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"I Only Hang With Sheepdogs" an oldie, but goodie...

A Long Way Home For The Truth About Vietnam Veterans

A new twist on medical tourism: American surgeons, patients meet in Mexico

After 26 years, Rod Stewart finally lets the world see his breathtaking completed model railway (TR)

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Cookware Recommendation

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Coronavirus: New Zealand records 14 new cases of COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States (11 Mar, as of 06:00 AM ET)

Dietary vitamin C intake protects against COPD: the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in 2012 (also restores function)


First pocket inhaler for Covid-19 and other viral mutations

How does Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine stack up against shots from Pfizer and Moderna?

How to Pray for Physical Healing

Inside the Whitehouse

Intermittent Fasting — Why Not Eating (for a Bit) Could Work for Weight Loss and Health

Live 3 Day Inaugural Thread (January 19-21) —Trump Family Train Deplorables

Live Feed for antifa coordination.

More drugmakers recall metformin products after finding they contain carcinogen

Mosques and Centers in the U.S. (which will President Trump close?)

National Geographic Television Spotlights USS Tarawa

New Israeli Drug Cured 29 of 30 Seriously-Ill COVID-19 Patients

NEWS-CDC Helps U.S. Military Probe Pneumonia Cases

Operation Enduring Freedom: The Opening Chapter — streaming video

Our Generation's Pearl Harbor (photo gallery)

Philips Is Hiring Over 100 Work-From-Home Employees With Full Benefits

Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to All Persons of European Descent

Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

REPTILE INVASION Huge 4-foot long lizards that ‘eat just about anything they want’ invading Georgia

Saving America: Time to hit the streets? (Senator Jim DeMint call to action!)

Secretary of the Navy Tells Sailors, Marines on USS Tarawa to be Prepared [SECNAV Visit At-Sea]

Senior Housing for Vets

Something of Historic Proportions is Happening

Thank you from Karl - desertdog

The advantage of paying for medical care directly

The Electoral Vote Roadmap

The Empty Streets Of Our Nation’s Capital

The Freeper Foxhole - Christmas 2006 - December 25th, 2006

The FReeper Foxhole - SAM and Snippy Tour the USS Tarawa LHA-1 & meet bkwells - Sept. 5th, 2003

The FReeper Foxhole Compiled List of Daily Threads

The FReeper Foxhole Index

The FReeper Foxhole Remembers Task Unit Taffy 3 - (10/25/1944) - May 30th, 2003

The FReeper Foxhole Remembers The Battle of Waxhaws (5/29/1780) - Apr. 29th, 2004

The Freepr Foxhole Profiles Clarence "Kelly" Johnson March 10, 2006

The S-Word (vanity)

Thread with our Canteen Opus' at 44 and47and125

Turmeric Produces ‘Remarkable’ Recovery in Alzheimer’s Patients

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

US regulators warn customers about exploding Samsung washers

UVA has ruined us: Health system sues thousands of patients, seizing paychecks and putting liens


VANITY - Medicare Advantage Advice

Vitamin B12 deficiency: Hearing this sound could signal you're lacking the vitamin [Tinnitus]

White House promises more J&J COVID-19 shots after launch stalls

Woman finds parasitic worms in eyes after encounter with flies

WW2 Aerial Photographs Online