgiving the criminal. Too bad about those victims, leftists have no real compassion for them apparently except that victims who feel let down by the system might tend to vote for more government in order to get more police protection, at least after the bureaucrat takes away their means of self-defense.

Again, it is a 100% artificial response to crime. It is this way with nearly every issue that comes forward, leftists nearly uniformly choose the most wrong, artificial or unnatural path. Almost always the most expensive, bureaucratic and inefficient path as well. This blind loyalty to the artificial is why I like to call leftists a cult, albeit without a leader. If leftists like these had a leader it would be Jonestown all over again.

Okay, quiet now. We are entering the Senate chambers, the natural habitat of the slippery.. I mean reclusive RINO.

Here tonight we have seen the first known instance of the RINO herding instinct. This memo scandal has the RINO's scared because they have thrown one of their aides to the Demosaurus carnivores instead of defending him. This has upset those on the right.

These Senate RINO's became defensive and herded around the injured one called a Hatchback RINO. You shall notice that they are herding in reaction to the right. They have never felt threatened from the Demosaurus, but do feel a threat from the Republicans whom they have always imitated.

Source: National RINOgraphic

Mises.Org is a great resource on economics

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