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Tzaphon Hebrew for 'North' as in...

Ezekiel 44:4 Then he brought me by the way of the north gate before the house;
and I looked, and, behold, the glory of YHVH filled the house of YHVH:
and I fell upon my face.


For the record I'm not new around here, I've been posting for 20+ years albeit under another screen name.

Check it out...

Jeremiah Jr
Since Mar 9, 1999

Jeremiah 16:19 O YHVH, my strength and my fortress,
My refuge in the day of affliction,
The Gentiles shall come to You
From the ends of the earth and say,
“Surely our fathers have inherited lies,
Worthlessness and unprofitable things.

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Psalm 54:5 He will repay my enemies for their evil. Cut them off in Your truth.

"Everybody Comes to Rick's"